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Step by Step Procedures in Applying for DTI Permit of your Business Name

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Ever wonder how it works for you if you have a business and you want to apply for DTI permit for your business name? For so many years, many have thought it was hard to apply for registration at the Department of Trade and Industry but while going over the online search and arriving at the right official website, I found out that they have different branches and offices all over the country that caters to business registration application. What matters is you know for one to ask the right questions. If you own a freight forwarding business, you can see the list of names here. It will help you avoid using their business name upon registering for your own.

I also found out that there is a call center for this agency of the Philippines government that handles everything else from accreditation to registration of your own trademark business name. Here’s what you have to prepare as part of the requirements first and then I will give you the full list of very simple step by step procedures on how to accomplish having your business become duly registered and accredited by the DTI.

Requirements and Documents you have to Prepare

  1. 1 valid government issued ID (make sure you have a photocopy of it in one page)
  2. 3 name options for your business (they will check it if the business name is available)
  3. 200 pesos to pay for the registration (make sure you use only your home address, otherwise, you will be charged more than this amount)
  4. 15 pesos for the documentary stamp

Step By Step Procedure for Business Name Registration in DTI

  1. Call the DTI branch nearest to your area. This will save you a lot of time in your application. Or you may call their call center to ask for more questions and make your inquiry. They have polite people in there to answer to your needs. Call Center hotline telephone number – DTI Call Center (63)751.3330. This is much better than the online inquiry of SSS, GSIS and other agencies of the Philippine government.
  2. Prepare all the requirements listed above.
  3. Prepare at least 3 names for your business that you see is possible and available for your taking and make it unique as much as you could so your process will be hassle-free if you come in prepared.
  4. Prepare the fees listed above to pay and make sure to bring in with you enough allowance money for eating or food expenses and transportation.
  5. Report to the nearest branch in your area and fill up application form. Presto!

If you ask how much else it will cost you to apply for a business registration, well, basically, from what I have disclosed above, you will only pay for minimal fee of Php 215.00 pesos plus cost of transportation and food allowance.

If you ask me how to get to the nearest branch in your area or to ask for their hotline telephone numbers, well, it is best to do that inquiry via their hotline number in the call center which I have provided above. Good luck!

It is basically as easy as pie if you just know what to do. If you think you are helped in any way by my article here, please SHARE THE LOVE and PRESS FACEBOOK LIKE and RE-TWEET BELOW or share any way you like possible below. You can even send it via email to a friend or loved one to help them.

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