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Car Impounding Loan – Bridge Financing Quick Loan for Business Owners

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After publishing 2 and half years ago, an article about OFW seaman loan, one of the fastest loan processing at 1 day release of cash in the Philippines, immediately, many visitors came to inquire for my services through this blog. Since that time, I have written 3 more related articles to credit and how to get quick money for whatever purpose it may serve. This includes a new credit scheme in the Philippines – car loan without taking your car, the car impounding fast loan and the 1 day release loan.

1 day release car impounding loan

Get Quick Loan Through Car Impounding

Today, I am going to talk about how to get instant cash in 1-3 hours through car impounding loan. I will be giving you tips for this collateral loan as bridge micro financing credit for business owners (other individuals) and how to go over with the process from application to release of loan. First off, allow me to reveal who are the target clients and borrowers for this super fast cash loan in the Philippines that is being offered only through private financiers or private lending companies. Please see the list of potential clients we are looking to provide this quick loan to below.

Who May Apply for the Car Impounding Loan?

lowest interest rate

Low Interest and Minimal Charges

In effect, anybody from individuals with bad credit status and c-map or court cases, business owners, small business entrepreneurs, micro business investors, foreigners living in the Philippines looking for quick cash, lawyers, military men, police officers, politicians, media personnel, our brother Muslims and just about anybody who had a fully owned car (not under mortgage or encumbered to other financing companies or banks) with a clean OR CR under his or her (the borrower’s) name and is looking for quick money may apply for car impounding loan.

With this long list on the line, I’m pretty sure that if you belong to this community of people, you’ll find it most convenient to apply for car impounding loan bridge financing especially if you need really quick money. As in if you need to come up with money at a short time span of 1-3 hours this type of loan is just perfect. With our own provider willing to extend funds to these few selected people that banks and private financing firms cannot, you are a winner if you apply with me. Only a minimal set of fees, charges and requirements apply. You can contact me HERE for fast processing.

  1. Lawyers and the Legal Community Professionals – Lending companies, including banks avoid lending money to these professionals. For some obvious play safe reasons, it is a bit unfair for those in the field to be deprived of a loan should a need for fast cash arrive so I am giving you a head start if you belong to this category.
  2. Military and Political Servants – Same thing goes with the reason why no bank or lending company is willing to lend money to such marginal population in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces. Lenders avoid people with such authority that they may use it against them in time of delinquent payments.
  3. People with Bad Credit, Finance Related Court Cases and C Map – It is easy to understand that banks and lenders love good payers. If you have such a bad record in the financing industry, you’d definitely have a hard time coming up with a provider willing to lend you money. With our providers, you can be almost guaranteed to get a loan thru car impounding.
  4. Business Owners – Many clients for car impounding were those small and big business owners looking for super quick 1 day cash loan to bridge their fund problems to serve business due to failed collection. What a good way to come up with money in 1-3 hours than use an auto for collateral impounding.
  5. Foreign Nationals Living in the Philippines – Occupying a small portion of the retirement villages and rich people condominiums are some of the tourists and foreigners looking to marry a Filipina or is engaged to one. I have encountered quite a few of these individuals looking for fast cash loan. Should you be one of them and you have a car to pawn, I’d be glad to assist you.
  6. Brother Muslims – I’ve encountered a few cases wherein when lending companies learn that they are dealing with a loan borrower who happens to be one of our Muslim brothers, they automatically decline and disapprove a loan application even if they have a vehicle to use as collateral. Car impounding loan is just perfect for you and we have just the right provider in that case.

What Are the Requirements for Car Impounding Loan?

car impounding loan requirements

No Income Needed with Car Impounding

You don’t have to have income to qualify. As i’ve told you above, with this type of secured collateral loan, you won’t have a hard time qualifying. In the first place, if you have a vehicle to lend for impounding and leave to a cash loan provider, you’d only need your car, the original OR CR, 2 valid primary IDs, your latest proof of residency or billing (usually an electric or water bill).

In a few rare cases, with car impounding loan, you might need 1 co-maker / co-borrower who lives in an own house (not renting) might help but is not required. The co-maker will only need 2 valid primary IDs and a latest electric or MERALCO bill / NAWASA bill to prove that he is really living in the said address as declared in the application form.

Car Loan Without Taking Your Car – Alternative Cash Credit to Car Impounding Loan

So if you think you came here by mistake and is really not interested to apply for car impounding loan but instead would like to avail of the car loan without taking your car money lending, then we also have information for you. To learn more about a different set of requirements and how to pre-qualify for this type of loan using only your car OR CR, please visit this page –

Before you buzz off from our page and apply for car loan, you might want to consider reading a great post of ours regarding 10 do’s in car loan application and lending.

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