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How to disable or remove annoying Facebook timeline to bring the old profile appearance back

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Ever since the introduction last year of the Facebook Timeline, i’ve never been an avid fan. I didn’t opt in to have it as my new profile look or interface. Why? Because to tell you frankly, I didn’t like the look and it makes me become annoyed everytime I see a friend on FB have that look on their profile front page. How I feel so lucky amongst the billions of users of Facebook that I didn’t opt in to have the timeline feature.

Yes, I must admit it that it offers the latest technology if that’s what you want to call it but in my 4 years as a user even before it was fully introduced in the Philippines, I’ve always wanted something better in terms of usability features but this one instead annoys me. I can’t easily find the information of a friend or a user and the big image on top above the fold seems so uneasy to look at especially if the image of whatever is latest with a friend is so full of colors that hurt the eye (we all know this).

Now apart from the fact that I have been around the internet for quite some time now, I know myself how to handle upgrades or updates to any software, program, tool or yes even my very own browser preference and in this case, my own Facebook interface. I don’t go rush it always whenever new features are being offered or upgrades being introduced. When Facebook timeline started popping out of my Facebook account, I immediately took notice of the smorgasboard. I didn’t like the look and feel in the eye of the user, in this case, mine.

Step By Step Configuration of How To Roll Back to your Old Facebook Profile and Remove Timeline

If you feel the same way too in any way or the other, I’m so saddened to say that there is no turning back for many of you but for those who opted in earlier than it’s release using an app, there might still be a chance for you to get back the old self of your Facebook profile home page. You can follow a comprehensive and detailed step by step guide by Sharon Vaknin over at CNet or you can forever stay and let look that way in your profile homepage. With this, I am leaving a question,,, Will Facebook get back the old user profile look (interface) ?

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3 Responses to “How to disable or remove annoying Facebook timeline to bring the old profile appearance back”

  • peps says:

    There are people like us who like Timeline in Facebook…What’s your problem???if you do not like just take the old classic style…..and stop whining!!!!! This latest timeline can acknowledge our own creativity and style….this only means that YOU ARE A BORING,not CREATIVE person!!! go to hell….

  • vea says:

    whats the bluffing about , ehem hey people … be an open minded person ok … accept all comments that you read and say anything you want its ok” …. be happy for it …

  • Ruther Imperial says:

    well, sometimes what is so boring is that when you on your FB you’ll be shocked of a tag or post of someone you never knew at all just because it’s a friend of your friend…really don’t like it when someone whom you don’t know at all was there …i felt I was invaded by an alien…

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