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Increasing Problem in Yearbook Publication in the Philippines

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Yearbook distribution in Philippine schools have been a century old problem for many students and it is the same story today. I learned it when my daughter’s own yearbook, 2 years after she graduated in elementary school studies have not yet been published, it seems because it wasn’t given to us yet as of this time. 2 long years and the yearbook was still not finished it seems and how would you take it that way if you were the student or the parent of the graduate student?

How long would it really take for a yearbook to be published and printed? This seems to be the biggest question there in up to now that the different public and private schools in the Philippines have the same rules regarding this issue. My daughter no longer attends in the school where she graduated and she is now a second year high school. Coming from a private school where she graduated in elementary studies, we paid big amount of money just to have that yearbook published and given to us and yet, it took the school 2 long years to let us know that they already have it and that it is ready for distribution.

My God! How can this be it? I always ask myself. It seems that this problem has been here for more than a centure and is still the same problem up to today. What has gone wrong with the Philippine standards of publication? What is the true problem with publicizing the yearbook of the students and having them distributed just before the same students graduate from school? I’m not really sure why this is the way it is because I personally do not know anything about how the different public and private schoold handle this kind of useless way to treat students even if they pais for such merchandise which by the way should be the right of every student to receive because they studied and made their way to graduate without any problems in school.

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