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Shadow of Doubt Book by Marites Vitug

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Perhaps this year’s most controversial book release will be Shadow of Doubt book by Marites Vitug, the author. It was reported last night in ABS-CBN TV Patrol that this book has been through too much suppression from lack of funds to the backing out of the publisher and financiers here in local research funding. At least this was according to the author of Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court, Marites Vitug.

Shadow Of Doubt Probing the Supreme Court Book by Marites Vitug

Shadow Of Doubt Probing the Supreme Court Book by Marites Vitug

Not just like any other book you can buy in National Bookstore, this book aims to enlighten it seems the mind of the Filipino people about what is going on in the Philippines judiciary system process, particularly in the Supreme Court of the Philippines. This will probe who is behind the scenes in the manipulation of the processes and how changes come into view from the decision making to other matters regarding the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

According to the news, Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court book will be out and will be launched on March 16, 2010. I was hoping myself to get a glimpse of the book.

Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court, is actually a publication of Public Trust Media Group Inc. According to the article I have referenced above, the said controversial book will be released and launched on March 16, Tuesday, 4 p.m., at One Serendra Social Hall, The Fort, Taguig City. Book copies were promised to be sold and available for sale at discounted prices if come over to the launching day.

Those of you who are looking to make an order of the book, please make the effort to go advance through contact Newsbreak at tel. (+632) 920-0997, fax (+632) 920-3611. Alternately, you can email them at If you want to know how much Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court prices are, regular prices are P 795.00 hardbound, P 475.00 paperback. “Let us support this book”.

For those who are looking for the excerpt of Shadow of Doubt, you can find it here telling about the man, Reynato Puno described in the book only as the Chameleon.

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20 Responses to “Shadow of Doubt Book by Marites Vitug”

  • enigma says:

    Will definitely support the book. I myself is the victim of Supreme Court’s abuse and wrong processes……..Let us all join hands to expose these abuses……

  • loukrecia says:

    I admire your fearlessness. I will definetely supprt this book..

    • Philippines Review says:

      I just bought a copy today at the book launching of Shadow of Doubt in One Serendra Social Hall. The book was signed by Marites Vitug herself.

  • manuel p. teoxon says:

    I am interested in buying a copy for my personal library. thanks.

    • Philippines Review says:

      I was able to buy the book yesterday at the book launching of Shadow of Doubt. Marites Vitug is of course there in the event. The hard bound and paperback were sold with discount plus you get to have the book signed. I’m not sure if you can buy it anywhere else but you can refer to the numbers i have provided below in my post where you can contact them for orders or directions where you can get a copy. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  • john ramos says:

    Is there any place here in the USA where we can buy the book? It’s time to expose the GMA controlled Supreme Court.

  • jethro bacolod says:

    im interested to buy the book, where could i possibly have it here in Cebu City. please gave details

  • LINCOLN SY says:

    hi,were can i buy your book pls send me an e-mail


  • david piales says:

    All filipino people should support this book. where i can buy this book?

  • jean says:

    If this book aim is to enlighten the mind of the Filipino people, it should be free and not for sale. Let all the Filipino people know what is in and out of our judiary system.

    More power.

  • dan says:

    when will the Shadow of Doubt book be publicly available?

    • Philippines Review says:

      Shadow of Doubt book is publicly available po. You can make your orders at the official publisher which is detailed below. I had a book signed by Marites Vitug myself when the book launching at One Serendra social hall happened.

  • Ronald Paderes says:

    I would like to have a copy of your book. Where can i buy it

  • SOD says:

    The book can be ordered online @

    International orders are also accepted

  • joanna says:

    People must read this book..on how it expose the unrighteousness judgement of the government to many people..

  • stephanie anne canlas says:

    i would like to buy a copy of your book..where could i possibly find it here in Cagayan de Oro?

  • ley says:

    m interested to buy the book, where could i possibly have it here in Pampanga. please gave details

  • ams says:

    i want to have a copy of the book, where can i buy here in visayas? pls send through my email the info. tnks

  • Wowie says:

    Where can I buy a copy of this book?

    • Philippines Review says:


      I believe it is available in National Bookstores branches po. Try to ask the customer service kasi minsan out of stock lang or naubusan but they have extra copy sa bodega nila.

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