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LBC Franchise

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To get a hold of a possible investment via LBC franchise, you will have to go through thorough CI (credit investigation) and finance status. This is a way of most big companies in the Philippines offering and opening up their business to investment capital from interested parties willing to put up a franchise branch anywhere ideal and fit for the standards and needs to put up the business. In this case, if you are after LBC franchise, then the first thing to do is to go visit their official website which can be found here –

There are Pinoys from around the world who are looking forward to put up their own branch, say for example, they already live and have married in Italy or Dubai or United States and they want to invest capital in franchising, the money remittance industry is a good one especially if it aims to cater exclusively to Pinoys (FIlipinos) whom we know are good family providers giving and sending money on a regular basis to and from the Philippines. For more information regarding this franchise, please contact only the authorities or the management involved. Don’t go anywhere else or to anyone you do not know to be authorized representatives or personnel from the company with which you are looking to invest via a franchise outlet with (LBC)

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