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HSBC Credit Card

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Prestigiously known among Philippine credit cards, HSBC credit card is the best and most popularly known plastic money today. Nothing hard in the process when HSBC credit card application is on the line, the different types it has will surely make you want to possess one. Users and creditors also like using this because of the convenience and availability all the time. NO OFFLINE upon swipes when you are about to pay using this card.

Types of HSBC Credit Card

HSBC RED MasterCard – Women empowerment is the focus of this type of HSBC card. It offers perks, rewards and freebies intended for a woman’s taste and all these are integrated for financial independence and freedom. HSBC RED MasterCard brings out the woman in you giving femme finds while providing variations with offered discounts and additional perks and freebies package that are fit for today’s women.

HSBC Mabuhay Miles Visa Classic and Gold – This Visa Gold exclusive credit card from HSBC offer one of the fastest way to fly via Philippine Airlines FREE as part of its perks. Its TAGGED PROMO wherein “for every Php45.00 you make using this card, you earn 1 Mile in points system“. This means that if you charge up in a gas station using this card and you make another purchase for example of a few grocery and use this credit card to pay your bills, you get points that will be incremented in your account. Pay your utility bills using your card and you inch a step closer everytime to get a free flight to any place in the world.

HSBC Visa and MasterCard – These are the 2 major types of credit card with HSBC just like what other banks offer. Both credit card however gives the owner the privilege of getting to use it in a worldwide venue. Since this card is one of the most stable and strong purchasing capabilities, it also means a strike anywhere travel card for the travelling businessman or person in you. This exclusive benefit can be found only among a few and HSBC is one of them. This by far is also one of the most generous Credit Card Rewards Programs that you cannot find in many banks and credit card companies in the Philippines today.

So for your next credit card application, be sure to go for the stable and with strong worldwide purchasing power – HSBC credit card. It’s this or nothing else.

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60 Responses to “HSBC Credit Card”

  • mICHAEL sLADE says:

    In 2006 long before the current financial problems the banks were getting so over confident. They even turned on their own customers. HSBC spivs dreamt
    up a way of sort of tricking their customers with misleading advertising. The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK ruled in August 2007; misleading advertising. Now don’t tell me that HSBC didn’t know that they were misleading the public, of course they knew. Wouldn’t have happened years ago when Midland Bank, as it was then, and later HSBC was run and controlled by honest gentlemen. Who would have never offered in exchange for £12.95 per month “FREE of any fees when you draw money from overseas ATM machines using your DEBIT CARD. Then deliberately remove a fee equal to at least 2.75% from your account without you knowing. When bankers have such contempt for their customers, is it any wonder the banks are in this mess; they no longer know right from wrong?

  • arnold says:

    can i apply online for a credit card?

  • RICHARD says:

    I am working here in Saudi Arabia ang I want to have a credit card thru HSBC. Thank you.

  • kyles says:

    HSBC CreditCard customer service its sucks, during sat and sun its hard to contact them, whats the used of advertising 24/7 customer service!!!!!!

  • France S. Villadares says:

    HSBC Philippines Credit Card

  • tess says:

    hi..I work here in canada but,i want to apply a credit card thru HSBC.Hope you can email me if possible for me to have a credit card.Thank you.

  • lariza manlutac says:

    can i apply online for a credit card? looking forward for your response.
    thank you very much….

  • pablo r cayanan says:

    i want to re apply my hsbc visa,i allready paid my undue payments

  • Gemma Monilla says:

    gud day ms. Haylee, i just wanna have a feed back on my application last Nov.2009

  • Resviminda Andong says:

    I have applied already last october 2009. I have interviewed and I recieved a text messages which is my statement of accounts from hsbc but i dont have my credit card yet.I am very disappointed coz if i have it already maybe i used it already.I want you to send it on my office EXECUTIVE RESOURCES, INC., LOWER LOBBY CENTURY PARK HOTEL MALATE MANILA TEL#523-8581.TNX.

  • Emilie Fe M. delos Santos says:

    How can i increase my credit limit? I am travelling to the U.S. and I might need an increase in my credit limit.

    • Philippines Review says:

      You will have to apply for an increase in your credit limit from the bank itself. In your case, it’s HSBC so that your credit card would give you higher spending limits.

  • joyce hinojales says:

    hi i want to apply HSBC PHILLIPINES CREDIT CARD I HAVE debit visa so i want hsbc card

  • jca says:

    hi how can i get thru with the customer svc rep in the philippines if i am here in USA? pls send me the csr hotline to call from US to PHIL. tks

  • wilbert cario says:

    Good day!

    I would like to follow up my HSBC Credit Card if when will it be delivered. I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months and until now i haven’t receive such.. although i already receive my pin, its no use without the card.. I already called the customer service and they said that i will be receiving it after 10days..

    please send me feedback about my concern, here is my email ad..

    thanks so much for your favorable response

  • glynes says:

    hi i apply an hsbc credit card it was last april i did submit all the requirements and then i receive a phone call interview from manila at she said that was recorded also. after 1 month i did reciv a call that they need another payslip because i was on the 90% to be approved. i did give the requiremensts again but untli now i havents receive any updates. if i was approved or not.. can u help me on this i need feedbacks bout my application. than u so much and have a good day

    here is my email add


  • ferdie says:

    first time ko po!mag apply ng credit card do you think i”m qualified ako po ay isang ofw.seabase po.please reply to my E-mail Address ano?po ba requirement ko kung maqualify ako sa HSBC

  • jacx says:

    hello, first timer again after 10 yrs of being a credit card holder I applied for a credit card(HSBC) a week ago thru internet card processing . I just recently received a phone call inquiry from HSBC (recorded) asking me to submit all the needed requirements for my credit card application, which I responded immediately. Can I know the present status of my credit card application? I would like also to ask how to change address since we will be transfering to a new address soonest…

  • ma. cristina hernandez says:

    i have applied an application to HSBC credits card and got a call last week. i just want to know if my application was granted because i don’t know what happened to my application. i have tried to call from HSBC customer service line but the’y cannot find my application. is it possible for me to know the status of my application and if i am not granted what is the problem because some of my friends was granted already and i know that i am a good payer.

    hoping for your fast response about my inquiry…..thank you very much….

  • Francisco Bilog says:

    I have been using hsbc for nearly 6 years, I have 4 credit cards and hsbc was my first credit card, i have no problems with them, online banking is great and security is great

    but when i tried their credit to cash loan, duon nagka card was charged yet the money was not credit to my bank, its been 14 days already, i called several times and they will just say to wait for 2-3 days because of the clearing, they are claiming that it has been checked deposited yet floating amount does not reflect on my bank account

    as of today its still not credited, 2days from now the first payment will be billed without me having the cash, do you expect me to pay the monthly bill? I have a good credit and no delays on my payment, this is ridiculous

    when you say 3 to 5 business days, make sure its on that range because i was expecting to spend the money on last holiday, its been more than 10 business days, your call center sucks and will just tell you they will followup without results

  • Sunshine S. Villoria says:

    I have the same situation with Wilberto Cario..
    It has been almost two months since my application for HSBC cc was approved but I have yet to receive my credit card. I only have my cash advance pin which is useless w/o the card. Whenever I called their hot line they just say “We will schedule a dispatch to your preferred date..” but still no courier arrived on our agreed date. When I follow-up thru their email they reply after 1 week ha ” Your cc is currently in transit”. I even e-mailed them of my desire to cancel the cc due to dissatisfaction but still their reply is “Your cc is currently in transit. Pls wait 10-15 banking days” Arrggghhh

  • emmie says:

    For those who have not received their credit card but application has been approved I suggest that you call their customer service and advise them that you will just pick up the card on the nearest branch. It will be a lot easier. Just an advised for I also experience this. Now, I already have the card. :)

  • Francisco Bilog says:

    this is a quick update on my hsbc installment plan, wala parin, first deposit “invalid account number”, i called again and confirmed tama naman ang account number na binigay ko, 2nd deposit november 10 pa, until now nov 19th wala parin.

    i request for a cancellation, ayaw i cancel kasi wala pa daw bumalik na check, i called metrobank walang floating balance

    emailing hsbc is useless

    call center is useless

    step up HSBC! once cancelled na loan ko i will close my account! bad service does not pay

  • jocelyn vicencio says:

    i want to re apply my hsbc visa,i already paid my undue payments

  • dj says:

    gusto ko ng bayaran crdit card ko sa HSBC… My family is experiencing financial crisis… i have health problems… gusto ko ng magbayad thru amnesty program kaso ung collections niyo sabi kailangn munang magdown ako ng 10,000 kagad para ma avail ung amnesty program … ala akong ilalabas na ten thousand pero gusto ko ng bayaran ung credit card ko ………………

  • John Drek R. Armada says:

    can you pls email me the staus of my application,,,,,


  • Craig says:

    Hi everyone,

    Just remember that banks are going to lend you money only if they think they will get it back. And not just the money that they lent you, interest also of course. So if you spend Php10,000 the bank will probably get Php11,000 back – Not accurate interest charges, just trying to give you an idea.

    I saw a comment that said, family was in financial crisis etc, while I feel sad to hear that and I hope that everything has worked out for the best – from a credit card, personal loan or any financial perspective a bank is still going to look for the basic requirements which means stable job, reputable job, good salary, they will make sure you have been employed for a long time, etc. This is just basic facts. So, instead of trying to figure out how to get around this, make some simple steps to meet these requirements – that is, if you really need a credit card. We give a lot of information and comparison on Filipino cards at so you can look at what cards are available here.

    Good luck everyone, happy lending.

  • Craig says:

    credit cards are useful tools guys but just make sure you are getting them for the right reason. You might want to consider a personal loan as it will be a once off payment and not be further tempting to spend more than what you need to.

  • Sasha says:

    Hi! I applied HSBC credit card year 2007 when I was still working here in Philippines. Used it for 2 years here. I left for Saudi a year ago and did use my card since then. I was surprised when I came home for vacation and I could no longer use my credit card. It says its invalid already. I paid all remaining balance when I went to Saudi a year ago.Call up HSBC office if they can still refresh my card. They said, they cannot trace it anymore when I gave my card number, etc. IS IT POSSIBLE TO APPLY AGAIN FOR A CREDIT CARD IN HSBC? I am not employed now here in Philippines, finished my contract in Saudi 3 months ago, but waiting for my visa in Australia? I really want to have my HSBC credit card back…

  • FELY C. DE VERA says:

    please send me new hsbc card its already unreadable. please send me a copy of my pin number i forgot to save it.

    thank you

  • Guilberto A Mercado says:

    Hello, two years ago your company has approved me to have a new credit card. But before i recieve the credit card, i already resigned from my job because i have to go abroad for a new job offer. After 2 months i received a call from a friend from my previous job that a messenger was looking for me to give the new credit card from HSBC. But as i mentioned earlier, i was no longer working in that company. That’s why i didn’t received any credit card from HSBC. And now i want to follow up if it is possible to have a new HSBC credit card. Pls give me a call my Tel no. (075) 5919228 or Cel. 09281702140. Your response is appreciated.


    just want 2 follow up my hsbc credit card application submitted last 01.28.11 thru online application..thnx

  • Mae Espinosa says:

    HSBC su*ks!

    one month na hindi pa nadedeliver yung request ko na replacement ng internet security device. Jan. 13 ako nagrequest until now wala pa sa akin.
    Feb. 11 call center agent told me na idedeliver na daw 7 to 10 banking days.
    Feb. 25 wala pa rin, call center agent told me to wait until the 2nd week of March.
    2 cut-offs na akong nagbabayad ng bill na hindi man lang nakikita yung statement ko.
    Pero kapag regarding payment, due date ko last Jan. 25 late lang yung posting nila kaya di na post yung payment ko pero Jan. 26 natutulog pa ako tinawagan na ako ng HSBC reminding me to pay.

  • Bernadette says:

    Good Day!

    Last Feb 22, 2011 I received the following message from HSBC:

    “Your HSBC MC 8872 has been sent to your billing address. Pls allow 10 banking days for delivery. Stmt Bal Php0; Min Due Php0; due on 09-Mar: Total Bal Php0; Avl Bal Php 2700; Next cut off 15-Mar. View your Bill online! Register at Sender: HSBC”

    I received several HSBC promos in my mobile number prior to this however, until now I haven’t received my HSBC credit card. I was told by a customer representative that it was returned to sender. I was asked to FAX a copy of my cedula indicating my present address, which I did but still I haven’t gotten my HSBC card. Please make some follow ups.

  • jemross erida says:

    Can you please send the status of my HSBC credit card appication?

  • carol ann hipolito says:

    can you please tell me the status of my hsbc credit card application if it is approved or not..thank you..

  • MGrace Katigbak says:

    I just want to inquire the status of my hsbc creditcard application. HSBC call centre has called me and my office and i have emailed by requirements already. My credit card application reference info is:

    Primary / ONL3443262009 / KATIGBAK / MARY GRACE / mgkat_007@yahoo.coma

    Thank you for your fast reply regarding this matter.

  • Shiobe Chang says:

    hi HSBC,

    My fiancee applied for a credit card in your company last January 2011.It was approved and he received a text message to wait for business days to received the card. It’s more that 3 weeks now and we are so worried where the card is, you know that fraud is so rampant nowadays. We called for your CS and they said that it is with the courier already. It’s been a month now….where is it? you should be vigilant about this HSBC.. thank you.

  • ronnie says:

    10 w0rking days ang delivery ng card it’s not true, it’s been two weeks pero wala pang card, pwede bang i cancel na lang, kc kailangan ko na sya,grrr.

  • Mark says:

    I just received the PIN number but I still haven’t received the card. Can you give me the status and what courier will bring this? Will it be deliver to home or to my office?

  • maria concepcion penaso says:

    ano po ang requirements pag may existing credit card na.

  • Sally Yulo says:

    Damn HSBC!!!!

    I was offer by a sales representative if I want to avail their new promotion, which is a installment plan, so I said why not then, it’s not a bad offer. Then it was approve on June 1, now it’s already June 16 so I’m been waiting for the deposit, but HSBC is keep on delaying the deposit without any reason, they keep on saying it is for redeposit, but it’s already 3 weeks still no deposit, and no reason why it is not deposit!!! HSBC why are you like that! Your like fooling your client. If u will keep on doing this you will definitely lose ur client! Don’t offer any promotion that you cannot comply on! We as ur client deserve better treatment than this. If I could sue you I would definitely going to that. And the funny fact here your already charging me of the payment that I don’t even receive!!!!!! Fu*kk now I kept on searching about your service now been reading all this comment I definetly agree with them. Your service suck!!!!

    Do some action about this matter!!!! ASAP

  • LadyGaga says:

    mabagal talaga sila magpadala ng card.. yung saken inabot din ng months before ko nkuha and ang customer service is so horrible.. but i like the card anyway..

  • edroel says:

    hey were’s my hsbc credit card?

  • lalyn says:

    it’s already 12 days from the day my card has been approved. But I’m afraid it would take months before my card will be delivered just like some concerns here.should i go to your nearest branch because i’ll be out of town starting july 27 for two weeks.

  • Melissa B. Villalon says:


    need ur urgent help, jst to clarify, why do i have to settle my account amounting 1200php, without activating my card or even used it, isn’t it the annual fee? but i have’nt used or activate my card why should i pay for it?

  • Mary Christine Lisondra says:


    Just want to know if i can edit my application coz the name i used was my nickname. i was trying to input my real name but it did not accept it. and since i was just renting an apartment all the bills are named to the owner of the house.thats why i can’t send you one of the bills for my proof of billing address..

  • katherine grace invierno says:

    hi, my card was already approved since last month.. and was delivered in our house after a week.. but sad to say i wasn’t able to received my card because I have duty… last week I called the customer service to have arrangement that if ever, to have a schedule for the delivery of my card… as per the customer service it is ok to have the schedule so i said if it is ok if my card are going to deliver on Saturday September 24, 2011 between 9am-12nn (that’s the only available time and day for me from Monday to Saturday on that week)..

    but i’ll wait for nothing.. and until now my card is not yet delivered… until when that i’m going to wait for my card to delivered in our house again..

    here’s my email add

  • susan says:

    i want to ask if your accepting applicants working as an OFW? my brother wants to apply an hsbc credit card. pls reply,thanx

  • Alex Box says:

    I just wanna ask if my application for HSBC Credit Card is already approved and when can i get it? I already submitted all the necessary supporting documents, and undergo a series of interview, and the last interview i had was Sept. 15,2011 they told me that the card processing is 5 to 10days and will be delivered in our house, it’s been a month now and i’am wondering if it is already approved or not? Please help me in to this…
    Thank you very much…

  • jonamae says:

    bakit po ung mga ibang agent mga walang kwenta.tinatawagan ng maayos napaka unprofessional sumagot.i lost my card di manlang fina llow up..sabi tatawagan ako pero ilang months na wala .so sad napakalaki na ng bill ko puro interes at surcharge khit dko nagamit

  • Neil says:


    I applied for HSBC credit card and got approved several weeks after. I also received my initial bill and CA Pin but not the card. After several weeks, i called hsbc customer center and made a follow up about it, and she said that my card returned to their office cause my home address is untraceable (funny is, my initial bill and CA Pin came, but not the card cause my address is untraceable). Then she asked me to submit a proof of residency so they could redirect it to my office address since i spend most of my time working. So i did. I submitted the document Oct 25, and made a follow up on them the next day and informed me that they already received the document i faxed, and i should wait 2-3 banking days for the verification result. Worst is, it been almost a month and they keep on telling me, whenever i do a follow up, that they cant proceed on delivering my card cause the verification is still pending. What the heck? Could you please help me on this? i badly need the card.

  • Catherine Romano says:

    hi! how will I know if my credit card application has been approved? thanks!


    Hi ,
    I am an ofw here at saudi arabia.Can i apply online for a HSBC credt card.Just send some information to my email add.


  • jefry says:

    HI is it possible for me to to apply this card. although i am an ofw here in taiwan… if yes, what are the requirements needed and how can i apply? thanks

  • Ivy Arcelo says:

    Hello. I just want to ask if it is okay for me to apply again in HSBC Visa Credit Card? I already fully settled the account last March 2012 and I have the certification with me coming from your Credit Risk Management. For your quick reference, this is the Visa Card #4028 9200 2796 8709. Thank you.

  • Japsey P. Viloria says:

    can any one please help me on applying credit card please?

  • ronnie galon says:

    how can i apply for an HSBC cards, can yopu send me a requirements. thanks….

  • Amelita Corcino says:

    Kindly sent me your customer service email address . Thank you

  • Edna Manio says:

    DO NOT USE HSBC CREDIT CARD!!! Their customer service agents are rude. I called the customer service hotline to tell them why I had a late charge assessment of P600 wherein fact I have all the receipts that I paid fully. But to my dismay the agent didn’t give me any other option except to fax 2 gov’t IDs. The agent told me to call again after 24hrs and I did. But when I called again, the agent told me that they didn’t receive the documents so I needed to refax. If you would only know how difficult it is to communicate with their agents..What I don’t understand is why it is hard for them to assess the problem wherein fact they can easily access my account. The problem is with the system and the way these agents handle their clients’ concerns. With this, I am decided to close my credit card with them.

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