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Meaning of MAPEH and Art Module for Students

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Apart from posting some educational help topics, I love to make sure that my blog readers learn a thing or two from my posts. Today, I learned that many students were asking what is the meaning of MAPEH subject. Back in my high school days, music arts PE (physical education and health are not compiled to be called as one subject but today, students get to enjoy having only 1 teacher in this subject.

To enlighten and reveal what MAPEH means, is my job today so students who are searching for this frequently asked question can instantly learn what the subject is all about. At the same time, I would like to reiterate that I have a friend in the Philippine arts who graduated in fine arts course in college who is currently looking to find a market for her art module for MAPEH subject and students.

If you are a teacher searching for one, please do pay me a call at 3663645 and look for Sam. I have a bunch of art modules to sell to you at the cheapest price possible you can find in the market today. Before this article ends MAPEH means – Music Arts P.E. and Health.

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