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Rin on the Rox Torture Song on iTunes Download Now

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Rin on the Rox just had a song release on iTunes a few days ago. The song was titled Torture which was originally sung by a certain Elise Estrada which they admitted. The two were excited about the release and announced it on their HipHopRinRox YouTube account about the release or Torture in iTunes for download.

Anyway, this post just wants to say that I am over with the fact that Rin on the Rox Philippine concert did not push through as planned which was originally announced in their YouTube account to be due on April. The bathroom singing queens apologized and said that there were problems with money and so on while both expressed optimism to come over to the Philippines despite the failed concert.

Well I’m glad that as one of their local fan here in the Philippines, after Rin on the Rox got suspended in YouTube with their accounts, they are back with a zooming PR 5 in the bar which means that they really get the audience share and you can see their top musician ratings from YouTube in the sidebar.

The two also eagerly and excitedly announced their upcoming public performances which can also be found in their account HipHopRinRox. You guys can see it there if you like just visit. Good luck to all your upcoming performance and career as musicians.

2 Responses to “Rin on the Rox Torture Song on iTunes Download Now”

  • Holly says:

    I can’t believe they stole Elise’s song!!! It’s on her CD, her ACTUAL album in stores. Why are these girls claiming it’s theirs? COPY CATS will never make it in the music bizzness

  • ninagirl says:

    to Holly:

    FYI, they did’nt steal the song. they have permission to record and release it from the songwriter/producer (w/c certainly isnt elise) so get over it. it is their single. and re-recording and re-releasing a song has beed done before, and yes those that did- made it to the biz– PCD’s dont cha, leona lewis- a moment like this– leann rimes- how do i live… even beyonce’s if i were a boy isnt original by her.

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