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Apply via Auto Loan Financing and Get it Fast

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auto loan financingVery few loan consultants can come up with a great deal on how to get the fastest car loan financing in the Philippines with respect to processing. By virtue of my personal experience as a freelance car loan consultant, I got to know the techniques on how to get your dream car faster than you can imagine in 1-3 days more than any other financing in Manila or in provinces combined.

Catch #1 (Auto Loan Financing Requirements)

First off, you will have to think further than just having your car financed in a bank. Banks cannot do fast transactions. They always have to rely on their legal and lawyer-based systems and procedures whereas with a private lending company, there is always room to make the processing be less hassle and time. Especially if have a loan agent or consultant on your side.

The fact that you will have to opt in for the service of a loan consultant, I strongly suggest that you visit a fill up a form or make an inquiry as fast as you can HERE.

You need to have your dream car coming from a private seller than a car dealer you do not know. Again, you have know the private seller personally or he or she had to have the trust to give you the right to have the OR CR under you name first before you pay the vehicle in full. This will give you the edge to attain the fastest and lowest interest rate possible for your car loan financing.

Technically, this cannot be called car financing. I’d like to call it rather as simple as car loan instead. The reason is because instead of having your car financed, in this technique or system that I am introducing, you will have to have the trust of the vehicle seller, enough to have him or her trust you to have the original OR CR transferred under your name prior to full payment.

After this first step, you will have to apply for a regular car loan and presto! You can get your car under your name in no time and you can possess the car in your hand in no time at the same time. A 1-3 days processing is enough and your car loan will be approved and you can now have the money to pay in full, the dealer or private seller of the second hand car you are to buy.

Catch #2 (Auto Loan Financing Requirements)

Ask for a deed of sale from the private seller or car dealer that you personally know from whom you will buy your dream car. This way, you can use the absolute deed of sale to your advantage and apply for a car loan prior to paying in full the car.

Note that if you have an absolute deed of sale on hand, you can use that as if you own the car and apply for a car loan instead of car financing. Car financing with lending companies in Manila or anywhere in the Philippines will take you weeks to fully own the car and have the original OR CR name transferred under your name.

So far so good, I hope I may be able to help some of you out there who are on your way to buy a second hand or used car. Mind you that as a loan consultant I know how it works and therefore, I know things and procedures and how to work around them without breaking the rules of the lending companies.


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