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Passing USTET – See Entrance Test Results in 2014

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ustet resultI have written last year an article that gives tips to pass by simply choosing a course to take in your application form for the USTET otherwise known as University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test. Today, December 1, 2013 is the USTET 2014 set schedule for high school graduates looking to study in one of the oldest universities in Asia next year.

Just imagine, my daughter who didn’t even pass the USTET in her chosen course is now a UST scholar for 3 years now and is a consistent top dean’s lister for the course IS or information system. This is the reason I wrote this article and to come up with a nice tip for use by future Thomasians. It’s a nice way to share my gratitude and thankfullness to others for a thought. Read my short tip in the link above or see my new and latest ways on how to pass USTET below.

As for the official list of passers in the final result of the exam, you can always view it either online by logging in to the database of result using your examinee number / name or coming over in person to see the hard copy file or you can also call their hotline numbers. The full list will also be displayed at the UST grounds, come 2014 in a categorized manner per course. If for example you took architecture, you can come over to their college to see if you passed or you can go to Tan Yan Kee (get their hotline contact numbers).

10 Ways to Increase Chance of Passing UST Entrance Test

Please note that all else mentioned on this article is not a proven fact. You can call it allegations, hypothesis, theory or whichever comforts you. If by any chance you feel it wont hurt you in any way, please feel free to consider these tips. It’s a win – win situation for your kids, sons and daughters anyway.

  1. Choose a course that literally had less applicants for USTET. This will help you ensure that you don’t even have to get into a competition with legitimate UST high school students who “allegedly” had bigger and better chances of passing with one eye blindfolded.
  2. Consider Course Quota System – This will help guarantee that you don’t even have to come running on a race with quota system wherein a limited number of students who passed will be entertained for college in the university. There are rumors that even if you pass the exam, you will be put next in line and will only be considered to enroll in the chosen course if somebody held back their choice to study there.
  3. Don’t Enroll in USTET Review – If you have the money and time to spend paying for a legitimate review center in preparation for USTET, then by all means do so. But there is no proven guarantee on this one and I’m afraid you might just be wasting your money enrolling your kid for a review. This tip is good for those who can’t afford to pay for one.
  4. Report and have your kid scheduled for the earliest possible first  batch of the USTET at the admissions office. Call their hotline numbers for particulars and more details below.
    Office for Admission (OFAD)
    Rm 104, Ground Floor, UST-Tan Yan Kee Student Center
    University of Santo Tomas
    Espana, Manila
    Telephone: (632)406.1611 local 8276; (632)310.7211
    Mobile: 0917.815.6323
    Telefax: (632)310.7214
  5. Give your kid a break at least 1 or 2 days before the examination date. Let him or her relax.
  6. Give vitamins and minerals needed to nourish the body – try spirulina or ginseng and a handful of roasted nuts without the grease.
  7. Read the FAQs for the exam here –
  8. Read the application guidelines here –
  9. Let them prepare everything they will need 1 day before the actual test schedule. Having their mind is some sense of responsibility and not cramming for preparation will add up in a less stress exam.
  10. Visit the university and see the actual room before the exam date.

Good luck to all examinees. If by any chance you find this article useful, please share it on facebook so you may be able to return the favor.

You can view here – USTET 2014 RESULTS


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