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HSBC Credit Card

Prestigiously known among Philippine credit cards, HSBC credit card is the best and most popularly known plastic money today. Nothing hard in the process when HSBC credit card application is on the line, the different types it has will surely make you want to possess one. Users and creditors also like using this because of the convenience and availability all the time. NO OFFLINE upon swipes when you are about to pay using this card.

Types of HSBC Credit Card

HSBC RED MasterCard – Women empowerment is the focus of this type of HSBC card. It offers perks, rewards and freebies intended for a woman’s taste and all these are integrated for financial independence and freedom. HSBC RED MasterCard brings out the woman in you giving femme finds while providing variations with offered discounts and additional perks and freebies package that are fit for today’s women.

HSBC Mabuhay Miles Visa Classic and Gold – This Visa Gold exclusive credit card from HSBC offer one of the fastest way to fly via Philippine Airlines FREE as part of its perks. Its TAGGED PROMO wherein “for every Php45.00 you make using this card, you earn 1 Mile in points system“. This means that if you charge up in a gas station using this card and you make another purchase for example of a few grocery and use this credit card to pay your bills, you get points that will be incremented in your account. Pay your utility bills using your card and you inch a step closer everytime to get a free flight to any place in the world.

HSBC Visa and MasterCard – These are the 2 major types of credit card with HSBC just like what other banks offer. Both credit card however gives the owner the privilege of getting to use it in a worldwide venue. Since this card is one of the most stable and strong purchasing capabilities, it also means a strike anywhere travel card for the travelling businessman or person in you. This exclusive benefit can be found only among a few and HSBC is one of them. This by far is also one of the most generous Credit Card Rewards Programs that you cannot find in many banks and credit card companies in the Philippines today.

So for your next credit card application, be sure to go for the stable and with strong worldwide purchasing power – HSBC credit card. It’s this or nothing else.

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60 Responses to “HSBC Credit Card”

  • Japsey P. Viloria says:

    can any one please help me on applying credit card please?

  • ronnie galon says:

    how can i apply for an HSBC cards, can yopu send me a requirements. thanks….

  • Amelita Corcino says:

    Kindly sent me your customer service email address . Thank you

  • Edna Manio says:

    DO NOT USE HSBC CREDIT CARD!!! Their customer service agents are rude. I called the customer service hotline to tell them why I had a late charge assessment of P600 wherein fact I have all the receipts that I paid fully. But to my dismay the agent didn’t give me any other option except to fax 2 gov’t IDs. The agent told me to call again after 24hrs and I did. But when I called again, the agent told me that they didn’t receive the documents so I needed to refax. If you would only know how difficult it is to communicate with their agents..What I don’t understand is why it is hard for them to assess the problem wherein fact they can easily access my account. The problem is with the system and the way these agents handle their clients’ concerns. With this, I am decided to close my credit card with them.

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