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Philippines Credit Cards List

Philippine Credit Card

If you are looking to apply for a credit card in the Philippines, it is best to go straight to Philippines banks. An alternative option would be is to go online and look for information here that might help you know more about the different credit cards perks, promos and offers. Sometimes banks make it a lot easier for their prospect customers to apply for one with the use of integration and promos. A good example for this is when I personally applied for a credit card and asked with BPI (Bank of the Philippines Islands) if they would allow me and how much credit limit will I get if I deposit 80k pesos under my name. The bank teller immediately offered me a promo which is an integration of the customer deposit with a credit card application. Here, you can get as much as 60% of your total deposit as the credit limit for your credit card should it be approved by the bank. They only took a few requirements from me which is 2 pcs of 2×2 photo (recent), my money to deposit and a filled up form (with the teller’s guidance) with me answering all necessary information from me as the depositor and the credit card applicant.

What I gave you above as my blog readers are just some tips wherein you won’t need to fear if you could get your application approved or denied. In a matter of 6 days, my credit card application was already approved. An easier way to get a card though is to go upfront and approach people (card agents) in the mall usually in groceries (SM Mall Grocery is a good place to find these people). What’s good with this type of application is that these people will be the one to help you all throughout the process of your application and they know what to do if you can’t pass the credit requirements such as salary bracket. Believe me, these guys do know how to manipulate the system in their very own hands without even opening an eye. If you still can’t get one because you have bad credit status, another tip to get approval on your application is to have the money to deposit. The details were above from my own experience so it is guaranteed.

Don’t worry, if you get approved in any bank with your credit card application and you are able to maintain your deposit(s) in multiple banks (that is if you could), then you won’t have a problem anymore getting a credit card. Believe me you won’t even have to apply for one because the banks themselves will send you a card even if you are not applying for any. This is my own experience. I have accounts with BDO, Metrobank (my first ever credit card), BPI, RCBC, Philtrust and they all seem to want to send me a card that I didn’t even bother activating myself because I already had 2 working perfectly for me, My BPI Skymiles and Metrobank Card. Apart from BDO sending me my BDO SM Card, they also sent me an American Express with credit limit of 100k pesos. Well, what about that. All I have to do is to have a good credit status and all banks seem to want to give me without hesitation and doubt and much of the application process and waiting and presto.

Credit Cards Philippine

Philippine Credit Cards

Here are a few common institutions and banks in the Philippines that offer credit card application to help you start your search – Metrobank, Equitable PCI Bank, RCBC (Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation), BPI (Bank of Philippine Islands), Sunlife, PBCom (for Standard Chartered credit card), Philamlife (for the AIG credit card), Citibank, HSBC and more.

List Banks offering Credit Card in the Philippines

  1. Metrobank – Metropolitan Bank Corporation Phil.s the Metrobank Credit Card
  2. Equitable PCI Bank – Equitable have their own credit card, the Equitable Credit Card
  3. RCBC (Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation) – RCBC Philippines has its own credit card called as the Bankard Credit Card
  4. BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) – The BPI Credit Card
  5. Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) – Standard Chartered Credit Card
  6. AIG - AIG Credit Card
  7. Citibank – Citibank brings to us the Citibank Credit Card
  8. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) – The HSBC Credit Card

I hope the list of different banks in the Philippines that offer credit card application will help you on your way to get your own.

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53 Responses to “Philippines Credit Cards List”

  • anna marie says:

    hi. i’m a wife of ofw and want to inquire how can i get a credit card. i don’t have a job. how and what should i do?tnx.

  • john alfred says:

    Hi, I really love to have a credit card, been looking for it since I got a job.
    Btw I am 19 years old. Working as a call center agent. I really find it more convinient if you have a credit card,since I really hate when I need to go to the grocery and buy something, and you need to bring a lot of cash.It’s HOLD-UP prone
    If you can help me please text or call me in this number
    *take note* you can only call me during THURSDAY AND FRIDAY
    because it’s my day off. Thanks

  • John says:

    Hi! I have an unpaid bills for my BDO credit card since 2011 amounting 24k which is actually under credit collection department, now I have my remittance account at Metro Bank, its possible for me to apply another credit cards to Metro Bank? Thanks you and best regards….

  • lorraine says:

    i want to have a creditcard.. i have a job but im not regular but i worked here almost 2years.. why the banks didnt approve my application.. i can pay the bills nmn…

  • traveler says:

    hi…. i need a credit card.. but i was just starting my business… and i really need a credit card. but when i try to apply online they were asking about monthly salary etc……please help im a self employed and starting business online…….help

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