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DFA Philippines Passport Application Requirements

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So here are the standard list of DFA Philippines passport application requirements that you will have to provide or produce before you make a move to apply for a Philippine passport. Please be reminded that this list only applies to DFA new passport applicants as passport renewals cover a different set of requirements as well as other special cases.

Just a reminder that there are actually 3 major categories with which you may fall under if you are interest to apply for a passport at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). These are NEW PASSPORTS, PASSPORT RENEWAL and LOST PASSPORT. Each have its own set of requirements plus additional set for those special cases that fall under any of the 3 major categories.

DFA Passport Application Requirements


  • Personal Appearance is required.
  • Duly accomplished application form.
  • Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO); for born 1950 & below, Negative Birth Record from NSO & Joint Birth Affidavit from Two Disinterested Persons if no record from NSO.
  • Three (3) colored photos of the applicant taken against a royal blue background & no shadow. Applicant should be in decent attire with collar & sleeves and in dark-colored shirt. Photo must be studio taken & of good quality, and must have been taken within the last six (6) months. Photo size: 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Facial image size: About 3cm-tip of head to chin; with 8-10mm head clearance from top edge. Ears and forehead should be visible. Wearing of accessories, colored contact lenses or eyeglasses, with name/name board are not allowed. DFA has the right to reject photos that do not comply with specifications and international standards.
  • Original ID i.e. Senior Citizen’s ID, Voter’s ID, digitized government-issued IDs like SSS, PRC, BIR, Driver’s License, original school ID (for students only) AND original supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth and citizenship (Please refer to the list below)
  • If late registered, submit 2 original supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth and citizenship prior to date of late registration.
  • NBI Clearance (not required if presenting 2 digitized Identification Cards.)
  • Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar if BC secpa is unreadable
  • MC secpa of parents if Last & Middle name are foreign sounding (Chua, Ong, etc)

For more information about DFA Passports, please head on to the official website of DFA which you can find at On the other hand, if you like this post, please consider subscribing to our feeds here at Philippines blog to get more updates realted to this post.

If you need more, information, you can also try to visit our other post about how to get to DFA Manila and the official DFA map.

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908 Responses to “DFA Philippines Passport Application Requirements”


    Good day!

    M’ / S’, may i request that my NEW passport application will be schedule on the 22nd

    of Sept. (tue) afternoon. I already applied at online passport application today 9/17.

    Thank you very much & God Bless!!!


    i want to apply for passport but i dont know how to start..please guide me.. thanks

  • lore loresto says:

    i have a problem in my gender in BC….and then now the case is done and i have now the decision. can i apply for passport even if still my gender in bc is not change??

    • leah distol says:

      gud po pwede na po bng mgaply ng passport kahit dpa npalitan ung birthplace pero nai clerical error na.

  • yadah says:

    Would like to know what was the right procedure and requriment regarding applying a passport for a child if in the birth cert. it was mentioned parents married but in real lfie no marriage happened i.e. no marriage certificate, certificate of singleness has been procured is this possible to apply passport for the child or this has to be done in court hearing. Pls. advise the same to enable to apply for passport.


    • edgar estrada says:

      My relative wants to apply for a new passport online but we can not locate the site where the online application is. Can you please , give me the exact online application form? Thank you very much. God bless.

  • katt says:

    hi there! can we apply certficate of singleness in dfa online? thank yuo very much and your response will be veru much appreciated.

  • J.Mangion Pio says:

    Dear sir,I wish to apply for a passport for my daughter,but i dont know the requirement.Shes only 11 years old.Can you please,tell me all the requirement i need…Thank you very much your response will be very much appreciated.

  • rsebastian says:

    I,m a late registree. NSO BC will not be available in the til the coming month. What other requirement can i preset so I can appy for a Passport. thnx

  • jennylyn g.lapus says:

    hi,my name is jen.
    can u us how to get a passport for my mother.she has no any record in nso.
    like her birth certificate. but she has a marrige contract,its thats will do? and she has a postal id.thats all that she have as of now,pls tell us how can we get a passport for my mother she is now 63 yrs old.pls help us,thanks&god blessed u!
    pls reply us soon …thanks alot.

  • fatima v. amparo says:


    i have sss and bir id but my last name there when i was a single. only my company id wer changed. is that okey.?

  • jean d. balisa says:

    hi,i am going to apply a passport going to washington.,but i don’t know what is the requirements of this and by the way,i have daughter is she gonna have a passport too?please that i can start getting the requirements..please email me..

  • Emellinda E. Gado says:

    hi, i am going to apply a passport going to england.but i dont know how i have a NSO bc, and drivers license NBI clerance and thats all my requirements! thank you very much please email me?

  • eulanda says:

    want to apply passport for my son,but i saw in his birth certificate dont have middle name because im a single mother,i dont know if he can apply passport or what can i do first.thank you very much!i hope someone can help me.

  • solidad herma gabawan says:


    hi..i am one of the faculty member of the hrm department in ZSMIT. Because of the nature of our field, we do need to have a passport that’s why we are requiring our students to have one. but one of the problem encountered by our students while accumulating the requirements in applying for a passport is the vaey lid ID…the requirement given by one of the agency here is NBI clearance,SECPA, and 2 valid ids….but the problem is the students only have 1 valid id and it is impossible for them to have anoher id like sss,prc,tin,senior citizen,etc for they are only students and onother one as i read ur requirement, u onl nid one valid id, if im not mistaken, which is really true?1 valid id or 2?then f 2 what kind of valid id the students could avail fast?they cannot get voters id for they are are new voters….

  • Lloyd Bondaug says:

    hi good day to all!!i ‘ve got some question dear sir/madam..i want to apply for passport for the first time, that will be as soon as possible..but i just learned that the spelling of my middle name in my BC lacks one letter, that is instead of Conendo its only Conedo lacking one n.. my all other documents and id’s are all correct.. Sir/Madan, can i still pursue apply passport with that case? hope you’ll reply me as soon as possible..thanks a lot, i appreciate ur time and effort to answer me…


  • Llorena says:

    My passport will expired on the 9th of September this year.I was single when i first applied for a passport,now i am married,i want to renew it since it will expired this year and want to change my name then, into my married name,i got married here in US what are the requirements i need.

  • paola says:

    how can i get a new appllicant DFA like me? And how much do i pay?

  • carlo says:

    How come you dont indicate all requirements needed in the application?. I have a friend who went all the way down to manila and brought all requirements listed in this site but still she was not able to start the application process because she still needs to show her children’s birth certificate.( a required document which was not stated in the list )

  • jenny lyn says:

    hello sir/mam,..i am jenny lyn from cebu,i just want to know how to apply an passport to my daughter aged 2 years old,i am a single mom…and i want her to have passport because im gonna marry a foriegn man and travel to other country…please help us..i dont know the requirements to apply passport for my daughter 2 years of age..thank you very much…


  • Leni Mancuyas says:

    how if i didn’t have my yearbook and School I.D.’s when i was in high school? What kind of I.D.’s can i present in your office? (DFA Office). are the postal I.D. and Tin I.D. would be allow for me to use instead of the yearbook and School I.D.’s? Please help me. Thank You. Im hoping for your immediate response.

  • Betsy says:

    i have a 5 months old baby and im going to get him a passport… can i ask for his requirements… and do i need to bring him there (DFA) to get one? do you have an onlyn application for this..( not e passport ) ..? thank you very much…

  • carla lapid says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I only have my valid company ID is that ok for me to present it at DFA? My VOTERS ID still at CITY HALL it takes too long for me to receive it. But i still have some supporting documents for my identification such as BC, BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE, TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, NBI CLEARANCE. Is POSTAL ID enough to add as my identification?

    I am looking forward for your immediately responce.. Thank you.

  • cherrie says:

    hi..i want to take passpot for my 1 years old baby, so what is all the requirements for my daughter..please can u help me.

  • Maria Leonora Pimentel says:

    Hi good day!

    I am going to renew my passport early middle next month my passport will expired October 11, 2010.
    do i need to bring any requirements?or do i need to bring any valid ID? i want they say electronic passport, how much it will cost to get that? and how long it will take to get that?
    i am hoping to hear your reply soon.

    God bless us.

  • daryl says:

    how to apply new passport in DFA?

  • marie ann says:

    i have only postal id and voters id paper please can you help me i am new to get a passport

  • marie ann says:

    my papers complet but i dont have id just postal i need your help please?

  • Abel Sanchez says:

    how to apply new passport in DFA?

  • melisanda gozar says:

    i want to apply new passport but the only id that i have is postal id,nbi, and baptismal certificate.can i get a new passport even if that’s the only requirements that i have?

  • jovelynne castillo says:

    sir/madam,i want to apply a new passport but i got only sss e-1 form,nso bc,nbi and voters certificate[cos my id not yet done]…i want to know if my req are enough to get a new passport?i need ur help!please kindly wait ur answer as soon as possible….thank you and god blessed you all

  • brian albina says:

    hi sir madam,

    I have a freind now.wala po syang kahit na anong goverment i’ds, at itatanong ko po kung anong pong pwede dalhin na mga papers, fisrt time nya po kumuha ng passport.

  • rebecca says:

    sir & madam, i want to apply a new passport but i have a travel docs when i went in egypt may passport will be expired on june 2010. what requirements i need. thanks hope you will answer me as soon as possible.

  • lynn says:

    gud am.di po kasi naka post ung mga additional requirements for lost passport.nawala po kasi passport ko.thanx

  • rea lapitan ruiz says:

    hi! i lost my passport and i want to renew,what will i do or do i need other documents so can get a new passport.please teach me what to do.than you!

    • Lost Passport DFA says:

      You’ll have to go get first an affidavit of loss and have it notarized by an attorney or lawyer.

  • milagros balquin says:

    hi pls gusto kong mag aply ng passport im late registered glng nso. pro wla me idn mrmi kundi sss no. at my id s work ko at ang postal id, gustong gusto ko pong mkpag abrad. pls help me

  • sarah jean dacillo says:

    Good Day to Everyone!… Sir / Madame!
    Well this is my problem , i don’t have any documents actually this is my first time to apply. How can i the pasa porte?… i mean like identifacation. Hope you can help me. Sir / Madame!

    Thank you very much!

    Sincerly yours,

    Sarah Jean Dacillo

  • grace navarro says:

    my fiancee wants to take my daughter 2 yrs old.goin’to US with can i get her a passport?what are the requirements needed to provide my daughter’s passport?
    lookin’forward to reply.thanks

  • marilyn C. Nepomuceno says:

    good day to Everyone….Sir/Madam..!!
    gusto qko sna mag aply ng pasport gmit ang surename ng husband k.kya lng po dti n akong may passport since 1999 p po ako nkakuha non.gmit ko pong surename non eh yun s japanese sure name.kinailangan q po mag papastport non kc gusto q pong makalis papuntang ngaun d2 n po aq sa nagbabalak umalis ulit pero gusto ko sna un surename n ng asawa ko ang gmitin ko…ano po ang dpat kong gwin pra mkakuha ng bgong pastport…salamat poh..

  • jonnel leoncito says:

    sir/ madam
    bkit sobrang tagal ng kumuha ng passport ngaun? tapos sobra pang mhal tapos ma rerelease 2 weeks or 1 month pa. hindi katulad dati mbilis pipila ka lang yun na irerelease ng 1 week or 3 days. nag pa apointment ako thru online on april 13 3pm pinakita ko ung reference # ko sabi skin april 12 daw un eh nilagay ko sa april 13. katulad yung sakin mag renew lang ako ng passport tapos ipapasa ko sa agency na inaaaplayan ko para ma process for US VISA, sayang po kasi ung oppurtunity tumatakbo ang panahon. salamat po

  • Craig Durrante says:

    My fiance went to your DFA office to apply for a standard passport and she was told to get her original birth certificate and original documents as her birth certificate from the NSO is not good enough. The 2nd time she went there, she was told that her NSO birth certificate is “late registered” and that she will need a SSS id card and her school documents. Why isn’t this anywhere on the wikipedia or on the other websites? And what does she have to do to get a passport? I am bringing her to Australia and we are getting married here. Are there any other tips you can give me please? What does she do? Please help out?

  • lyne says:

    ndi po b pwede na nso birth certificate lng requirement ko and nbi s pg apply ng passport?kasi yung mga id ko nung student pa po aq nwala na bucause of bagyong undoy lastyear,and wala naman aq work id kasi wala po me work.voters id po nman kasi wala pa po antagal na.please help me naman po.thanksssss

  • grace tabasa says:

    dear sir/madam first time ko pong kumuha ng passport please advice me kng ano pwede kng dalhin para makakuha ng passport. NSO BC lng at NBI lng meron ako.kasi ang i.d ko po noong student pa ako nag expired na ano po ba pwede kng gawin.please advice me. thank you

  • Jerry says:

    Dear Sir/Maddam,

    Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat ako poy may problema sa aking passport . kasi po ikinuha ako ng passport ang liason officer ng agency last 1983 pa. ang name ko at date of birth,place of birth ay mali po … ang name ko sa passport is JERRY ito talaga ang gamit kong name mula bata hanggang ngaun pero sa BC ko is Jeremias pano ko po maitatama ang passport ko po, kasi gusto kong kumuha ng passport na gagamitin ko itong name ko na jerry. pwede ba akong mag change name ano po ang pwede kong gawin please give me an advice….

    Thank you and more power…….


  • janice tomas says:

    magtatanong sana po ako hangang kaylan gamitin ang old passport?kaylangan ko na po bang palitan ng bago ang old na passport ko? salamat po naghihintay sa inyong sagot

  • Lovella M. Cabreros says:

    Greetings Sir/Madam

    I want to apply for a passport.i have already the requirements but I don’t know
    how to start.
    Please guide me.
    Thank you very much.


    Dear Sir/Ma’am:

    I would like to apply a passport for my child but it’s a requirement to show the original passport of the companion of the child. I, her mother, is her companion on her travel but the problem is I have submitted my passport to the Australian Embassy for my application of my visa, including my child as my dependent though she still doesn’t have a passport.. What will I do? Can I submit only the photocopy of my passport?
    Please help me, because I really have to submit her passport before the approval of our visas.

  • margie says:

    good day !!! i want to applay new passport.but i dont know,how to start? pls guide me.thanks poh?i have nbi brith certificate.and din barangay clearance,

  • arnold torres evangelista says:

    pwede po bang magpa-schedule sa july 25?
    mgkano po ba ngayon ang passport?
    first time ko lang po kukuha ng passport…

  • Jol caranay says:

    i want to aplly on online aplication of passprot but i dont know how?can u help me?

  • simon says:

    tanong ko lang po. hnd b mka2sagabal ang bag kuha ko ng passport ngaun kc dati kmuha ako ng passport kaso naloko ako ng fex. sa pasay agency. at nag bgay na ko dun ng 700 bayad sa klahati ng pag la2kad .. tpos tntwagan ko at di ko na cxa ma twagan lagi n lng bz ang tlphone nLa .. Hnd po b ito sgabal ngayn po ..

  • simon says:

    cmula un po ng di ko mtawagan di ko na binalak kunin pa ..

  • arnold says:

    Hi sir/ma´m

    tanong ko lng my NSO ako at MBI tska my ID ng high school 2007 hnd na po ba pwede ito sa pag apLy oyng ID ko po??

    ano po ba kAyLangan sa pag apLy ng passport na travel ??

  • roxanne says:

    Sir\Madam i want to apply paasport for my mother but she dont have any valid i.d,the only i.d she have is expire quiet long already,she cannot get a voters i.d because she never register herself in COMELEC,she cannot get an sss i.d either coz she is not an sss member…pls help me regarding with my problem..thanks and more power…..

  • bea says:

    ilang days p po b maku2ha ang passport pg rush at ndi rush??

  • Vivian J. Eguia says:

    Dear Sir, I want to apply for a passport for my 4 months old son, but I don’t know the requirements. Can you please tell me all the requirements I need. Thank you very much. Your response will be very much appreciated.

  • barbara lomibao meneses says:

    good morning sir/ birthdate is june 26 and that was on my nso copy,but since birth i use june 21 as my birthday and evev all of my ids.what will i do so that i can apply for a passport?i still dont have new ids with june 26 as my birthdate?

  • ronie says:

    hello po…pls help me… nag apply po ng passport tapos nag pa set po ng appointment…through online web..ang problema ko po ngayon…naka limutan ko po ang reference no. po ng passport…eh kailangan po yun sa pag kuha ng passport…pano po malalaman ang nakalimutan na reference no?
    txt nyo lang po ako dito 09128175968
    salamat po

  • Lea says:

    Greetings! I’m going to apply for a passport and my NSO birth certificate had a typos… my middle is spelled wrong but below my bc’s spelled right on my mother’s part…will the DFA considers the affidavit ..because as far as I know changing it or correcting it in the registar office will take a month and I need to have my passport ASAP. Hope to get you response ASAP…thanks a lot!

  • roxan says:

    im a new passport applicant, i just want to know all things that i need to apply. I want you to know that my voters id is not yet in my hand, even my sss id all i have is my school id and company id, i read that only students are allowed to use the school id,,what i’m going to use?…and im very near to lucena can i go there, or just in Manila? May I know also the real price of a new passport because i’m scared of the fixers,,also the pictures I thought it will be taken when i’m in the office,please clear all this vague info.tnx…and Godbless:-)

  • claricel mitra marquez says:

    gooday sir/mam…i have already my passport, but i have to apply for change status.. my marriage certificate is not yet forwarded in the nso..but i need to apply now immediately!..because i have my file number now and before 120 days i have to pass all my documents in the canadian embassy that would be end of july. it could be acceptable and valid if i will bring marriage cetificate from the municipality with certified true copy from them. pls..reply! for me able to know it is valid and when will i visit in the dfa office..thanks..and godbless

  • CARIN B. LUCERO says:

    gud day! I would like to know when am i going to receive the confirmation of my appointment for the application of passport…i had emailed you had emailed me last may 5, 2010 that il receive my confirmation of schedule 7 days after…this day would be the 7th day…could i possibly receive any email from you for the confirmation today?

  • Marivic says:

    hello everyone…i need someone to help me about Name Changes in my passport…i just want to know how to apply to change my family name in my passport and also my status…coz i had my passport before i got married…im going to process my spousal visa so i need to change my family name in my passport..hope someone cud help me here…thanks a lot!

    God bless!


  • Pablo A. Tumaliuan says:

    Im planning to apply for my passport. I’m a new applicant and somebody told me that i can only apply for it through internet but my problem is i can’t find any application form through internet. Can I apply personally at the main office?

  • Jonafel says:

    i want to apply for passport but i dont know how to start..please guide me.. thanks

  • Jonafel says:

    hi,i am going to apply a passport going to USA ,but i don’t know what is the requirements of this and by the way,i have daughter is she gonna have a passport too?please that i can start getting the requirements..please email me..

  • airene says:

    gud day po tanong kung paano makipag apointment sa directors office kc po my probleme yung passport ko …naiprocess na po dto sa dfa-davao kaso pinadala nila dyan sa main office kc dyan ko daw i fallow up….my binigay po sa akin ang dfa davao na reference no. ito po ung reference no.DVO-091-20120 subject passport of airene n.oliverio…..lagi po ako tumatawag jan sa ofis nya kaso laging busy ang line,,misan my makasagot kaso pinapahintay ako hanggang maubos nalng yong card ko.minsa sinasabihan ako na tawag ako uli kinabukasan,sir\maam pwede patx nyo ako kung kailan ako mag report sa office maraming salamat po

  • Melinda P. Castillo says:

    hello po. new applicant po ako. ask ko lang po sana kung ilang araw ang pagprocess ng passport at magkano ang bayad? pwede po ba itong ipa rush? ilang araw po at magkano ang aabutin? sa pictures po ba dapat meron na pagdating namin sa office? kasi sabi ng iba dapat daw sa loob ng office magpapakuha ng litrato. need pa po ba ng nbi clearance? just want to make these things clear. thank you so much and God bless.

  • airene says:

    my tumawag na po sa akin na mag report na po ako dyan sa offis nyo my pina comply po sa akin na requirements,mag report daw ako kaagad kaso nong anjan naako d ako pinapasok ng guard kc makipag appointment daw ako sa dfa….sabi namn ng dfa davao ipakita ko lng daw yung reference no. na binigay nila..maramimg salamat po

  • nerelynreyes says:

    pano po bang pag 1st time lng kc ang hawak kolng na mga docoments ko ay nso.birth nbi;postal id.register na katunayan nkaboto ako baptismal.form 137.ala po kc ako valid id ung mga id ko nong elementary at highscol nasunog un kaya tanung kulng po kung pwede na ung meron ako ngaun yun lng po salamat po

  • edzel v. torres says:

    hi sir/madam

    gud evening..ask ko lng po sana kung ano po ang requirements for lost passport?saka matagal na po ung naexpired..panu din po ba ang mag pa appoinment?tnks po in advance..god bless

  • OMAR says:

    kukuha me ng passport? pwd po ba kame na lang ang pupunta jan ng personal sa DFA? PLS RPLY SALAMAT.

  • rose says:

    to whom it may concern:
    may i know , please, why does it take so long to renew a passport? lf i apply today, my appointment will be july 5, 2010 . almost 2months? mayroon po bang mas mabilis na paraan ?



  • OMAR says:

    Pwde ko po bang malaman kung anu ang email add ng DFA?,,,,,,,,,,,THANK YOU,

  • OMAR says:


  • Marivic says:

    hi poh…need some info about name changing in my passport…i had my passport last 2008 before i got married and im going to get a spousal visa, so anyone knows what are the requirements and step by step process on how to change my family name and my marital status…thanks..


  • Rey G. Funtilon says:


    im applying for a e-passport, but i dont have any digitized id gawa ng unemployed po ako any big establishment or govt agencies, i was only working as a household helper. all i have is NBI Clearance and Postal ID, NSO birth cert. possible kaya na makakuha me passport as filipino citizen. pls reply,

    Tnx bestregards to DFA Team.

  • ane abril says:

    mag aply po ako ng passport bago palang po ako panu po kung wala po akung kahit anung id na hinahanap ang id ko lang po kc is ung id ko po sa trabaho plsss reply po

  • ronabel tumbokon says:

    MAG AAPLY PO SNA AKO NG po ung surname ko po sa birthcertificate ko ay wrong spelling po..only one letter lng nmn po.dapat po ay..RONABEL TUMBOKON ..naging RONABEL TOMBOKON po..ok lng po b na mag apply ng passport?my AFFIDAVIT nmn po ako eh..???? i need ur response po

  • fritchie ann S.baldeo says:

    hi po…mag apply po sana ako passport,itatanong ko lng po sna kng pwede po b ung id ko lng po e postal at sss?tpos nbi clearance, diploma at year book lng po ang ma ippresent ko pag apply ng passport?wla npo kc aq ibng id kng d iyon lng po…need ko po reply nyo po..tnx po…

  • cleen vicentillo says:

    >>mag apply po ako ng passport bago lng dn po ko.. pano po b ako mka2kuha ng >>passport? magpa2schedule po b ako? anu po kylangang mga requirements? at >>saka kailan po b mku2ha ung passport po? plsss reply po kau…

  • leon says:

    good day sir/mam can i ask a question? what day can i go to d.f.a to get a passport and what the requirements ?

  • Flordeliza David says:

    I want to renew my passport and I want to ask if I can change my married surname which I’m using now into my single surname..the reason is we are already been separated but not yet annul.I’m waiting for your reply.thank you


    i’m applying for new passport, ask ko lang po kung ano ang mga requirements of this office. also i hve a son and what also the requirements. pls reply… thnx

  • cleen vicentillo says:

    >>mag apply po ako ng passport bago lng dn po ko.. pano po b ako mka2kuha ng >>passport? pa ano po vah mag appointment . Plssss reply po! thx po!.

  • cleen vicentillo says:

    >asaan po vah, makukuha ng passport… ano po vah requirements non?……plsss reply po! salamat po!!!!!!!

  • rona marie matinong says:

    sir/madam , ask ko lng po ung mga kailangan na requirments sa first timer na kukuha ng passport . .sna mo mtugunan nyo ung tanong ko! tnx poh na marami.

  • mary joy says:

    sir/mam,kukuha po sana ako ng passport ang problema ko po wala po ako kahit isa na valid I.D. ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin para makakuha ako ng passport?? pls, help me po,salamat po.

  • MYRA says:

    good morning po, ano po requirements para sa renewal of passport? at new passport para sa anak ko shes 6yrs old. thank you.

  • Rocelle B. Pineda says:

    dear sir/maam,

    good eve..ano po ba requirements sa pagkuha nang passport?pano po makakakuha nang appointment?tnx

  • NADZRA A.HAMI says:

    dear sir/maam,
    good evening po, ask ko lang bakit hindi ako makapasok sa online appointment system ninyo, wika nga ng “webpage incomplete intries” idouble checked ko ay tama naman ang intries ko, bakit po ganoon?thanx

  • MARK Q. NUEVA says:


  • Henry says:

    ilan days makukuha yung passport???

  • Vilma Tolentino says:

    kailan po ako makakakuha ng passport ?
    sa abc man power po ako kasi nag aaply . tnx po

  • glenn vicentillo says:

    elow po!! ano po ba requirements sa pagkuha nang passport?pano po makakakuha nang appointment? plzzzz reply po thx!!!!!

  • Rebekkah Basan says:

    hello po… mg-apply po sana ako ng passport, nawala ko kasi ung voter’s id due to wallet snatching, humingi ng voter’s registration records ang taga DFA. ano po ung voters registration record? pwede ho ba ang voters certification? thanx…

  • rach says:

    please guide me on how to apply passport on line..

  • she says:

    hello po.. mag apply po sana ako ng passport galing ako sa dati na DFA sa pasay may nakausap kami at hiningian ako ng P200 para sa pagpapa appointment ng schedule ganun po ba talaga. ang id lang na meron po ako school id kaya lang year 2000 pa. nawala na kc ang diploma at year book ko binaha kc bahay namin, police clearance, student license pero meron akong baptismal cert. ok lang po ba yon. ang schedule na binigay sa akin july 28 pa paano po yon kasi next wk dadating yung mga documents ko invitation galing japan pwede ba na mapaaga ang appointment ko. maraming salamat po! asahan ko po ang inyong sagot.

  • jasmin says:

    i just want to ask if pwede po bang gamitin ung school id for the application of passport, i just graduated last april… wala na po akong ibang valid ID…matagal po ba magprocess for the passport? aabutin po ba ng weeks or months? maraming salamat…

  • ailyn says:

    gud morning po,nag pa sked ako ng appointment to renew my passport last thursday,until now wala pa din sagot kung kelan ang sked ko,urgent po sana kaya nid k po na ma sked agad ang aking passport

  • jay aguilar says:

    gud day,
    tanong ko lng po kng pano mag apply ng passport n magdagdag ng middle name, kc po my passport n ako kaso wlng middle name. pls guide me. thank you.

  • Mary Jane Arquino. Digamon says:

    madam gudmorning po…
    ask ko lng po kng panu magpunta sa sign ng passport apllication?
    kc po ilan bese n po kmi nghahanap eh ndi nmnin mkita!?

    kelangn n po talga by dis month plssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

    thank u very much po…


  • crystal says:

    ask ko po f pwede po bang i-present ang voters certification sa dfa or postal i.d para makakuha po ng passport??,,la na po kasing ibang i.d na mai-pre-present!!!and may bayad po ba pag nag-pa-appointment sa dfa????wait ko po sagot niyo!!!plssss e-mail nyo me po!!!!thanks!!!

  • dohnn says:

    dear sir/madam, ask ko lang po kung ano ang mga requirments sa mga bata, grade school pa lng sila.??

  • sheryl dela cruz says:

    ask ko lang po kung i aalow b ng dfa yun birthcertificate khit walang middle name?

  • sheryl dela cruz says:

    ano po ang pwedeng gawin kung salaking hindi?

  • rapunzel T. murasaki says:

    hi po ask ko lng po kng pano po kumuha ng passport ang tuladkong new applicant kc po ng apply nako dati sa dfa hinahanapan po nila aku ng voters id eh wala po aku nun d pa po daw ng rerelease panu po ba un

  • hazel Blair cabahit says:

    i just wanna ask what site i will search to fine the application form for passport,dami kasing mga site hindi nman lumlabas ung hinahahanap kong form for application for passport,can you give me the easiest site,yong pag search ko labas agad ang application form…thanks

  • barbara quintal says:

    gud pm po:

  • fatima says:

    Hi Good day to all,

    I just want to know whats the requirement for the child under 1year.I have a daughter she is 7month old,I want her to apply a passport when i go back to phil this coming july.I am married w/foriegner man but my passport status still single and just renew my passport lastyear after i got my new passport the same year i got married.What other ducument i need to pressent to DFA office.beside of what i have married certeficate from Sharia court of abu dhabi,passport of my husband and me,BC for my daughter,i have company ID from here.

    Can you tell me what other ducuments need to bring.
    need to bring in ur office,

    wish i heard your responds.

  • luis valencia says:

    gud day….

    ask ko lng po kz nwala po ung passport ko last week.. kzama po za nanakaw skn..
    pno po b mkakakuha ulet ng new passport???
    worried po kz ko, since nwla po xia d nko ngreport sa mga polis. jan po ako nanakawan sa manila..

    wait ko po ung responce nio.. salamat…

  • angelita manahan says:

    anu po bng mga requirements pg kmuha ng new passport???wait ko po reply nio..tnx….

  • angelita manahan says:

    pnu po un dp nmin pwde mkuha voters i.d nmen…sv after 3yrs p dw..d po b pwde khit nbi or postal i.d..kse po ble 2 ung name ko..ung mga school docs.ko madelyn ung nsa nso ko nmn po angelita…di ggmitin ko n po ngaun ung angelita?pnu po ggwin ko ngaun s school docs.ko…tpos po pti annual ko madelyn..anu po b dpat kong gwin?d nmn n po kau 2mtanggap ng affidavit of discrepancy…

  • Debbie says:

    how to i dont know first time application passport? he is my boyfriend live in USA bec i want to be visit in the house my boyfriend in USA on 2 week? God bless us

  • Debbie says:

    he is my boyfriend Deaf live in USA when i want to be visit in the house MY boyfriend in USA 2010 when how to i dont know application passport? how do i can communcatio to somewho? i real deaf thank you God bless us

  • larrylyn says:

    Good day ma’am/sir
    i want to apply passport but i only have baptismal and 1 valid id(postal id)only and no birth certificate coz it lost when the bagyong ondoy what should i do now?my friends suggesting me to make a late registration of birth certificate cos the lost BC has no registral number pls help me for that hope u responce on it as soon as possible thanks

  • Janice Joy Q. Basa says:

    hello po gud pm po….pwede po ba mag pa schedule ng new passsport this coming june 29 Tuesday morning…i have my students ID in college…Birth certificate from NSO authenticated and Postal ID…

  • michelle says:

    paano po b kunuha ng passport?

  • michelle says:

    at tsaka ang andito sa akin ay nbi,nso,bir number,postal id,driver’s liscense at 2×2 pic. tama n po b ito/pkireplay nmn kgad para makakuha n kgad ako at iang araw bgo makuha?

  • vanessa lyn montes says:

    mam & sir gud day po.. ilang days po bago makuha ung passport?
    panu po pg.aply nito? ala po kc me mga ID’s pwo ku2ha na po ako pra mkapg.aply na…san apo m2lungan nyo ako…tanz po…

  • lorena says:

    ??? gud afternoon po mag tatanong sna ako pno po kmuha ng passport at anu po ung mga requiremensts ang kailangan?
    ???wait ko po reply nio ynx po?

  • Leonora Latonio Castro says:


    May i inquire if my passport is now ready for release. I apply last may 17, 2010.

    I’ m looking forward for an immediate answer.

  • jacqueline says:

    ****have a blessed day to you all****

    Paano po ba mag apply kami ng anak ko . 4 yrs. old na po sya. may apperance pa ba po ang anak ko. magkano po ba ang bayaran ko lahat . at ano po mga requirements namin dito. sana po matugonan ang email ko. thank you po. GOD BLESS…

    • Philippines Review says:

      Hello Ms Jacqueline, please read in our related posts below about how much is the passport fee as well as our post on requirements on DFA passport application for minors… Thank you for visiting Philippines Online Portal for Pinoys.

  • larife says:

    good morning po, im larife can i ask a question po gusto ko po kumuha ng passport kaso po ung id ko po is postal id lang po at teachers id lang po.pwede na po b un? pls i need u reply thanks.GODBLESS

  • Richard Leong says:

    pwede na po ba ako puunta jan sa dfa office anytime kc first time ko po na kukuha ng pass port…sna po makareply po kau agad asap.. kc sa july po kelanagan na po ty …

  • shery sinapuelas says:

    how will i do if my passport was lost an if my passport is still if i got a new a i want to use my marriage an whats the requirements..ty..

  • veronica agias says:

    ask ko lang po nawala po ang aking passport pero wala po ako xerox copy ng passport ko .kakukuha ko lang po last december may kasama po u.s visa ko.ano po kaya dapat kong gawin.tnx.po

  • Lhane says:

    Good day,

    I want to apply for my lost passport, I gathered already my requirements. Do I need to apply online for my schedule or directly na po ako sa DFA? kasi po nakalagay lang sa website ay for renewal of passport lang ang mag pa schedule. Gusto ko po malaman agad kasi need ko po umalis next month.


  • Anna Charisma M. Sullivan says:

    To whom it may concern;
    Greetings! I just wanna ask regarding an application for passport.My husband is a foreigner.He needs a copy of my passport already,its very urgent.But the problem is I dont have a valid ID.What i have here is, a POSTAL ID, and my old ID when I was in college.I went to the SSS to get an ID but they said they’re ID processing has stop.ANd i went also to the comelec to get a voter’s ID, Its stopped also but they gave me a voter’s registration certificate.It is acceptable? Please I really needed that passport already.I can’t wait too long.THanks Please kindly reply me.

  • brian says:

    good after noon sir/mam. Mag apply poh sana aq sa pag kuha ng passport panu q poh ba malalaman ung scheadule q poh ng pagpunta..salamat poh

  • jackie says:

    gud eve,
    tanung ko lng kung panu po ba step by step para makapag pa schedule ng pag apply ng passport sa DFA through internet???thanks..

  • jackie says:

    gud eve,
    gusto ko din po malaman ang madaling makontak na telephone number ng DFA,tnx alot

  • Lydia Cordova says:

    Good morning,
    I wish to secure passports for my friends children ages 10, 5 and 2. Their parents are both working in Japan and they have requested me to facilitate the securing of said passports. What addition requirements do I need to bring when I take the children on their appointment date with your office?

  • Ana Angangco says:

    ana says:

    June 28, 2010 at 10:43am,

    I have a friend whose birth year in his passport was wrong, instead of 1939, it was recorded in the passport as 1940. Is there any way without so many red tape to have it corrected?

    He is hoping that under the new administration, quicker and easier system will be instituted in all the government agencies.

    Thanks and look forward to your advice.

  • michael says:

    good evening

    can i ask the requirments for passort ..?

    tnx for response ..


    hi gud pm po,
    ask ko lang po kung anu dapat kung gawin para mabawi ko ang name ko may gumamit kc po ng name ko sa pagkuha ng passport ng d ko alam,d ko po kilala yun girl na gumamit.anu po ang requirements ko para mabawi ko yun name at makakuha me ng passport na talaga ako ang nag mamay ari,,

  • jamie says:

    ask ko lang po kung anu ano po ung list of requirement kung pano po kumuha ng passport and ung procedure..salamat po

  • marecil says:

    Maam &Sir,

    I just wanna ask about how to get a B\C if your born in 1959 .?kc sa case ng mother ko she jusT GOT only a NEGATIVE one in DFA,it means you dont have a record in DFA?.what is the best thing to do for my mother and easy way to get her a B\c, so that she can apply a passport.
    and one thing shes not the only one who haven`t a b\c even there brother and sister.i dont know what to do ,,,so please help me and guide me,i really want my mother to visit me here in switzerland…
    looking forward for your responds…thanks

    best regards,
    Maricel Jaegle.

  • Elaine Joy Dauran says:

    Dear DFA,

    I just wanna ask if I can change the wrong entry of my first name and my birthday in the application form you sent me?

    Corrections to be made:
    First Name: Elaine Joy
    Birthday: January 12, 1989

    Thank you and good day!

  • jhonny s. bonio says:

    gud morning, i would like to apply for a passport, its my first time to apply for it so i dont know what are the requirements and when shud i go to ur office for the schedule

  • roby francisco says:

    good afternoon sir/madam, tanong ko lang po kung pano mag apply ng passport?at ano po ang lahat na kailangan na requirements sa pag aapply ng passport?thanks po asap

  • jhonny s. bonio says:

    gud day po, papano po ba kumuha ng passport, kelangan ko po ba directly pmunta sa dfa

  • donnabel climacosa says:

    good day,
    sir/madam ask ko lang poh kung pano makakuha ng appointment.need ko na poh kc ang passport as soon as possible……looking forward for your response…..tanx

  • gretchen liao says:

    good morning po…. ask ko lang po kung dito po ba ako magpapa schedule para sa DFA passport appointment para sa sa pag kuha ng passport? yun lang po salanmat…

  • joan says:

    gud day..ask ko lng po sna kung pano magpasched sa dfa pra mkakuha ng passport..first time ko po kc..magpapasched po sna ako s pampanga branch

  • evelyn says:

    gud pm po , ask ko lang po kung halimbawa po hindi kasal yung parents ko,pero yung apelyidong nasa birth certificate ko sa nanay ko pero nung time na nag aral po ako gamit ko apelyido ng tatay ko,,anng apelyido po ba ang gagamitin ko kung sakali mag apply po ako ng passport?pwede na po yung mga req na form 137 tsaka ung TIN ID,NSO AND LCR? THAKS PO

  • Louella M. Pacuan says:

    gud p.m . .apply po ako s dubai ,pano po kumuha ng passport? pano po mag pa appointment?..reply po.. asap.. .tnx

  • lyra says:

    Good afternoon po maam/sir tanong ko po pano po mag apply ng passport online kasi ppo firrst time applicant po ako.

  • Jay-r Diezon says:

    hi!good day gusto ko lang po sana mgpa schedule or online appointment para kumuha ng passport o mag apply for my passport new application po..tumawag na po ako pero kailangan po daw mag online.umaasa po mabigyan niyo po ako ng schedule as soon as possible..umaasa po ako sainyong tugon.thank you and god bless

  • lynn says:

    Hi po…hingi po sana ako advise sana po matulungan nyo ako…may passport po ako ngayn kaso po mali ung huling letra ng name ko at birthdate ko…ano po ang dapat kong gawin ko….

    salamat po…

    waiting your reply

  • shely says:

    The DFA passport application appointment system sounds pleasant to the ears but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT what everyone is expecting. When you say that you have an appointment on that day, you’ll expect that there wont be long lines and what not. But lo and behold, you have to wait for FIVE HOURS to finish your passport application!

    Please don’t go on media telling everyone that it would only take 30 minutes for you to get your passport because that ONLY APPLIES TO CELEBRITIES AND NOT TO THE MAJORITY.

    One more thing about the so called “COURTESY LANE”. It is universally known that courtesy is given to SENIOR CITIZENS, PREGNANT WOMEN, DISABLED AND CHILDREN. My 4yr old son applied for a passport but he WAS NOT given any courtesy so HE HAD TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER THREE (3) HOURS JUST TO HAVE HIS PICTURE TAKEN compared to those people who were given some courtesy simply because THEY KNOW SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE EMPLOYED AT DFA AND WERE ESCORTED TO THE COURTESY LANE. And the DFA employee wasn’t even patient enough to take a photo of a 4yrs old kid. Whats up with that? The kid waited for that long, you dont expect him to be in a good mood, right?

    I’m sure this feedback will not be given any importance and what not but I hope I was able to send the message across.

  • arnil j cellan says:

    magandang umaga poh pwede poh ba akng magpaeskedule passport sa 7/20/2010 salamat poh

  • TeMpEr26 says:

    Goodafternoon, I am first time applicant and I do not know what are the requirements for applying a passport and I only have birth cert issued by NSO and NBI clearance and 1 postal ID. is that enough ? Please reply me here….. thanks God bless!

  • lyn says:

    good afternoon po tanung ko lang po dati na akong nag punta ng DFA, NSO BC at NBI,at postal id lang ang dala ko hindi po tinangap ang postai id kasi hindi daw valid id .Wala po akong ibang id maliban sa old school id ko nong college pa ako year 2007 ang tanung ko po pwedi ko bang gamitin ang old school id ko bilang valid id ko thank you po please reply i need to know.

    • Philippines Review says:

      Ang old school ID po ay hindi valid dahil outdated na po… Valid ID’s are stated in the DFA website for your passport application. As an initial idea, valid IDs are those that are up to date and have your latest picture in it. ex. SSS ID, LTO driver’s license, postal ID is only secondary ID and not primary ID, school ID can be a primary valid ID if it is up to date.

  • julie says:

    gud day.. i only have my alumni id with me.. is the postal id accepted? so i can have 2 ids as requirement? thanks

  • vanessa says:

    ask lang po… wat if ung nasave mong schedule na binigay ng dfa eh nawala or nadelete sa pc nio den di nio na alam ung reference #… pano po pala yan? may magiging problema ba? en bakit po ganun pabago bago sched nila… nung june nag hahanap na ko ng schedule walang bakante kundi ung sept 7 den ngaung july magseset sana ako ng appointment bat may open ung aug? bat nagmomove sya backward? hirap kasi kontakin ng dfa… thnx…

  • riza may says:

    ask lang po sana kung panu kumuha ng passport sa DFA?

  • cedric says:

    where can I get the DFA passport application form?

  • jerry says:

    my pictorial b sa loob ng DFA?

  • lhie mase says:

    good day..makakakuha pa rin ba ako ng passport kahit wala akong id?.but i do have all the documents like NBI,POLICE CLEARANCE,POSTAL,BIRTH CERTIFICATE,MARRIAGE CONTRACT,STUDENT LICENSE,BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE,COMELEC CERTIFICATION,TIN ID…wala na po akong mahanap na yearbook dahil sa ondoy and pati copy ng school wala na din..pls naman po your reply is highly appreciated.thnak you

    • Philippines Review says:


      Did you know that all you mentioned here are considered as valid ID for DFA passport application? Opo. pwede na po ang mga yan gamitin to apply for a passport at hindi naman po kailangan na lahat ng yan pero mas maigi na rin po na dalhin nyo lahat to be sure which is usable.

  • lhie mase says:

    ok po thank you so much…..

  • rhona says:

    hi,poh ask ko lng kng pano ko malalaman kung kailan ko pwude makakuha ng passport ei,ngpa shedule na po me diyan tnx

  • suzette sampot says:

    good day! po tanong ko lang po kung magpapanibago pa po bang apply yung matagal ng kumuha kasi huling kuha ko pa po nun dalaga pa ko 1990 pa. sa ngayon po may asawa na ko ngayon lang po uli ako kukuha ng passport.. nwala ,na po yung dati kong passport nadala na po ng baha. anu po ba dapat kung gawin sa ngayon kasi nid ko na din po maayos yung passport ko nxt month.. minamadali na po kasi ako ng agency na ina applayan ko ..thank you po sana malaman ko po agad yung kasagutan sa mga katanungan ko,,,

  • avel tayas says:

    pls. send to me the application form for passport..thank you

  • Fredel Factur says:

    what are the requirment of lost passport?

  • aj says:

    i just want to ask po kung kailangan po bang magonline appointment sa mga new applicants. or pwedeng magdirect na lang sa dfa para mas mabilis makakuha ng passport

  • mayette says:

    until now my passport hasn’t been delivered yet.. july 8 p ko nagapply and i paid 1,200 for a ‘rush’ processing and also paid 120 for delivery.. what happened to our system? application p lang sobrang hirap took us 10 long hours.and now i have to wait again for like an eternity to have it delivered..can somebody do something bout it..horrible

  • Susan A. Cruz says:


    Good day! Tanong ko lang po kung pwde n pong support documents ung BIRTHCERTIFICATE, DIPLOMA in HS,NBI, at BRGY. ID, kc po ung mga original ID ko sinira n ng ONDOY. pls pki sagot nmn po kc may schedule n po ako sa AUG 9.


  • arlene says:

    I certainly agrees with what shely had said, dfa passport appointment system is one hell of a nightmare..naaaaaaaaaapktgal pgpila lang kwawa mga bta and even the elderly.sana nmn with our new govt mabago n yn sistema yn..pano un mga galing p sa mlalayong probinsya

  • Louise Myrabelle Escano says:

    hello.. i would like to apply for a Philippine passport for my daughter who is 2 years old this sept.. i only have her registered birth certificate as the only document that will provide info with regards to her citizenship and date of birth.. she is not yet baptized.. so is it possible that ill be able to get her a passport with the only birth certificate as proof of her identity? thanks.

  • denis says:

    mam, ask klang poh kung ano poh qualification xa passport

  • blake says:

    getting passport now is like where at the 1920s instead of improving its sucks.why we have appearance.before we can get our renew passport in a it takes 3 months what the fak.this is nonesense.i was suppost to go to sauidi now. because of this miss.should be like getting drivers licens can get in an hour

  • Danilo pajarito says:

    Hello, i just want to ask if my documents is enough here are
    *School ID,
    *NBI clearance
    *NSO BC
    for a supporting docs.
    Year Book.

  • arlene says:

    totoo po bang pwd kumuha sa pampanga ng passport within 1 days process khit walk in k lng dun..tnx

  • raul bautista jr says:

    hi sir/mam
    what if i did not print my passport application appointment slip coz i forget to print if i go to dfa u think i will get my passport with out appointment slip!!

  • Melanie Magpayo says:

    I have an old passport but i adjusted my age, how can i get a new one with the right birth-date ( i would like to change it from 1966 to 1970)

  • Melanie Magpayo says:

    I have an old passport but i adjusted my age, how can i get a new one with the right birth-date ( i would like to change it from 1966 to 1970) please reply immediately.

  • bernz says:

    bakit kaya mahirap mag apply ng passport ngayon?
    ano na nangyari sa bansa natin?

  • chiqui lorenzo. susano says:

    gud morning po ask ko lang po kung anong requarments pag kuha ng passport.,.,.,at palo up ko din po ung kay shiela alma tahanhs po.,..,

  • jok says:

    Application for Appointment [ DFA Hotline Number] 7371000

  • Viola Gail M. Changcoco says:

    hello po, magtatanong lang po ako, nag asawa na po kase ako pero wala pa po akong ID na changcoco ang apelido ko, pano po ako makakakuha nang passport? sana po’y matulungan nyo ako, have a good day!

  • Julie Anne L. Gordo says:

    my brother in law lost his passport…how can we get a new one?

  • maricel profeta says:

    Hi good morning,,,tatanong ko lang po kung pano mag apply ng passport at kung ano po mga kailangan..,,thanks and god bless.

  • mina ortega says:

    i’m married but i want to apply for a passport using my single status, can i apply for passport? and if ever yes what are the requirments I need? thank you very much

  • cyndi binarao says:

    hello po..ask ko lng po if pwede lng po ba tong requiremets para makakuha ng passport,,bertcertificate,diploma,micropem sa sss,nbi travel for abroad,student id at tsaka form 137?tnx po


    SNA po mkakuha po agad aq ng appointment slip ng DFA at ng maka pag process po aq ng passport ko.

  • glenn t. panti says:

    send nyo nman po sa email ko kung ano po ung complete requirements para sa mga baguhan pa lng po kumuha ng passport gaya ko.. nais ko po kc kumuha ASAP eh.. tnx po..

  • Jm says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to know about the passport requirements for the first time application. Can I ask if could you send me the following requirements for me to prepare the things.

    Thank you., Please send it to my email. God Bless!!!
    Sincerely, Jm

  • Nina Trisha says:

    Good Evening.!
    I am Trisha and I am married to an American citizen and was about to get a passport here in Tacloban.
    I would like to know if these requirements are needed ( CFO cert., authenticated live birth, parents MC from NSO, form 137 with school seal ) to be able to proceed to the passport application and process.
    When i first came to the DFA here in Tacloban one of the staff told me that i need to have 2 valid id’s and BC from the NSO as well as NBI clearance but when i went back there with the requirements that had been asked, she added even more paper requirements from me as what i have written above.
    So i am very confused why i needed to have those papers when i have already submitted the necessary requirements that are needed.
    I would want to know what papers are necessary for the passport application.

    I am looking forward to your immediate response.
    Thank you.



  • Marcelino B Anzaldo Jr says:

    good day Greetings!!!
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to know about the passport requirements for the first time application. Can I ask if could you send me the following requirements for me to prepare the things.

    Thank you., Please send it to my email. God Bless…!

  • Marcelino B Anzaldo Jr says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to know about the passport requirements for the first time application. Can I ask if could you send me the following requirements for me to prepare the things.

    Thank you., Please send it to my email. God Bless!!!

  • SHIELA says:


  • diana marie de rama says:

    dear ma’am,
    kindly ask ko lng po kung pano ako makakakuha ulit ng passport kasi nwala po, ano po mga kailangan ko at mga gagawin ko salmat po:))
    umaasa po ako s inyong sagot..;))

  • nesly says:

    nka sched n po ako sa sept 22,ngunit my problem yung bc ko ung midle initial,ano pa po bng mga requirenent ang pwede kong ipresent habang hnd pa po naaayos ung bc q,kc nid n po ung passport sa requirement q sa pag alis q papuntang taiwan sayang nman po ung pagkktaon.ang alam q ho kc mtagal ang process kpag pnaaayos ung bc.mhirap po kcng kmuha ng slot sa pgkuha ng passport.

  • Gabriel F. Bulanadi says:

    good evening…a have my appointment d8 and my application form,my question is pwede po b ako pumunta khit n saang dfa office?kahit po sa regional office?tnx po

  • krinessa bonggao says:

    kelangan po ba ng autenticated marriage contract kung lalaki ang mag-aaply for passport? tnx

  • Ivy Rose Javier says:

    Hello po… good day! wala po kasi akong digitized government issue IDs… ung voter’s ID ko po ay wala pa pero meron po akong VRR, wala pa po akong SSS id pero may E1 nmn po at since 2006 pa po ako nag-wwork, required po ba tlga ang NBI clearance po?.. ang meron lng po ako ay company ID, E1, VRR, TOR, ITR, oks na po ba un?.. maraming salamat po.. may sched na po kasi ako sa sept 6

  • malyn says:


    Ask ko lng poh if pwd birth certificate(NSO),postal ID,NBI clearance/NBI cards,Brgy.ID,Tin # lng poh ang ma eh present ko na mga requirements kc yan lng ang meron ako dito.matagal pa kc makukuha yong voter’s ID ko.Sana poh matulongan n’yo poh kc klangan ko ng passport..thank you poh,waiting for you’re reply.

    Very Truly Yours,

  • Jocelyn C. Rosales says:

    gud am po pwede po ba ako kumuha ng application para makakuha ng passport?

  • Jocelyn C. Rosales says:

    pag kumuha pa ba ako ng apliccation para sa passport ano po ba ang requirments
    gusto ko pa kasi kumuha yun mag ilan araw lang makukuha na aasahan ko po ang inyong sagot

  • Rovs says:

    Bakit ganun?nghintay ako ng matagal sa pila then pagdating ko sa booth…irereject lng pla ako because I look like a student at wala akong maipakitang ID 2 years ago pa…ni hindi man lng i-jotdown sa dfa syt nila kung ano ung mga valid ID’s na tinatanggap nila I am a first time applicant at sa tulad ko mejo na-trauma ata ako..the ID’s that I present to them is tinatanggap nmn sa iba as valid…di na tuloy ako pinayagan ng boss kong mg-leave…sa totoo lng nakakainis!

  • mary jane c. gasgonia says:

    good day sir/madam

    ask ko lang po kung pano mag apply ng passport first time ko lang mag aapply
    at kung ano po ang mga requirements.? at pano po ako pupunta dyan

  • Joselito P. Sangalang says:

    Magrerenew ako ng passport ko sa pagdating ko dyan sa Pinas Gusto eh after Sept 14 mabigyan na ako ng appoinment date kasi maigsi lang ang bakasyon ko magrerenew pa ako ng U.S. Visa ko kaya pls do reply at my email address thank you.

  • maryson atienza says:

    gusto ko po irenew passport ko wat r the requirements po ung complete po.

  • jocelyn Rosales says:

    Goodafternoon, I am first time applicant and I do not know what are the requirements for applying a passport and I only have birth cert issued by NSO and NBI clearance and 1 postal ID. is that enough ? Please reply me here….. thanks God bless!

  • jocelyn Rosales says:

    paano po ba mag rerequest ng kukuha ako ng form ng passpart

  • Maricris Balisua says:

    good afternoon sir/madam,
    hello pohh….ask ko lang po if anu ang requirements sa pagkuha ng loss passport…kasi po ung passport ko naiwala ko more than a year…

    thanks po…

  • ryan kenneth salamat says:

    gud evening po mg request lng po aq schedule pgkuha ng passport.

  • Khristine E. Soriano says:

    Good Evening po… Request lang po ako ng pagkuha ng passport, ano po ang pinakamaagang schedule ang pwede nyo pong maibigay sakin? thank you & God bless!

  • crispin diones says:

    Sir and maam

    tanong ko lang po ano po ang requirment nawala po kc yung passport ko pero d pa po sya expiry ano po ang gagawin ko.??

    • Philippines Review says:


      Pagawa ka ng affidavit of loss and then ipanotaryo mo sa lawyer and then you need 2 valid primary IDs. From there you can reserve for an online passport application through appointment system.

  • Nino Jon Pontemayor says:

    Gud evening,, i am a first time applicant for DFA passport,, i live in Davao, i want to apply this month, i am a student, 19 years old, i have my i.d like school i.d, postal i.d and voter’s i.d, i also have documents such as Birth Certificate from NSO, Birth Certificate from Civil Registrar, Baptismal Certificate, Transcript of Records, Form 137 Authenticated, Police Clearance, Mayor’s Clearance, Bank Statement… is this enough to apply a Philippine Passport?

  • Mary jane Lapitan says:

    sa dami ng nabasa ko na coments good and bad parang ang hirap hirap ng kumuha ng pass pot ngayon d katulad noon,ano ba yyyyyyyaaaaaaaan!!wag nyo naman po sanang pahirapan pa ang mga taong gustobg mangibang bansa lalong lalo na sa of w na kagaya ko,pano ba kung nag bakasyon lang ako ng ilang buwan dto sa pinas at d2 na inabot ng expired yung pasport ko at aalis na rin ako sa susunod na bwan mag hihintay pa ba kami ng ilan pang bwan bago pa marenew ang pasport,pero sana naman kung mga 10 or 20 days ang sinasabi nyong ipag hihintay bago maasikaso ang pag papapasport ok lng po sana, pero kung abutin naman po ito matagal parang hindi po ba unfair sa mga taong nag eex pect ng mabilis at magandang serbisyo nyo…pero sa na maibalik rin yung dating mabilis na serbisyo ng D.F.A LUCENA CITY,GOD BLESS U ALL D.F.A LUCENA STAFF we have high good expectation to you people… but dont let this people get feel dissapointed in your bad service…wala namang masama dba?trabaho naman natin yan,

  • Fouziya says:

    i have no valid ID,postal ID only,

  • Fouziya says:

    can i apply for a passport?i have one ID..postal ID…

  • chi says:

    my mom doesnt have birth certificate no records found from NSO she was born 1940 does she need to file for a late registration to NSO or the certificate of no records from NSO will work for her to have her passport ?

  • maricel bautista says:

    hilo gud afternoon po ask ko lang po kong anong mga requirements n kailangan po frist time applicant po kasi po ako tnx po

  • eime santos says:

    hello, my passport is to be release on sept 10, but it was just announced that sept 10 is holiday. So, would that mean that the releasing will be on sept 13? Thanks.

  • maricar bansil says:

    hi my name is maricar bansil [ls help me to get passport 4 me or pls give me a requirements to get a passport plss reply thanks

  • maricar bansil says:

    please help me to get a passport or give me a requirements to get a passport its my first time to get passport please help me

  • mark castillo says:

    good day can anyone help me? im a new applicant in getting a passport and im a fresh graduate… in the said requirements i need to present a valid i.d.. but i dont have any i.d’s because we surrender our i.d at our school after graduation so i dont have a school i.d already… i dont have sss, bir, prc, drivers license. but i only have barangay i.d and my appointment in dfa is on sept 20 can anyone help me? message me at 09287344305. thanks for the advice in advance :)

  • Domingo de guzman says:

    sir.ang problem ko po late registered po ko ang available ko lang po na ID drivers lic.NBI BIR tos yun voters ID ko po mali po ang year na nakalagay po pwede na po ba ako makakuha ng passport na po .kc po kailangan ko ng passport na po .need help po

  • mayeth says:

    i need your help very badly.
    1.i need to apply passport for my 12 years old daughter.she is using her father’s last name though were not married.
    2.i had my own passport before and now its expired and lost more than 5 years ago. name in my old passport was spelled this marieta posada magtangob,while my birth record state marrietta posada magtagnob.(passport#AA035002)
    4.there was a hold order for me not allowed to travel outside not guilty of any crime sir.i was accused of a buonching check which i had to face court hearings.
    5i have with me the court order which i think it can help me to probe that i should be allowed to travel with the trust of DFA that am not a notorious criminal or something.
    sir,please help me and my daughter to get our passport as soon as daughter might need to travel anytime to participate in some contest.i really have to be ready before that…she belongs to a science class in their school and now under go training to compete out of the,now i am more worried that it might cause more conflict to my daughter”s chance of participating and representing her school to those special activities.please,please hoping for your immediate response regarding this matter.
    thank you very much!

  • Jonathan Villanueva says:

    good afternoon madam/sir

    I’m a first timer to get a passport, i have a requirements such as nbi,nso birth certificate, police clearance. And i have valid id which is the postal id and others, but few weeks ago my wallet was stolen so what should i do.Is this enough requirements to get a pasport

  • buenafe parker says:

    hi mam and sir can i ask about how to get a new passport?i want to apply as soon as possible..please can u help me for that..

  • carmelita a. rapis says:

    mam/ sir:

    gusto ko po sa mag palit ng picture sa passport ko kc po hindi po tinatanggap ng employer ko kc po maiksi ang buhok ko..!? gusto ko po sanang magpasche kung kailan
    po ba pwede… at kung magkano ang gagastusin… e2 po ang no.# sa smart=09186427007 globe# 09064692662.. please txt to my no.. as soon as possible.. thanks…

  • michael says:


    Wala po ako mga valid Id,s.. anu po ba pede ko gamitin para makukuha ng passport bagu lng po kc ako…. pero need ko n po kc anu po pede ko ireplace na mga requirements bukod sa 2 valid ids? plss help me answer ths.. ty heres my number or email.. 09167162504/….ty wait for your reply

  • michael says:

    wala po akong mga valid ids like sss bir voters licence or school….
    anu pa po pede kong makuhang id kc matagl po iavail ung mga id sa taas..
    postal po ba pede eh need po 2 anu pa po ba pwede?
    need reply tnx

  • nette says:

    im applying for my passport but the only requirements i have are BC, baptismal certificate, police clearance and nbi. Can i get my passport having those requirements?

  • Jeneveb Aponte says:


    good day,im applying for my passport…pwede po ba mag pa schedule,,,,at anu anu pa po ba un mga recquirements u??para po ma prefer ko na po…kz meron na po akong recquirements dito postal id,NSO,NBI,SSS,ok na po ba un mga recq.ko para makakuha ako ng passport???thanks….kylangan ko na po kz as soon as possible…

  • Rowena Salazar says:

    Asking for requirements for invalid lost passport,they were asking for the passport number kaso lang wala akong kopya ?

  • Rowena Salazar says:

    Nakapagprocess na po ako nang lost passport sa old dfa pa kaso lang itong lipat nyo kailangan ko pa online appointment nahirapan na po ako kc hinahanapan ako nang passport # which is wala akong kopya kasi passport ko nakasama sa sunog since 2006 pa ! Accomplish ko na lahat requirements bngay skin ng dfa ..ang pagpschedule na lng tsaka ang hotline nyo grabe di talaga makontak ..wala na po ba kayong ibang hotline ? pls.reply namn kau skin e2 po # ko 09098525392 and email ——salamat po

  • arisona mirandleta says:

    good day po sa inyong lahat…ito po ang aking katanungan..nagkaroon na po ako ng passport nung ako ay 17 yrs old at ang nanay ko ang nagproseso at nung agency…. pero po binabaan nila ang aking edad ng 2 taon,samakatuwid po 15yrs old ako doon sa passport,nakapag renew na din po ako ng 2 beses..ngayon po ako ay gusto na ideretso ang kamaliang ito…sana po matulungan nyo ako…nais ko po magkaroon ng passport pero yun tunay po..maraming salamat po..sana akoy matugunan nyo at ito’y matagal ng bumabagabag sa akin..again salamat po ulet and god bless!

  • jonh says:

    ask ko lang po ung voters id (receipt) at student driver license, nso baptismal, postal i.d, nbi, cedula, ok na ba yun? para maka kuha ng i.d, mga i.d ko kc sa company na wala nah nasama dun sa wallet kung nahulog, thanks

  • jonh says:

    i mean makakuha ng passport

  • allan says:

    hello sir/madam,

    anu po ba ang mga requirements ang pagkuha ng pasaporte
    tnx po…………………….

  • rizalyn says:

    hello po..i’m still minor and need to hav a passport asap,but my father’s name is mispelled,pwede na po ba ang affidavit of discrepancy para makakuha na po ako ng passport. thak you po

  • whore says:

    kggaling ko lang s dfa at cancelled daw ang appointemnt ka dhil sa not verified new appointment date ko.

    ano p silbi nung bnbgay nilang notice na “your appointemnt woill be cancelled if not verified within 24 hours”…

    damn that system!

  • maysy lampa says:

    goog evening…….ask koh lng poh panoh poh ba mag pa scedule kumuha ng passport tru internet poh… tnx…

  • melvin says:

    good evening…nakuha ko na po yung passport ko kanina okey naman po lahat ng details except m.i. ko wrong spelling ( “bautista”naging”baustista”)correct naman po yung m.i. ko sa lahat ng document ko(nso,nbi,id’s etc)… anu pong gagawin ko tnx..

  • hazzel says:

    na lost ung passport ko. na dukot sa bag! mga 1980 pa un ano po ba dapat kung gawin pag kuha ko ulit ng bagong passport???

  • melvin says:

    nakuha ko na po yung passport ko kanina okey naman po lahat ng details except m.i. ko wrong spelling ( “bautista”naging”baustista”)correct naman po yung m.i. ko sa lahat ng document ko(nso,nbi,id’s etc)… anu pong gagawin ko tnx..

  • Ritzy says:

    ..may passport will expire this c0ming 2011..and my status there is married and im using my married family name..when my passport expire i’ll renew it again but i want to change my status and my family name from married to single…can it be possible?
    ..because im going to work as an overseas, and i want to to use my my maiden name in my passport….
    thanks for having time to read this, hope to hear you answer. Have a nice evening to you.!

  • jen says:

    good day! ask ko lng what are the requirements para makuhanan ko ng passport ung pamangkin ko . both parents nya nasa abroad and gusto na nila kunin ung baby. he is a 1 year old baby. pls. response tnx….


    hi …ask ko lang po if i can change my passport single status to married while im here in Taiwan?what are the requirements?thank you and more power!


    i need to apply for a new passport, what will i need and what will i do to have it. can i also got a new passport immediately? or how long will it take to proccess. thanks!

  • rowena cordero says:

    good day… i’d like to know if there’s a need for a 17-year-old to acquire an nbi clearance and travel certificate from dswd to be presented as one of the requirements in applying for passport. i’ll be looking forward to your response regarding this matter, thank you.

  • myra says:

    paano namin malalaman na naka schedule na kam?naka schedule ako ng oct.12,2010 but im sure kung nka sched na ako kac ngbayad lng ako ng 200 hundred para sa appoinment?pwd ba malamn kung na ka sched ba talga ako …. Ruby Del Rosario passport number PP0861486 pls reply para maka pag sched ako ulit if ever wala…thnx…

  • teresita gan bondoc says:

    ask ko lang bakit sobra tagal kumuha nang pastport dati 7 days lang…eh paano po yun gusto magrenew nun andun sa ibang lugar… grabe naman po ata ang tagal,,,di ba pwede baguhin yan sistima yan…..

  • ma. cristina actub says:

    i lost my passport and i dont even know the can i get a new one online?
    im really looking forward for your answer..
    thank you very much!

  • Eileen Bringas Quitoriano says:

    my mother-in-law lost her passport, she wants to know what are needed to apply for a new one. she has a xerox copy of the old one, though. will that help? tnx!

  • aidel says:


    I just want to ask is postaol id and PNA(philippine nurses association) id will be ok as a valid id?, because as i dont have any of the following id’s SSS, voter’s, school. so could you consider postal and PNa id as a valid id? I also have other supported documents such as NSO,birthcertificate, nbi. I am looking forward for your response..Thank you very much!!!

  • evangelie a. mangali says:

    gud am there is correction in the place of birh of my old passport. what will i do to correct my data for i will renew my passport again. Thanks

  • jerry says:

    i have a postal id, tin id and birth certificate with authenticated by nso i have also baptismal certificate. can i applied passport?

  • Belle Garnace says:

    I had my personal appearance at dfa launion last Sept 21 but without any sufficient explation the desk officer ask me to secure ADVICE CLEARANCE from the passport director’s office, how can I obtain this documents? Do I need to make appointment or just go directly to dfa office MANILA, please I need your urgent reply thank you…….

  • rizza says:

    Good day i just want to ask because i lost my passport and how can i get a new one please help me… what should i need to get and do?

  • edgardo t. manansala says:

    hi poh.

    late registered po ako 1992, pero B.C ko feb. 25, 1972 peroWhat is my requirement po? tnx po.. my daughter iis B.C may 12, 1992 pero late registered din siya ang marriges namin is Nov. 06, 1992 how is po ang requirement po niya?

  • cess says:

    hay, just wanted to know how to reschedule my appointment??

  • rita says:

    Gud am po sir/mam

    Panu po makakuha ng passport sa anak ko?4 years old po siya,single parent po ako yung BC nia acknowledge naman ng tatay.Late register po sia pero may BC na .Anu po ba requirements.Maraming salamat po.Sa email ko po kayu magreply.

  • Merlyn Mendoza Jimenez says:

    Good Afternoon.paano po ba ang magpaschedule ng appointment sa pagkuha po ng passport?magpapaschedule po sana ako ng appointment sa online.

  • Gilbert Dela Cruz Evangelita says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Paano po gagawin ko kc ung passport ko way back 1999 was lost due to misplace pero hindi ko pa nagagamit for abroad. what are the requirments para makakuha ako ng panibagong passport. Tnx


    hi sir mam, i would like 2 apply a new pasport for my 2kids age 14 and 11 yrs old.but i dont know what are those requirments.and do i need 2 go 2 dfa office? plaese tell me i realy need 2 get thier pasport be 4 next yr come, sincerly yours, mrs.teresa dangan

  • rosanna feranil says:

    dear sirlmadam, paano po ba mgrenew ng lost passport at pede po bang kasabay na ang pgpapachange ng status?thanks.

  • Eleanor Ocera says:

    Requirements for lost passport

  • Marvin Lagman says:

    I have all the necessary requirements that are needed in the processing of y passport application. However I don’t know my father’s middle name. The same is not
    in my birth certificate. Will I still be able to apply for a passport? should there be some things that i need to do before I go to DFA. Please let me know I will greatly appreciate your advice..

    Thank you very much!!

  • nerieza says:

    meron po ako negative result ng BC,,wala po ako record ng BC sa LCR sa Taguig..nawala po kasi..pwede po ba affidavit lng?Barangay clearance,NBI clearance at NBI ID lng o meron ako…

  • wenie f.cababat says:

    nakapagpasched na po ako para sa aplication ng passport nmin ng mga anak ko.ako po renewal at mga anak ko nman new passport.nov 18,2010 po ang presomal appearance nmin.just want to know po ung requirements na dapat ko pong makompleto para maayos ko na po.hard to ask somebody kasi iba-iba po sinasabi nila.plz help me po. thanks and GOD bless us all.

  • dianne says:

    is student driver’s license and postal id is enough for passport application?

  • jeneveb aponte says:

    hello ma’am/sir,

    good morning,im applying for my passport pwede po ba mag pa schedule?at anu anu pa po ba ung mga recquirements nyo?para po ma prepare ko na po…kylangan ko na po kz as soon as possible…pls email po sa email add ko…


  • ashley says:

    Hi! Good morning!
    How long did the passport expired? Automatically delete ba pag ma expire na?

  • B. Labrador says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a Canadian citizen. I was born here in the Philippines year 1961. My old Philippine passport dated back 1981. Is there any possibilities to renew my old Philippine passport and how can i get a dual citizenship? What are the requirements and fees? I thank u for your time and consideration.

    B. Labrador

  • lavenia dani says:

    dear,ma’m and sir

    i want to apply for passport but i don’t know what all requirement i’m fourth year high school i.m 18th years old

  • lavenia dani says:

    dear mam/sir

    i want to apply for a passport i.m 18th years old i.m high school student but i don’t know what requirement are please help me this my email add thanks

    God Bless

  • loreto olpindo says:

    gusto kung kumuha ng passport kaya lang sinubukan ko na pong nag apply sa nso walang lumabas, ano po ang dapat kung gawin para makakuha ng passport, sana po matulungan nyo ako sa problema ko, maraming salamat po. i2 po ang aking email

    please help me to my problem………….

  • Mary Grace Badillo says:


    I would like to get new passport. Please advice what are the requirements.

    Mary Grace Badillo

  • lalaine a.natad says:

    plsss. guide me how to apply new passport……my passport was lost last week of october 2010..thanks a lot.

    • Philippines Review says:

      Ms. Lalaine, if you lost your passport, all you will need is an affidavit of loss stating the details of the lost passport. Have it duly notarized by a lawyer and then you are good to go an apply for a new passport.

  • lalaine a.natad says:

    may i know what is the requirements of lost passport…thank you..

  • rockwel suarez says:


    I would like to apply passport,please advice me what will i do ? thanks.we hope you reply

    Rockwel Suarez

  • rockwel suarez says:




  • elline says:

    gud am po paalis po aku sa 14 nov gling po saudi dala ku na po ang visa ng ank ku wala pa po syang passport pwde ku po bang ipa rush 15 days (emergency leave )lng po aku dyan sa pinas ilang days po kay makuha ang passport nya
    pls pki reply lng po aku agd need ku po malaman agad.tnx po alot

  • jesieree says:

    hi i lost my passport what are the requirements nid to prepare en how will i get a new one….help me pls’

  • qwerty says:

    required po ba ito:

    Three (3) colored photos of the applicant taken against a royal blue background & no shadow. Applicant should be in decent attire with collar & sleeves and in dark-colored shirt. Photo must be studio taken & of good quality, and must have been taken within the last six (6) months. Photo size: 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Facial image size: About 3cm-tip of head to chin; with 8-10mm head clearance from top edge. Ears and forehead should be visible. Wearing of accessories, colored contact lenses or eyeglasses, with name/name board are not allowed. DFA has the right to reject photos that do not comply with specifications and international standards.

    kasi po nabasa ko sa website ng DFA, wala po yun sa requirements.??
    gusto ko lang po malaman kung kelangan ko pa talaga mgadala ng photos.

    Thank you. :)

  • K. Mendoza says:

    Hi just want to ask f nid ba magdala ng picture sa appearance for passport? And ung company id ba is valid id? And ung sss e1 form d pa kasi dmadating ung id ko til now pate ung voters id wala ba… pwede kaya ung voters application for registration? Please reply naman to my email. Thanks

  • Jo says:

    gud day! just want to know po how can i get a new passport? i lost my newly renewed passport last Oct. 20, 2010 nabiktima po ako ng masasamang tao…. meron na po akong police blotter & notarized affidavit of loss….. ano pa po ang dapat kong gawin? all my valid Id’s are lost too kasama pong nanakaw… Pwede na po ba ang company’s ID na i present sa DFA or my old Passport? Feedback please…… Thank’s & godbless!!

  • babylyn says:

    I just wanna ask what are the requirements and fees for passport application?

  • valerie cabaluna says:

    Hi I would like to know what are the fees for a lost passport. I am living in palawan at the moment and would like to get more info.

  • corina badilla says:

    Good day!

    Sir/Madame, i want to apply for a passport but I do not have a digitized valid i.d at this moment because I am a fresh graduate of college. I have only a BIR I.D whose issued only last 2007 and a postal i.d. But I have my supporting documents like Birth Certificate, NBI clearance and my Transcript of Records from my previous school.Can I still get a passport by this requirements?

    Thank you for your immediate answer.

  • zuetza molo says:

    Hi! Im Zuetza, i lost my passport last 2003 and i want to get a new one but first i need to sign up the passport application form and my problem is i forgot my passport number.
    what will i do?.. please help me. thanks a head.. God bless…

  • Lindbergh Velasco says:

    pwede po bang drivers license, diploma in high school at NBI Clearance lng po?

  • nina angelica llaneta says:

    i was giving this comment dahil super naasar ako sa dfa…bakit ganun i was schedule of appointment last sept 15..super tagal ng process..nagpunta ako ng 8;30 am and natapos ako ng 2pm..super gutom na gutom ako that time….and eto pa nakalagay sa reciept ko na madedeliver ang passport ko on oct 4 2010…and heler nov 3 na wala pa rin sa akin ang passport ko..tumawag ako sa 2go pero nasa dfa pa daw ang passport ko..take note i paid 250 pesos kasi rush process un!!!!!!RUSH!!!!until now wala pa rin….and yesterday pumunta ako sa dfa..dahil naiinis na ako dahil super delayed na ang passport ko! and guess what??pinagantay nanaman ako ng almost 5hours..anung klase un???t kailangan sila pa ang nagagalit????pati mga guard nyo bastos…gawan nyo ng paraan yan and i need a refund!!!ni kahapon hindi nila alam kung anu ang isasagot sa akin..ang kasalanan nila di pala nila nai follow up un! ayusin nyo naman akala ko ok na at mabilis na ang dfa..pero bakit ganun pa rin ha?????

  • nina angelica llaneta says:

    sana masagot nyo tong hinaing ko!!im so pissed off!!!!!ang tagal tagal na nang passport ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rommel farcon galura says:

    good day….sir/madam,
    ask ko lang,,!? how 2 get new or renew my passport,,meron nko dating passport kso po nawala na po,,, ask ko lang kung ano ang mga requairedment sa pagrenew ng passport ,,,,, at yung dati kung passport po ay single pa ako dun,,, ,,but now kasal n po ako ano po ba ang mga requairedments na dadalin ko,,, sana po masagot nyo ang tanung ko,,,send nyo po sa email add ko,,!!! thanks

  • frances balasta says:

    gud day!! married na po ako pero gusto ko sana mg apply ng passport gamit ung name ko nung single pa ko.. is it possible for me to apply??? please send me answer on my email… tnx!!

  • cristina mendoza says:


  • krystle data says:

    gud day po.. ask ko lang po kung pwede po ba ako makakuha ng passport kahit na hindi kasama ang parents ko. kasi po both of them are in abroad, and im just 15 years old. possible po ba yon? pls reply.. tnx :)

  • bernadette royo says:

    hi ask ko lang po kung anu anong mga requirements ng lost passport 8years n kasi ang nagdaan cmula ng nawala yung passport ko actually expired na po iyon anu po ang dapat ko gawin?thank you po sna po masagot nyo po mga question ko…

  • samuel says:

    parang maslalo nyo pinahirapan ang mga tao sa pag kuha ng passport….. paano yung mga walang alam kung paano gumamit ng internet? di makakakuha ng passport? …. grabe naman kayo dami pa nakasulat di malaman kung saan mag aapply ng passport sana baguhin nyo tong systema nyo pangit…….. mag isip naman kayo ng pinaka madaling paraan…… hindi yung kayo lang ang nadadalian….. grabe naman kayo pahirap sa tao……..

  • mhel sison says:

    Hi sir/madam

    Ask q lang po kung how much n po ung fee. s new passport and same b ng renewal!.
    pls! reply in my email thanks and god bless u all. :)

  • carlito robles says:

    ang ayaw ko sa DFA masyadong pahirap sa nakuha ng Passport bakit kailangan pang mag online appoinment system, pahirap dapat alisin na yan.

  • dennis evangelista says:

    any one hir can help me im hir phil now almost 2 months and my litle girl shes 4 old! my wife pilipina she give us !! with my douther!! now im have 3 years visa nexyear march will be expired!! the probles my wife and i have miss undersstanding!!! she come back in japan last oct 10 she stole my pasport and my douther!! so wht can i do?? pls helf me guys tnks

  • Alma V. Dy says:

    Hi,ask ko lng po kung pano gagawin ko kung ung requirement nadapat magdala ng orig.passport ng travelling companion,kasi po ung companion ng anak ko ay nagrerenew din ng passport kaya po hndi ko madadala yung orig. passport ng companion ng anak ko sa appoinment namin ng pagapply nla ng passport nla.Ano po ang dapat kong gawin.tnx po

  • darelee says:

    pno po pg hindi digitized ang tin id q?pde pa po ba un?kc ang nkuha q last year hindi digitized pls reply po

  • rubelyn dahuya says:

    hello sir/madam..just want to ask if pwede po ba ako makakuha ng passport kahit yong middle name entry ko instead of cagasan , middle initial C. lng po ang nkalagay sa BC ko.ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin?

  • ramila patiam says:

    , pnu pho b mkkha x inyo ng request pra pho mkkuha ng transcript of record x xchool ng pnxukan q… hinahanap pho kci aq ng request gling x inyo… , ndi pho kci nmin mikta kng xan nmin hhnpin ung request n gling x dfa… , thank you…

  • clarissa says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    i am first time applicant i have my NSO Birth certificate,NBI clearance, Voter’s Affidavit, old school ID,Baptismal Certificate, and Form 137
    sir or madam ask ko lng po kung pwede na sa goverment i.d. or latest i.d. ang non-professional driver’s license ok na po ba yun pra makapagapply na ako ng passport khit hindi professional ang license ko..
    Maraming Salamat po…

  • rands says:

    hi! good day po, magtanong langpo ako kong anopapong kolang kong requirement para maka kuha ng passport meron napo akong Postal ID, Voters ID, NSO, Passport ID, NBI clearance at diploma ano pa po ang kolang para makakuha ng passport?

  • raygan gabac says:

    gandang hapon po? ask q lng po? kkuha po xana aq ng passport xa dfa lucena branch ngayung wednesday nov.17 araw2x po ba ? na pwede kmuha ng passport khit wlang skedyul at ano po ba ang muzt na requirements kc postal i.d, n.s.o authontitication ng brtcrticate at n.b.i clearance at diploma q lng po ang requirements q. pd na po ba yun? at pd po ba aq jan na mg pa picture pra passport? antay q po ang reply nyo at e2 nga pla cel#q. d2 nlng po kau mgreply. pra mdali q mrcve ang mensahe nyo thankz po god blesss.

  • raygan gabac says:

    09129162563;’;’ jan nlang po kau magreply?’;’;

  • Jonard Valencia says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    i am first time applicant,.. i have my NSO Birth certificate,NBI clearance, Voter’s Affidavit, old school ID and workong i.d and Baptismal Certificate,
    sir or madam ask ko lng po kung pwede po sa thursday november 18, 2010 mag punta po dyan sa tangapan nyo pra mag pagawa po ng passport,..
    i need ur respond
    thanks po
    pki txt po ako sa no. na 09213937050 kung pwedi po

    lubos po na nagpapasalamat,

  • Pacelina Cagbas says:

    Sir /Madam,

    i am applying to work in Uk and i don’t have my passport yet. and they asked me to send my picture and an authenticated birth certificate ..would it be possible to get a passport without my presence and without any NBI clearance or any ID? is it safe to do that? if i am to get my passport by myself how long will it takes to received it? At present i only have postal ID, TIN ID, authenticated Birth certificate and my NBI clearance..would it be possible to get it after a week? u may text me at this mobile number 09215707322

    respectfully yours,

    Katipunan ZN

  • mildred layug says:

    pwd ko ho bang makuha contact number ng dfa, pra po mkkontak, sna thru phone. thnk u po.

  • Jeliza joy Corpuz says:

    gud afternoon poh,ok na poh bng id ung voter’s id,at nbi sa pgkuha ng passport?,first time q po kcng kukuha.tnx po.

    • Philippines Review says:

      Nakalagay na po ang guidelines ng requirements para sa DFA passport application sa post na ito. Paki basa na lamang po ng mabuti at unawain ang nakasulat.

  • abigail usita says:

    gud day po..ask ko lang po if pwede po ba akong pumunta kahit anong araw sa dfa office nyo po sa san fernando?nakakuha na po ako ng appoinment, nung Nov. 5 po sana pero di po ako nakapunta dahil umatend po ako ng seminar.

  • lionelle s. palabay says:

    gud day po tnong ko lang po kung paano mag-apply ng passport

    • Philippines Review says:

      Produce nyo muna po ang mga requirements na nakalagay sa post na ito tapos po magpapa schedule po kayo ng online passport appointment system na tinatawag tapos po, ayun bibigyan na po kayo ng DFA ng schedule kung kelan po kayo pupunta para bumalik for interview or whatever… Good luck po. Ito lang po ang alam naming procedure on how to apply for DFA passport in the Philippines.

  • chris castro says:

    Hi, For my Daughter who is infant only and Will have the NSO Birth Certificate by January for this yr 2011 what would be the Procedure if I will Apply her for new Passport?

  • marecris nova says:

    hi i got only postal id and philheath id.. wt nso birthcert… its enought to get passport? pls just drop to reply

  • marecris noval says:

    once again.. can i ask about what else valid id i needed for passport? i only got postal id, philhealth id.,,then nso birthcertifficate.. ,,, its thats enough to get a passport? pls if not ,,tell me any else valid id i need.. thnk you idont mind how much i could pay . just need passport urgently

  • marecris noval says:

    so ibig sabihin lahat ng nakasulat na requirements jan .. ay dapat completuhin po?

    • Philippines Review says:

      Paki basa po ng maigi ang article. I belive na 2 primary IDs lang po ang kailangan to apply for a passport or plus 2 secondary ID’s.

  • Jaycille Cacho says:

    ask ko lng po, may sss id ako pero last name ko po dun nung dalaga pa ako, hindi pa ako nakapag pabago ulit, may company ako at last name ko na dito yong apelyido ng asawa ko, puwede na po ba yun sa requirements??? pls. do reply.. may schedule na po kasi ako.

  • beth says:

    hi po! pwede po ba latest postal id applying for passport..wala na po kasi ako iba id.yung id ko sa sss matatagalanm pa daw ganun din voter’s id ko,need ko na talaga ng passport i have my job order already…pls.i need your help. thanks ang God bless.

  • israel gutierrez says:

    how to apply for a passport online?

  • maureen says:

    Hi!good day!tanung po sana ako kung paano kumuha ng passport ng baby ko na 3months palang ako po na mother po nya ang kukuha ano po ang mga requirements dapat kumpletuhin? thank you po sna ma replayan nyo po ako.

  • Jacqueline B. Tuason says:

    First question:
    My passport was issued in 2002 expired 2007, how many years before one’s data is removed from the data base?

    In my current passport, my first name is spelled as “jaquelin” ,while all my school records and identification cards and other documents is spelled as “jacqueline” now, I am applying for RA 9048 for its correction.
    Second question is:
    Will I be considered a new applicant?

    Hope to hear from you the soonest.


  • marecris noval says:

    can i have anybody to answer my question here…or to help me.. its becuz its hard toget any valid ids… i only have postal and philealth id.. it is valid? and enough to get a passport.. with NSO NBI POLICE TIN.. BAPTISMAL..thnk u i apriciate if u help me thnk u

  • jessa mae paragele says:

    how 2 apply new passport in dfa?

  • jessa mae paragele says:

    i want to apply for a passport but i dont know how…pls guide me…tnx

  • Larisa Padilla says:

    hi! i just want to know how to process a passport(for OFW).Please, kindly send me an email how to process a passport.

  • Erwin San Jose says:

    Hi, Gud day,

    I would like to ask what are the major requirement needed to apply for new passports.


  • mariafe granada guno says:

    hi…poh ask sana ako kung pwede na ba un supporting document ay ano lng po…birth certificate,nbi.cedula,sss,school id.instead year book in high school pwede po ba un THESIS KO?complte nman un?txt ninyo ako(09092612679) pra mkakuha na poh ako…thank poh..have a nice day

  • mariafe granada guno says:

    wala pa poh kc ako voter id…ask poh ako kc un voter certfication ko poh namali poh nkalagay doon poh is MARIA FE G. GUNO..Dapat poh kc ganito MARIAFE G, GUNO.. dapat poh kc walang spce un name sabi ng comelec poh kukuha nlang daw ako affidavit kc January pa poh pwede magpachange po eh..pwede pa ba ako kukuha…need ko tlaga e…txt nyo ako..

  • melissa david says:

    i just want to share my experience on applying for my passport and for my daughter.. it was so different from the stories told on this thread.. my daughter’s and my husband’s appointment was today at 1:30 pm and mine was 2:30 pm. pero we went there earlier. we arrived at 12:00 pm and they had let us in already kasi may kasama kaming bata.. and kasama ko rin ung byenan ko na senior.. dun nila kami pinapila sa courtesy lane… and everything was just going smoothly… dun kami sa Family/minors na window nakapila.. so regarding naman sa requirements i have no valid id’s kasi.. tulad nung ibang nabasa ko na problems ng iba dito sa thread ang sinubmit ko lng na papers was NSO BC, NBI CLEARANCE, POSTAL ID, OLD HIGHSCHOOL ID, FORM 137 FROM MY HIGHSCHOOL, BAPTISMAL CERT. that’s all and i was approved.. sa daughter ko naman na 1 yr. old only her NSO bc was taken, nothing more.. kahit na ung nakalagay dun sa site nila na needed pa ung DSWD clearance kasi illigetimate child which is she is travelling only with her father hindi na hiningi.. kasi nilagay nlng na kasama rin ako ng anak ko pag nagtravel na.. para hindi complicated and besides sa immigration lng naman daw kakailanganin talaga un.. tapos nun pinagbayad na kami agad and ang next step was data encoding and picture taking.. we were give our queue number and we were a hundred away from the numbers listed on the screen. pero nilapitan kami ng guard and tinuro na kami sa pwede naming pagpapicturan kasi may minor naman daw kaming kasama.. all was finished.. our releasing date for our passport is on dec. 17.. so all i can say is maganda ang service ng dfa specially dun sa courtesy lane.. ang pinaka hindi ko lng nagustuhan is the appointment system… ang tagal naseset ng appointment.. 1 month halos.. tapos pano kung ung ibang pupunta sa DFA eh hindi alam ung tungkol dun tapos galing pa sila sa malayong lugar.. hay nko.. and to those na nagsabing nagbayad sila ng 200 don’t do it. it’s for FREE. pwede through internet and telephone call 7371000…

  • James Gaviola says:

    good day ask ko lng po kung pwede ko po kaya makuhaya yun passport ko kahit a days after my releasing date may pasok po kasi ako ng araw ng releasing date eh… Thanks

  • johnny senopira says:

    good day!!!!.. pwede po ba kau mag sent sa akin ng exact time ng appointment ko po sa inyo, kc po its my first time to apply a passport.. nakapag set po ako ng 3 times kc na co confused po ako kung na esend ko b o hnd.. ung naka set ko pokc 9:30, 10:30, and 2:30. what time po ba tlaga ako naka set.. thank u po!!!! hope u will respond!!!!

  • Maredith says:


    I would like to ask if What is the requirements to apply for a passport..May passport ako kaya lang nasunog kasama ng pag kasunog ng house namin last 2001 sa Cebu sa General maxilom Ext. how to Apply lost passport,.that was expired already//.

  • april santos says:

    gudpm po,tnong q lng po kung pno kumuha ng passport pra po s anak q 5yrs old..balak po kc nmin mamasyal s ibng bnsa..pls reply my message..thank you..

  • Rosemarie M. says:

    hi.. im n american citizen but residing here in the philippines and i want to apply for dualcitizen what do i need to do. what are the requirements

  • rhommelcuaton says:

    pls send my reference no to my email its my requirement to claim my pasport thank you very much

  • rosalyn says:

    to whom it may concern,
    good day, mag apply po ksi ang mother ko first time nya kkuha ng passport, ask ko lang po mga req. nia, kkunin po cia ng kapatid ko sa japan tourist visa,
    ang birth certificate po nia name ay amelia rios, sa certificate ng mga anak nia ay amalia rios ang name, ano po bang dapat gawin pra maayos ko po agad,

    pls.. help us po..
    thank you very much…

    pls. reply po sa e mail ko,

  • jojo p. says:

    gusto ko po sana mag apply ng passport para sa akin at sa dalawang anak ko. ndi ko lang po alam kung paano magsisimula. salamat po.

  • jojo p. says:

    yun nga po palang asawa ko naka schedule na sa jan. 10. pwede po b kaming sumabay kahit ndi kami naka schedule?

  • michelle says:

    ask ko lng po kung pnu mag aply ng passport?? tnx

  • Joan Cleofe says:


    When do I appear if my schedule fall on a holiday? Please advise. thank you.

  • machael says:

    gusto ko po sana mag apply ng passport para sa akin at sa dalawang anak ko. ndi ko lang po alam kung paano magsisimula. salamat po.

  • machael says:

    e2 number ku tawagan u po ako or txt kailangan ku ng passport 09081923067

  • Ahmed says:

    It says in the requirement that “MC secpa of parents if Last & Middle name are foreign sounding (Chua, Ong, etc)” and my family name is foreign sounding, half arab kasi ako, do I really need to get a marriage certificate? kasi hindi kasal ung mom and dad ko eh.. pero kinuha ko padin apelyedo ng Dad ko… pano yun?

  • mae ann pacaña says:

    hi good am i am a passport applicant how many valid ID is reacquired?

  • rose says:

    sir/madam,,,first time applicant po ang kapatid ko pero may problema po cya sa nso bc n ia,nag inquire kmi sa civil registry sabi nila mejo matatagalan.may mai aadvise p b kau regaarding dis ?pwede b ung bc n galing sa local registry,,tnx

  • emily says:

    gd.eve.ask ko lang po lahat ba ng kukuha ng passport kailangan naka sched online or pide nalng pumunta sa DFA personaly without the online schedule.And then second is kasi mag apply ako for lost passport ang AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS ko po ay nakuha ko oct.20 pa and then yung POLICE REPORT ko ay nakuha ko today.Iaccepth ba ba yan sa DFA but its the same year pa rin naman..reply asap naman pls.kasi kailangan ko na mag file.I plan to go to DFA this Dec.27..,

  • emily says:

    please reply to my email,

  • Eneri Bungay says:

    I want to apply for passport and I’ve set an appointment through internet. I filled out an applicaiton form there and submitted it without even noticing that my second name was spelled wrong. They send back a confirmation with the reference number on it with my basic information and misspelled second name. Is there going to be a problem with that? My appointment is on January 28, 2011. What am i going to do? Please someone help me. Thank you. Just email me –

  • jocelyn vismanos says:

    i just want to inquire if there’s a problem of releasing passports scheduled to be released by december 21,2010?…please give me an update..

  • Abner Sonio says:


    sir mam please help po ako po ay mag apply sana ng pasport

    pro kulang po ako sa id mayron na po akong NBI/NSO and isang postal id lang po ang mga id ko sa company id po or sa pinagtrabahohan ko ngayon may ron naman po kaming id pro diko alam kung pwde ito mga sir mam humuhinge po ako ng tulong idea nyo po kasi sa voter’s id po ay negative po ako saka sa driver licens hindi rin ako marunong mag drive kaya hindi ako maka kuha ng driver licens saka sa sss naman wala po kami nyan BIR negative rin po paano po kaya ako makakakuha ng Pasport lubos po akong humihinge ng tulong nyo regarding sa pag kuha ng pasport paano po ano ang gagawin ko NBI saka NSO saka Form 137 ang mayron ako saka certifacate galing sa tesda COC..ano po ang magandang gawin ko para maka kuha ako ng pasport mga sir mam please help or txt naman po ako 09122229681 thank you po ng maraming marami

  • Abner Sonio says:


    bigyan nyo po ako ng sapat na advice mam sir or pm message po ako please thank you po ng maraming marami talaga

  • jennelyn says:

    gud pm po..gusto ko po sanang malaman kung ano ang mga requirements kapag kukuha ng passport ang mga magulang ko? Ang edad po nila ay nasa 50 yrs.old pataas..gusto ko lang po malaman ang lahat ng mga requirements para maihanda po namin yun.please i need your reply as soon as possible.Thank you po.Merry Christmas & Advance Happy new year!!

  • Abner Sonio says:


    regatding po mam sir

    ang akin po ngayong valid id na mayron po ako

    NBI BC galing NSO saka

    isang postal id saka old id nung high school ako saka form 137 ako po ay nag tatanung baka po pwde nyo naman po ako masagut kung pwde po ako maka kuha ng pasport thank you po ng maraming marami paki pm naman po sa akin 09122229681 thank you po and happy new year

  • emma v. dagondon says:

    i lost my passport last dec.16,2010 i have my malaysian second home…


    Magtatanong lang po sana ako tungkol sa pag apply ng passport.actually po,nagsubmit na po ako ng mga reqs ko sa isang agency na kung saan dun ka magbibigay ng mga reqs mo f you are applying for passport.isang travel agency po.ang binigay ko pa lang po na mga reqs ko ay TOR,NSO BIRTH ko.maam/sir wala po akong mga valid i.ds like SSS,drivers license,ang mga old i.ds ko sa highschool ay nawala na po at ang comelec i.d ko rin po ay nawala dahil po sa bagyong ONDOY.hiningian po ako ng voter’s affidavit din po.ngunit meron po akong DIPLOMA sa highschool,BAPTISMAL,FORM137 at NBI i.d. at CERTIFIED TRUE COPY OF my BIRTHCERTIFICATE.
    MAAM/SIR tanong ko po kung ano pa po ang pwede kong gawin at ano pa po ang mga supporting documents na kailangan ko para makakuha ng passport po.?
    maam/sir sana po ay masagot nyo po ang mga katanungan ko po.

  • raymond ariel s.jiao says:

    dear sir ma’am, i have a prior appointment for my son’s pass[port application reference 11530429101004 dated oct.04,2010. additional requirements were required. I have with me now the requirements needed. should I make another appointment or shall i just present these requirements to pursue my son’s passport application

  • ashlyn says:


    how can i set an appointment to dfa pampanga to get passport?

  • ashlyn says:

    sir/madam how can i set an appointment to dfa pampanga to get passport?thankyou

  • Maricon says:


    I have a problem. When I first applied for my passport. My birthyear on my
    Birth Certificate was 1971.

    I was born in 1969. I found out that I have birthcertificate of 1969 also in NSO which
    is the correct one. Nung ma check ko sa munisipyo, di pala na register yung
    1969 agad kasi yata nasunog ang documents, pero na-ayos na.

    It turned out that the 1971 was late registered. Yun na ang nagamit ko sa
    passport ko eversince.

    I have 2 birthcertificates registered in NSO. the correct one (1969) and the
    incorrect (1971).

    What will I do? as of now i do not have problems encountered. it’s just that i cannot update my passport with my married surname. My Marriage certificate birthyear was 1969.

    I wanted to correct my birthyear into 1969 so that all my documents (marriage
    certificate, birthcertificate of my children – mother’s age is indicated there etc..)
    would tally,

    Please advice


  • lani says:

    To whom it may concern, just wanted to ask if your requirement for minor (travel companion’s passport copy)or all of those travel is really necessary if your applying for future use only? Thanks, pls advice.

  • Roel Tago-on says:

    good day…may appoinment na po ako sa Jan 11,2011 8:30am. ang problema ko po nawala yong na print ko copy at wala na din po sa e- mail ko.please paki send po ulit ang appionment at application ko.maraming salamat po..god bless.


    happy new year po. maam/sir si janille medina po ulit ito.nagcomment na po ako sa inyo last december po.about nga po sa pag aapply ko po ng passport. sana po ay masagot nyo po yong mga katanungan ko po.salamat po ulit.
    maa/sir kung sakali man po, heto po ang email address ko,
    sana po ay matulungan nyo po ako.

  • jackielou A. viernes says:

    hi..hapy new year po. need ko kumuha ng passport…

  • Michelle Lacsamana says:

    ask ko lang po kung mag papass nako ng requirements for passport… kaagad na bang magbabayad? or pwedeng magbayad muna sa date na kukunin na yung passport?

  • john aldrin z. magdongon says:

    dear sir /madam im a firstimer for applying my passport . . .but i dont know how to start. . . .

  • Anthony Dalauidao says:

    Hello po, I want to get a passport, bago lang po akong kukuha, I ID’s Postal, Company, and brgy ID, pwede po ba ito? I also applied for an SSS ID pero dpa po dumadadating sabi nila it will take 5 to 6 months before I get it. What should I do maam? I really need to get a passport. Thanks po. hope for your reply, my email is

  • lolita angeles says:

    Good Day!
    ask ko lang po sana meron po ako passport old passport expired last 2001 (wala na po yung pinag palitan ng passport ko ito old passport. baka po kasi need ninyo.)
    pano po ako makapag renew ano po requirements ang kailangan po, at same time ipa transfer ko na po sa married.
    at i sa pa po gusto ko po sana ikuha passport ang anak ko hes 4 years old.. ano po requirements and need. at paano po mag apply need po ba talaga mag pa aapointment muna or pede na po mag direct sa dfa office….
    thanks po and more power…

  • jecimae espiritu says:

    ,,.good evening po!!

    ask q lang poh zna kung pano mg pah reserved in applying passport??
    kukuha po kxe ung tta q eh kailangan daw po mag p reserved muna…..
    tnx poh..
    ill w8 for ur answer tnx..

  • jecimae espiritu says:

    ,,.good evening po!!

    ask q lang poh zna kung pano mg pah reserved in applying passport??
    kukuha po kxe ung tta q eh kailangan daw po mag p reserved muna…..
    tnx poh..
    ill w8 for ur answer tnx..

  • teresa t. tumbaga says:

    hello po! magpapa schedule po ako ng pagpaparenew ng passport…….TERESA TACMO TUMBAGA DECEMBER 31,1974, SAN ANTONIO CAUAYAN ISABELA, NN 0494 175….010 8356 1231….THANKS PO!! wait ko po ang reply nyo…..

  • rina gabac says:

    hello po! magpapa schedule po ako ngpaparenew ng passport …RINA MATEO GABAC…MARCH 15 1979, LUTAYAN SULTAN KUDARAT,….QQ 0689 449…. 0106360 6295….THANKS PO !!! wait ko po reply nyo….

  • evelyn matic says:

    hello po!! magtatanong po ako kung anong requirements ng lost passport…..kc meron n akong certified na birth certificate,. magpapa schedule na rin ako,..EVELYN BACSAL MATIC, BINAKAYAN KAWIT CAVITE.010 5504 9805…. salamat po…wait ko po ang reply nyo…

  • Imelva Lara says:

    Good PM po, itanong ko po kung paano yng sked ko sa jan31, 2011 at 11 AM , d ko p po napapritn yng reply sa email ko ,nadelete ko po yng message,puede pa send po uli sa email add ko…. tnx a lot…

    Mhel lara

  • irene says:

    hello po pwd magtanong paano kumuha ng passport?and how much ?

  • arlene cortes says:

    gusto ko po kumuha ng passport lated registered po ako kc ung lola ko lng po ang ngpalaki sakin eh patay na po lola ko kaya ngpa.lated registered nlng po ako kc po d ko alam ung name ng mama ko….ung requirements ko lng po ay NSO certificate,postal i.d,at NBI clearance at NBI i.d lng po meron ako…pls help me po gusto ko po sa abroad……tnx po..wait ko po reply nyo..

  • arlene cortes says:

    sir / maam
    sana po matulungan nyo ako….tnx po

  • Roda Icasiano Fabrig says:

    ask ko lng po kng papano mg apply ng renewal ng passport. mg renew po kc me. mgexpire n po kc i2 saSep. 19, 2011. klangan ko po n irenew i2 dhl plano po nmng mgtravel abroad in summer vacation . Salamat po ng marami..

  • Teresa Presto says:

    gud pm! ask q lng po ano po mga requirements at paano kumuha ng passport …kukuha po kmi ng mga anak q… ano po ba mga kailangan ng mga bata….kasal po kami ng mr q… ang mga edad po ng bata is 4,7 10, pwede po ba pag kumuha eh isang petsa lng po para d po sayang sa pamasahe…sana po complete deteail para isang lakad lng po ang gagawin q…tnx po…..i’ll w8 4 ur answer…

  • neil espina says:

    gud am, ask ko lang po may clerical error sa bc ko niel instead of neil, what if i use niel but all my document is neil pwede po ba 2, matagal kasi magpaayos ng bc, thanks

  • jaramilla maria fe r says:

    …ask q lan po f pwd un student permit at phil health na ids pag kuha ng passtport? tnx po…

  • boyong says:


  • rizza morante says:

    good day!

    Gusto ko pong magrenew at the same time change na ng surname (married) ano po ba dapat kong fill-up_an for schedule renewal o new applicant ? thanks a lot

  • jenny says:


    can i ask very important matter? i have no ID to present what should i bring to verify me in terms of identifying person?if its okay if NBI will do to present a verification ID?i don’t have government ID’s, voter’s ID did not release me but i have an affidavit, student ID is old and its 2005-06..please rply me for this matter..i really want to know badly..thank you

  • erwin basa says:

    gud pm po ask ku lang po .panu po manguha ng application for new passport

  • estrella asa. lasco says:

    hello po gudam ask ko lng po kung panu gagawin ko para maka kuha ng passport ang
    mayron lng ako ay nbi clerance ant nbi id at postal
    tapos ung nso q certification lng pwede na po ba yun pls reply
    kaylangan ko pao ng passport…thanks

  • daisy says:

    peace and grace!!!

    gaano po katagal or ilan days po bago makuha passport ng mga senior citizen applicants? and what are the requirements for senior citizens applicant? thank you so much and mabuhay dfa!!!

  • Erwin says:

    do i have to present an nbi clearance when applying for a passport? tnx

  • nicole says:

    a pleasant afternoon to you,,

    i would like to apply a passport,and i’m a new applicant.what would like to know,what is the requirements for having a new passport?do i have to present the nbi clearance?how much the payment?and also i’m student,i want my passport finish so that i can assist my tourist visa.than you so much…

  • Lydia says:

    good day po!!
    please help nio po me if accept nio po ba postal id and nbi lang ang meron akong requirements..i have also transcript of record and then voters certification..on process pa kasi yung sss id ko.tanx…i need na kasi yung me….

  • den says:


  • ailen says:

    hello po,,, kasi may kinukuha po akong lupa,,bale sa ate ko po un pinangalan lang sa akin,,,,ala naman po akogn work,,, requiered po kais ng company bette rget i.d passport kaos po,, 1 time ko pa,,diot po ako sa davao… ano po mga requierments na kailangan ko pa,,para makakuha ng passport, po…. tnxs po god bless

  • rhey says:

    kakagaling ko alng sa dfa last week pra sa appointment ko sa pagkuha ng passport …dami ko dala requirements pero ang tnignan lang nila nbi clearance na bago, xerox ng 2 i.d ko sa skul nung high school at college…tpos birth certificate..tpos ok na lahat…aun bilis nman gn process in 1 hour tpos na appointment ko… wait ko nlng sa katpusan ung passport pag deliver..

  • josielyn says:

    hello,ask qho lng kung ano mga requirements sa pgkuha ng passport^-^

  • Monette M. Patiga says:

    valid i.d. po ba ang Postal I.D.?

  • reynaldo a. abella jr. says:

    i would like to get a passport but i don’t know how.. would you please help me.

  • Emmanuel Pascual Silang says:

    good day sir/madam;
    i want to know the requirement of lost passport, thank you and GOD BLESS

  • jen says:

    good am po gusto ko lng po ask kung anu gagawin ko kc po ng apply na ng lost pasport and agency na kinukuhaan ko ng pasport ko kc dati ayaw sakin ibigay ng bf kung arabo ang passport ko then after a few months he gave me back the passport i just wanted to ask. if i can still use it for travel even if its record lost already plss email just wanted to know what i can do for it to use again

  • Melanie V. Dancel says:

    gud afternoon.first time ko po sanang kumuha ng passport,pano po ba magpa appoint thru online??plz help me.tnx po!

  • vincent meamo says:

    may i request my appointment for passport application

  • elena apolonio says:

    Good morning…..pls help about my concern….gusto ko sana mag apply ng passport kaso sa birth cert ko wala akong first name cguro dahil n din s ignorance ng mother ko kc she was young that time and didnt know that bc is a very impt document…..pano po ggawin ko? pwede po ba na marriage contract n lang po gamitin ko s rquirement instead of bc? pls sir/mam i need ur help pls pls pls….im from cavite po sana po matulungan nyo po….Thanks po and more power!! God bless!!

  • stephen says:

    hello how can i get passport if i don’t have any id?is it ok that i have only a supporting documents by the Philippine consulate at andun ang pangalan ko…..pls let me know if pwedi na ba yan

  • stephen says:

    hello how can i get passport if i don’t have any id?is it ok that i have only a supporting documents by the Philippine consulate at andun ang pangalan ko…..pls let me know if pwedi na ba yan

  • mitzhaguevarra says:

    hi sir and maam,,,

    Ask ko lang po kung anu ang requirements sa lost passport .Expired na po sya nung September 19 2010.. Sana po ay matulungan nyo ako..

    Maraming salamat po Gumagalang,
    Mitch Guevarra

  • cherry a. nebalasca says:


    Gud day po! Pa-sked po sana ako sa DFA region 2 ASAP for passport namin ng 2 yr old son ko, wat po mga reqmts. tnx!

  • stephen john abregana says:

    gud eve po…pwedi po ba school id lang? kasi wala na kasi akong ibang id ehh
    bago lang po ako nag 18 kaya wala akong iabng id at tsaka hindi po ako naka graduate nang high school kaya wala rin po akong year book….. tanong kulang pwedi ba isang id lang?

    • Philippines Review says:

      Requirements are requirements po Mr. Stephen so wala pong magagawa ang sino man para baguhin ang nakasulat sa patakaran ng DFA regarding ID needed as part of passport application requirements.

  • stephen john abregana says:

    thank you po for the reply….
    so anu po ba ang gagawin ko para makakuha nang passport?
    peru may supporting documents po ako na galing sa philippine consulate at naka sulat po yong pangalan ko address at citizenship ko po so pwedi na ba yun?

  • stephen john abregana says:

    thank you po for the reply….
    so anu po ba ang gagawin ko para makakuha nang passport?
    peru may supporting documents po ako na galing sa philippine consulate at naka sulat po yong pangalan ko address at citizenship ko po so pwedi na ba yun?

  • stephen john abregana says:

    isa lang kasi yung id ko tapos school id lang…pwedi bah isa lang?kasi dalawang id kasin ang hinahanap nila eh

  • cecille deguzman says:

    paano po ba mag pa apointment. sa DFA toguegarao?

  • ruth roldan caranto says:

    panu po ba makakuha ng passport tru email ??

  • zhalyn says:


    Itatanong ko lang po!! kong paano po ma kaka koha ang kapatid ko ng passport eh 1 valid i.d lang po meron sya!! yung isa postal i.d lang yong sa voters i.d po nya dipa na relis sa nex year pa daw po pero naka boto na sya!! matagal pa daw kase magagawa ang i.d Sir/Maan kailangan na po talaga nya maka kuha ng passport pls maam /sir sana matulungan nyp po sana kame!! sa mga katanungang yan marameng salamat po aasaha kopo na mag email po kayo sa akin

  • rosalyn says:

    hello po

    Itatanong ko lang po!! kong paano po ma kaka koha ang kapatid ko ng passport eh 1 valid i.d lang po meron sya!! school I.D lang po yung isa postal i.d lang yong sa voters i.d po kase next year pa ma rilis yon wala din syang year book kase disya naka graduate pwede po bang 1 i.d nalang at voters certipicate at police clearance

  • Mizraim says:

    Good day po…

    I lost my passport po kasi sometime in July 2008. Ano po ba ang requirements for lost passport?

  • jay de Guzman says:


    . patulong naman po kung paano kumuha ng passport, first timer po ako.. hindi ko po alam., ano-ano po ba ung mga requirements at kung saan po pupunta para mag apply sa pagkuha ng passport.

  • jay de Guzman says:

    please asap po.. thank you,,,

    i’m hoping for your answers.

    thank you again.. godbless

  • edz says:

    i would like to ask if i can use my maiden surname to get a passport would it affect my childs passport when they get one?

  • josephine canoy sumael says:

    how to apply to a passport through internet?

  • maribellmorales says:

    Gud day!

    May appointment na po ako sa DFA for passport application by next month.
    Ask ko lng po if is it ok that I can only provide with you my other supporting documents such as NBI, NSO certificate, Certificate of Eligibility(Professional) from Civil Service Commission, OTR, E1 instead of digitized id(E6), but not with original valid id’s posted on ur announcements? Looking forward for ur assistance. Thanks.

  • luz says:

    hello there! POSTAL I.D lang po ang I.D na meron ako at birth certificate..valid na po ba itong requirements para sa pagkuha ng passport…sa anak ko namn po school I,D lang din .sila po ay 13 and 10 years old lang…salamat po! may paraan po ba para hindi mahirapan ang mga bata sa pag pila sa dfa office?

  • jeanly says:

    Good day po, ask ko lang po kung ano ang mga requirements sa pagkuha ng passport? Pwede po ba ang postal id at philhealth id na valid ids?.Ask ko din po kung paano makakuha ng passport at paano po makakuha ng appointment?. O pwede po ba magpunta sa Office nyo kahit wala pong appointment.Thanks po.

  • siara mae says:

    panu po kung di naclaim ung pass port nung 2004.pero nasamin pa po ung claiming receipt..icalaim pa po ba namin un bago renew ow apply ng new passport?tnx

  • Carli Mendoza says:

    HI good Pm. as k ko lang po sana kasi I only have , nso,Postal ID and NBI clearance, wala din po akong voters kc dp nadating..may temporary Id po ako ng company pero tempo lng po un, may nbi id din po ako.. pano po ba gagawin ko pwede po ba akongb magpresent ng baptismal certificate? wala din po ako kasing year book.. i have college and 4th yr Ids.. mga dating reg form ng school.
    Ano po ba magagawa ko kung wala po akong id.. ano pa po ba pede ko ipasa?ang tagal n po wish ng anak ko makapunta kahit sa HK disneylang lang pero wala po ako ID..
    bukod po dun anu po ba requirements sa grade 1 n bata ano po mga dadalin ko?hindi po ako kasal.7yrs old po anak ko.. thank you po.

  • Marilen says:

    Hi mam/Sir,
    actually NbASa q na lahat po ng questi0n na nkp0st D2,alm0st pare-pareho lng nmAN,but minimal answer lng nMAN,nsa2got..lam q na my nkpost nman na mga requirements na dpat mer0n to apply ks0 cguro dhil my instances na hndi lahat mer0n,..ask q lng ist time dn po aq mgapply ng passport,den ung requirements q lng is sss e-form,voter’s certification,postal id,nso Bc,old id’s lyk h.s &col..mka2kuha po kaya aq,??plz reply po phillipines,.para nman po hndi pabalik2x s dfa,syang nman po ung pmsahe…plz reply po,GODBLESS…

  • Marilen says:

    Hi mam/sir..
    ..hope po for ur response,
    ask q po pla if s first day nyo p0ng pgpunta s dfa need n po ba mgdala ng mga requirements…tnx GODBLESS,.

  • Rosemarie T. Castillo says:

    good pm po……tatanong ko lng po kasi kukuha po ako passport….kaya lng po wala po akong voters id at digitized government ids…pero may BC,NBI at postal ID po ako….pwede n po b un?maraming salamat po…..

  • Elvin Geronimo says:


    magandang hapon po panu poh ba ang pagkuha ng passport at makakuha ng schedule through internet po?

  • rose mae rudas says:

    hello po goodevening

    ok lang po ba kahit walang baptismal certificate ..kailangan pa po ba ng school records?..ok na po ba ang school ID at postal ID may NBI dn NSO birth certificate..ano pa po ba kulang?

  • myrasollestre says:

    tatanung lang po anu mga kailangan pag kukuha ng passport


    Paano po ba palitan ung status ko sa passport ko kasi po unmarried ung nakalagay gusto ko po sanang palitan nang married paano po ba yon?


  • vinha says:

    anuh poh vah kylangaNg requirements ng menor de edad

  • rosalina regino says:

    Good day!

    Tanong ko lang po nag apply ako nang passport dec.20,2010 until know feb.16 2011 hindi ko pa na tatanggap ang passport ko. saan pa ako pweding mag punta ?


  • Jane Macandili says:

    Mam and Sir..Im not the one who need to sched an appointment to have a passport. Celeste Lanorio Gatdula wants to have an appointment to yoy mam or air..she’s using my email bcos she has no email ryt now..please accept my email.godbless..

  • Jane Macandili says:

    how to resched mam and sir??i need respose po…tnx po

  • abigail caisip says:

    mgapply poh me ng passport anu mga dpt coh dalhn 1st day coh pmunta,,,,,,,,,,

  • Meri-an says:

    Mag shedule n po ako on Mar.24,2011 but i want change by May 31 How can i re-schedule my appointment? Please help me. Thank you very much.

  • anuh po ba ung requirements ng change status sa passport??

  • maui says:

    hello po ! bukod po sa afidavit of lost na kailangan na requirements dahil nawala po yung passport ko. ano pa po yung ibang requirements sa pag renew ng passport kasi po walang nakapaskil ?

  • maui says:

    please help me…………asap . thank you very much :)

  • aurea says:


    to whom it may concern,

    i was a new applicant & i’ve been schedule on mar21 for processing.. i only have 1id.. & its the postal id.. but had supporting documents like mc & bc authenticated by nso,baptismal certificate, voter’s registration records… is that ok for my application or do i need 2id card.. plis reply immeditely.. tnx..

  • Delarmia Quirimit says:


    I lost my passport in 2006 and need to apply for a new one but I dont know my passport number. I;ve tried calling the hotline but nobody answers!

    I tried applying for a new passport a few years back when it was yet required for us to set up an appointment online and they had me go to the records office. I had a photocopy of my passport number then. Now i dont have it.

    I need to apply for a replacement of my passport ASAP.

    Please help me.

    my email address is :


  • kofill says:

    good day. i am a marine engineering student 1st yr, i just want to know how to start compiling this requirements for this is one of our requirements inorder to us to aboard a ship for our apprenticeship.. so please guide me,, thank you

  • jerry reyes says:

    good day po tatanong ko lang sana po kung paano
    *magpa appoint at kung ano po ang requirements na kailangan dalhin sa pagkuha ng passport

  • jay-ar culasing says:

    sir/mam tanong ko lang po.ano po requirment sa pag kuha ng passport? thanks

  • mary anne medina says:

    may schedule na ako sa dfa sa march 11 kaso di cla nag send sa akin ng reference number pano po ba yun

  • Marilen says:

    Hi ma’m/Sir
    gudm0rning every1,ask q lng po if an0 pwdeng gawin,kc my app0intment npo aq ngay0n March 10..,ksu po di po aq mka2punta,pwd po ba s nxt day nlang..,or mgpa2sked po aq ulit,last fEB.15 po aq ngpunta..tgal ng araw na bngay nilng sked..,bka mtgalan ulit pg ngpasked,aq..hayy,HELP me nman..khit cn0 pwd sumg0t,bka bc c PHILLIPPINES..

  • ace mateo says:

    sir / ma’am.

    ask ko lng po kung pano pag nabura ung nasend na appointment letter sa email ko..hnd ko pa po napapaprint..pano po kaya mapapasend ulit yun? this coming MARCH 15 2011 na po schedule ko……….thank you..godbless

  • milagros de guzman says:

    maam tanung ko lang po sana kung anung requirement ng lose passport matagal kasi nawala ang passport ko kukuha sana ako uli hd ko alam kung anung requirements kc po hd ko na rin matandaan ung number ng passport ko

  • marites bedua says:

    Good Day,
    Im a new applicant, I went before at your office to apply a new passport. But my problem is my NSO is late registered. So I need a 2 supporting dcuments like baptism, and form 137.
    I born on 1988, and I baptized 1989, my form 137 when im a grade school.
    And i ask if is valid???
    thanks very much

  • Lyndon F. Fontanilla says:

    Sir / Mam,

    Good day po sa inyo. Mag iinquired po ako para sa renewal ng passport ko na my passport #UU0981572. Bago na kasi yung patakaran ng dfa kaya nalilito po ako sa ngayun kung papaano ko irerenew yung passport ko na mageexpired this coming march 27, 2012.

    thank you. and pls send me a reply kung kelan ako pwedeng pumunta ng DFA para sa renewal ng passport ko…

  • sheirra says:

    good eve…pwede po ba mag tanong…ok lang po ba na mag apply aku na walang baptismal sa muslim kasi wala po kaming certificate ng baptismal…tas ung requirements na nakuha ku e form 137 ku birth ku postal i.d tsaka nbi?
    first time applicant po kasi aku eh….

  • Jennifer A. Vergara says:

    To whom it may concern,

    hi m/s,

    i wish to apply passport but i have only my company ID is that okay if
    yun lang po ung valid ID ko na pwedeng i-present,but i have my other
    documents such as NBI clearance, transcript of records, Baptismal,
    Birth Certificate, pwede na po ba ung mga documents na yun para
    makapag-apply na po ako ng passport.

    Your respose will be much appreciated.


  • jeffrey b. eranista says:

    ask ko lng po kng ilang arw b pgktpos kong mag apply ng new passort mku2ha i2? and ung req’s ko eh kng ok lng b lhat i2 nbi clearance,sss e1 form,philhealth i.d,NSO police clearance,valid i.d yan lng po ok n po b yn?

  • robert delos santos says:

    ask kulang po, bakit po hanggang ngayon dipa nare2lease ng dfa lucena ang passport ko dapat po kc march 01, andito na sakin yon kc feb. 10, 2011 ako nagkaron ng appointment sa kanila eh., anu poba ang naging problema ng dfa lucena?kailangang kuna po yong ng march 05 pero na delay po ako sa kadahilanang di naipadlver sa takdang oras ang passport ko., paki post nalang po ang inyong reply saking email para ng saganun magkaron nman po ako ng info kc hindi ko makontak ang dfa lucena eh..salamat po ng marami!!

  • thani says:

    gud day,

    ask ko lang po ok napo ba requirments ko for new passport,eto po ang requirements ko…..form 137,NSO BC,MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE(NSO),POSTAL ID,SCHOOL ID.

    Thank you please give advice

  • ahydroleen n. suarez says:

    ano po ba lahat ng requirements na kailangan sa pag kuha ng passport ksai po gusto ko pong kumuhang passport

  • jul orotea says:

    ask ko lng po kc my passport nko dti. kso po iba yung birth year ko. expired nanaman po sya then never ko ngamit due to mali yung birth year hnd ko ndn po npbgo kc nwala dhil s bagyo. ngyn po kayalngan ko po ng passport ngyon pno po kaya yung dapt kong gwin. pede po b n kumuha nlng ako ng bgo? and ano pong mga requirments n kaylngan. thanks in advance. GodBless

  • darwisa says:

    hi im darwisa,, tatanung ko lang po ano ano ang requirements kukuha sana po ako ng passport…at panu po ba makakuha? salamat po

  • Jaime C. de Leon Jr. says:

    sir’.. ma’am’..

    kukuha po ako ng passport’.. i dont know how to start’.. please guide me’.. thanks’..

  • boyet says:

    gud day po. mother ko po ay aalis ng april 28 bound sa singapore expire po ang passport nya this aug. paano po mag pa extension ng passport at magkano tnx

  • mhie says:

    gud day poh; I am a first timer in this matter I would to what are the requirments in applaying passport………………….at magkano poh ang pagkuha ng passport……………… tenk u poh im waiting to ur responce tenk u very much.lady08

  • lilibeth ebare says:

    HI!!!! PO gusto ko lang magtanong kung need po ba yung voters affidavit para sa passport kasi hindi ako naregister ehh!!! pwedy po ba malaman?? tnx!!!

  • jazie says:

    higusto ko lang i ask kung ok ba ung postal id driver liscence as my two valid id to apply for new passport

  • amalia says:

    Gud day!

    How can I get passport? Ang valid I.D.’s q lang po ay postal i.d.,,nbi abroad at barangggay i.d.Do i still need to get additional government i.d like drivers license?voters i.d superduper tagal!!!!…i don’t know how to start ‘ ..pls. response asap! Thank u and God Bless!

  • ritzel says:

    gud day!

    ask ko lang po pano ko po makkunan ng passport ung anak ko 7 yrs old cia ngaun.without hs fther consent,pro apelyedo po ng fhter nia ang gnagmit nia ngaun..hindi n po kami ng,gusto ko kunan ung anak ko ng passport na hindi n po kaylangan ng consent ng father…thnk u…waiting for ur reply me soon…


    good evening po,gusto ko po kumuha ng passport,gusto ko po malaman kung kylan ang appointment ng pag kuha ng passport,
    at ano po ung mga requirments at mag kano po ang halaga.?
    reply nlang d2 sa email add ko
    reply asap
    salamat po.

  • Honey says:

    Hi! I’m planning to apply for a tourist visa at the US Embassy using my married name. However, I have my maiden name in my passport.I took my passport when I was still single, and then months later, I and my boyfriend got married. My passport is still valid but I do want to renew it and use my married name, so that when a US employer petitions me for a working visa, I can also then file a petition for my husband as a dependent. Can I file a renewal of passport at DFA in my case? What will be the requirements? I tried to renew my passport just so I could use my married name at DFA Pampanga, but the DFA staff said they would not renew my passport since it is still valid.I was also told that I should use my current valid passport when I go to the US and that I should only use my marriage contract in case I would need to show the US authorities that I am already married.In other countries, they allow renewal of passport for change of name. Why is it not allowed here in the Philippines?

  • teresita says:

    My friend have a problem gender in BC….and then now the case is done and have now the decision. can i apply for passport even if still my gender in bc is not change??

  • dine says:

    good morning po.. itanong ko lang po kung pwede ring magrenew ng passport sa davao? katulad din ba ng sa maynila na thru internet ang appointment o kailangan na pumunta talaga personally doon? kasi taga cotabato pa po ako.. slamat po.. hoping for your reply.. god bless you..

  • jayson escultura says:

    gndang hapon po,

    mam,hingi po me ng idea kung ano ang mga requirement para makuha ng pasport,
    pinakukuha po kc me ng mother ko,

    • Philippines Review says:

      Nakalagay na po sa post na ito kung anu-ano ang mga requirements for DFA passport application including online reservation system sa Department of Foreign Affairs. You can see it in our related posts.

  • lea says:

    Hello Sir/Madam
    Tanong ko po sana lost passport ako at may afidavit na po ako ng atorney at police report.need ko po ba ang birth certificate with NSO?,NBI…at pwede na po ba ang postal id para sa identification ko?

    salamat po,

  • Jerwin Pedwiño says:

    bago lng po akong mag aaply ng passport kaylan po ba ako pwedeng magpa schedule para sa personal appearance.bigyan nyo po ako ng date kung kelan po ako pwedeng kumuha ng passport

  • madz says:

    gud day madamme, required po ba ang OMA certificate applying new passport sa muslim? Thanks po…


    gud day po,nais ko po sana kumuha ng passport,pano po magpaapointment?? thank you po!!!

  • james says:

    I wish to apply a passport for my 2 years old son. now i would like to ask
    the DFA still they need the personal appearance of my son during applying thier passport even he’s only 2 years old?

    your response will be much appreciated


  • Jaylene says:

    Hi to all! I just want to inquire I have a son and I want him to have a passport so I can bring him abroad but unfortunately i am not married to his father but in his birth certificate he has his father’s family name; what can I bring to DFA so I can process his passport; reply is really appreciated!! thanks!

  • Maximo S. Ledesma III says:

    Good day,
    i am applying appointment for new passport, please send me mail when i proceed to DFA main office.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • christine alcala says:

    warm greetings…..

    can you please guide me how to take a new Passport as i have it lost. i am ex abroad and only have travel document. i want to have it inb little time…
    thanks so mucg

  • chris webb says:

    Hi, I notice the mobile dfa passport office will be in Calapan Mindoro on 11th june. Where will they be?? In City Hall?? Dont want to take all my family there and not be able to find them!!

    chris (

  • Jean Fernandez says:

    Good day po!gusto ko po kuhanan ng passport ung 4months old baby ko ,ano po ung mga requirements pag baby?…the same lang po ba sa adults..?and i want to make an appointment po para mabilis yong procesing..thanks!looking forward for your cordial reply to my email..thanks!


  • camille villanueva says:

    hi! can i ask if ok lang ba kung marriage contract and other supprting documents lang ang maissubmit ko in applying new passport? nagkaproblema kase ak sa birth certificate ko. at until now inaayos pa. wala pa din kase ang NSO nung late registration ng birth certificate ko. thanks.

  • jane says:

    helo gud pm po! ask ko lang po kong anong mga recquirements ang kailangan ko para sa son ko his 4years old, gusto ko po sana xa kunan ng passport, please i wait your reply thank!!

  • christian says:


    fristimer poh ko sa pag apply ng passport hndi ko poh kc alm kung pano mag start plzz nmn poh paki guide naman poh ko kung paano poh maka kuha ng passport hndi ko rin poh alam kung paano ung pa appointment eh plss nmn poh help namn poh gusto ko na poh kc ma2longan ang magulang ko im welling to wait ur respond thankz and godbless poh

  • mark says:

    hi, just want to know if NSO is must be red ribon authenticate?

  • michelle says:

    hi gud pm po? like ko po sana apply passport yung mother ko kaya lng yung name nya sa birth certificate eh iba dun mag certificate na meron sya ano po pwede ko gawin

    thank u po

  • salie says:


    gud pm po…ako po ay nakatira dito sa hongkong at may anak akong isa ..ang tanong ko po ay ..ano ang mga kailanagang ihanda o ihandang documento ng anak para makakuha cya ng passport wala pa kasi syang passport sya po ..8years old ..maramiong salamat sana masagot po ninyo ako ng maaga…thnx ang Gobless to all..mabuhay ang pilipinas..

  • danica says:

    Good day! I would just like to ask if DFA can send me my & my nephew’s application form of passport renewal. I already had my schedule and it will be tomorrow ( May 4, 2011) at 9am, the problem is I lost my USB where I saved the PDF file of our application form with the reference number. I kept only the reference number listed on the form but I lost the form itself.

  • diana says:

    ano po ba requirements na kailangan sa pag kuha ng passport ksi po gusto ko
    po kumuha ng passport…ist time k kasi kumuha……….

  • jnielsen says:

    gud pm po…
    will the dfa rco in cebu send the application form to the dfa main office in manila or not?
    if so maicocorrect po ba ang signature ko na nagkamali.. kasi yung signature ko dapat may dot yung j tas nung pag signature ko sa computer nila hindi ko po nalagyan ng dot ang j…. worried kasi ako kasi malapit na din visa interview sa us embassy…sana po matulungan nyo ako…

    i email nyo nlng po sagot nyo dito …
    Salamat po..!!! More Power

  • ricci says:

    hello, my wife is in the phils, trying to get a passport and was rejected due to the fact that her documents were all new, they told her to get old ids but she has totally no old ids, is there an alternative? these are all the old documents they want Old school I.D. (Lumang I.D. noong kayo’y nag-aaral)

    · Yearbook/Annual Book – ito ay para sa mga nagsipagtapos ng high school o college na kung saan ang kanilang litrato ay nakalagay sa taunang publikasyon ng mga nagsipagtapos

    · PRC license (lisensya sa lahat ng pasado sa board exam)

    · Computerized SSS I.D.

    · Old SSS E-1 form (issued 3 years and below; with signature and clear thumb marks)

    · Old laminated diploma with picture inside (lumang diploma na may picture at matagal nang laminado)

    · Old NBI (issued 3 years and below; with clear picture)

    · Certified True Copy of Voter’s Registration Record from Comelec (1997 or 2001; with receipt, signature and clear thumb marks)

    · 2 Old Cedula (issued 3 years and below; with signature and clear thumb mark)

    · Voter’s ID (computerized blue ID issued by Comelec)

    she has non of them all she has are nbi 2011 issue drivers licence 2011 issued nso birth certificate etc etc, she was rejected because all of her stuff was new can u suggest any other alternative?

  • nerissa ocon says:

    kelangan po ba tlaga ung voters i.d?panu kung hindi pa nka pag rehistro?

  • Bermelyn says:


    Just wanna ask, can I present a certified true copy of my Voter’s Registration Form rather than Voter’s Certification because I’ve just registered last week, May 9,2011 to be exact. The Officers said that the certification will be around after 2-3 months. But I already have an appointment on June 28..

    Your reply is very well appreciated.. Thank You!

  • george belizario says:

    gud am..sir/mam ask lng po panu kng wla batistmal na maipresent sa agency ng lipa?eh my bc nman ako na cert. ng nso kea lng po late registration my mga supporting ducuments nman po like voters id at drivers license at marriage cert at school form 137 na ng papatunay na gnung buwan,araw at taon ako pinanganak at andun din kng san ako sinilang….sana po matugunan nio ang mga katanungan ko tnx

  • george belizario says:

    at san po ba ako pwede tumawag sa dfa costumer service di ko kasi lam ang hot line nio tnx

  • darreljay says:

    hi how can i get a passport?

  • sam evangelista says:

    paano po makakuha ng passport for 3 year old kid? requirements?

  • reynaldo c. garcia says:

    17th May, 2011

    Dear Sir\Madam:
    Could you please send me the “Passport Application Form” for Passport Renewal. ‘coz it will be expire on 3rd October, 2011. However, I need your help to schedule for the 1st week of June 2011.

    Hoping to hear the response of application as earliest.

    Thanks and regards.


  • giane kathlene laxa says:

    good afternoon po.. ask ko lang po kung panu po makakakuha ng new copy po ng application form??? this coming saturday ung sched ko po, pero po naerase ko ung may fill up n form s email ko .. eh db po kelangan ipaprint un?? pls help me..thanks

  • denisanobar says:

    ask ko lng poh mga ilang days poh mkuha ko yong passport since yong day na angapply poh me

  • angelica f. regio says:


    I want my son to have a passport, he is 6 yr old and a special i need to submit his medical certicate? what are the requirements needed to process his passport? looking forward for cordial reply to my e-mail.thanks!

  • gheline says:

    hello good day!

    i just want to inquire if there’s already authentication in dfa davao..
    hope to hear you soon..thnx

  • Izah Lentoco says:

    Dear, Sir/Madam

    pwde po ba magtanong kng pa ano magkuha ng bagong passport?kasi po hindi ko po alam kng pa ano mag fill up ng saka hndi ko po alam din mag pa schedule. thank you po….and godbless….

  • Donald Doong says:

    good day po??? pwde po bang malaman kng kaylan ba poba maipadala yong passport (renewal) ko eh ngayon po june 1, 2011 flight ko papuntang saudi butu-an city po komoha……..thanks po ,and god blessss????

  • Richard says:

    Hi, I just wanna ask if Postal ID is also valid.

  • Miguel says:

    San po branch mabilis kumuha ng passport? Im from laguna po kasi. May appointment system po ba?

  • cathyg says:

    i have passport already but have problem.what shall i do to correct my name in my passport??my passport and birth certificate has the same name. But my name in my id’s (sss,tin,company id,diplomas,marriage cetificates) is different from my passport and birth certificate.I am travelling this september how can i correct my name in my passport??i want to use my name in my id’s.pls help

  • Regina Gozum says:

    Greetings!!! I would like to ask for some suggestions on how to get our passports. We really need to present it to us embassy but the problem is that agencies are giving us 3-4 months to process. We are looking forward to submit our requirements at US embassy as soon as possible. Because we are trying to catch up the school days of our children in august…

    please send me some suggestions… thank so much for your kind heart!!! God bless!!!
    send it to my email :

  • christan Duenas says:

    previous company i.d tatanggapin ba as valid i.d??

  • renilda francisco says:

    hgello po ask ko po kun g paano kmha ngyn ung lost passport kc nwla n po ung passport ko b4 ngyn po mag aaply ako ako ulit.sana po ay mtlgn nyo po ako kung paanu kmha ngyn ng passport.salamat po sa inyo.god bless po

  • nary boy mercader says:

    maam sir,
    ask kko poh kung paano poh kumuha ng passport first time ko po ksi?

  • carmencita e.policar says:

    good day! ano ano po ang requirements ng anak ko na 16 yrs. old para makakuha ng passport?

  • melanie garcia says:

    sir ano po kylan ng first tym applicant kuha po kc ako ng passort

  • lANIE says:

    ilan araw po ang proseso ng passport after appreance?
    if i choose rus passporting…how many days to release?



    i have a passport taken since 1994 and i was single that time, and i want to apply for a new one.. can i ask if i can stil use it for a renewal?? thanks in advance for your immediate reply. “GOD BLESS” and have a good day to all!

  • ma. veronica d. alon says:

    anu po unang gagawin ko para makakuha ng passport??? anu ,mga requirements?? a14 palang po aq.. tn po.. wait q po reply nyo

  • katrina caballero says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings! May i know the requirements needed from your good office in applying passport for my baby? my child was named after me cause i am a single parent (has no middle name) is there any additional requirement for it?

    Thanks and hoping for your positive response on the matter.

    More power and god bless!


    Ms. kat

  • Dwain A. Zich says:

    Good day to all: My wife was married to a American, and things didn”t work out> I have been working on her passport for 4 years and can find the right direction. I have all the authenticated pappers needed but dont know where to go our if we can complete on line? Please i beg of some one to help us and point us to the right offices.We are sick of beening apart.

  • may hazel zarsuelo says:

    ilang mounth ba makuha ngayun ang pasprt, ngkuha kc ako nung april 25 releas is may 30 hangang ngyun di ko pa makuha, ilang mounth po ba makuha ang pasprt ngayun

  • jean jean c.clark says:

    gud day,


    i want to apply for a passport but the only identification that i have are Postal i.d and TIN.
    i’ve talked to one of the travel agents here in Mindanao and she told me that both of these are not valid. she gave me other options po. atleast 3 of this po that i have to submit..Yearbook,old reciept,old NBI and old cedula that taken from the year 2008 below which i also considered na pinakamalaking imposible..can you suggest us options?
    thanks for the time,

    Jean jean clark

  • aprilaguilar says:

    eow po panu po kng d n po nabigay ng agency un passport ng ate anu po ggwin (lost passport)….nagaaply po kc cya pero d n po cya tumuloy kc mababa pla un shod nya….panu po magaapply ng bagong passport……sana po mkpgreply po kau

  • susan gazo says:

    good day!

    postal id,nso,at b-certificate lng ang meron ako.valid na po ba ito sa pag kuha ng passport? ano po ba gagawin ko kc ung lang ang mga requierments na meron ako

    tnx.. sana po magreply agad kau..

  • Kinzz says:

    Good day po,
    mag tatanong lang po ako kung pwede pa po ba ma accept and school ID ko nung high school, that ID gnamit ko po nung 4rth yer po ako, last year lng po ako nag graduate pero nawala ung yearbook ko, pero na sa akin pa rn po ung diploma! Ok pa po ba yun na gmitin as Valid ID?.. I have a postal ID pero sabi ng ate ko d daw un valid for getting passport.
    I am late registered sa BC ko. so anu po ba ang kailangan pa?
    I have the some Documents already like Cedula,Baranggay clearance,NBI and police clearance . and i am planning to get my baptismal and some school documents.. !
    HElp me po. kasi im n rush then po eh sa pag kuha ng passport !
    Thank you

  • Kinzz says:

    At kailangan po ba talaga ng voters id or certifiation?
    Eh paano po pag hindi nakaparehistro ano po ba pwede ma e palit sa Voters Id?
    need the answer po.

  • Marly says:

    good day.. can i ask some requirements renewal of my here in egypt right now.. do i need to submit more valid requirements? because i didnt any documents here.. thanks ! and moore power!

  • LoWi says:

    i wasnt able to print my appointment slip…how can i retrieve it and print one…thanks…

  • crezie says:

    hi gud morning i just want to ask what are the documents to get my passport sana magreply po kayo i really need you’re help thank you so much po

  • leny says:

    magtatanong po. magkanu po bang kumoha ng bagong passport.
    at anu anu po bang ang requirments poh.
    please email me back.

  • michael ramos says:

    pnu po pgka wla nbi ang tagal kc ng realising pero may voters id n po at forn 137?d p rin po b pwde un

  • michael ramos says:

    please pki answer nman po ako

  • nerz says:

    Hi, good day! My passport expired last July2010.. Im planning to renew it as soon as possible. What are the requirements for renewal and how much renewal fee? Can I apply online? Thank you.

  • kit says:

    gud am po! ask ko lng po, pwede ko b m avail ung courtesy lane for my bro? im a government employee. my bro need to renew his passport immediately, my sched naman cya kaso july 04 p mejo urgent ang nedd nya for renewal e. pwede kaya un?



  • Mariane Maningding says:

    Hi.ask ko lng po ksi meron akong orig birth cert, postal id, nbi clearance and TOR..ok na po ba yan?? pls reply po,need ko na po ksi ng passport asap..thanks

  • maria lourdes says:

    how come the dfa number posted when i dial the meralco answers???? i need help because when i renewed my passport i saw that they did not put my full name… i need their real contact numbers for passport problems….

  • Dennis Magadia Herrera says:

    Hi good day.. gusto ko lang po itanong kung san ko makikita yung confirmation link after ko magsummit ng online application, worried kasi ako na baka maka cancel ung appointment.. thank you, I need your reply asap.. My schedule is on July 02, 2011. I need an immediate reply. Thank you..

  • yan says:

    Hello..I only have orig b-cert,postal id,nbi clearance and Transcript of records..ok na po ba yan??…pls i need ur reply.need ko na po ksi ng passport asap..thanks po.

  • veronica delos santos says:

    dear madam/sir:

    na schedule po ung kapatid ko today june 15, new applicants , dala nya mga requirements birthcertificate,baranggay clearance,diploma,postal id, id sa school 4rth year ang kaso po pinababalik pa sya dahil d daw pde ung postal id, nid daw ung voters id , yearbook and old picture pa anubayan! bat nid papo ng old picture prang wla nmn nakasulat sa requirements nyo na ganyan kc naanod na ngbaha ung mga picture nya sa marikina nid daw mgpagawa pa! wla bang alternate na solusyon dyn?
    itatanong ko lng po kung babalik siya ulit sa dfa nid pa po bang mg pa schedule ulit or pupunta nlng ulit dun pra dalhin ung kulang na requirements?
    sa mga mg apply po ng passport pra sabaguhan indi po tinatanggap ung postal id, kumuha nlng kayo ng voters id mas maigi pa yon,salamat po

  • jowelyn cledera says:

    magpapa schedule po sana ako for submission of my requirements pano po ba?.kindly give me the e-mail add of DFA Manila.

  • jasmin cruz vinta says:

    ikukuha ko po sna ng passport ung 2 pmangkin ko, ung mami po nla ay nsa japan,aq po sna ang kukuha pra sa knila pero dadating mami nla at mami nla ang ksma pagalis ng pinas,japanese citizen dn po kc silang magiina.pde dn po bang hnd na kami kumuha ng mga recquiremnts n manggagaling s phil mbasy sa japan?kc mami nman nla ang ksabay nila pagalis.bale ho ako lng kukuha ng date ng appointment pero sa interview nandto n mami nla,sbay kuha ng passport.

  • lloyd parcon says:

    Please send me the requirements on how to apply for Passport…thank you so much

  • graceza j tobias says:

    gud day po sir mam….ako po graceza tobias iaaply ko sna ng pasport pamangkin ko..ittnong ko po sna kung anu mga requirments…at kung pano mgpa-apointment….kc po kukunin n po sya ng nanay nia punta japan..sna po msagot nio ako slamat po asap po w8t ko sgot nio

  • CINDY A.VIJUAN says:


  • CINDY A.VIJUAN says:

    P ANSWERT NMN POH NG QUESTION Q..NED Q N POH TLGa kc ..kng mgkno po p express at ilng days bgo mkuha??pg sngot nyo poh s email q nlang po b??

  • Jeanemma S. Fat says:

    I want to renew my passport when I go home to the philippines this july but my visa is in the old passport and I need that visa for going back to Denmark a month after.
    What will I do and how my visa will be transfer to the new passport? Do I need to go to the danish consulate in cebu or what can I do?thanks, I hope I will have an answer soon.

  • rocky says:

    Gud am, is application form available in your office? I’ m sorry but i failed to print . kindly give me the steps on how to print or can you give me the site to find the form, ty

  • ruth says:

    gud pm po!
    ask ko lang po kung ilang beses po ba pweding mabigyan na appointment ang isang applicant?kc po pang 4 times na po ako nakakuha kso laNG D KO NAMAN PARATING NAPUPUNTAHAN..Eh ngaun po nag set po ulit ak ng appointment kya lang di na nagreresponse..makapakuha pa po ba ako ng bagong appointment…thank you

  • Relyn Agua says:

    Good day!
    Sir/Madam, di ko pa po nakuha ang I.D sa SSS, voters at BIR ko pero gusto ko na pong kumuha ng passport dahil on going na po yong pagprocess ng visa ko sa u.k…
    the only I.D i have is yong postal I.D ko po…taga surigao po ako at nandito na sa manila nagtrabaho pansamantala…ano pong gagawin ko? baka nman po meron pang ibang requirements na pwede ko pong maipasa kahit wala po yong mga nabanggit na I.D’s…slamat po…

  • karmela says:

    mam gud day po gusto ko pong kmuha ng pasport kaya lng wla pa po ako sa edad panu po ba gagawin ko?anu po bang mga requirements? 16 years old pa lang po ako

  • rafael says:

    gud nun poh ask ko lang po kc sa july 13 na poh ung date ng punta ko sa dfa at 1st tym ko palang mag aply,/
    ,,,ask ko lang kung i,d,nbi,nso (bc),form 137 pde na poh b un?

  • rafael says:

    gud nun poh ask ko lang po kc sa july 13 na poh ung date ng punta ko sa dfa at 1st tym ko palang mag aply,/
    ,,,ask ko lang poh kung pde nso (bc),nbi,i.d yan lang poh meron ako pde na poh b yan
    plz reply

  • rafael says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    ,,Ask kolangpoh if valid papoh ung idkona 2009-2010 pah kc.,/,
    ,,at tyaka kakagraduate ko lang poh nung 2010 valid i.d pa poh b un

  • jason b co says:

    Good day
    Sir/Madam as ko lang po kung kaylangan paba ng NBI clearance sa pagkuha ng bagong pasport kasi walang nakalagay sa requirements sa internet

  • rocky del rosario says:

    Good day…

    Sir/Madam, nawala po yung latest /valid passport ko kaya lng po meron akong mga old passport pede ko po bang magamit na requirement sa pag apply ng lost passport? philhealth at pag-ibig fund i.d. card po pede rin gamiting requirement sa pag apply ng passport ko?

    Salamat po…. God bless you…

  • sheryl nichols says:

    hi po kukuha po ako ng pasaporte kasi po nawala po ang pasaporte ko pano po and dapat kong gawin at ano mga kailangan ko at gaano po katagal ang pag proseso salamat po

  • john says:

    pwede po b magpa print ng application form para s pagkuha pport

  • aldo ybanez says:

    hello… just wana asking on how to get a passport.. ano po yung mga requirrments? just send me back,, tnx

  • luzcelle b. angeles says:

    mgandang umaga po, ako po si luzcelle angeles kumuha po ako ng pasport ko last may 25.,itatanong ko lng po kung kelan ko po matatanggap?

  • catherine v. banayo says:

    hi po tanong ko po kung pwedeng ng requirements ang postal id,nbi bc from nso at saka contract . kung voter’ id po eh wala me at saka di pa po ako nakakapagchage status sa comelec kung bumoto po ako eh yung sa pagkadalaga pa po. pls reply po.thank’s…….

  • catherine v. banayo says:

    hi po tanong ko po kung pwedeng ng requirements ang postal id,nbi bc from nso at saka marriage contract po meron din po akong transcript of record at old student id . kung voter’ id po eh wala me at saka di pa po ako nakakapagchage status sa comelec kung bumoto po ako eh yung sa pagkadalaga pa po. pls reply po.thank’s…….

  • tess wang says:

    itatanong ko lang po, kasi may dati na akung passport,for renewal na, kaso mayron pong hinihingi ngayon kung ang apilyedo ay foreinger kailang pa ng katibayan na tunay kang pilipino,tulad ko iligitimate ako d kasal ang parent ko,ang tatay ko ang chinese pero angmother ko ay tunay na pilipino,sa original na birth certificate noon nasa likot niya may nasa sulat na iligitimate ako,kaso sa nso ngayon walang nakasulat sa likot mpaano ko maipapakita na talangang iligitimate ako,kung sa nanay ko e wala na po siya natagal ng patay,kasi di ba pag ikaw ay iliginate totally kang pilipino? paano ang gagawing ko ngayon.

    maraming salamat po.

    july 6,2011 at 9:33 pm

  • Liberty Silao Lao-at says:

    Have a good day SirM / madam,

  • joan r.primor says:

    sir/madam kumuha po ako ng passport ko ng july 5 kailan ko po makukuha dinaan ko sa creative agency sa san fernando pampanga,dun din po na dfa pinuntahan ko

  • mary rose says:

    helo po si /madam ano po dpat kng gawin ksi nawla po yong passport ko at nkalimutan ko po yong passport # ko…salamat po

  • sheila mae gallano says:

    hello poh! tanong ko lang po ano po ang website para po maka pagpa appointment para sa application ng passport? thnx poh

  • ciarra monilla says:

    Gusto ko po i-apply ng passport ang nanay ko, full time housewife po siya kaya wala siya mga ID dahil hindi naman po siya nagtrabaho sa private o government company, NSO birthcertificate, NBI clearance at Postal ID lang po meron siya. Pwede na po kaya iyon, mabibigyan po kaya ng passport ang nanay ko. Salamat po

  • jocelyn belandrez says:

    hi po hindi po kami kasal ng mister ko ang nakalagay po sa appointment ko ay merried ano po ang dapat kong gawin july 18 po kasi ang appointment ko gusto ko pong maayos

  • Fiona says:

    Hello po. Valid na po ba ang postal ID or Tin ID for passport? (Both IDs are not digitized). Meron naman po akong SSS ID kaso pangalan ko pa po yun nung hindi pa ako married. Pwede na po kaya yun tapos dalhin na lang yung marriage contract? Thanks po…

  • Jordan Ylanan says:

    Good day Ma’am/Sir,
    I already had a passport when I was 12 years old(1987). Now I’m already 36, and my passport was never been renewed. I’m planning to go abroad. Should I renew the old one, or apply for new one? Please advice me for the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to have new passport.
    Thank you very much.

  • Roderick G. Jarce says:

    hi po mali po kasi yung name ko sa passport instead na roderick roderck ang nakalagay eh pangalawa ko na pong renew ito. Ano ang gagawin ko . Kinuha ko nung Dec 3 2010 dumating saakin noong Jan 6 2011 may babayaran pa ba ako kung ipapabago ko ito? thanks po.

  • Charjo C. Villanueva says:

    hi poh ma’am/sir , gandang gabi poh sa inyo. May gusto lng po sana ako tanungin, kung pwede po ba yung I.D ko nah working in construction ? At saka poh pala yung Baptismal talagang kailangan poh ba para makakuha ng passport , kukuha kaseh ako ng passport ngayun buwan na ito , gusto ko lng poh sana sagutin niyo poh muna yang tanong ko para poh pagpunta ko jan , hindi na poh ako magproblema. Taga Iligan lang poh ako.. pero sayang nadin kaseh ang pamasahe eh , mahirap lang kaseh ako.
    sege poh.. Sana poh sagutin niyo katanungan ko..
    Salamat poh.. magandang gabi ulit.. GOdbless and More Power. !!!

  • allenjude gacayan says:

    1st tm q po kukuha ng pasport pano po ba tru computer,,,,,pki answer po tnx

  • marietta m.tanhueco says:

    hi po. got married last month and my IDs are not yet updated. is it ok if i’ll present IDs when i was single then bring ko na lng po yung marriage contract?? Medyo matagal po kasi releasing specifically goverment IDs. Thanks.

  • lala says:

    hi i’m just wondering if someone can help me about my PHILIPPINE PASSPORT. i have one already i got it in 2005. but the problem is my BIRTH YEAR in the said passport is WRONG.. i never got the chance to use and also correct it. then after a typhoon hit our place it got flooded . so it is impossible to retrieve it in any way. right now im trying to get a new passport, and what i have for the requirements are NSO BC, SSS E-1 FORM, STUDENT DRIVERS LICENSE, 2COMPANY ID’S, NBI, POLICE CLEARANCE. AFFIDAVIT OF LOST AND DISCREPANCY Is that enough so that i can apply for a new one?? to make the story Short, i have a passport with WRONG birth year and its already EXPIRED AND LOST. i hope someone can help me thanks. GodBless

  • kris ann says:

    hi po ! i have only a school id… and baptismal… okay na po ba yun for verification? o i need other id? para ma process ang passport ko. tnx

  • jeffrey says:

    hi sir,madam;
    ask ko lng po sana if pwede ung nbi clearance q na sa july27 n po ung iexpired and sa july 20 po ung sched ko for appointment., pwede din po ba ung or lng muna ipakita q for my nbi kc po my problema ung nbi ngaun.,d2 po sa province nmen local lang nkukuha., anu po b dapt q gwen.,
    thank you po.,godbless

  • ricardo moralista says:

    mam /sir

    tanung ko lang po nagsisit po ako ng appointment para sa pagkuha ng passport kasi nawala po yung dati kong passport hindi ko na po maalala yung OLD PASSPORT NO. october 1994 pa po kasi , ANO PO ANG DAPAT KONG GAWIN kasi required po sa appointment form na pinifill uppan please reply now thanks

  • ricardo moralista says:

    mam /sir

    tanung ko lang po nagsisit po ako ng appointment para sa pagkuha ng passport kasi nawala po yung dati kong passport hindi ko na po maalala yung OLD PASSPORT NO. october 1994 pa po kasi , ANO PO ANG DAPAT KONG GAWIN kasi required po sa appointment form na pinifill uppan please reply now thanks

    mam /sir

    tanung ko lang po nagsisit po ako ng appointment para sa pagkuha ng passport kasi nawala po yung dati kong passport hindi ko na po maalala yung OLD PASSPORT NO. october 1994 pa po kasi , ANO PO ANG DAPAT KONG GAWIN kasi required po sa appointment form na pinifill uppan please reply now thanks

  • ricardo moralista says:

    mam /sir

    tanung ko lang po nagsisit po ako ng appointment para sa pagkuha ng passport kasi nawala po yung dati kong passport hindi ko na po maalala yung OLD PASSPORT NO. october 1994 pa po kasi , ANO PO ANG DAPAT KONG GAWIN kasi required po sa appointment form na pinifill uppan please reply now thanks

    mam /sir

    tanung ko lang po nagsisit po ako ng appointment para sa pagkuha ng passport kasi nawala po yung dati kong passport hindi ko na po maalala yung OLD PASSPORT NO. october 1994 pa po kasi , ANO PO ANG DAPAT KONG GAWIN kasi required po sa appointment form na pinifill uppan please reply now thanks

    • Philippines Review says:

      Una po, nais ko pong ipaalam sa inyo na hindi po ninyo pwedeng ikatwiran sa DFA na nawawala ang dati nyong passport at nakalimutan nyo na ang number nyo dahil nakalagay po sa kanilang database ang pangalan nyo.

      Kung totoo pong nawala ang inyong dating passport ay mangangailangan po kayo ng affidavit of loss duly notarized by a lawyer (legal and legitimately licensed lawyer). Hindi din po kayo dapat mag apply ng bagong passport bagkus ay lost passport po ang inyong application.

      Basahin nyo po dito ang mga requirements for lost passport –

  • rowela metano jimenez says:

    gud pm. ask ko lang po kong ano po ba dapat kong gawin?kasi po nag pa appoinment po ako na aug 15.kaso po nang open ko na ung email add ko di ko na ma open kasi pinag laruan ng anak ko.pinalitan nya ung pin number ko.ano po ba dapat kong gawin para makuha kopo ung appoinment schedule ko.thanxz po.09491254815

  • arlyn says:

    panu po gagawin ko wala ako valid i.ds ..
    pls answer asap..

  • arlyn says:

    panu po gagawin ko wala po ako valid i.ds..

  • arlyn says:

    anu po bang pwede ko pang ibang dalin..

  • rudy p. rodriguez jr says:

    good am, maam and sir, pano po ba mg pa eschedule pag kuha ko ng pass port?

  • judith m. ferrer says:

    hi! i would like to inquire how can i get my passport. i have no birth certificate and no records at NSO. I was born in 1963. Is marriage certificate OK instead of birth? thank you so much for your immediate reply

  • linda says:

    dear dfa phulippines

    i have a question regarding the passport requirements for underage ilegitimate childrens..what are the requirements needed for them to get a passport?pls.need your reply

  • marechill oberes says:

    WHAT THE ENPORTANT THE PASSPORT WRONG AGE MY NOVEMBER 29 buth my passport november 19 w

  • rio says:


    my baby is 2 months old. my personal appearance na po ba? and ano po requirements for application for my 2 month old baby.

  • catherine gutierrez says:

    dear sir/madame

    ask ko lang po kung pwede n auntie ang kasama ng minor sa pagkuha ng passport.nsa abroad po kasi ang father.salamat.

  • Marcelito Baisa Abadilla says:

    good pm po tanong kulang po sana kung paano kumuha ng passport at ano kailangan requirements?

  • randy san mateo says:

    good pm po tanong kulang po sana kung paano kumuha ng renewal passport at ano kailangan requirements?

  • Wilbert Madera says:

    Good day,

    Hi, can you help me or can you give me the list of applications that i need to install in my computer so i can view and print my appointment form for my passport renewal. thanks

  • Enrique Planta Castro says:

    Good day!

    Ma’am / Sir, may I request that my RENEWAL passport application will be schedule on the 9th day of August, 2011 (Tuesday) because my son (Justin Jeremy A. Castro) had an exam on August 3, 2011. I already applied at online passport application on August 3, 2011 (Wednesday).

    Thank you very much for accommodating this request. God Bless and Mabuhay !!!

  • Janin Duran says:

    Good day,

    Ang TIN Number ID card po ba from BIR at school ID ay pwede na pra hindi na po ako kinailangang magdala pa ng NBI clearance? then bukod sa nso birth certificate ano pa po ang kailangang dalhin?

  • melissa says:

    itatanong ko lang po kung valid po na magpagawa aq ng affidavit na nag iindicate na melissa dela cruz and melissa santiago is one person para po maiaapply na ung passport ko kc po may annotated na po aqng BC na na nasa Local Civil Registry ng Manila at naitransmit na po ito sa nso pero ayaw pa po nila aqng irelease ung BC ko dahil sa kulang pa daw po ung requirements eh badly needed ko na po kc.pero may mga supporting documents po ako na iisa lang po kme.kc po andun po ung name ng mother ko ,birthplace ko, birthday ko at may marriage contract din po sila.
    pls.reply naman po ..09335218127 09231121098.

  • irene mendoza says:

    gud day mam i would like to ask what is the requirements for applying passport<< pls reply tnx

  • edna j miles says:

    gd morning sir and ma’am…i want to ask how to get a passport ?and i want to know the information about the requrements,,coz i am merried a foriegner,,pls reply asap….thanks

  • Lyn de la Pena says:

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Tanong ko lang po kung ano po ang required douments for applying a new passport for minor age.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Parson H. Marajuli says:

    Dear sir/ madam,
    I am asking for an appointment schedule on Wednesday, August 17,2011 to get passport. It is my first time to get and may I request for a rush processing because my employer only give me 1 week to process my papers. I am going to apply on line the soonest possible.
    Thank you and Mabuhay po kayo.

  • Jeffrey Amutan says:


    kukuha po ako ng passport kaso po ang problema ko wala akong Valid ID,
    meron ko lng po ay Voters Certification and Registration, NSO birth certificate,Baptismal
    with dry seal,SSS form E1,NBI clearance,Parent’s Marriage certificate,Birth certificate with true copy…makakakuha na po ba ako ng passport gamit ang mga yan kahit wala akong Valid ID?pakireply nmn po tnx medyo malapit na po kasi ako mg appearance…

  • michaelgalachico says:

    ma!am /sir , gud pm po gs2 ko lang po itanung ung passport ko kc po 1 month n xa nung august 4 wla prn po kelangn po mkhabol sa last week ng october pra po mkaalis n me plz 2lungan mo po aqu n mbigyan n ng schedule pgkuha ng passport.salamat po

  • precious marie francisco says:

    mam/sir, good day po….. gusto ko pong kumuha ng passport , apno po ba ako mkkkuha ng mabilis kasi po kailangan ko na po sya as soon as possible? at magkanu po ba pag rush?

  • Carlito Flores says:

    Hi! Good day!

    Kukuha po sana ng passport ang aking asawa’t anak ngunit wala siyang valid ID. Kahit anong ID wala sya. Can you suggest any documents na pwede nyang i-present sa DFA once na nakapag appointment na sila.

    Maryon lang siyang NSO Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate, Bgy. Clearance, Police Clearance at Acknowledgement Receipt ng application for registration ng COMELEC.

    We can’t afford to get her Gov’t issued IDs kasi masyadong matagal. Need po namin rush. Puwede na po kaya ang mga iyan? Pls help. tnx po!

  • Ma. Elena R. Aguilar says:


    We applied for passports last June 24, 2011, for myself and my two sons. Supposed to be, these will be delivered via LBC through DFAMPC last July 29. Two passports arrived, but the other, still hasn’t. It’s almost two months delayed already, and I cannot contact the DFA office, and even LBC or DFAMPC. I have been trying to connect everyday. Hope you can help me on this…
    Data in the receipt shows the ff: CONTROL No. 0410567
    DFA Passpot Delivery – 0336649 (DFAMPC OR No.)
    2011-06-24 – 10900018110624
    2011-07-29 – 179080716466


    Thank you, and hoping for a reply and action.

  • myra says:

    hello po..ask ko lang po kung pano ko po makukuhanan ng passport my 2years old daughter nasa pilipinas po xa at andito po ako it possible po ba na ipadala ko na lng mga requirements niya sa pinas with my signature tapos yung tita ko po ang mag aasikaso nun sa pilipinas??..
    thank you po

  • ian says:

    sir/ mam tanong kulang po kasi yong sa BC ko po at drivers licence magkaiba po kasi ang address ok lang po ba yon kasi yong address ko po ngayon ang mga nasa IDS ko po at sa lahat ng papers ko…….ok lang po ba yon salamat po sana po makapag reply po kayo kaagad bago ako magset ng apointment sa dfa.

  • ian says:

    new applicant po pla ako sorry po d ko po na adres salamat po ulit……….

  • ian says:

    sir/ mam tanong kulang po kasi yong sa BC ko po at drivers licence magkaiba po kasi ang address ok lang po ba yon kasi yong address ko po ngayon ang mga nasa IDS ko po at sa lahat ng papers ko…….ok lang po ba yon salamat po sana po makapag reply po kayo kaagad bago ako magset ng apointment sa dfa.
    sorry po mali email na nasend ko po…….new applicant po

  • Maria Gladys says:

    I would just like to inquire if a newly born child can apply for passport , and the requirements needed as well , thank you .

    Awaiting for the reply.

  • kiro says:

    Hi, I would like to ask if there will be some problems for me, an illegitimate child, to apply for a passport. I have my father’s surname though my parents aren’t married. Moreover, I’m 19 years old now and living with my mother. My father has died when I was in elementary and so now, I don’t have any contacts with any of my father’s relatives.Please do help!

  • kogs says:

    my passport is still valid, it was lost 3 days ago, and i am trying to apply for a lost passport, but it requires me the passport number. what should i do? i dont know my passport number. 0915-777-9788 i need help

  • allan jerome arciaga says:

    good day,sir?mam

    i send you this mail because i want to get passport . can you please send me all the requirements needed in getting a passport? thank you for the time .. god bless

  • mar says:

    Good day Maam and Sir,

    May itatanong lang po ako sa inyo,tungkol sa passport nang nanay ko?kailangan pa ba yong MC nila,kasi matagal na yong patay nang tatay ko?At yong dead certificate nang tatay ko kailangan pa yon?Maghihintay ako sa inyong sagot!!!

    Maraming salamat Po!!!!

  • Fe says:

    Good day!

    Dear sir/ma’am,

    What shall i do to get passport? My hinahawakan po ako na travel document from koror, palau embassy kya po ako nakabalik ng pilipinas. di ko po agad naasikaso dahil po pinauwi ako ng probinsya para magbantay sa lola ko, kamamatay lang po last yr. Sana po bago man lang ako bumalik ng probinsya maasikaso ko po muna ang passport ko dito sa DFA manila. ito po ang aking passpot # FF915156.

    Maraming salamat po!!!

  • marko says:

    qng wala pa pong issued na nbi clearance pd po b ung resibo lng

  • Merceditha says:

    Doog day Sir/Maam,

    Tanong ko lang po lahat nang requirements ay meron ako except lang po sa baptismal certificate,makakoha po ba ako nang passport kahit walang baptismal certificate?maraming salamat God bless!
    waiting for your reply!

  • Grace says:

    pede nah poh b ung nso at philhealth i.d new

  • Reynaldo T. Punzalan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to request for some information regarding renewal of passport. My passport will expire on 28.02.2012. I am leaving for vacation on 27.11.2011 for an annual vacation of 30 days. Please advise me the procedure in renewal of passport and how long it will take until its issuance. Moreover, can you please schedule me by 1st week of December so that the renewal will be process as soon as I arrive.

  • argien heron agustin says:

    hi. panu ho ba makukuha ung passport ko matagal ko na ho kac hindi nakuha kac ho renew ko nlng ho un tapos request pa nila dun sa dfa ng davao city ung pasport ko kc ho hindi ako makapgrenew ng pasport kac hindi ko hawak ung pasport ko..thank you.

  • ritchel says:

    ma’am / sir,

    GOOD DAY!!!
    expire na po passport ko.. ilang years po na pwedeng hindi ko po irenew?? kasi po wala pa po akong time now?? ano po iyong mga requirements? pki email nlng po aq.. tnx po

  • ashley castro says:

    can i pass my orginal basptismal certificate instead of my local registral birth certificate?
    i already have the NSO birth certificate.

  • khis22 says:

    ask ko lang po anu po ung kailangan
    sa pag kuha ng pasaporte, taga davao po ako
    high school grad po ako
    pag tourist viza po,,gusto kais akong kunin ng ate ko
    and hoping may mga friends kais akong foriegner
    gusto nila ako pumunta sa kanilang bansa
    sila lang bahala sa expenses 22 na po ako,,plsss
    reponse me po
    *birth certifcte
    *high school i.d
    *TIN numbe rform BI.R W8 KO LGN 1 WEEK E RELEASE NA NILA
    *ano pa kailangan ko?

  • eresto says:

    sir/ madaam,

    tanong ko lang po. isa lang po ang id ko (postal id) , kinakailangan po ba 2 ang id for new applicant? meron na po akong voters certification, school record, baptismal and nbi…. ano pa ba kailangan/?

  • analyn says:

    just want to inquire how to get a passport for a 14 years old.. could you tell me the requirements that we needed please? thanks!

  • neil says:

    Hi analyn,

    For Minor Applicants

    Legitimate Children:

    Traveling with both parents:

    Passport of both parents, original and photocopy.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Personal appearance of minor with either parent.
    If father will appear with the child, prepare the Marriage Certificate in SECPA.
    If mother will appear with the child, no need for Marriage Certificate in SECPA.
    Traveling with mother only:

    Passport of mother, original and photocopy.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Personal appearance of minor with either parent.
    If father will appear with the child, prepare the Marriage Certificate in SECPA.
    If mother will appear with the child, no need for Marriage Certificate in SECPA.
    Traveling with father only:

    Passport of father, original and photocopy.
    Marriage Certificate of parents from NSO in SECPA.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Personal appearance of minor with either parent.
    Traveling with guardian and either parent is in the Philippines only:

    Passport of guardian, original and photocopy.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance.
    Affidavit of Support and Consent indicating the name and relationship of the guardian. (Must be notarized)
    Passport or Original ID w/ signature of the parent who executed the affidavit.
    If the father is the executor, prepare Marriage Certificate in SECPA as well.
    Personal appearance of minor with either parent.
    Valid ID of the parent accompanying the minor for appearance.
    If father will appear with the child, prepare the Marriage Certificate in SECPA.
    If mother will appear with the child, no need for Marriage Certificate in SECPA.
    Traveling with guardian and both parents are out of the country:

    Passport of guardian, original and photocopy.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance.
    Affidavit of support and consent indicating the name of the traveling companion and the relationship to the minor (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General).
    If the father is the executor, prepare Marriage Certificate in SECPA as well.
    Special Power of Attorney designating the representative by name and authorizing him/her to apply for a passport on behalf of the minor in their stead (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General).
    Certified True Copy of parents’ passport (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General)
    Original valid ID w/ signature or passport of the authorized representative in the Special Power of Attorney document.
    Personal appearance of minor with the authorized representative in the Special Power of Attorney document.
    Illegitimate Children:

    Traveling with mother only:

    Passport of mother, original and photocopy.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Personal appearance of minor with mother.
    Traveling with father only:

    Passport of father, original and photocopy.
    Affidavit of Support and Consent from the mother. (Must be notarized)
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Personal appearance of minor with mother with valid ID or passport.
    Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance.
    Traveling with guardian and mother is in the Philippines only:

    Passport of guardian, original and photocopy.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance.
    Affidavit of Support and Consent indicating the name and relationship of the guardian.
    Passport or Original ID w/ signature of the mother who executed the affidavit.
    Personal appearance of minor with mother with valid ID or passport.
    Traveling with guardian and mother is out of the country:

    Passport of guardian, original and photocopy.
    Original Birth Certificate from NSO in SECPA
    Original and photocopy of DSWD Clearance.
    Affidavit of support and consent indicating the name of the traveling companion and the relationship to the minor (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General).
    Special Power of Attorney designating the representative by name and authorizing him/her to apply for a passport on behalf of the minor in their stead (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General).
    Certified True Copy of parents’ passport (must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate General)
    Original valid ID w/ signature or passport of the authorized representative in the Special Power of Attorney document.
    Personal appearance of minor with the authorized representative in the Special Power of Attorney document.
    Illegitimate children that have been legitimized by subsequent marriage, prepare the following ADDITIONAL requirements:

    Marriage Certificate from the NSO in SECPA
    Birth Certificate from NSO must be annotated
    Click here to request for NSO marriage certificates online.

    Call (02) 737-1111 for NSO Marriage Certificates




    To Whom It May Concern,

    I applied for new passport last Nov. 5 and my application was rejected because my ID’s was not acceptable (though it is a government issued ID’s e.g BIR/TIN and Postal ID). How come it was not acceptable? Kasi sa website ng DFA, nakalagay dun na accepetable naman ang BIR ID, so to speak, napaka misleading ng info. sa website na yun. To the administrators of DFA, specially those in passport application, sana wag kayo magbigay ng mga misleading information sa website niyo. Nakaka abala kasi, I wasted the whole day for my application, and in the end hindi rin sya na-approve.

  • jean princes cuchapin says:

    . panu po ko makakakuha ng passport ?? what po mga needs ko ??

  • amae says:

    Good Day po. Tanong ko lang po if makakakuha ba ng passport kahit certification ng nbi lang ang mayroon kasi 3 months pa ma irelease ung actual nbi clearance travel abroad ko. Pero may ibang supoorting documents ako like voters certification at TOR. Tanung ko din if need pa ba ung 3pcs passport photo size? nalilito kasi ako kailangan kong maconfirmed baka eto lang dahilan d ako makakuha ng passport ngaung nov. 26.

    thank u.

  • leah says:

    gusto ko po kumuha ng bagong, passport dahil po expire na po ito, at meron po akong problema dahil don sa na expire kong passport, inajust po ang edad ko doon at pinalitan ang place of birth ko, nong una ko po ksing mag apply abroad under age po ako. un agency po ang kumuha ng passport ko. at hindi ko na ngawan ang paraan na maitama ito,ittanung ko po kung pwede pa ako isyuhan ng panibagong passport gamit ang totoong edad ko at lugar ng kapanganakan. anu po ang nrrapat kong gawin. gusto ko pong makaabrod uli para mag trabaho. maraming salamat po hihintayin ko po ang sagot ninyo good day

  • jose elopre broniog 111 says:

    hello sir,madam,
    good morning po,ask ko lang po kong panu procss mapa schedule po ang mr.ko ng renewal passpot nya kong maari po sana dec 12 monday.salamat po.we need your answers as soon as posible sir,thank you,more power,

  • Rona says:

    Sir/ Mam
    I would like to apply a new passport for my 1yr old daughter, but i am not married to her father and her birth certificate last name is named by her father. What requirement do i need for her to get a passport and where to get those.Thanks and God Bless

  • grace bacas broniog says:

    hi sir,good day,
    sir pwedi po ako mapa schedule makuha ng passport this coming dec.12 salamat po,

  • arlene pering says:

    hi,im arlene,kukuha po sana ako passport,kaya lng po wala po ako valid id postal id lng po ako meron,ano po ba iba png requirements pra makakuha na po ako passport?kai langan ko na po kasi makakuha ng passport as soon as possible,i need your help pls….tnx!

  • rexa villaverde says:

    gud eve po,mag inquire po ako para makakuha ng passport magpapaschedule po ako kng kailan available na date na mas maaga.thanks po…

  • Madelyn Fernandez Amarao says:

    hi po sir/maam ;;gusto ko po kumuha ng passport first time palang pohtanong lang po sana ako kung anu bah tlaga ang dadalhin pgpumumta ng DFA..para poh madala kona kung sakali man na mkakuha na po ako;;

    tanx poh;;’

  • Madelyn Fernandez Amarao says:

    kylangan ho bang mgadala na po ng id picture o jn nalang poh kukuhanan ”;ala pa ksi akong id birthcerteficate palg po na galing nso;; kylangan ko pong makakuha ngaun agad as soon as possible”;;tinatawagan na po ksi ako ng ate ko;;

  • liza bustillos marbil says:

    elow po gud pm po,sir/mam ask ko po pano po kung newly wed pla po ko eh gus2 ko po kuha pasport pero dp po me mkakuha ng marriage na authentcate po Nso after 6 mos pa dw po pwd me kuha

  • liza bustillos says:

    Gud pm po,ako po ay bagong kasal lang po nong oct 25,2011,ngaun po kumukuha po me sa NSo authenticate marriage pero po dp dw po pwd,pano po gusto ko po mag papasport,kaso wla pa po authentcate na marriage contract po,pano po?
    makakakuha po ba me pasport o ano po pwd gwin pra makakuha po me pasport na kht wla pa po nkukuha sa NSo

  • Junice says:

    Good Day!

    I would like to inquire about change status of passport what the requirements?
    what available date for appointment.?Thnx God Bless & More Power.

  • liza bustillos says:

    Gud pm po,ako po ay bagong kasal lang po nong oct 25,2011,ngaun po kumukuha po me sa NSo authenticate marriage pero po dp dw po pwd,pano po gusto ko po mag papasport,kaso wla pa po authentcate na marriage contract po,pano po?
    makakakuha po ba me pasport o ano po pwd gwin pra makakuha po me pasport na kht wla pa po nkukuha sa NSo

  • Rotche de Beer says:

    I want my parents to get their passport i was wondering if they need Baptismal my mother had one but my father didnt. PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE SOON.

  • jesella cerato says:

    gud eve. i just wanted to ask if it is acceptable to use the two following documents that i have NBI clearance and Transcript of record.i don’t have any id’s to present aside from this two supporting documents.

  • Berlou Liao says:

    Dear DFA staff and officers,
    You require SECPA original of Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance and other documents, and then you end up messing the spelling of the name of your client. It is not reasonable to make us pay the amount again, then have to wait again, have to go through the same agony of lining up ang waiting for the correction of the wrong spelling. This is not the first time and it happens all the time. Don’t you have personnels that workde on this typing job for a very looooong time already? Is it only one person that checks the right spelling of the name? What is wrong with this computerized age of storing data and collecting all of the files just to end up typogryphical error? Somebody from DFA must have a brain to figure this out. By the way, I love our country the Philippines…It’s just that the system is sooooo stone age and full of incompetency…Please lessen the burden from us of having to pay the fees over and over and over again…sometimes it makes me think that maybe it was meant to be spelled wrongly.

  • Berlou Liao says:

    My Passport from DFA office is always spelled wrong and they make me pay over and over again. The best thing the person in the information could tell you is : Wala tayong magawa tao lang po na nagkakamali! What about the amount I’ve paid? And the time I have to wait all over again? Dapat kung sino ang nagkamali siya ang magbabayad ng application ulit kasi nagbayad na po ako. May iba pa pong paraan sa pag collect ng revenues, at hindi sa pamamagitan ng wrong spelling ng passport applications. Please inspect the passport in acoordance with the documents submitted by the client. Correct spelling naman lahat ng information at mga documents, bakit mali ang pag type nito sa passport?
    I’m calling on all Filipinos with the same kind of experience from DFA offices so we can petition the hiring of competent employees at DFA. They must learn how to type and read at least to pass the qualification for the job.

  • Arnie P. Alimoot says:

    good eve…

    gusto ko lng po mag inquire kng pwede po kumuha ng panibagong passport kc po ung passport ko nawala…mgpapalost passport sana po ako kaso hindi ko po alam o matandaan ang number ng passport ko..ano po ba ang dapat kng gawin pra makakuha ulit ng panibagong passport….thanks and more power!

  • leah says:

    my passport has been lost for a week now , nag apply po ako ng affidavit of lost..ngayon tanong ko kung pupunta ba ako sa DFA pra ipaalam ang nawawala kung passport at paano po kumuha ng bago???? salamat.

    • Philippines Review says:

      Yes, tama po, Ms. Leah, Ipaalam nyo po sa DFA at sabay mag apply na po ng panibagong passport at ng sa gayon ay di na po magamit ang luma nyong nawawalang passport.

  • may mayuga says:

    kumuha po ako ng passport dito sa carmona via moblie passport ang date realese po is dec. 17, 2011, kaya lng po nawawla yong resibo ko, pno ko po mkukuha ang passport ko at san ko n po sya makukuha sa main na po b?

  • michael arcaina says:

    how to apply passport if the parent of the child is foriengner and the child was born in the philippines. but their parents 2 years live her in the philippines

  • Ginalyn Mendoza says:

    My friend works as a nurse in Saudi Arabia and had her vacation last September. She got pregnant and went back to Saudi and planning to give birth in Saudi. What are the requirements for babies born in Saudi Arabia without the father working in that place? She’s on due vacation again on September 2012. Please advise. Thank you very much.

  • jo anne castillo says:

    good p.m. po I’m jo anne castillo from tarlac.. gus2 ko lng pong malaman kung ano ang mga requirements sa pagkuha ng passport..thank you po

  • mayshall says:

    gud day poh.. ask qoh lng poh kc gusto qoh change ng single ung passport qoh, 5 yrs n poh kame alah ng mister qoh kaya lng poh narenew qoh poh ung passport qoh gamit pah rin ung surname ng dati qoh asawa… anuh poh dapat qong gawin tnxs poh

  • myra says:

    Hi! would like to know if i would have a problem if my passport will expire less than 2 months by the time of my entry in the Philippines? Thanks.

  • jenny says:

    dear sir madam. gusto ko lang po sanang ipaalam sa inyo kung pwd na po ba ung postal ID ko at NSO pati NBI sa pagkuha ng passport ko baguhan lang po kasi ako. at yon lang po kc ang hawak kung mga papers saka police clearance dn pala. at SSS.sana po ay matulungan nyo ako kung papano makakuha ng passport. maraming salamat po.

  • rowenalyn magante says:

    gud pm po… rowenalyn magate,gusto ko po kumuha ng passport pero ndi ako marunong how to get in onlne application ng passport eh….pwede po ba patulong po kung san ako pupunta..salamat po

  • Jhane says:

    Hi morning…ask ko Lang po if I need to get passport my two month old baby,my husband is American citizen he is foreigner and I’m Filipino,I have passport already and Im waiting to my petition to approved this march,I don’t know if I can bring my baby with me so,plz I need some help,send me email……Thanks…..

  • Crisostomo F. Lagoy Jr. says:

    hi sir pwede po bang mag pa rush ng passport kasi need ko na po within this week ..i hope you can help me..

  • aileen says:


    Please forward the telephone number of ABAGA TRAVEL & TOURS agency

    Thank you & Regards,

  • earl kenneth m. fajutag says:

    hi’good day po,sir magtatanung lng po ako panu kumuha passport firstymer kc at anu requirments..tnx

    • frederick mata says:

      punta k ng dfa,,dalhin mo yung mga requirements mo,,, birth certificate authenticted ng NSO,,tapos mag dala k rin ng mga valid ID”s mo,,katulad ng drivers licence,,SSS,,company id,,voters id o kya SSS,,

  • roylen maglonzo dy tioco says:

    kukuha po sna me ng appointment gling n po me jan knina kso cut off n po e2 po no q 09155763877 ang agency name q po tuem manpower corporation sa malate

  • roylen maglonzo dy tioco says:

    i want to get a appointment for getting passport how can i get i think im coming there in san fernando for personal to get that information bcoz i really need that thaNKS

  • roylen maglonzo dy tioco says:

    gud evening i want to get a appointment for getting passport how can i get i think im coming there in san fernando PAMPAMGA for personal to get that information how to get bcoz i really need that thaNKS

  • cristilita ballener says:

    hi po, pinag katiwala ko po ang passport ko sa kaibigan ko, sabi ko nya worker daw sya ng sun flower agency, hindi po pala totoo tinangay tinangay po ni serafel diana ang passport ko pati ang pera gosto ko pong eh block ang passport ko pano po? at pano po pag renew? …….. maraming salamat po

  • arnielo says:

    pag meron na po bang nbi dapat 2 parin po ba na valid gov issued id.kailangan?bir lang po kc meron ako nag aply na ako sss id kaso 6 moths pa release..pero marami naman po ako supporting documents.sana po mag rply kayo salamat po.God bless

  • Ma.Angel J. Santiañez says:

    paano po mag apply for new passport dito sa online application nyo?

  • Ma.Angel J. Santiañez says:

    Paano po ba mag apply new passport dito sa online application nyo?pls.reply.thanks

  • ninni says:

    ok lng po b kung wala aqng nbi,, pero mrn namn aqng nso copy ng brthcrtfct,, nd certifed true copy of BC,, nd 2 valid ID,, voter’s nd postal… pls reply po asap.. tnx!

  • cheryl cuay says:

    sirmadam pono po ba mka koha nang NBI

  • Leslie says:

    To whom it may Concern,

    I would like to follow up the application of the passport from my nephew. We are inviting my nephew to visit us in Germany and everything has been prepared and flight tickets has been paid.. They applied for a passport last week, I would like to ask if it is possible to have the passport earlier this week, because we need the copy of the passport for us to send it to the German Embassy in Lisbon. Please… We are running out of time the flight has been booked for the 1st of April, and We still have to apply for Visa… Thank you Very much in advance…

  • Louchele says:

    Good day…
    My husband is applying for passport through an agency. He was already scheduled for picture taking two weeks ago but unfortunately when he was there in DFA, the person in-charge to take picture told him that his ID is not valid ( a company ID). Unfortunately, the other ID that my husband has is his Postal ID and we learned from the agency that such ID is not valid. Can my husband still apply for passport? Here are the other documents that he has:
    NBI Clearance
    NSO authenticated Birth Certificate
    Baptismal Certificate
    Are these documents I mentioned enough to get a passport? Please reply..we badly need your response on this matter.

  • arlyn grande says:

    ma’am and sir
    papaschedule po ako kukuha po ako kasi ng passport kasi po pumunta po kame sa san fernando pampanga ang sabi po sa amin tignan po namin sa website po ng

  • arlyn grande says:

    ibgay ko po yung #. ko 09296436769 txt nyo nlng po yan

  • mercy says:

    Dear Sir/maam,

    ask ko lang po if pwede na yung school id ko sa college..pero di ako graduate, meron po ako diploma nung high school pwede na po ba yun sa dfa? pumunta na kasi ako nung march 21, nereject po yung postal id d daw po valid..hiningian po ako ng TOR di naman po ako graduate ng college, ang merun lang ako school id na luma..please need your help.
    email nyo po ako salamat po

  • janice says:

    Gud eve po,asked ko lang kung paano ma trace ang passport ko if nagamit ba ng iba?kasi po sinubmit ko po ang passport ko sa agency ko po 2009 pa,tapos di po ako nakaalis kasi naunahan na ako ng iba tapos pinalowup ko po until now wla pa po yong pasport ko.hahanapin pa daw nila.sabi nila pinorward daw sa davao from manila branch.tapos pinuntahan ng ante ko doon,wla daw doon.kasi andito po ako sa cebu,dito po yong agency ko.pinuntahan ko na nman yung agency ko.hahanapin pa daw nila.can you help me po?salamat

  • nieves alamag says:

    Hi sir/ma’am,

    ask ko lang po wat requirements kpag pa mag change status sa passport kasi may passport na po single yong naka lagay so anu po mga dadahil na requirements??

  • bertram bdrei uno sigaton says:

    paano po kung walang valid id ung applicant na gustong kumuha ng passport?..ano po ang mga supporting documents na puedeng dalhin?..

  • che... says:

    dear Madaam/Sir,

    meron na poh akong passport na luma at expired na poh xa nung august 2010 pa dko rin poh ngamit to dati kc d nman ntuloy ang pagpunta ko sa abroad kc sa d sinasadyang pangyayari nbuntis poh ng boyfriend ko na dapat dumating na visa ko pa japan pero d na poh ntuloy….after nun ng aral ako tpos po ung mga bagong documents ko ngayon iba na ang pirma ko paano poh ninto ako mtutulungan sa gnitong problema?kpag pinarenew ko poh ba ang passport ko ok lng poh ba gmitin ung bgo kong requirements ngayon khit iba na nag pirma ko…i need your help poh…pls email me asap…

  • christopher says:


    pwede po ba ang postal id para sa passport?

  • iris says:

    dear ma’am/sir,
    i just want to ask lng po anong kailangan dalhin pag wala pong valid i.d ang applicant for getting a passport? at paano po mag set ng appointment sa inyo before po pumunta sa dfa personally..thank you..

  • kennan v. oligario says:

    good day po mam/sir,
    pano po pag ung NSO at birth certificate ko parehas spelling ng name ko, pero ung valid i.d. ko po iba kasi po ung copy ng birth certificate na naibigay ng parents ko iba sa record sa municipyo..ganito po kasi ung sa NSO kong name KENNAN V. OLIGARIO. pero ung sa mga i.d. ko KENAN V. OLEGARIO. anu po ang gagawin ko para mkakuhang passport… thanks po..

  • Sheila Alcaraz says:

    gud day po, i have 3 months old baby and i want him to have a passport? ask ko lang po ang requirements at kung kailangan pa ng personal appearance,ur respond is highly appreciated thank you very much!

  • jessette anne rosal says:

    hello po sir/maam… just want to ask what are the REQUIREMENTS of a new passport for me and for my 5 year old son…. and if i have two valid i.d’s eh hindi na po ba kelangan ung NBI? kc dito sa amin it takes almost 3 months para makakuha ng NBI clearance eh that’s a long wait… eh kelangan na naming makapagawa ng passport as soon as possible… .. please respond to my queries.. thank u very much po….:)))

  • Leslie says:

    Nawala ko yung passport ko. Mayroon po bang nagno-notarize ng affidavit of loss sa loob ng DFA? Nakapagpaschedule na kc aq online pero wala p qng notarized affidavit. Hindi kc aQ mkahanap ng time para mkapagpanotarize dahil sa schedule ng trabaho ko. Sabi ng kapitbahay namen, meron daw ngnonotarize sa DFA ang problema ang aga ng appoinment q 7:30am… I don’t know if I will be entertained since I dont have complete requirements. Please respond asap.. thanks so much.

  • MARILOU says:

    Hi, Goog morning po..tanong ko lang po. married na po ako nag pakasal ako don sa Australia. tapos gusto ko pong palitan yong last name ko po sa passport. pwede po ba ang gamitin ko yong marrage certficate yong galing australia.pwd ba yon atska ano po yong ibang requirments po. sna mtlongan nyo ako thanks po. god bless

  • veronica llenos says:

    good day ask ko lang po kung hindi na ba kelangan nang NBI sa passport requirements kapag may 2 valid id na? thank you po and god bless…

  • roxanie says:

    good day poh!! i just want to ask kung anong requirements sa pagpapaamend ng passport?nakakuha na poh ako ng passport last yr nd i got married to my husband this month lang,normal sa passport koh na nakuha last yr surname koh pa,now kailangan koh ipamend para makasunod ako sa kanya,nd i also want to ask poh kung katulad lang din ba ng first time applicant ng passport ung pag processes nd amendments?,,tnx poh hope matulungan nyo ako ..god bless always ;)

  • Rowella Joy Joyag says:

    hi I lost my passport last month.. how can I get a new one and what are the requirements needed..


  • queenie pagangpang says:

    good evening ask q lng po kung anu p ung mga kelangan pra mkakuha aq ng passport?at gaano ktagal ang mg process ng pgkuha ng pastport?sana po mkasgot agad kau s mga tnung q!slmat po….asap

  • jovilyn i leocadio says:

    hi good morning mam/sir ask ko lang po sana kasi schedule ko na po sa monday sa dfa appointment june 18,2012,e d pa po complete ang requirments ko…pwede ko po bang i adjust ulit ang date of schedule ko..?thanks a lot

  • jovilyn i leocadio says:

    sir/madam, good morning po ask ko lang po sana kung puede ko po bang i ayos ulit ung schedule ko kc kulang p po ung mga requirments ko e sa june 18,2012 na po ang appointment ko sa dfa…thanks

  • april says:

    hello po., tatanong ko lang po, ilang beses po ba pede magpa-appoinment?? kasi nakaka-5times na ko and d ko na nappuntahan., and d ko po nccancel kase everytime na iccancel ko, laging nasisisra ang server ng DFA., pano po un? may possibility po ba na ma-blocked ako from getting a passport??

    • Airene says:

      pwde pong makproblem kung d m agad n-cancel ung appointment m 5 days before ur date of appointment,..di ko lang sure kng mba-block ka, mbbasa m po un s email nla sau…

    • Meanie says:

      Puwede ka namang tumawag or mag-email ka. Imposibleng laging sira ang database ng DFA nasa iyo lang talaga ang problema. Ikaw din mapapasama sa attitude mong iyan.

  • EMILY TOTING says:


    Ma am,, have a good day to you

    how will to apply a new passport through the internet?

  • edward rafael says:

    kailan po ang appointment ko sa DFA?

  • princess melanie somera says:

    gud day po apply po sana ko passport pero ung name ko po mali s nso at local birth certificate s halip n princess n ussualy kong ginagamit eh princes po ang nk entry.ano po dapat kong gawin?at kailingan p po b ng picture n isasubmit?tnk u po and gopd bless to your good office..

    • Meanie says:

      Huwag ka munang mag-apply or mag commit ng appointment sa DFA. Magandang gawin mo e ayusin mo muna Birth Certificate mo.

  • Airene says:

    ask ko lng po kung, how if Voters ID lng ung ID na meron ako,..pero my NSO, TOR nong College, at Police Clearance ako..pwede na po ba un sa pgkuha ng passport??

  • Mec says:

    Hi. Im 17, underage. We’re planning to apply for a passport next week. But the problem is, i lost my 2 old school id’s and Im not studying now nor working. I only have my NSO, Baptismal. How can i apply for passport? Is there any alternative or ways? And how can I get valid ids? Hope for your reply. ASAP. Very urgent. Thanks and Godbless! :)

  • Gelo Prado says:

    hi sir and mam,
    ask ko lang po panu po kumuha ng passport true online,i mean yung pag pill up pwede poh pasend ng link yumg diretso nah po sa form!!!

  • Tere says:


    meron po akong problema sa aking pasaporte at kailangan ko ng payo kung ano ang dapat gawin at anong mga documento ang kailangan, naisyuhan na po ako ng passport gamit ang surname na nakalagay sa NSO birth certificate ko subalit may isang letra na mali doon sa aking apelyido. nag apply na po ako ng petisyon sa civil registrar para maitama ang aking apelyido, paano po ang gagawin ko pag naisyuhan na ako ng naitamang spelling ng aking apelyido sa pag a-apply ng pasaporte? salamat…

  • rowena baguinaid says:

    anu po yung requirements pag nag pa renew ng passport?
    at kelan ang schedule?

  • rowena says:

    anu po yung requirements pag nag pa renew ng passport? at kelan po ung schedule? Alibay I. Kamid po yung pangalan ko sa passport.

  • Rlyn says:

    Good day po,.ask ko lng po kung pede po b yung pink na SSS ko po kse wla po akong ibang id, school id ko po ay nung ’01 pa po,,ang mga documents ko lng po ay baptismal w/seal ,NSO Bc,form 137,NBI, Skul id ’01,,.my classcard dn po ako nung vocational,pede na po ba yun pra makakuha ng passport..salamat po sna m2lungan nyo po ako.

  • stasiscxe says:


  • errol a. toriaga says:

    san na website ako pupunta para magkaroon ng application form to get my passport?

    • Rodolfo A. Alamag Jr. says:

      Good morning po ask ko lang kung atleast 3 valid I.D lang po ba ang kailangan at saka passport size ng picture at kung we need money to prepare to get new application passport thank you po,.

  • michelle says:

    good day ma’am/sir,
    i would like to ask if how long will it takes to release the passport?

  • Marnelleh Geonzon says:

    Hi i need some copy of the require in acquiring Philippine passport.

  • Presciosa besire says:

    I dont hve tOr or card but u hve land title with my parents can i used it as a supporting documents

  • Renato P. Lorenzo says:

    sir, ask ko lang kung ano-ano requirements for passport renewal. kc, po i plan to renew my passport. khit dpa po sya nagamit. kc, ma expire na sya sa 2013.
    please reply.
    Renato P. Lorenzo

  • Milany R. Macapil says:

    sir/mam, gusto ko lang pong malaman kung ano po an requirements na kakailanganin ko para makapag apply yung aking apo sa pamangkin, yun pong bata ay 12 years old, the mother is working abroad, pinapakiusap nya na kung pwede ko pong ikuha ng passport yung kanyang anak, di po kasi kasal yung pamangkin ko sa father nung bata at more than six years ng di nagpapakita yung ama sa kanila at di nila alam kung nasaan na yung father ng bata, ngayon po ay kasal na yung pamangkin ko at pareho silang nasa abroad ngayon, ang ginagamit pong surname nung bata ay yung sa mother nya pagkadalaga tho nakapirma yung father nung bata sa birth certificate ng bata, ako lang naman po ang pinapasamahan nya para makakuha ng passport yung bata pero hindi po ako ang makakasama ng bata sa pag travel, pag may passport na yung bata susunduin po nilang mag asawa dito sa pinas yung bata., nag inquire po ako sa dswd at ang sabi nila ilagay ko lang po sa application na yung mother ang kasama niyang mag travel at sa inyo ko raw hingin ang kakailanganin ko bilang kasama nya lang sa pag a apply ng passport, sana po ay matulungan nyo ako. salamat po at more power! God bless po! Lanie Macapil

  • kristel de jesus says:

    sir/mam, tanong ko lang po kung pati po ba sa dfa pampangga kailngan n mag pa appointment mna via online process bago dumerekta sa dfa pampangga?para po sa kpatid kong 15yrs.old sa aug.11, 2012?


    sir pano po ako kukuha ulit ng passport kc nasa employer ko po yong passport ko d nasauli sa akin …cguro po may 5-6 years na yon ok lng po b na magsign ulit ako ng bago kc d ko po alam ang number ng passport ko kaya d ko alam kung papano ulit ako kukuha ng passport ..

  • Gloryfi C. Paculanang says:


    Hi ask lang po, magkano po ba ang passport jan sa Zamboanga city?

  • Gloryfi C. Paculanang says:


    Tanong lang po, magkano po ba ang passport? Dyan ako kukuha sa Zamboanga City.

  • ELISA MAE f. GALZOTE says:

    Good day! wala po kong available requirements para sa pagkuha ng passport ano pa po bang pwede bukod sa list of requirements ninyo pwede po ba ang postal id, philhealth id o kaya po yung certificate ng voters ko wala pa daw po kase yung pinaka i.d. thanks po sana po reply nyo ko

  • kevin luangco says:

    kailangan pa po b ng online application bago pumunta sa DFA lucena?

  • mark m. principe says:

    sir/mam paano po ba makakakuha ng aplication form ng passport anu po ba una gagawin?

  • Marichan McIntosh says:

    Good day!i need some favor from you guys for what i need to do once simulan ko mag process ng passport sa dalawa kung anak sa samar,Wala po kasi silang ID from school kasi sa island lang,so anu po ang ma e suggest nyo sa akin para hindi po ako mahirapan.I know not enough ang NSO and NBI.please need ko po ang response nyo thank-you po!

  • charie says:

    pano mag-online passporting?

  • riane says:

    paano pag tin id lang?pwede na ba yon?wla ksing postal id.thanks hntay ko reply

  • Dalia logatoc Rufino says:

    hello poh,,,ask ko lang po pano pagkuha ng lost passport,,ano requirments ulit,,mgkno,,at mag pa schedule po sa ako appointment kelan,,tnx po so much,,,God bless

  • Arlene Fajardo says:

    Bakit laging error dun sa date of appointment? After I completed to fill up the application and will proceed to the schedule, laging error. Di tuloy ako makakuha ng appointment date at confirmation number. :(

  • angelyn dela cruz says:

    sir/maam mga magkano po kaya ang bayad kung kukuha ng bagong passport??first timer po..

  • sir/ madam says:

    sir madam…

    bakit po pag mag aaply ako sa online application eh hind ako nakakatangap ng comfirmation galing ng dfa? sana po mga responce kayo sakin salamat po…..

  • jeleth probitsado says:

    ask ko lng po sana if okey lng ba yun valid ID’exept po sa sss ID?wala pa po kc un ID ko ng sss pero i present po any valid ID?thank you po

  • dyan says:

    magkanopo kng pa deliver passport to caloocan from dfa

  • liza says:

    gud day mam/sir,

    pano po ba mag apply passport online? and also may error po kasi sa name ko pero may supporting documents na ako including affidavit and book 2 from the municipal office….. thank you hoping for your prompt attention

  • rodamie urisantos zamora says:

    panu po mag aply ng passport

  • joyce says:

    maiden name typo error

    instead of ‘c’ turns to ‘s’
    instead of ‘e’ turns ‘i’

    i’m married and have a copy of my marriage which is already corrected. the problem is that my birth certificate have this typo error in my maiden name.
    what should i do? thanks you.

  • REAH BEJO says:


  • joan says:

    ask ko lng po kng pwede ung sss ko pero active pa nman cya di pa npplitan ng surname ko na my asawa na pgkadlaga prin ang surname ko don sa sss ko po….wla na po akong ibang id execept sa sss at postal id pero sa postal surname ko na pong my asawa pwede pong nbi claerance nlang
    at sa son ko po pwede na pong sa 1copy nlang kmi ng marriage contract ko sabay naman kmi schedule…tnx po…

  • kingven says:

    sir/mam kaylan poh pwede mag pa sched?

  • Ronaldo V. Recio ll says:

    Good day this is ronald, I just want to ask if you are accepting postal ID as a valid ID for the requirement of two valid ID mention above, and how much will it cost for getting a new passport….thank you…

  • geneve villanueva says:

    dear maam/sir;

    tanung ko lang po kung anu ang requirments para kumuha ng passport.
    1st tym ko po kcie. thanks po

  • charlet salvador says:

    sir/mam pano poh kumuha ng passport ano2x [poh ang kailangan na requirements

  • Mel Balanay says:

    Tanong ko lang po kung senior citizen po ang mag aaply ng passport dina ba kailangang mag pa schedule ng appoitment? Sa marquee mall Angeles city may DFA po ba doon? thanks and hoping for your help.

  • Ralph Esma says:

    Sir/maam i dont have any nbi clearance, im having a hard time of getting those because of time. But as you have stated above;

    NBI CLEARANCE ( not required if presenting 2 Digitized Identification Cards )
    ok lang po ba ung TIN and VOTERS ID?

    So that I can directly go DFA for my application of passport
    Thank You

  • Joebert says:

    OMG! my wife was there in DFA Cagayan de Oro City to apply a passport but it is bullshit!! that one of the staff of the DFA doesn’t process her passport they wanted to have a old ID rather than the New ID .All the documents my wife were complete except for the OLD ID that DFA ask here. She travelling Zamboanga del Sur to Cagayan De Oro City expecting to apply and to process here passport. But what did the DFA CDO do my wife. They are not thinking that all here document & requirement are complete.!

    • RHEGZ says:

      may NBI ka ba joebert dala dala kc ganun din nangyari sakin sa manila hinanapan ako ng old id eh wala naman dala ko driver license nbi postal at mga requirments na pinapaloup ko like supporting docs.

  • jake says:

    hello maam/sir

    Pwede po ba, kung walang voters of affidavit, pwede bang makakuha ng passport?.
    un na lng po kasi ung kulang ko,

  • Fidencio A. Perez says:

    I have all of the requirements except I do not have 2 ID’s. I have my SSS ID, I have my NBI clearance and all of the other documents. Please help

  • mark joseph santos says:

    pwede na po ba ung 1 copy lng na nbi ung kc ung employee copy nbigay ko sa pinasukan ko na trabaho lhat nman po ng req meron ako ..pwede na po ba un…pls reply

  • rommel says:

    pano po pag lost passport?

  • rommel says:

    meron n po akong application form at affidavit of lost SSS ID at Driver’s License.

  • leah lili says:

    ask lang may record na ko dati ng pasport papuntang u.s kukuha ako ng bago renewal ba yung gagawin ko?

  • myla flores Derit says:

    good afternun sir/maam anu poh ung requiremnts ng firts time po kmuha ng passport id nso at id lng poh vah panu poh kung expired nah ung id koh pwd poh vah form 137 nlang poh at school ng high school poh akoh pwd po vah un wait koh poh ung reply nio

  • FLIPPNAI says:

    gud evening po ask ko lang po sana if pano po kumuha ng appointment for renewal of passport sa dfa la union branch?

  • ian valdez says:

    ask ko lang po meron na po akong nso, nbi and postal id meron pa po akong supporting documents like form137 good moral id when i was high school and college and even kinder id i have ok na po ba yun? baka po kasi pabalikin pa rin ako

  • jeffry espinola says:

    hello maam/sir

    pwede po bang makahingi nang list of requirements for applying passport at tsaka application form.paki send na lang po sa yahoo mail ko.salamat po.

  • melani isidro says:

    Good morning po..ask ko lang po..kc nkapasok na po aQ sa dfa.pero hindi po tinanggap ung license nbi clearance ko at nso.hinanapan pa po aq ng sss id kaso hindi pa po dumadating ung sss ko..pwede po vah postal id??ask ko lang po.hindi po vah valid if yong id mo lang ay license nso at nbi clearance??sana po msagot nyo kasi po need q na po kasi magkaroon ng passport..i ned ur rply.tnx.

  • marian enipin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    ask ko lang po kung accidentally na nabasa po ung passport then nugblurred po photo but all information on the passport is readable nasa china po kasi ako kasalukuyan, back flight for holiday on jan.31, di po ba maququestion sa immigration, nagtanong na rin po ako sa beijing & guanzhou processing is 6-8 weeks.

    ano po requirement pa renewal po..

  • Aiko reyes says:

    Hi i would like to ask if is it possible to apply for my 2 year old child a passport even though there still no record of her birth certificate at nso. Sabi kasi we need to wait for 6 mos pra magkarecord siya sa nso e we wanted to travel sana this coming summer. Thanks! Amd hope to hear from you soon :)

  • christine says:

    hi good day p0, i just want to ask about sa government i.d, ok ba yung may0r’s i.d ko sa place namin? v0ters lang kasi ang meron ako at yung 137 records from our school. gusto ko po sana kumuha ng passport sa cdo. at yung old i.d from high school

  • Angel says:

    Hi gud pm. Po. Ask Lang po ako.. Kung pwede Ang Lola sasama pag apply nang passport.. Hiwalay na po Kc Ang magulang ng bata at di na mahanap Ang tatay Ang nanay naman Nasa malayo nag work. At gusto dalhin ng Lola at lolo Ang bata sa abroad para mag bakasyon… Ano po Ba Ang requirements 10 year old pa po. Yung bata

  • richard says:

    tnong lng po kung pno pg mali ung middle name ko s NSO birth certificate ko..ano pong gagawin ko..

  • jean capili says:

    paano poh ba mafill up ng passfort online?thanks poh.

  • victor sardonido says:

    paano po ba ang magpaschedule ng passpot ???

  • annie maquirang says:


    ask ko lang po sa mga walang asawa na first time palang kukuha ng passport. ano po ba ang mga kailagang requirements sa pag kuha ng passport.. need ko po ang inyong reply. salamat po..

  • develyn says:

    hello po ask ko po,sana po matulungan nyo ako,dahil need ko po tlaga,meron po ako 2 i.ds postal at tin i.d,at nso,pabtismal,old birthcitificate,nbi clearnce,form 137,ask ko lang po kung pwde na yun,sana po mtulungan nyo ako.

  • develyn says:

    hello po sana po matulungan nyo ako,ask ko lang po kung pwde na yung requirments ko para sa pasport,2 i,ds postal at bir i.d,baptismal,nso,form 137,certified true cpoy of birthcitificate,sana po matulungan nyo ako.

  • daniel says:

    kailangan pa po ba ng ID? or Birth Certificate lang pwede na po sa First apply ng passport??

  • AHRA says:

    Good afternoon poh pano q poh maco2nfirm ang schedule ng passport ng aswa q…wala aman poh kcng nka sent s email q…tnxs

  • Dante Rivero says:

    ano po ba ang mga requirments na kailangan kapag kukuha ng bagong passport ang idad ay 10,9 and 3 years old mayroon pa bang appointments, bago pumunta o ilang araw bago marelease?





  • gud eve poh san poh b ako pupuntang website para mka pg fillup poh aq pra sa passport?

  • arlyn nismal says:

    hi po,ask ko lang po kung ano requirements sa pgkuha ng passport ng age 3yrs.old?slmt po…

  • Bong says:

    copied your article.

  • Jenelyn says:

    good day sir & maam, paano po kung nadala sa sunog ang passport and then di matandaan ang pssport #. anung requrements ang kelangan po?

  • chari says:

    hi po! tanong ko lng po kung pano magpaappointment sa dfa marquee mall.

  • rhegz says:

    Hello po..

    Last year pa po kc ako nag follow up lahat lahat ng documents ko like ID kc this year palang po ako nag plano aalis ibang bansa kaya ngayong ko lang nakuha ug NSO copy late registered 2012 ko meron na po akong mga documents na nakuha like.


  • alvin says:

    san po yung i dodownload na form ??

  • Ma.theresa M.Melo says:

    good day po sir\maam
    ask ko po sana kung saan po ako pwedeng mag fill up ng form online or web address para po sa anak ko na mag 8 years old palang. at kung ano ano po ba ang kailangang documents na kakailanganin ng anak ko ? thanks po

    • ANNAPAZ BRILLO says:

      Hi Sir/Mam,
      Ano po dapat gawin sa birth certificate ng anak ko na 8 years old kc nagkamali po ako ng fill up ng form nung iregister namin yung birthcertificate nya sa NSO.Nagkamali po ako ng fill up sa month ng birthday nya instead na October 25,2004 and nailagay ko,naisulat koy November 25,2004.Ano po and dapat kong gawin kasi nandito ako sa New Zealand at balak ko na siyang kunin ngayung October 2013.Yung dati nyang passport October 25,2004 ang nakasulat which is tama po.Ano po ang dapat kung gawin?

  • glaiza says:

    Hello poh ask ko lang poh kung po pwede poh ba ung philheald id na gamitin valid id para pagawa ng passport pleasee help mo thank you poh

  • Charmaine Taparan says:

    May I know if Philhealth ID is valid as one of the passport requirements? Thanks.

  • Lois says:

    ok lang ba if yung ID is not the recent one? as long as student ID parin?

  • nonito says:

    ….good day po man/sir i would like to ask for new passfort because i have no passfort and firts timer and whats is your requirement for this thank you so much

  • nonito says:

    …..ano ano po ba ang mga requirement dto at how long for all procedure kailangan ko lang po talaga salamat po

  • shaine delavega says:

    with ol d respc
    to d dfa, bkt kelangan plitin nyo ung mga aplicante na mgproduce ng form 137,! Eh cmplete nmn ang mga oder suppting dcuments. Sna u shld try 2 understnd wt u hav wrten n d rqrments. BC alone is a valuable jstfctn.

  • daisy camba says:

    keep up the good work

  • Gina says:

    pwede po ba ang philhealth id for passport?thanks po

  • ela says:

    Hi sir/madam,

    tanong ko lang po kung pwedeng yung mga requirements na gamitin pag kumuha ng passport djan sa tacloban ay galing ng ibang lugar like manila pupwede po ba yun?

    Salamat po.

  • jocelyn says:

    my dati n poh aq kaya lng poh d q nkuha kc poh baha poh dto samin non, pa2schedule n nmn poh b un ulit?

  • Mark says:

    I am here in Australia sir/madam. And my wife and children are currently applying for their passport in San Fernando, La Union. They have all the requirements listed in your website but the DFA La Union office is searching for more documents as per ordered by the Director as they said. My Family is in your regional office in two days, Kung nag aantay po ng lagay ang mga empleyado po sa opisinang yan aba eh hindi aasenso ang Pilipinas po nyan. Malinaw po na Red Tape ang ginagawa ng mga empleyado dyan. Kindly check your Reginal Director there in La Union sir/madam.

  • ermie says:


    May passport na po ako dati, na release po ito ng 2004, na miss-place ko po ito, ano po ang gagawin ko sa aking application, renewal po ba o new? hindi ko po kasi matandaan ang passport # ko.

  • lourdes shirai says:

    pwede po ba ang Postal id and phil health id for passport requirments ?

  • lourdes shirai says:

    same requirements din po kung married na ? tnx po

  • marie says:

    Yong iba jan sa DFA na nagwowok especially at window 5 ay ang susungit at di marunong mag explain ng maayos sa kukuha ng passport.Pasalamat ka lang at jan ka nagwowork.Sana di mangyari sa yo ang ginawa mo sa kapwa mo.Good luck.And daming I.D. na hinahanap mo.

  • mayeth mantalaba says:

    hi Sir and Madam, i have my family back home in phil and they my nephew requested passport after they got there passport, they saw error on the gender its female insted of male and ITS DFA error, i and they want them to pay again what the best thing your office will advice. hope to get respose from your office

  • julia famillaran says:

    Good morning po,tanong ko lang po kasi ang nanay ko ay kukuha ng passport ,kaya lang po wala syang record s nso.Ano po b ang dapat n gawin sya po senior citizen n.

  • joan yandog says:

    can i ask about digitized identification cards?… and if i have that already, NBI clearance is not needed? salamat po gusto ko po ng sagot ngayon,, jst txt my no.09066299877 thank you again.

  • jennlyn says:

    hello po..pwede po ba kumuha ng passport f student id lang ang hawak na id?pero kumpleto naman po sa supporting document,,,id lang po ang wla pero meron pong voters certificate,,kakagraduate lang po kc ng high school so wla pong mga id tulad ng sss,drivers license etc..

  • Lourdes says:

    Good day po ! Magtatanong lng po ng adress sa DFA CEBU branch, Salamat po hntyin ko sagot nyo.

  • analyn says:

    tanong ko po…gusto ko kumuha ng new passport..kasi kumplikado ang ginamit ko na passport nong nag abroad ako…mali ang ang birthyear ko n nakalagay sa passport..ano po gagawin ko para makakuha ng panibagong passport na true birthyear ko na ang di maging kumplikado pag bumalik ako sa dating bansa na napuntahan ko…please…

  • bhel says:

    Hi po, just to ask if the baptismal is required when u apply passport?
    Kc po sa website nyo u can only require baptismal if the document are unreadable.
    But in La Union branch says its required khit malinaw ang birth or marriage certificate at need pa daw voters id khit my 2 valid ids kna as director william acosta said.
    Anu po ba ang true…
    I just want a reply pls bgo ko pabalikin uli ang sis in law ko to apply her passport pra dna sya pabalikvalik.

    Thank you and waiting for response


  • philip gamboa says:

    good evening. schedule passport need

    may requirements 1 school ID 1 voters ID and

    REGULAR passport

    healp me ; 09982973852

  • gina estacio says:

    gud day po ask ko lng po…ako po ay isang ofw before but now im here in the philippines…nung nagwowrk po ako dun sa athens grecee nadukot po ang pitaka ko…nandun po lhat ang mga ids ko especially po yung passport when i come back here documents po ang dala ko yun din po ang pinakita ko sa airport…before po ako lumabas…at nagkataoon po na renewall po ang passport ko nung last year pa po…nagkataon po n wala po akong pera pang renew….ngayun po gusto kong mag apply uli…meron na din po akong affidavit of loss….NBI BARANGAY CLEARANCE…MARRIGED CONTRACT….FROM 137. at kumuha na rin po ako ng POSTAL ID ang gusto ko pong malaman ano pa po ba ang kailangn kong recquirments….maraming salamat po…..

  • joea says:

    good morning po! ask lang po ako f ok na ba kukuha ako nang passport eto lang requirements ko id sa philhealth at pag ibig fund, birth certificate from nso, voter certification, anbi clearance at may id rin ako postal.

    ok na ba yan na requirements?

    pls reply.

    thanks a lot

    joea dawdawin jamendang

  • joea says:

    mam/sir pwd rin kayo text this number 09074087616


  • Ray Heath says:

    Where is the DFA that services Iligan City for first time passports?

  • ningning brezuela says:

    totoo ba yang sinasabi nyo na online booking? o baka paepek lang? bakit hindi kami makabook? lagi sinasabi no slot available! until 2015 walang slot???? bakit di nyo pa aminin na need namin gumamit agency kc magkakuntsaba kayo???? pinafill up pa nman ako kadami dami para sa pamilya ko tapos wala daw slot forever????? ano ba talaga?

  • sherwin says:

    anuh poh ang kailangan dalhin pag kukuha ng passport sa dfa???

  • Higgine Bohol says:

    good morning po i ask about digitized identification cards ???
    gsto qu po kc kumuha ng passport un nga lang po wala pa po akong mga ID.
    Like SSS,TIN, even voters ID…
    panu po ba ang gagawin qu ???
    they say po kc hndsi na din valid ang Postal ID..
    so panu po aq kukuha e need qu na po with in this year na makakuha ng passport …
    salamat po

  • emilyn says:

    hi sir and madaam! how do i get passport?and how many days to pr0cess?thanks!

  • Rea Tolentino says:

    Hi I’m currently working in Singapore and I am a single mother I just want to know how can I get passport for my daughter in Philippines.pwede po ba magsend nalang ng authorization letter sa friend ko to process my daughter passport..please let me hear from you it really appreciated.
    Best Reagards,

  • Lyn says:

    Hi,just wanna ask what are the requirements to get a passport for your daughter in the Philippines if both parents are in abroad..tnx

  • michael says:

    hi gusto ko lng malaman kung magapearance pa ba ang anak ko kung kukuha ako ng passport nya at pls paki send nlng din po s email ko mga requirements needed tnx po please

  • Melanie M. Manaig says:

    A pleasant day in your good office. About po sa application ng passport urgent lng po kasi dahil requirments po ng asawa kailangang kailangan lang po Mayroon po pala problema sa NSO expected ko po na name lang ang may problema kulang ng e ang Melanie yun din po plng date of birth 30 po naging 31, Tanung ko lng po if pede magpasa muna ng affidavit about sa error sa name ang birthdate para po mkapag process n po ako ng passport.
    Maraming salamat po

  • jaqueline calunsag says:

    gdpm po sir/madam,itatanong ko lang po,maliban po sa voters i.d,voters certification,voters affidavit,ano po ba ang pwedeng e replace po,request din ako ng aking bakit hndi pwede ang postal i.d?
    i need ur reply po…………thank you & good day po!

  • aime says:

    hi,i just want to ask kung pwde q po bang i apply online ang pagkuha q ng anak ng passport,hiwalay po aq s asawa, so ang makakasama lang ng anak q s pag appear personal eh ung sister q kz ,nagwwork po aq d2 now s singapore.

  • melvin says:

    mag apply po sana ako ng passport,

  • ruby malig-on says:

    Hay maaor sir ok lng po ung form 137 or transcript kahit wala ng ung id ng highscool??

  • analiza.prias.loria says:

    how to get my true copy of my passport and how much do i need to pay? and how many days prosscing to get my true copy ty am waiting ur responce

  • kevin bangaysiso says:

    ano po bang requirements kapag wala po akong middle innitial s birth certificate ko,pero kasal na po ako kailangan p po b ng birth certificate ko

  • marina says:

    ano po ba ang requirements para makakuha ng passport,widowed po ako?thanks po

  • Jonatan Caramat says:

    Bakit wla passport ng anak ko nung Nov 24 2013 Ko sya inaplay Jan 10 2014 any last date nya hanging ngayon wala p mag penalty na Kmi ditto s Kuwait 60 days lng dapt mkakuha n sya ng visa Nya kaso sobrang delay n ung passport dapat page new born baby unahin asikasuhin ung pasport ng bata

  • loryvic says:

    bakit hinahanapan pa ako na form 137? at wala nman dyan sa requirements niyo nakalagay thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • grace says:

    Tanong klng po wat po b nid if get bata ng passport pero ang ksama byahe ay grandmother at hndi rin po kasal ang parents. Tpis father lng po ksama nya wla xa mother n ksama wat po b nid?

  • Mitch says:

    Ask ko lang po kasi kumuha po ako ng passport nung April 2013 at may pinapakuha po sakin na other document dina po ako naka balik dahil na operahan ang anak ko sa jaw at dito na kami nanirahan sa lucena city. ang tanung kopo kung ako po ay kukuha na passport muli need ko po bang magbayad ulit since nagbayad napo ako at nasakin pa po ang resibo? magbabayad pa po ba ako ulit?at yung mga doc’s po na pinasa ko panu po iyun? kaylangan ko pa poba kumuha ng Nbi and Birth certificate authenticate?Thank you and God bless!

  • rose ann says:

    hi,poh anu mga requirments sa pagkuha nang passport first time ko lang po kc 20 yrs. old na po aq kc po magwowork po sana ako sa dubai

  • rose ann says:

    panu po if wala po ako voter’s id po

  • lian james says:

    anung requirement pu ang kaylangan pag ku2ha pu ng passport?

  • Rolynne says:

    Anu po ang pwede kong gawin kc po nwala ung passport ko,pwede po b akng kumuha ulit?anu ano po ba mga requirements kng skling pwede.thanks po!!!!!!

  • jenelyn betonio escanilla says:

    Hi good nun po ano po requirement ng passport first time ko po forts year high school lang po ako at kasal na po I’m 25 years old

  • algabremaryrose says:

    gud,pm po tanong ko lang pwde po ba ako mag online para mak kuha ako ng passport kht dito ako sa cebu ngayon?

  • charm drezgic says:

    hi po.ask ko po sana if anu requirements pag kumuha passport sa iloilo city? age 55 years old..?

  • Angelica Poyaoan says:

    what are the requirements po for applying a passport for infants? my baby is just 1month old po. Thank you po for helping me. pls reply.

  • crestina says:

    Hi po,

    Tanung ko lang po kung anung requirments ng new applicant
    For passport, age 10 and 8. Thanks looking forward to hear from you.

  • roen jamisola says:

    hi po.ask qlng po sir/mam kpag lost passport po kailangan pa b aqng kumuha ng apidavet of lost po sir/mam.nwala ung passport q nong 2001 pa po.

  • Kimberly says:

    Hi! Good day! Ask ko lang po.. Paano po if walang I.D? ang Meron lang po ay postal I.D. New applicant for passport po ako, wala na po kasi yung mga old I.d’ s ko. salamat po..

  • Irish suete says:

    Hello po, good day, what if I only have one non digitized BIR id and philhealth id? Is it valid if I used to apply a passport? Please answer, thank you, :)

  • vivian capin says:

    good morning sir & maam mag tanong lang ako sa inyo,,mg pa schedule lang ko sa inyo kung ano akong oras kumoha ng passport at anong araw

  • sarrah pelandis says:

    good pm po ask lng po sa dfa tacloban po aq kukuha ng pasport ned poh vha nah mg pa appointment pah,,thank you…

  • Theresa Lamzon says:

    Hello applicant open alone..pwede. open ako. Ask. Kc. Postal. At. Nbi Lang open valid. Koh. Pwede. Na. Po. Un?

  • roxanne almazan says:

    gud pm tanung q lng sa requirments sa dfa ang nsa akin voter certification nbi e1 form at old id ang nso ok npo b un bka kc me kulang eh pauwiiin n nman aq

  • Princess says:

    May frend po kc aku na nagsabi na hindi na daw po kelangan na magdala nan picture kc merun din aman daw po nun sa office.. At directly un na lang an gagamitin.. How true po?

  • thes says:

    nag apply ako ng passport sa marquee mall pero di nila tanggap yung ID na dala ko gaya ng postal ID,BIR ID,at company ID,at nag request pa sila ng ibang ID,sabi nila hindi na raw pwede ang postal ID.anu po ba ang kailangan nilang ID.

  • maribel sciarabba says:

    hi, sino po ang may nakkuha na nag e passport po?i just got mine.and when i looked into my pasport picture ang daming dots,im wondering po kun normal po ito.nasa chicago IL po ako,kaya dito po ako nag renew ng e passport ko…kun sino po ang my nkKuha na ng new e passport may dots din po ba sa inyong picture?thanks po!

  • glizel mariveles says:

    Hi po..tanong ko lng po sna kung pwd po ba ung nbi ko na luma pra sa pagkuha ng passport….2010 ko pa po un nkuha..tnx po..

  • daylene perez says:

    gud pm po sir/mam tanung ko lang po kung kailangan pa po ba ng baptismal para sa new aplicants for passport.thanks

  • chariz lauron says:

    sir/maam pwede na ba ung valid id ko n phil health po?kasi merun na po ako police clearance nbi cedula nso tanggap nyu ba postal id po para po sa passort?yung student permit at drivers license tanggap nyu po ba?So pwede po ba valid id ko ipAkita po sa dfa

    • chariz lauron says:

      ang hiningi sa akin drivers license po galing po kasi po ako sa alabang kumha po ako ng passport.akala ko naman ok po ung kuha ko yung reuirements,pwede po ba ung postal id gamitin sa passport ?

  • jason sarong says:

    pwede pa yung phil health id??

  • Edna says:

    I’m 60 years old just and my first time to apply for passport.
    The requirements I got is Birth certificate from NSO 3 types of ID.
    My question is should I still need NBI clearance even if I got 3 deferent ID?

  • nancy olanio says:

    Anu po ang requirements sa students palang 15 yrs old po thank you

  • jiengky says:

    hello po mag aaply po sana ako ng passport bago lang po ask ko lang ung requirements im 22 years old na po wala akong school year book or school id ano po ba ung ibang kailangan para makakuha ako ngpassport?pls reply po

  • Rowena Victoria says:

    Wat are the requirements for the new applicants of passport, age 13and 15

  • lyndon says:

    Hello po..meron n po akong i.d’s na voters i.d. at philhealth at meron n din akong NSO.pwede n po b akong magpapassport o dala pa po ako ng picture?..need a reply po tnx.

  • fatima pascual says:

    first time ko lng po kumuha ng passport..ano po mga kailangan ang meron po ako ..n.s.o at voters id”
    im 35 years old..nwala napo ang school year book ko mula ng nagbaha sa mindoro..gusto makuha ng passport..reply po salamat

  • Melane Gacu says:

    Good evening! hello.. i like to get a passport for the 1st time, i want to know what kind of requirements that i need to get 1st before i get a passport..Pls reply..Thank you

  • mic says:

    goodam!ask ok lang povyun requirements para sa renewal ng passport nag expired po 2013.thank you

  • anne says:

    good day ask q lng po my passport n po aq married pde po b kumaha ng single thank you

  • cherelle umagat says:

    kukuha po sana aq pssport..pnu po appointmnt dto?

  • B-jay d.Gibo says:

    ano poh ang gagawin kohh kc wala poh ako sss id pahh ang meron lang pohh ako oid school id,certefecate ng nc2 at nso pwd nahh kaya pohh yun

  • sonny says:

    good evening firstime ko po kukuha ng passport paano po ba mag,set ng appointment dito ?

  • joanne reyes says:

    tanung ko lang po kung anung dokumento kelangan sa pagpapalit ng status na married to single na passport?thankyou po

  • Cristina says:

    I’m here in the US kuru an ko sana ang 2 kids ko ng passport 17 y.ears old at 14 nasa Iloilo po sila ano ba ang dapat Kung Gawain at ano ang requirements po? Thanks !

  • rosie ajoc says:

    good morning poh,, ask ko poh sana anu requirement needs poh sa 2yrs old

  • joy says:

    ask kong lang po . pagnagkali ng isang letra ang passport ano ang dapat gawin po, maraming salamat po,

  • jerryvienegas says:

    Ano ano po ba ang kailangan na requrment bgo kumuha ng passport

  • Noli Gomez says:

    How much would it cost me for the renewal of a Philippine Passport, and the penalty per year?
    Thank You

  • Jen says:

    Ask ko lang po mother ko 76 years old na gusto ikuha ng passport wala po sya birth certificate ok lang ba ung senior citizen nya nalang po?

  • filomina says:

    Ask ko lng po kong baby 3 to 5mnths ang.mgpapasport anong kailangan po…..example lng po kong ang parents ng bata ay religion nia ay muslim…tpos ung anak nmen eh religion nia Catholic xa…wala po bang problema sa pgkuha ng passport nia..

  • Lizza Regis says:

    Good day! I need help from your good office. I need to renew my son’s passport. I currently am in Canada and do not have enough resources to fly to Toronto. I hope you can help me. Thank you

  • JC COLIBAO says:

    Good day Inquire lang regarding sa new applicant for the passport mandatory po ba na mag present ng supporting documents or 1 valid id lang and nso birth certificate salamat

  • rose says:

    Pwede po bang makakuha ng passport khit kulang ang requirements or p wlang school records. ?? Please help nman po need lng po malaman.

  • Jeff Apelo says:

    good afternoon, ask ko lang po sana kung pwede po bang ma release ang passport ko within 4 days upon application for the renewal dahil late ko na pong na receive e ticket. ang releasing date ng passport ko is jan 14, 2015 ang ticket ko is january 13. thank you

  • gizelle nalayog says:


    pwuwede na po ba ang NBI,POLICE CLEARANCE,BARANGAY CLEARANCE AND NSO kasi po i dont have any valid id hope you reply soon

  • melanie says:

    sir i would like to get application for getting philippine passport for my nephew a new applicant i could not locate

  • Shierly reboredo says:

    Ask ko lng po kung ilang araw ang pnkamabilis na marelis ng pasort..thanks

  • katherine says:

    I need help with this too! BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a sss form e1, I found a blank form here

  • Steve says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,

    Good morning po.
    My one an only passport was issued back in 1973 or 1974, 41 years ago.
    I;m a dual citizenship holder now.
    Do I still need an affidavit of lost even thou my Philippines Passport has long been expired?
    I have been travelling back an forth using my gaining countrys’ passport and now i’m returning here to Philippines for good and working.
    Thank you and have a great day.
    I look forward to your replies.


  • jovie says:

    good am.ask ko lang poh kung pwd vah isang ID lang poh gamitin ko pag kuha ng passport,ID VOTERS lang po ang meron sakin..pls reply. thank you!

  • MARICOL says:

    I want to secure Philippine passport but the problem is my first name i am using in all my documents is different from my birth certificate… what are the requiements?


  • girly says:

    gd pm po ask lang po bout sa requirments allowed for passport making.. hindi kc nakatpos ng hyskul ang brother ko .. allowed ba yong elementary form po?

  • derfoj says:

    I went to DFA Marquee Mall to have my passport renewed last January 7, 2016, Thursday. I opted for the DFA Marquee Mall for I am in a hurry to renew my passport and there is no appointment system in this office. Traveled from Pasay and arrived at the mall around 8am. I did not know the exact place where to line for the dfa application and so we ask the guard. He pointed us to the other side of the mall in front of Marquee Residences Condominium. Fronting Marquee Park beside Italiannis.

    Went there and a security guard (SG) for the DFA was waiting for applicants to submit their application form. I gave him my form and he told me that I was applicant number 132. I ask how early did some applicants came and he said as early as 4am there are already applicants waiting. The SG also advised everybody to prepare beforehand all the necessary requirements for the application process.

    Afterwards, we waited until 9am and they allowed everybody to come inside the mall. The SGs advised that the first batch that will be called are applicants from the day before that they were not able to accommodate for they only have a limit of 300 applicants per day. It’s a good thing I was able to get an appointment that same day.

    It was not until 12noon that my number was called. Went to the processing area and again waited for my name to be called. After 30 minutes, my name was called. I presented my expired passport and BIR ID. The teller processed it and I noticed that she wrote my name wrong on a piece of paper that needs to be presented to the cashier for payment. I told her that the spelling is wrong and she corrected it. 5 minutes and I’m done with the processing. The teller told me to wait for my name to be called in the cashier’s office.

    I Waited a good fifteen minutes before my name was called. Paid the cashier for rush and she handed me the receipt which also indicates January 21, 2015 as release date of my passport. Cashier told me to wait at the photo area for my picture to be taken.

    I Waited another 15 minutes for the photo session. In the photo session, the personnel will ask you to check all the information that has been logged in the computer and tell her if there is something amiss. This checking will be the last time that you can verify all the information that will be contained in your passport are all correct. So I took my time and check all the infos and all seems legit.
    A little later than 1pm, I was done. Will update if I can get my passport tomorrow and hope it will not be delayed. ?

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