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How to Extend the Validity of your Philippine Passport in DFA

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Let me help you get organized on this one. First things first of course when it comes to processes of passport issues from renewal, validity extension, new application or yes, even the lost passport application. Allow me to go over a few simple steps to help you out on your goal to be able to make the approval or to the least the process as easy and fast as you could. This is of course by introducing to you a quick guide on how to extend your Philippine passport’s validity in the Department of Foreign Affairs new building / office.

As we go along, I promise to reveal simple steps yet compelling and very important to line up in my list as well as yours of the steps to follow to make your application for Philippine passport validity extension smooth and easy. Please be reminded that this is based from an experience, not necessarily just mine but of other people as well upon searching for additional helpful topics to include on this post.

Take not that at the end of this post is where you can find a downloadable document copy taken from the official Philippine Consulate website which you can find here – After reviewing the steps I have lined up below, I hope that you found answers to the questions you might have in mind below.

7 Important Things You Need to know when Requesting for Philippine Passport Validity in DFA/Philippine Consulate:

Step 1: Know the exact website of the government service agency responsible to the specific document-related services you might need to know about. In this case, its either the Philippine Consulate or the DFA.

New DFA Building

new DFA building in Macapagal Boulevard

Step 2: Search and find the exact office address of the agency where you want to apply or inquire more about the service you need. (see map / guide post below)

Step 3: Know the office hours and operating hours as well as look for a map. Note that there is big difference from these two and realize that some offices or government agencies do implement a time differential in accepting and limiting clients and applicants for such documents and services so be 100% sure on this, otherwise, you get lost in oblivion going there without knowing where the tunnel will lead you. A Good example of this are the different SSS branches and offices in the Philippines. SSS Lawton / Manila (main) branch only accepts inquiries on a limited number.

New DFA Map Location AddressStep 4: Read carefully or to the least make a research of what the different processes and steps there are to undergo for your specific services need. For example if you want to apply for a new passport, lost passport, validity extension and the like. It is very important to know stuff like this because it will further shorten the time you have to spend trying to fall in the wrong line. I’m pretty sure you won’t like it if this ever happens to you and you won’t forgive yourself learning you are on the wrong track.

Step 5: Don’t forget to read carefully, the instructions. In every government office (most of the time) catering to public service, you can find a step by step process guide on how to go over the ways and means to achieve a goal for example in DFA passport application.

Step 6: Don’t hesitate to ask when needed. All government offices have a customer service. It won’t hurt you much asking first before anything else. Don’t be ashamed to ask for directions and processes you need to undergo to achieve a goal. Remember that the only authority in the matter are those people on the desk and there is nothing better than asking first before falling in the wrong line. Many Pinoys forget about this one even if this is probably one of the most important step in securing an inquiry.

Step 7: Know the fees and cost and include in your allowance, food, drinks, transportation and more. You can find in most cases a list of fees and charges for a particular government document-related services in their office and website. Just be sure that you are on the right URL to visit.

Additional Tips:

Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Office Address: ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City – Beside S&R and across McDo along Macapagal Boulevard

Office Hours:
Mondays to Fridays (except Sundays and holidays) 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Operating Hours:
A. 7:00 am-4:00 pm offices

  • Passport Processing & Releasing
  • Consular Records / Assistance to Nationals (ATN) Civil Registration
  • Authentication Processing & Releasing

B. 8am-5pm offices

  • Courtesy Services
  • Diplomatic & Official Passport Processing
  • Visa / ABTC Processing (3-5pm only for 9e visa Filing & releasing)

Reminder: Renew your passport at least one year before expiration date

There are so many reasons why I posted a reminder above is to make it a point for you to have your passport valid and binding under Philippine laws as well as some other countries which requires that your DFA passport should be valid at least 6 months before applying for a travel visa as validity extension. Passport appointment these days takes at least 2 weeks to 2 months and I’m pretty sure you won’t like it the more if you’ll be delayed because of this very simple issue.

To get an online appointment schedule via their new system of application, you can go to In the meantime, for the fees to pay for your passport below

  • Regular Processing: Php 950.00 (15 working days)
  • Rush Processing: Php 1,200.00 (7 working days)

An additional fee will be charged for processing of Lost Passports if it is still valid:

  • Green/MRP Passport – Php 200.00
  • E – Passport – Php 350.00

Extension of passport validity is only entertained under 3 major conditions:

1. For Medical Reasons (with supporting document/s showing the urgent need to undergo treatment);
2. Incident of Death (with supporting documents or proof of urgency); or
3. OFW (with Job Order, working visa and ticket).

For other related inquiries, please contact the DFA Emergency numbers here +632 834-4424, 834-4855.

How To request for the extension of the validity of your passport:

1.Make sure you have all the list of requirements before coming over to apply and present it to the guard on duty on gate 3.

2. Go to Gate 3 and tell the guard about your purpose. You will be asked anyway so politely and courteously say that you are going to the Director’s Office on the first floor to file your request for extension of passport validity.

List of Possible Requirements:

Please note that depending upon your purpose and place of travel and extension, you might be asked to present a different type of document.

1. Personal Request to extend the validity of the passport stating the reason why. This is some sort of an affidavit of request duly addressed to the Director’s Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
2. Present supporting documents. This could be a request from an office, establishment or business or a government order for which states the purpose of your travel to and from the Philippines. This could also be a certification of invitation duly notarized for a better chance of authentication purposes.
3. You will need to present proof of confirmed flights via a plane ticket of travel to or to and from a destination.
4. Present a photocopy of the first two pages and the last two pages of your passport.

At this point, upon presenting the requirements list above, the guard will give you a piece of paper. This will be your (un)official “ticket” or some sort of number from which you will be using when you fall in line. (Make sure you have a duplicate copy of all your documents for future reference and other uses inside DFA)

Come in early as in really very early which may range from 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM or earlier if you could manage. Gates open up probably 8:00 or earlier from my own experience.

At this point, you will next be introduced to another guard where a short question and answer portion is on your way. You will be asked why you are asking for the extension of validity of your passport. They will keep your request, which is the reason why I told you above  to keep a duplicate copy of all your documents above.

How Much is the Passport Validity Extension Fee and How Long is the Process?

The fees / charges for the extension is only Php 200.00. This will be payed at the cashier’s office in second floor. At this point you must realize that it is always good to have someone with you so while you take the interview, you have another person falling in line for your slot on the payment gateway at the cashier’s window. 2 days will be your waiting time after at an appointed of 10:00  AM – 11:00 AM..

Upon claim of your request for validity extension, all you have to do is to present the payment receipt to the guard and everything else is smooth as a 1-minute passport photo ID session.

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