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DFA Passport Application Requirements for Married Women

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There is a different set of DFA passport requirement for married women. If you are married and you are looking to apply for a passport in the Philippines, we have listed the set of requirements below. Source of article below: Here is the download link for DFA e-Passport Application Form. You can print and use this pdf form for your application (taken from dfa website).

Additional Requirements for DFA Passport Married Women:

For married women, who want to use surname of their spouse
Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper issued by NSO or Certified True Copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO.
For married women who would like to revert back to their maiden name.

If already widowed: Death Certificate of the deceased husband;

If marriage is annulled: Certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on annulment and NSO-issued MC with the annotation on the annulment decree;

If divorced:

Certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on divorce secured by foreign spouse authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce is obtained.

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62 Responses to “DFA Passport Application Requirements for Married Women”

  • rapunzel T. murasaki says:

    applying for passport me and my son

  • metchell lagahuya says:

    sir & madam hi..

    im here in riyadh wat shud i do i change my status here i want to used my spouse surname?..can u help me?thank u soo much..

  • loralyn says:

    i want to change my status.i want to use my husband surname but he is foreigner…i want to know the requirements how to get new readable pasport..thanks and godbless..

  • Sheila says:

    i have my existing passport & i would like to know what are the requirements for my name changed in my passport. i got married & planning to use my spouse name fro my new passport..thanks.

  • cyrille delima says:

    dear sir/madam,,
    I want to inquire about passport of married woman,,i have a passport before when i was still single but i lost it,10 years ago so i decided to get a new one for i am married now,,,is it ok to get a new one even i have my old passport??anyway i still single at that time,,now im married i guessed its not hard for to get one ,,pls reply on my email add,,thanks and God bless..
    respectfully yours.
    mrs.cyrille delima

  • chie says:

    hi, i just got married and i want to change my name on my passport from my maidens name to my married name.. what will be the requirement and step to do it.. thanks..

  • sheena sakamoto says:

    my husband is japanese national, and i want to renew my passport using his surname what r the requirements … and also for my kids..

  • marlyn says:

    I Have a valid Passport using the surname of my ex husband, Now that the court ordered and execute the annulment of my marriage is it possible to changed my passport using the surname of my current husband. we were married before the annulment came out.


    • Janice Mendoza says:

      Hi, I saw your question kasi here and I think I got the same situation.. pwede ba kumuha ng passport palitan ko single surname ko from married kasi nag pprocess ako annulment ngayon gusto ko kumuha ng passport na single

      • Philippines Review says:

        Kung meron na po kayong record sa DFA or previous passport, I believe kakailanganin pa muna ninyo ma-annul or ma grant ang annulment before kayo makapag palit ng surname ninyo back to your single status. You are most likely going to need the annulment documents.

      • Chelae says:

        Hi. Ask ko lang if you are able to revert your name to maiden. Ty

  • dezalyn que says:

    dear sir/madam:

    to whom it may concern i am here on ur site coz i want to know what are the requirements in changing my sigle passport to a married passport now. and i dont know what is my requirements. and also how much will it cost me to get a new married passport if i change my single passport now. i hope you can be able to help me about my passport. hoping to hear from u again, thank you once again.

    sincerely yours
    dezalyn que

  • rosemarie r.adlawan says:


    I just want to ask about changing my surename to my second husband.I am a separated woman for almost 11 husband was got married to another woman when i was worked in abroad.then after 6 yrs.i married of a is necessarily that i need to submit an annulment papers as one of their requirements in dfa to change my surname?
    when we separate we have only an agreement letter that we both sign from the lawyer together with our witness,it is stated that,we are totally separate and each of us no more complain of our status presently.
    this agrrement letter still not accepted in DFA?

  • tricia says:

    dear ma’am /sir i am here in your site because my mom want to know the requirements in changing her single passport to a married passport because she don’t know what is her requirements on that passport,i hope you help her in that situation.

  • Rhea says:


    I have renewed my passport in September 2010 and have recently married this Feb 2011. May I know what options I have to reflect my married name in the passport? Is it possible to just have an ammendment on my passport instead of renewing it since it’s still valid anyway?


  • bea says:

    I am married and i want to renew my passport under my maiden name. Is it possible to just retain my maiden name in my passport? what are the requirements?

  • cresha says:


    Good day!

    I’m here in your site to ask some help.I have my passport now using the surname of my ex husband .But Unfortunately, were not annuled yet.Then I want to apply for a new passport which I wanna revert and used back my maiden name.Is it possible?What are the things I’m going to do?What are the requirements?Looking forward for your reply.Thanks..

  • shiela abedin says:

    i just want to ask if i am newly married what will be my requirements so that i can have my passport..??

    and how much will be the cost of that..?

  • Tess says:

    Hello, i want to apply for a passport but i found out that my name in my NSO birthcertificate is still that of my mother. i have a certified true copy of my birth cerfticate where my surname is that of my father (legitimized) but the local civil registry office’s copy is the same of the NSO and they say they can’t update my record since my father did not sign or provide any affidavit or proof acknowledgment. the problem is both of my parent are already dead. i have been using my father’s surname in all my documents an ID’s but its just the NSO/civil registrar copy that is different. pls help as i urgently need a passport. can i still use the old certified true copy to apply? thank you

  • cai says:



    I just want to ask about reverting my maiden name to my passport.i was separated but in my passport is i am still using my x husband surname.

    when we separate we have only an agreement letter that we both sign from the lawyer together with our witness,it is stated that,we are totally separate and each of us no more complain of our status presently.
    this agrrement letter still not accepted in DFA? or still i have to file annulment…

  • Estrellita Logrono, Cujardo McDade says:


    I am filipino and live with my husband in beijing china,I got married in china and reported my marriage in the philippines embassy in beijing.My husband got a new job in USA and I came home last december to prepare my papper for my spousal visa my problem is ive been here long time and i was trying to keep on calling for the DFA for my Dispatch numbered so i can get my marriage licenses or contratc last time i talk to them they ask me to call back on the end of january until then ive been calling on that numbered nobody answered and my bill of my phones is very high sinces i live in cebu city…I keep calling but nobody answered they always hang u up or put u in voicemail…I really need to asap coz im in a proccess of my spousal visa…pls, contact me asap possible coz ive been waiting fot 2 month now for that dispatch number so i can proccess it now to the NSO ASAP… thank you

  • jamiz says:

    hi, can i revert my passport to my maiden name? the pasport i have is going to expire this oct it possible because i want to use my maiden name for my school documents are on my maiden name and i am going to apply for a US visa, can this be possible? thanks for the help

  • michael lucban says:

    im asking, what is the requirements for new married her in saudi arabia, im pilipino din my wife pilipina.. HOW IT CAN LEGALIZE? WHAT IS THE REQUIREMENT? THANKS WAITING FOR RESPONSE…

  • kathleen lingcon says:

    i was married in an italian guy, i want to change my surname in the passport, where will i go to ask for assistance? thx for help

  • Cristina says:

    Good day,

    If you go abroad the days before your flight & you get married. Is it ok to used my husband lastname or should i still used mine and my status single? then your going to travel since marriage certificate will be released 6months upon your application and also in applying a job too. Pls. help. Thanks.

  • mer says:

    hello hi are you? i am a Filipina who is married to an american 6 months ago in the philippines. Right now we are staying here in vietnam. Here are my questions: 1. how to change my status on my passport while i am here in vietnam? do i need to go to philippine consulate general ho chi minh city and do it? if so what are the requirements that i need and what are the steps that i need to know so that i can start the processing.
    2. how long is the processing time?and how much is the cost? Hope you can give me an answer. I really need your help and i will await for your response. Thanks mer

  • laarni says:

    hi i am pilipina…anu po requirements para mabalik po maiden name ko sa passport…kc widowed na ako…gusto ko gamitin apelyido ko nung dalaga…help naman po…..anung requirements…thnx

  • arni says:

    plsss help….anu requirements …i want to use my surname widowed for 5months.

  • jenifer says:

    kumuha po ako ng passport 2 years ago at single p ako nun. . then i got married pero ngyn hiwalay na kami.. sa 2014 pa expired ng passport ko kailangan ko pa ba i-update ang passport ko as married kahit hiwalay na kami pero hindi pa legal paghihiwalay namin?ano po dapat kong gawin gusto ko gamitin sa passport ko yung maiden name ko kasi pupunta ako ng ireland.. pwede po kaya yun kahit ang mga documents ko eh surname ng ex-husband ko ang gamit ko. .. pakisagot po please thanks

  • liezel says:


    i just want to ask what i need to do or where i need to go ,,for me to get a marriage certificate,,,,i got married in US ,,,but we never go to philippines embassy to report it,,now im in Philippines and need to renew my passport,,then we went to the DFA,,but they asking for marriage certificate from NSO,,,i went to NSO but after waiting for 6 hours standing on the long line,,,it said its negative,,no record at all,,,,pls i need help,,my passport be expired aug 2012,,,and my flight will be on au07,2012 going back to USA….i forgot to say my passport is in my single name,so need to change to my married name..

    Thank You so much,,hope to hear from you…

  • Janice S. Lumactud says:

    Tanong lng po kung ito lang ba ang requirement nang passport. marriage contract, Birth certificate and N.B.I

  • maricris fallore says:

    Hello I am filippino and am a married woman and i need a passport but i dont want to use the name of my husband in my passport and i dont want to use my marriage certificate to get my passport .
    can any one tell me what other documents do i need to produce to get the passport from philppine.

  • josephine tabora says:

    ask ko lang po i have married passport pwede po ba ipa -change status to my maiden name? ano po requirements ?pls help me ..thanks

  • Nelly says:

    good day, just want to ask if i need to change my passport..i got married this year may 2012 in thailand but our marriage contract didn’t change anything before we sign the frist name , last name, and a middle initial are still they same even we are point is do i need to change my passport as being marriage or no need?? the different is now is im married…not a single anymore…
    i need your reply.


  • phoebe a. echaure says:

    Im phoebe..gusto ko po sana magpalit ng passport kc im using my x husband surname pero lahat po ng documents ko from school and my license ay echaure.. nakakuha na po ako ng passport last 3yrs ago never pa po ako nakakalabas ng bansa…ngaun po im planning to apply sa australia at gusto ko po gamitin eh ung surname ng parents ko..pde po ba un???

  • MARILYN says:

    Hello ,I have my passport 2011 Im single on that time so now Im getting married 2012 here in the philippines I want to change my status as married and i used my surname of my husband my passport before will expire 2016 so now can I renew my passport at the same time change status? because I apply now spousal visa and 7 days visa hope you reply..Thanks


  • Sheila says:

    Good day..
    Tanong lng po ako tungkol sa passport ko ipa change to single ko sana.anu po bang nag requirements kasi 2 years ago divorce ako sa japanese..nagfile ako for singleness sa phil consulate sa japan,kaso nga lng hindi napasa rito sa pinas pero ung passport ko tatak na xa na pangalan ko ay sa akin na amended as divorce na.nilagyan sa phil.consulate sa japan..anu po ba dapat kng gawin para masingle na ako kc nagkuha ako papers sa nso married pa ung status ko pero sa passport ko divorce na..anu po bang 1st na gawin at mga sumusonod,sana makareply kau,salamat po.

  • kristine says:


    i was recently married to a US citizen and want to apply for a passport, however the local registrar got my birthdate wrong in our marriage contract, they say that it will not appear on our nso cert but i cant wait for 6 months for our nso aunthenticated for my passport. can i still use our certified true copy of marriage for my passport application? please help,,thank you…

  • Rosemarie Yaguno Carael says:

    hi maam/sir
    i would like to ask if unsa requirement to change my name to Smera cause im married now

  • loida de guzman says:


    anu po mga requirements for change status from single to married since my passport n po aq pero nung dalaga po yung nakalagay dun,ngaun po maried n po aq.
    thanks po

    • larilyn Reyes says:

      Gud am sir tanong ko poh sana kung ano pong gagawin if my passport expired 4 yrs pero itong pasaporte ko na itp at nawala na nag expired n po xa nung 2012 gusto ko po sana mag apply ng panibgo na married n gagawin ko sa passports ko kcoh ung nwala at single nmn…gusto ko po sanang mag pa change status….single to married

  • Samantha Nicole says:


    i had applied for a passport in DFA a year ago, from married name to maiden name wherein hindi pa tpos annulment ko. hinold ung passport ko, and it has been more than a year now since i applied for it at na-hold ng DFA. my annulment is not approved yet, kasi nsa abroad ex-husband ko…

    now, he came home and had a vehicular accident somewhere in bulacan, since he is from bulacan. could i present to DFA the death certificate of my ex husband so that i can claim my passport na? since there is not use of the annulment results kasi namatay exhusband ko. please do advice me on this matter. thank you!

  • reynante tolentino says:

    Good day sir/mam,

    My wife lost her passport 3 years ago, status in her passport is single and the passport is already expired, she need to apply for a new passport using my family name, what will be the requirements? Do we need to have affidavit of loss or she will undergo the normal procedures? Hoping for your response thank you in advance!…

  • Jean umali says:

    I am a married woman. I would like to know if need to change and use my husband surname or i can still use my maiden surname. Thanks

  • zeny says:

    hi! may passport na po ako nung single pa ko and I change my surname when i got married, since 6 yrs n po kmi separated ng husband ko,gusto ko po sana palitan ulit ng surname nun single p ko. ano po ba pwede ko gawin?

  • dianne marinas says:

    mam/sir: gud day po.tnong ko lng po pnu kng ndi authenticated po iyong nso at local ko po.kailangan po kasi ng latest ng birthcertc8 ko po ng mangagaling po s municpyo.s manila pa po kasi ako pinanganak…thank you

  • nemia salmorin says:

    pwede po b akong kumuha ng paspot ko kahit meron po akong paspot at valid po un hanggang september 2013,kya lng po dko po kc makuha ung pasport ko sa manila kc wala po akong pantubos,kc nag-aply kc ako pero hindi po natuloy ,kya wla po akong pmasahe papunta manila and wla po akong pantubos sa pasport ko,pwede po b ako kumuha ng bago?thanks po and waiting for reply.

  • mai says:

    hi, i am married to a spanish citizen, we got married last 2010. by that time, i didnt even bother to change my passport status. i went to spain and my passport status was still single. but now after almost 2 years i returned to philippines. and i renewed my passport, but i didnt change my status again. bec on my residence card im using my surname, on my recently booked ticket flight going back to spain i did put my surname also so i wont complicate my identity cards. one reason why i did not because in spain all married women retains to their maidens name. thats why on my residence card my name is just the same even when i was single. do i really have to put married on my passport? please i need urgent reply

  • Win says:

    Hi ma’am/sir
    Good day po, gusto ko pong itanong kung ano po ang requirement ng
    Legal marriage but for 3 years Lang po kaming nagsama, now 8 years na po kaming hiwalay kaso wala kaming legal na Separation Papers.

    Gamit ko po ang Apelyedo niya sa akin passport, pano ko po ito mapalitan sa Apelyedo ko nakapangalan ang passport ko.

    Maraming salamat po,

  • grace says:

    hello good afternoon poh! im sheila grace ,, and i was married to an american citezen last june 2008 and now we are already divorced .. he filed the divorced in US ,,. i just wanted to change my status and my name in my passport ,,, coz my bf was planning to filed a visit visa for me to holland ,,, i just wanted to ask if do i really need to change my status and my name in my passport before to get the visit visa… ,,, please help me thank you and GOD bless …

  • Emma says:

    Hello ok tanung ko LNG po anu po requirements ng pachange status my passport n po kc aq las 2012 pero I got married las yer December nid help po slmat



  • Thalia says:

    hello po..ask ko lang po kung ano po ung mga REQUIREMENTS for CHANGING STATUS FROM WIDOW TO SINGLE..

  • Maria says:

    hi! good day everyone, i am a US citizen, got married here in the Philippines in 2013 because i got pregnant with my filipino boyfriend, and now i’m planning to go back in US, my passport was expired years before i got married and i was still single by then, i just wanted to ask what are the requirements in renewing my passport and change my status to married so i can use my husband’s surname? please reply, (:

  • Vivi says:

    Hello! Im planning to renew my passport next month.. My present passport i am married.. Is it possible to change it from married to single.. My annulment still on the process.. I’m separated for already 9 years.

    Tnx and more power!!

  • Lexx says:

    Hi. Is it ok not to use my husbands surname in my passport? but my all other identifications and documents are updated using my husbands surname. what are the posible problems or conflicts that i may encounter with this situation? thanks and looking forward for your soonest response.

  • mich says:

    want to apply passport pero mispelled po last name ng mother ko sa marrige contract namin. 1 letter discrepancy p .magkakaproblema po ba kami?

  • Roxan Manzolillo says:

    Hello ask lg po what are the requirements for changing my status married po ko sa foreign.sana po matulungan nio po ako. Ty

  • annie gonzalez says:

    Great article. Thanks for the info, very helpful. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a “Passport Application Form”, I found a blank form here: form link

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