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Largest Floating Bookstore – MV Doulos Bookstore Anchors In Manila

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For the sixth time, the Floating Bookstore is back here in Metro Manila. Today’s largest sailing bookstore in the world is back here and this will hopefully be it’s last visit here in the Philippines and this is good news for many book fanatics who loves books and are willing to buy some book collections for a lower price.

According to Metro Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, this is the time when people should take advantage of seeing and buying from the largest sailing bookstore in the world. The reason for this is that this could actually be the last visit of the floating bookstore here in the Philippines as it is believed to be throwing its anchors according to the Metro Manila government led by Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.

Mayor Lim also said that the floating bookstore, MV Doulos will harbor here in Manila at the South Harbor from November 30 up to December 23 this year. Lima also said that this will give opportunity to people who are willing to buy books at very low prices. MV Doulos, a.k.a. “The Floating Bookstore” is estimated to carry within its shelves up to 500,000 books with 6,000 titles, from the field of science, medicine, literature, mathematics and more.

There are also books about specific fields of study like computer science, physics, geography and accounting. The said floating bookstore is said to have been constructed way back in 1914 to carry cargo but was used as a bookstore for almost 3 decades now which makes it also one of the most interesting bookstores to visit and buy books from. This will be history in the making for those who loves books so go and get yourself one of the large book collections from the largest floating bookstore in the world now.


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