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Buko Express Shake Stand Foodcart Business Franchise

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Buko Shake Express Business Franchise Investment

If you are asking and looking where to find the best offer for buko express shake foodcart business franchise, you’ve got to be kidding. There is actually no best among the many advertisers and company offers for this new scheme for a possible high income generating business in the Philippines. Remember that there are only better choices, no more, no less. This is applicable as to when it comes to your possible business investment option. On the other hand, if you want to know at least what offers or company packages for a buco express foodcart franchise, then there is one the claims they have been labelled and awarded with the seal of excellence and top seller label. However, please don’t be deceived by these names and labels. Just go along with your purpose and that is to get a franchise from the better choice. Again, there is always something better so be sure to opt in for this instead.

The Buko Express Stand Demand

This business has been going on a couple of years ago. It only became prevalent and hot this year, 2012. What made it a very in demand merchandise and street refreshment today is the Buko Shake’s refreshing and practical costing offer. This is the reason why we’ve recently seen so many stands mushroom so quickly from small ones in the next corner of the street to improved and bigger foodcarts offering Buco shake in a bottle in the malls and small groceries and markets. There are also low cost and high cost franchise for foodcart options available although most of them if you see one had an advertisement on their carts. This makes it easy to make an inquiry on how much initial capital you will be needing to invest to have this business model.

Easy to Inquire for Franchise Hotline Numbers

Usually, their carts are already saying it all. It has become a free and moving advertisement for interested Pinoy entrepreneur. You can call their hotline numbers and ask for it or get it while trying to buy to see what the taste offers or approach the seller / crew to ask for more information. Otherwise, you can also ask for a brochure or some contact details from the standee store crew.

Popular options I’ve seen in streets and malls that get the most out of selling this delicious product is Buco Loco, Buko Madness and more. While these are your options to try to buy a franchise, you can actually start your very own as in you can take it while it’s still hot buy from people looking to get value for their money with refreshment that is also delicious and worth the peso from your purse.

If you want to get yourself a stand, foodcart or a franchise of Buko Shake Express, you also have a couple of choices. You can try to search using Google or try Buko Express, Buko Maxx, Buko Stop, Bahay Buko, Buco Loco or Buko Madness, Buco Joe, Iskul Buko, Buko Nut and many more. They also have their respective Facebook pages and contact details. This post is just to give you an idea on where to start your inquiry.

If you liked this post or if it helped you find what you are looking for with respect to your investment, please don’t forget to like us on Facebook below this article or share this post in Twitter or Pinterest. In the meantime, below is a sample list of what is usually included in the franchise package should you decide to avail for one or invest as a business.

Inclusions for this Franches Are:

1 Foodcart / Stand
Uniform and Utensils for Crew
Orientation and Business Training
Free e-Loading Business
Free Products Delivery
Free Site Assistance
Initial Products Worth Php 1,000.00 Only


Suggested Market Places and Ideal Locations (source:

1. Schools (private or public)
2. Shopping malls
3. Supermarkets and groceries (small or big)
4. Market (palengke)
5. Town plaza / City halls
6. Vehicle and transport terminals
7. Canteens
8. Busy corner streets
9. Subdivisions or busy residential areas
10. Hospital canteens
11. Any places with high foot and vehicular traffic
12. Food courts of big private or government offices


The list of franchise inclusions above is subject to change without prior notice. Amenities and package offers will also depend on where or what company you will avail or buy your franchise. Other companies that offer this business have other competitive packages included in their business set so be sure to search first before you avail any.

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