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BPI Credit Card Application Requirements

Aside from BPI credit card requirements, there are a few reminders and a must on your way to apply for any type of credit card being issued by Bank of Philippine Islands BPI online or offline. We will go over them one by one and explain them using layman’s terms to make your process of application as easy as possible. First off, these are 2 important reminders as stated in the BPI website for your BPI express card:

BPI Credit Card

BPI Credit Card photo credits to

• Application forms received without requirements will not be processed.
• Your home or business address must be within a 30km. radius of a BPI or BPI Family Bank branch or Provincial Business Center.
• Applicants who have credit cards for which they have been a principal cardholder for at least one year are no longer required to submit income documents if they are able to provide a photocopy of their credit card or latest credit card statement/s.

With a BPI Express credit card online application, you will be asked to fill up a form which you can find here – Copy the underlined URL in your browser box and hit enter to visit and see what information will be required of you in the application form.

BPI Express Credit Card Application Requirements Online: (source:
1. Applicants must be at least 21 years old with a minimum fixed monthly income (excluding overtime, commissions or service fees) of P20,000 for the rest of card types except for a BPI Gold MasterCard which requires you to have a P50,000/per month.
2. For Supplementary cards, applicants must be at least 13 years old. Supplementary applicants may be any of the following:
• Relatives of the principal applicant defined as spouse, children, children-in-law, parents, parents-in-law, siblings and siblings-in-law.
• Non-relatives
3. Applicants must have a business or residence contact number.
4. Applicants must completely fill-out the online application form.
5. To complete and process the online application, please FAX the required documents to 845-5738 Routing Code 20022.
6. The application will be canceled if documents are not received within 3 banking days.

Documentary Requirements:
1. Please FAX a photocopy of the following, at least one copy back to back as proof of identification:
• Voter’s ID
• Barangay Certification
• Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
• Social Security System (SSS) card
• Philhealth Card
• Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
• Senior Citizen Card
• Seaman’s Book
• Alien Certificate of Registration/Immigrant Certificate of Registration
• Government Office ID (e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) IDs
• Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
• Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD) Certification
• Other valid IDs issued by the government and its instrumentalities
• Company ID issued by private entities/institutions registered with the SEC or regulated by the SEC or IC

2. Proof of Income
For Employed
FAX a photocopy of ANY of the following:
• Certificate of Employment or Contract of Employment (for Overseas Filipino Workers)
• Latest payslips
• Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with BIR or bank stamp

For Self-employed
FAX a photocopy of the following:
• Latest Audited Financial Statements (AFS) with BIR or bank stamp AND latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with BIR or bank stamp

After you get your BPI express credit card, filled up your application form and submitted the requirements, please be sure to watch out for upcoming BPI card promo to enjoy freebies and bonuses whether for shopping or services related. Otherwise, you can try calling the customer service for credit cards to ask that you be updated of the latest promotion offers from Bank of the Philippine Islands. You may also visit here – Credit Cards Philippines

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20 Responses to “BPI Credit Card Application Requirements”

  • amanda says:

    payabangan lng? hahaha

  • Mildred vergel says:

    If the applicant has no bank account in bpi but will submit requirements for credit card applicAtion.may chance ba na ma approve?

  • Joanne says:

    Im a medical student so basically po wala akong payslip pero i do have a time deposit sa bpi.. My brother’s gf told me na pwede pa rin magapply na credit card if like magdeposit ka lang sa kanila na sumof moneyat yun ang gawing parang collateral or something.. How does it work po? And in the first place is true?? Ty!

  • van says:

    Can i apply for a credit card with a salary of 2000 rials only…

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