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Illegitimate child and basis for asking for monetary support

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“According to an attorney at law I asked today, all child regardless that he or she is a legitimate or illegitimate child is entitled under the law to receive support from his or her biological father.”

Although I am not 100% sure about this declaration or to what presidential decree or Philippine law covers this statement, the lawyer I talked to also said that “provided that there is proof that the child is indeed a biological child of a father, that same father under the law should provide for the child up to a certain age limit allowed by law”.

This proof may be a signed NSO birth certificate or a signed affidavit declaring that your child is his. For more information regarding this issue or problem it is always best to talk to a lawyer as to what degree will depend your case upon. (Note: this information is not a legal material guaranteed to be in effect to the day of your reading. Consult a lawyer.)

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