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Call Center Agent Loan in the Philippines

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In a statistics here, it is revealed how big the salary of a call center agent is when employed to work abroad (see image below). Contrary to what the data says, in the Philippines, it is said by many banks offering loan that customer service representative jobs have little by little turned out to be one of the most unstable employment in the Philippines today. There are so many obvious reasons why. It could be stress or it could very well mean incompetent salary offers even by the outstanding top 100 corporations and business process outsourcing companies who have offshore office operations in the country. This has resulted to high delinquency payment rates for call center agent loan.

But whatever the alibi is, it has clearly affected these people in terms of borrowing money from any financing company. Salary as we know it in the lending arena is the most important factor for any type of loan in determining the possible loanable amount to be approved for the borrower. This could be the same reason why call center agent loan offers are usually not given by banks.

call center agent loanBut what if I told you that recently, one of the top lending companies in the Philippines has opened up their door to qualified CSR employees? What if you are one of the employed technical service reps out there who is looking for immediate and quick cash to avail of? Wouldn’t you be glad to have someone to talk about it?

Recently, one of my very own private lending company providers have opened up the call center agent loan. The reason according to them is because they have devised a system to possibly control delinquent payments and avoid bankruptcy due to unpaid loan dues and amortization. It has happened before in many small time players in the Philippine loans industry and I don’t want to go over the details about who they are just for the sake of getting into an argument with possible commenters.

What I wanted our readers to know about here at is that if you are a CSR and you need fast cash loan, this may just be your perfect day. See the list of the different documentary requirements below or call your authorized loan consultant to ask how to pre-qualify to apply. But let me remind you first, being an unsecured non collateral loan, expect higher processing fees and charges as well as interest rates. This is how it works with the different lending companies including some banks in the Philippines.

requirementsCall Center Agent Loan Requirements

Different loans have their own unique set of requirements and pre-qualifying standards. It holds the same with call center agent loan which is a type of non collateral personal loan for regular employees in the BPO industry. See below if you can qualify!

Pre-Qualifying Requirements

  • Rank and file position call center agents may apply
  • Must be employed as a regular worker for at least 2 years
  • Employer must belong to top 100 BPO companies as listed in the official datasheet for BPO companies with offshore operations in the Philippines
  • Must be receiving at least Php 15,000 basic salary as stated in the COE or certificate of employment
  • Must provide 1 co-borrower with regular source of income (must not be employed with the same company or may be immediate family member
  • Must bring co-borrower along while applying
  • Must be willing to wait patiently for the whole process to go through

Documentary Requirements

Borrower Requirements

  1. 2 valid primary IDs (expired IDs will not be accepted)
  2. latest electric bill or water bill (original and photocopy) (ok even if not under your name but must have same address as your 2 valid IDs). (there may be times additional proof of residency will be required on a case to case basis) (we do not accept any other proof of residence)
  3. 1 immediate family member or relative co-borrower / co-maker with income
  4. 2 months latest payslip (original or printed)
  5. Latest issue COE or certificate of employment (must indicate 2 year company tenure)
  6. 2 pcs 2×2 pictures

Co Borrower Requirements

  1. 2 pcs 2×2 pictures
  2. 2 primary valid IDs
  3. 1 month latest payslip
  4. latest electric bill or water bill

lowest interest rateOther Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the interest rate? – 2%
  2. How about loan payment terms? – 6 months to 1 year
  3. Possible loanable amount? – 20K – 50K
  4. Mode of payment? – Only thru post-dated check (PDC) issuance

Loan Application Form

Application for call center agent loan is only through reporting personally, calling us ASAP or by filling up our online form and seeing if your company is in the list which you can find here.

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