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Metrobank Credit Card

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Classification of Metrobank Credit Card

What variations can you find in a Metrobank Credit Card application in the Philippines? How do you apply using online application form and what do you need to know as basics for credit card rewards, cash backs and so on? Some credit card companies and banks offer the visa, master, gold and the value mastercard. With the Metropolitan Banking Corporation, you can choose if you would like a Metrobank Unicard, Metrobank Visa, Metrobank Mastercard or the Metrobank Value Mastercard. But first step comes first. You must secure which among the list will suit you and your purchasing power perfectly based on what you can afford. There are other Philippine credit cards but you have to know each have its own purpose.

We all know that credit cards are used only to buy, therefore, the perfect credit card to choose for you will be based on your buying habits. This way, you will be able to manage well the expenses and overall cashflow you have at the end of the month when the bills come. The wisest way to get the perfect credit card is to know your buying power and not the credit card’s spending power.

The reason is because a person can spend as much as he or she wants anytime. But the question is, at the end of the day, were you wise enough to think and realize that you can only afford for a thousand pesos but spent 2 thousand using your credit card? If you can understand this question very well, then please proceed in applying for your Metrobank Credit Card type.

Metrobank today offers a new way to customize your credit card. They call it as the “designmycard“.This is where you can choose a personal photo or artwork to put in your card.

Among the 4 basic feature offers are:

‘M Here – This is all about offering freebies to card holders, privileges, discounts and perks just like any other international credit cards.

0% Installment Plan – Most department stores call this card capability as ZERO. This card has the purchasing power with no extra cost or you get the item and pay exactly as what it costs in the shelf or display.

Cash2Go B.E.A.T. Installment Plan – This is where instant and fast cash can come from for any occasion of sudden need for money. In view of wanting to provide instant cash to card holders, Metrobank gave this plus amenity. B.E.A.T. means, Big Events Affordable Terms.

Bill2Pay – Metrobank Credit Card holders through this incentive may enjoy utility payments anytime during banking hours whole year through which make it easy and convenient in paying your bills.

SwipeM – A venture to make things involving the use of Metrobank Credit Card into merchant acquiring and payment services.

Metrobank Femme Visa – The exclusive feature of this card are FREE quarterly beauty tips, women empowerment talks invitation and career advice. You can also get insurance coverage worth Php 200,000 as personal accident insurance program for only Php 500.00 and FREE quarterly supply of Metro Magazine for a Php 5,000.00 worth of usage of your Femme Visa Card within the first 3 months from opening date.

Metrobank Dollar Mastercard –  With this card, you can get billed in dollar currency plus free travel insurance when you purchase your airline ticket using this card. Extras include the ability to share supplementary cards and you can also be able to pay the bills.

Go! Mastercard – With this credi card, you can earn DOUBLE the points as long as you use your Go! MasterCard on strolls and shopping at Robinsons, fly Cebu Pacific as well as use it at Wallis, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Topman, Topshop and Handyman branches. The points that you earn using this card also entitles you to redeem a fly for FREE at Cebu Airlines flights orGo! cash cards plus value added services and bills to pay capabilities.

M Lite and M Free Mastercard – The Metrobank M Lite MasterCard is the most ideal credit card for those who are savvy spenders aiming for better finance management while the Metrobank’s M Free MasterCard is what we call as the credit card with no annual fee and no frills. Features include no annual fee as this is waived. Use this card with partner establishments and you get free gifts deals and discounts. Same privileges perks and value added services may be enjoyed using this cards.

Designmycard – This entitles you to personalize your card with preferred photo and art design in it when you visit at

Metrobank Credit Card Classic Gold – For every Php 20.00 you spend using this card you earn 1 point. The points may be used to redeem premium items or an air miles from (PAL) Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific Airlines. Same perks, privileges and value added services amenity is enjoyed like other cards by Metrobank.

Metrobank Platinum Mastercard – Higher credit limit with preferential finance charge of only 2.75% instead of the standard 3.50%. You get a privilege to 24/7 worldwide range of concierge service on any credit card related need. This includes medical care, business arrangements and your own personal shopping spree. 1 point is earned for every Php20.00 spending with the use of Metrobank Platinum MasterCard. The points may be redeemed as premium items or air miles from 3 major airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines or Singapore Airlines.

Cash Advance System – In Metrobank Credit Card cash advance program, you can enjoy getting a cash advance with a limit of up to 50% of your approved credit limit. (Note: this cash advance is subject to a 5% cash advance fee)

24/ 7 Customer Service – For any customer assistance need, you may call 8-700-700 or 1-800-1-888-5775 (domestic toll-free) when outside Metro Manila. Platinum cardholders may otherwise call numbers 8-700-707 or 1-800-1-888-5775 or +800-8700-0707 (international toll-free).

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99 Responses to “Metrobank Credit Card”

  • eileen bullecer says:

    I want to apply for a credit card. Can I apply for a credit card even if I dont have an existing credit card? Please send reply to my email


  • ERMA says:

    i want a credit card but so hard to apply. Im a good payer and regular in a call center company for 1.5 years. send me what i need to do.

  • It is easy to apply for a credit card but if you are having a good time here are a few tips. First, hanap ka ng meron na at pwede ka maki-attach ng credit card mo (you have to be a really good payer kasi kawawa ang may ari pag di ka nagbayad). Second is try contacting a credit card agen, with them, it is really easy, will even help you if you do not reach the quota for salary bracket. Third, many people think it is hard to apply for a credit card but the fact is, it is all based on your salary. If you have a good salary and a stable job, then there is no reason why you cannot get approved of an application.

    • sue says:

      after June 2, 2015 i still receive statement of account from my email stating that i pay my suncellular thru my credit card : dated 6/23 , 7/23, 8/24, 9/23, and 10/23. ang nakapagtataka ay dala ko dito sa autralia ang metrobank credit card ko panu ako nakapgbayad thru my credit since june 2, 2015 i arrived here in australia. kasi since June 2 2015 up to now Dec 13, 2015 hindi kona sya ginamit in any transaction whether buying or paying in anything. ang laki ng amount due which is kc diko nabbayaran dal alam ko zero na dapat yan now ..

  • roger derlena says:

    credit card para makatulong sa mga taong nanganga ilangan? sarap pakinggan noh? pro taliwas sa pag kaka alam ng iba nating mamamayan itoy hindi pag bibigay ng tulong sa mga taong gustong kumita para gamitin sa anumang business n bina balak…para sa akin ang dinanas kong pahirap ng credit card na to ay kalbaryong nag dala sa higit na kahirapan..ang akala ko ito ay mag aahon sa aking kahirapan ngunit kabaliktaran ang nagyari..wala kang katas na makikita sa puhunang ipinahiram sayo dahil itoy napupunta lang sa interest ng banko sila lang ang tumataba…kaya nag pasya akong ibalik nlang at naka hiram pa ako sa isang tao para mabayaran lang…kaya laking ginhawa nong nabayaran ko na,,ngunit lumipas ang ilang 2 taon mahigit nagulat nlng ako nong may dumating sakin na belling ang laki ng utang ko sa naturang banko…halos mawalan ako ng malay sa natanggap ko na bell…kaya ang tanong ko ito bay makatarungan???? ang layunin ba nila ay makatulong??o pananakal at paninikil sa mahihirap….

    • sue says:

      oo nga grabe ang tagal ko na dito sa australia bago ako umalis ng june 2 2015 paid kona lahat utang ko sa c
      metrobank credit card at di kona sya ginamit hanggang at this time me billing ako na dumadating which i paid all while am in the philippines neverpaulit ulit un bill ng sa suncellular ko pati un card extension ko which is wala naman from the beginning is sinisingil din nila..bakit ganyan yang metrobank?

  • christy says:

    how can i avail a credit card. i work here in Kuwait but i will take my vacation this month. i like to use a credit card. how can i apply?

  • zhao says:

    i have a metrobank credit card already, but just a atm one. i want now to apply for visa/master card cause i need it to purchase online(ebay) throught paypal which require visa/master of what i don’t know credit card. don’t know now how to apply and i am not a bussinessman that has a lot $$$, i still a student but i think i can open account using my mother’s name,my question is what are the requirement to visa/master card? and is it safe to do transaction online(ebay)? tips/suggestion? thank you.

  • Marian says:

    I would like to apply for a credit card. This is my first time to apply that is why i am so worried because usually you are only honoring those who are credit card holders already. One this is I don’t have a home phone number. Please email me at Thank you.

  • boy says:

    Its my first time to apply for a credit card, i know i can pay for it , one problem is I’m to busy with my work and hoping for an online application, can you e mail what i need to do.

  • boy says:

    how can i apply for a credit card on line since I am to busy with my work, i am a first time credit card applicant, please email me.

  • Roger says:

    I need a credit card, but Im busy and any idea how to apply online and for free. Anyway, I also have my metrobank account. please email me at

    I really need it badly.thanks in advance!

  • Cora says:

    I have accumulated points from using my credit cards . My question is how can I avail the use of these points if I want to travel abroad for free.

  • Romie says:

    i wanted to clarify regarding the promotional offer being told to us by your agent that Metro Bank Credit Card no longer have registration fees for life. Is it true ? Some Credit Cards companies told us that its a fake …….. bloff……. just to convince your new customer to transfer to metro bank…………………. hope you can clarify this issues and concern …….. thanks

  • wheng says:

    Go master card is not good especially if you agreed with their financial department. This is all about statement of account ” we agreed if i purchased worth 4000 within the month my annual will be waived ” hahaha!!! thisis not true, if you have experience this kind of scenario better not to have this credit card. For the next billing the subscriber will be suprise for his statement and the customer service will not accept your raised concerns. This is happened on this day September 25, 2009.

  • steph says:

    I ask for credit card statement and i speak to one of their employee at this no. 632 687 2055 and she’s rude,she work with Mr.jerome ********They better train their employees with good manners in talking to their costumers,she’s a shit,she should be fired she’s not a good example for other metrobank employees.

  • maria g. aquino says:

    can u please give me an update re: my credit card application? somebody from metrocard already called me and said they are already processing the approval of my application. she even got the full details of the address where the card should be mailed. its been a while already, i tried to call up ur toll free line. i was surprised to know that there was no such application, how could that happen when i was already confirmed by metrocard as an approved applicant. can u kindly check on it please…
    the following are few information in my application :

    maria garcia aquino
    b-date : 3/17/70
    b-place : manila
    office address : door 3 & 4 aimishi bldg., riverview, bacaca davao city
    cel # 09202498925 or 0822712373

  • Estrelita Pakingan says:

    This is just an inquiry, I am a credit card holder, with my mom and my husband under mine, way back 4 years ago. I’m staying now in the U.S and when I left I forgot to surrender or to deactivate it to the bank. As far as I know, MY credit card including my mother and husband’s card were expired this time, But it continuosly billing me with my annual fees. My questions is, If a credit card is already expired will it be automatically renewd, even without renewing it personally? In this case please help me how to deactivate it since ihave no plan of using it anymore. What am I going to do.
    Thank you.

    Estrelita Pakingan

  • bajar says:

    how can i cut off my supplementary?

  • shalimar says:

    I am a teacher for more than 10 years already but haven’t experience having credit cards and my co-teachers advice me to get one. I have a salary bracket of 17T+ monthly. I would like to ask if I am qualified to apply and what are the requirements for my application. Please email me at my email address.

  • Evelyn says:

    I’m living in Sweden right now and my brother live’d in Gumaca Quezon,which Metro banck have branch,i’d like to send(transper) money to my brother by my card name ICA,is there no problem?is ICA card acceptable in Metro Bank ATM machines?please let me know asap!so i can send the ICA card to my brother soon as possible!


    January 27, 2010


    I am now living here in Taipei,Taiwan,R.O.C. May I know the possibilitiies for me to pay my bills to my metrobank mastercard credit card that I opened before n Metrobank PedroGil Branch. I want to pay it by myself even though I am here in Taipei. I am using it very often that is why I want also to pay my bills on time. I want to do my payments here if it is possible.

  • Arnel L. Malaggay says:

    I want to buy a book(a download version) over the internet but it requires a credit card to avail it. I don’t have a credit card but i wish to apply for it. Can you e-mail me the mechanics and requirements on how to apply for a credit card in Metrobank?

  • Rick Sanchez says:

    Metrobank Mepz II Bask Lapu- Lapu City Cebu really socks. The they are giving poor service, doesn’t know how to handle every customers, most specially the old teller guy who seems to work there for many years yet he doesn’t know what his doing. Hey! Manager do you really train your people to do such a job like this. You should follow rules you are bringing the name of Metrobank which other branches are doing a great job. Know your people and train them well. Your focus is to gain trust towards the customer and giving them good service not a crap. Do some action!!!!!!

  • DOlores Gallano Gementiza says:

    My question is…. how to redeem my points on my credit card? pwd paki send sa email ko kung anong dapat pwd paki send din sa mga items na puweding convert sa points ng credit card ko..THANKS!!!

  • ronir arboladura says:

    yes, i would agree to one of the subscriber who experienced misery in having a card. i am an existing cardholder in metrobank and i have a standing balance of 35,000 up and like what she said only the bank can benefit from what i paid. could you imagine, the actual amount that i acquired would not be changed or deducted since what i have to pay is only the interest and surcharges and any charges like penalties? i will die and still not paying this balance. now, i had realized that my only recourse is to ask for reconsideration to pay only the acquired amount that i had taken from the card. so if they would file any legal ways, then i have to submit myself for a TEST CASE in this since i’ve read that we cannot be imprisoned if we will not pay. but i am not saying that i will not pay, the only thing that i want to do is simply to pay the amount that supposedly to be paid. now i am not afraid because i have to pursue, to look at this without fear, no matter what happened to this, i am asking to those people who have the nightmare of their credit card to help me with this. yes, no one can be blamed on this but me, but it is the system that they had implemented that truly make my life and to others who experienced such a terrible mess.

  • joy andal sison says:

    hello,im a metrobank cardholder,,i just want to ask how can i use ny reward points?eversince di ko pa po nagagamit..please email me…thanks!!

  • glenne says:

    hello po.. balak ko snang mag apply ng credit card. pwede po kya ako, renting lng po kmi , nsa saudi po ang mr. ko…sa metrobank sya nagreremit monthly. pwede po kya ako? tnx ng marami. pki reply n lng sa email add ko.

  • JANE A. TIU says:

    I have a Metrobank credit card with your company with number – 4055988214384002. Last June 21, 2010, I called up your customer service requesting the waiver of my annual fee of 1,500.00. My request was granted but 50% of the fee will be taken cared by my reward points and the other half required me to have retail spend worth 5000.00 pesos within a month. That was acceptable for me at first. Later, in the evening, my sister ( Lanie Tiu )who had also a credit card like mine, told me that she also requested your office for a waiver of her annual fee and she was only required to have retail spending worth 4,000.00 pesos. I was wondering why the procedure is not the same. In fact, if you check my account, I was spending more than 10,000.00 in the past three months. Could there be any chance where my reward points could be reversed? I would appreciate very much if you give this matter your kind consideration. Thank you.

  • Mia says:

    how can i apply online for metrobank visa credit card? i dont have enough time to go personally in bank. . thankyou in advance. pls email me.

    • Philippines Review says:

      You can apply online but you will have to have an account first and from there you can enroll your account for online transaction. otherwise, you will have to spare a day to apply for a Metrobank credit card personally.

  • mauricio l. tomarong says:

    i was not able to recieve a billing for 4 months … i called the hotline and only promised to investigate their courier service.. until now there’s no billing.. what happened?

  • donato g bueno says:

    would like to apply for transfer of billing address by virtue of the transfer of my assignment:
    from: jose j. leido,jr memorial national high school
    rizal st. calapan city

    to: DepED Division of Pto. Princesa City
    Palanca St., corner Valencia St
    Pto. Princesa City 5300

  • anacleta comia says:

    hello ,i have a metrobnk credit card,but supplemetary lng ,and i apply for my own .until now wla pa response, depositor nmn ako ng metrobnk..naipa cancel ko na ang supplementary .card ko dahil i apply for my own..bakit wla response.

  • jojo sali says:

    informe lang ko ang banko na hindi bumababa ang biling maski ngabayad na ang client wala pa rin consideration.

  • guia says:

    i want to have an atm card. how can i have one? do you have online applications for atm card? please email me thanks!

  • NelGie says:

    I have a metrobank credit card and it is still unused. one day an agent called me and introduced me to their insurance. she was talking very fast that i could not understand what she was saying. so everytime she asked me, all i can answer is “yes”. then she asked me if i understand her. then before our conversation ended she told me that ” anyway sir, a letter will be sent to you.” and few days ago i have received a statement of account with the insurance reflected on it. supposedly i dont want that insurance and my credit card is still unused. can i close my metrobank credit card without paying the insurance? please i need your help and reply. thank you!

  • mercelee perez says:

    good day.
    i already received advisory text messages about MMC promos and other info, but i have not received my credit card yet.
    i try to call via free toll but its asking me to dial my account number, i do not have it bec i did not receive my credit card.

    urgent concern.
    thank you

  • nida says:

    i have metrobank credit card,i have not use it yet,same thing happened to me with this agent caLLED ME one early morning before i left for school,…talked so fast and asked me to say yes yes yes..anyways,,..regarding the insurance….
    supposedly i want my credit card but i dont want and dont need this insurance how can i have this thing happen? what am i suppose to do?or should i cancel my card…and get another cARD from another bank…

    please help…what should i do?i want my metrobank credit card but i dont need this insurance…how can i cancel this insurance thing?


    PLEASE CALL ME (045) 9000-361..



  • Ernesto montecillo says:


  • aileen says:

    hi, i would like to apply for an increase n my credit card limit (which is 200K.i want it higher coz im planning to have another loan )…iv been using my credit card for almost a year already..would that be possible..response appreciated

  • Jayla says:

    To Ernesto montecillo: you shouldn’t be leaving confidential details like your credit card number in public places such as forums. It’s best that you coordinate w/ ur bank. ^-^

  • Angelean says:

    Would it be possible to pay for a certain penalty fee using my rewards points that I haven’t ever redeemed since my 2years having my card? I called in on my due date to inform them that my payment would be a bit late due to having issues with my salary. But when I checked the penalty fee went through and oh my god its twice the amount of my past bills minimum due!! How did it happen??!! I am so disgusted that i want to leave the bank and not pay for my balance. I never had a late fee not until the emergency. Don’t people like me at least deserve some consideration?

  • connie says:

    hi po….

    what are the qualifications of one Gov’t employee to get Metro bank credit card po…

    Pls reply to my email ad



  • jsp says:

    DO NOT APPLY FOR ANY METROBANK CREDIT CARD!!!!! Dont get fooled!!! I had this very bad experienced with my card. My bill reached 50K (including the penalties and late charges I incurred due to the inconsistent deliveries of my billing statement) , so i decided to to settle my account in full and cancel my creit card. I called collections dept. and told them my intentions. A certain DEO (which I later found out was from the agency who works for METROBANK CARD) received my call and told me that they could only waive the last penalty and finance charges if I decide to closed my METROBANK CREDIT CARD. I agreed with the arrangement but told him if he could request for the waiver of my previous month charges because of the late delivery of my billing statement. The next day he called and told me that he talked to the collection officer supervisor MR. EDGIE AZURIN and he was told that my request is not granted and only the last penalty and finance charges are to be waived. I agreed and settled my account in full the same day and called METROBANK CARD the next day that I am cancelling my credit card. I even instructed the recepient of my call to note that full payment has been made and late charges from my last billing statement was waived as per MR. AZURIN. After the next month when i cancelled my account, I received another billing statement with the late charges as my outstanding balance. I called METROBANK CARD CORP. again and told them that I already requested for the cancellation of my card. However, I was told that my card is still active since there were no coordination with MR. AZURIN regarding the settlement of my account. I waited for another month and another statement was delivered to my house. I called MR. EDGIE AZURIN directly and asked him why I still have an outstanding balance when I paid the full amount which he approved to a certain Deo. The reason that the “INCOMPETENT”officer MR. AZURIN gave me is that my request was not approved when in fact HE was the one who approved the total amount that I have to settle. He said that it was not noted in their record but everytime you will speak to any of their employees that it is a “recorded conversation”. Until now no actions has been made with my METROBANK CREDIT CARD. Hoping this would guide you in NOT CHOOSING METROBANK CREDIT CARD if you dont want to be DECEIVEDby incompetent employees of METROBANK CARD CORP. esp. MR,. EDGIE AZURIN.

  • jsp says:

    I cancelled my METROBANK CREDIT CARD and even encouraged my friends and relatives to do the same because of the very bad experienced i had with METROBANK CREDIT CARD.

  • wardlen mae aquilino says:

    Hi how can I avail or how to apply a credit card sa metrobank please email..thanks

  • ani lem says:

    possible po b akong mka apply ng mastercard kht wala akong ko lang sana sa paypal.

  • ana says:

    hi i would like to transfer my monthly billing payment of my metrobank credit card
    to: Mr. Louie Charles M. Cabugawan 199 P. Burgos St. Tacloban City, Leyte.
    By the way,i paid last march 8, 2011 of my minimum amount but still i received an advisory text from MMC that i remain unpaid. Please email me as soon as possible.
    This is my email ad
    Thank You.

  • ana says:

    hi i would like to transfer my monthly billing payment of my metrobank credit card to: Mr. Louie Charles M. Cabugawan 199 P. Burgos St. Tacloban City, Leyte.
    By the way, i paid last march 8, 2011 of my minimum amount but i still received advisory text message rom MMC that i remain unpaid. I need your help.
    Please email me I’m wating for your reply.

    Thank you

  • rosalinda m.salvador says:

    gusto ko sna mag-aaply ng credit card,nagpasa na po ako ng requirements sa metrobank but until now eh wla pa din pong reply po….

  • Feliza M. Lintag says:

    Kung puwede po sanang i-reverse yong annual membership fee ko at gayun din po yong annual membership fee ng isa kong supplementary, nasabi po kasi sa akin ng isang kawani ng metrobank, na ang first year ng membership ay wala pa munang babayaran, ang problema po ay hindi ko na-remind yong mabait na kawani ng metrobank at lately ay nalaman kong na-transfer na siya sa ibang branch (totoong mabait yong si Ma’am Jon,,kaya ako na-convince na mag-apply ng credit card). Sa totoo po ay 2 ang ini-apply kong supplementary pero isa lang po ang nagamit at tumawag naman ako sa Metrobank to inform na isa lang po ang nagamit na supplementary card.. ..Sana po kung hindi maga-grant yong request ko eh ipapa-close ko na lang po permanently ang aking credit card. Nag-ta-try po akong may maka-usap sa customer service para makapag-inquire,,pero yong answering machine lang ang sumasagot,,ang tagal po akong naghihintay ng taong sasagot (kapag na-transfer na ang call ko) puro music lang sa call waiting ang maririnig,,hanggang sa mainip ako at ibaba ko na lang ang telepono,, paki-sagot na lang po itong request ko regarding the reversal of annual membership fee,,hihintayin ko na lang po ang sagot thru my e-mail,,thank you so much po.

  • lea s. gambon says:

    ang hirap po kasing tumawag sa customer service, itatanong ko lng po kng pwede mareinverse ung annual membership ko sa supplementary card ko?, at paano po kung gusto ko n ipclose or deactivate yung supplementary card ko, meron p po kc akong bill dun ng cash 2go for 1 year p po un…kung pwedeng itransfer ung bill sa isa ko pang credit card visa femme? i need your reply pls…

  • Maria Antoinette Abrea says:


  • wilfredo caberos says:

    i am credit BDO customer but april 28, 2011 one person certain your employee requesting for applying at your metro bank credit card… in this connection i am inquiring for verification purposes… this is email add.. mtb acquisition@gmail com. fax no. 4707978… thank u this matter will be for verification purposes only

  • Buenaventura Agulan, Jr. says:

    I was convinced by your agent to use my Metrobank Credit Card because of the 1.50% promo instead of regular 3.50% interest. So I got P30,000.00 loan. But when I received my monthly bills it indicated 3.50%. I ask the person at the Customer Service and he answered me that I did not bit the promo period.

    Anyway, I used it already and and after several months I paid it fully. It was also indicated in the next bill that I was fully paid.The problem is I recieved continuously Bills with 0-balance or 0-Total Amount Due.

    But this time dated May 10, 2011, I have again a Total Amount Due of P1,831.80. I called up this morning at your Customers Service but I can’t understand the operator so I tried this this time thru internet. Please verify what is this?

    May I also request to terminate my Metro Bank Credit Card. Please!

    • Mario C. Tabuco says:

      Ibig ko sanang ipahinto sa pagka meyembro yong dalawa kong supplementary sa METRO BANK ATM CREDIT CARD kasi hindi na ginagamit. hindi ko na kayang magbayad sa membership renewal +2supplementary.last november bill dec 16 na ako nakabayad kulang pa ang 13th month pay ko. have pity on us…thanks

  • nancy m. quijano says:

    To Metrobank Cadd Corporation,

    This letter pertains to my over due account. May i request to stop the intrest of my MASTER CREDIT CARD due to financial problem, here is my card no. 5464 9832 0145 4480, i promise to pay my balance everymonth.

    and one thing exrpired na po ang credit card ko last august 2010 pa po, wala po ako na recieve na new card. matagal ko na po hindi nagagamit ang credit card ko. hoping for your kind and consideration for this matter. Thank you very much and god bless!

  • nancy m. quijano says:

    To Metrobank Card Corporation, May i request to stop the intrest of my MASTER CREDIT CARD due to financial problem, here is my card no. 5464 —- 0145 4480, i promise to pay my balance everymonth and one thing exrpired na po ang credit card ko last august 2010 pa po, wala po ako na recieve na new card. matagal ko na po hindi nagagamit ang credit card ko. hoping for your kind and consideration for this matter. Thank you very much and god bless!

  • nancy m. quijano says:

    for Metrobank Credit Card, thiis is my acct. no. 5464 ——0145 4480, kung maaari lng po sana ihinto na ang intrest kc po matagal ko n po hindi ngagamit credit card ko expired nrin po kc card q last august 2010 p po wala po new card ako na recieve…. gusto ko lng po sana i-stop n ang intrest at principal balance nlng po yun babayaran ko everymonth. Need reply ASAP. Thank you very much.

  • ggpascual says:

    halimbawa, ang credit limit ko ay 20,000 but i want to purchase something cost about 40,000 but in installment basis, about 3200 a month, pwede po ba un?

  • Ave b.toque says:

    To metrobank credit card please kindly change the address bill of my husband visa card in connection that we are not actually know pour monthly dues asap is our new address blk 21 lot 56 bay garden homes sto.domingo,bay ,laguna .i need your action immediately .

  • Ave b.toque says:

    metrobank card please change the address bill of my husband visa card
    so that i will not guess how much our monthly bills.i need your action immediately.please send our bills at blk 21 lot 56 bay garden homes ,sto.domingo,bay,laguna

  • Gina T Arandia says:

    i have’nt using my metrobank card for almost a year now and just paid my membership fee a month before i stop using the card, since i left already in the phils. My mother said that you’ve send me a bill for my membership fee this year. I’ve tried to call your 1800 number to cancel my card but cant get trough, can you please give me some consideration on this.
    thank you and hoping to do business again with you in the near future..

  • Michelle yu says:

    I want to cancel my insurance n my Metrobank credit card

  • mark anthony arquita says:

    may name is mark anthony Arquita and i have a metrobank credit card mastercard. i want to see my bill on my email add or how to check my inquiries online?pls replay asap

  • Vijar madjuki says:

    im still student pa po..can i apply one of the metrobank creditcards??pwede po bang magapply kahit student pa po??anong mga requirement?

  • maria says:

    hi, my boss has a credit card earn points, can you tell us how to redeem the points? what’s the reward points?



  • barbara tibay says:

    paki email na lng un bill ko every month,,,, puwede po ba un? kasi po lagi na lng late un deliver ng bill ko ..lagi na lng ako tumatawag sa inyo… plea

  • Lorraine Jane Cemitara says:

    Good day

    I want to apply credit card.
    please send me the details how to have a credit cards.
    hope to hear from you soon.


  • regina sagum says:

    i would like to make an inquiry if my online booking with zest airways w/ merchant no. GHN1AW has been credited to my account amounting to P1557.20. thank you.

  • hazel J. escalante says:

    Pakisend every month ng bill ko sa email ko kc late lagi dumadating bill ko.. nGaun nga walang bill na dumating sa akin.. At paano ko ma avail ang mga points ko sa metrobank.. THanks!

  • Henry B. Sasoy says:

    I am Henry B. Sasoy. I am a credit card holder ( 4055-9922-4819-5004) effective last Sept. 2011. Sometime this December, I availed of a cash advance with a minimum interest – sometime like cash to go promo. I availed the amount of P 30,000.00 and that was either December 5 Or 6 and the representative told me to wait for 3 to 4 days. Sometime in December 9th, my staff told me only last December 14 that there was a check delivery for that same amount. I lost my top on that day because nobody tole me that it has already arrived because I’m upgrading my desktop computers in my accounting office thus I need the amount badly. I tried to search the check which was placed at my laptop ( during the delivery, I was in Tagum meeting with my client). Sensing that this is bad, I called Customer Service Hotline 1-800-1888-5775 on that same day at about noon and the customer service representative told me that I am required to fax an Affidavit of Loss. At about 3PM, I fax the affidavit hoping that subsequently my request for a stop payment order from Metrobankcard be given due course. I called Metrobankcard again last December 15 but another representative told me that the affidavit is not in their tracker. I called again on the next day and I am told that this can be possibly processed if I will fax again the affidavit. Where can I possibly ask help. Where is the office of Metrobankcard in DAvao City so that I can follow through with only one person who can focus in following the matter.?

  • Jose Ricardo says:

    Please avoid dangling statements, grammar and typo errors when posting your comments so that other readers could completely comprehend your message. In reference, I believe your requests whatsoever should be raised directly to MCC and not here.

    • Philippines Review says:

      Salamat sa concern mo, Jose but then hindi kasi natin masisisi ang ibang kababayan natin na hindi pa gaanong maalam ukol sa mga blogs na nagfefeature lang ng help topics. I guess some are having a hard time distinguishing blogs from the official websites of these banks and companies. Ganun pa man, salamat sa pagbigay ng insights mo. It will help me a lot as well as all readers of this blog via the comments section.

  • Thet says:

    I have been calling for 2 days in Metrobankc’s customer service numbers regarding my SOA which I have not received until now. My payment due date is on the 2nd of every month and my billing cut off is on the 11th of the month.
    How am I gonna know how much should I pay?

  • Joel A. Babanto Jr. says:

    Good day,may I request your good office to waive my annual renewal payment
    of my credit card,if not allowed kindly stop my renewal this year,tnx.

  • Luisito M. Lim says:

    I already applied for Metrobank credit card last mid of 2009 at Valenzuela Marulas branch because i was interested,,,, but after complying and completing to submit the require credit card requirements on the given expected date of verification or after waiting for one month the result is “denied” according to the bank staff,,, i was confuse and i want to confirm if this is true,,,, may i know how to verify if my application is surely denied,,, for my peace of mind,,, my name is Luisito Mallari Lim… thanks

  • jeralyn amoranto says:

    hi..gud afternoon. may i request to stop the interest of my master credit card. I PROMISE TO PAY it before AUGUST,2012. THANK YOU for your consideration.

  • Joel A. Babanto Jr. says:

    Good day,please send me my monthly bill of my Metrobank Credit card.

  • form Ronie L.Gonzales says:

    greetings !
    i just want to follow up my credit card..i haven’t receive yet
    since i received. notice of approval from my agent with the
    confirmation of MCC,that was april.After couple of month of
    waiting,i did try to follow up,but i failed to receive just the
    same,since then i ignored.but yesterday i received a text message
    informing my quick pin number.the problem is,the card is not
    in my hand now how long will i wait again,i wish to use it
    the soonest as possible, otherwise i will accept the other bank offer
    im very disciplinarian individual especially when it comes to money
    matter,so if its possible,i just want to have a one credit card.
    your reply is highly appreciated.thank you and more power.

  • amelia tria says:

    Am using credit card for a year now, gusto ko po sana mag request upgrade lets say gawing mas mataas ang credit limit.. nothing wrong with the credit card as long as marunong kang gumamit…

    marami pong salamat

  • milagros salamat says:

    gud evening:)i want to follow up my credit card,supplementary po ako ng husband ko.Nag expire na po siya nung last MAY.MAY p lang po pina follow up ko na,hanggang nagun wla p rin,Actually evry week tumatawag po ako,same p rin ang dahilan,ganun po b tlga k tagal,ilang months na po,almost 4 months ko ng pina follow up.On time naman akong magbayad.Bakit ganun naman katagal,lagi nlng akong pinapangakuan n nxt week da2ting n daw,umabot n ng sept.wla p rin.Masyado n po ksing naka2abala,lahat ng lakad ko d n natu2loy dhil po s kahi2ntay ng Metrobank Credit card.Pede po bng sa metrobank meycauayan branch ko nlng ku2nin,dhil ga2mitin ko this week,u2wi po kc ako ng Cebu.Salamat po

  • noelyn rugay says:

    Good day!

    To metrobank credit card i have a problem with regards to my august & september 2012 billing statement because i haven’t seen it yet because my co-worker refused it to accept. So i’m requesting to resend my billing statement at KABALIKAT PARA SA MAUNLAD NA BUHAY,INC. VAB BLDG 2ND FLOOR MC ARTHUR HWY ULAS, 8000 DAVAO CITY DAVAO DEL SUR. I tried to call in your customer service but the line was busy…please resend it again to that address…..Thank you so much!

  • concerned says:

    mga baliw.

    bat kayo dito nagiinquire

  • vicile bonane says:

    gd mrning po pwdy nyo po email nlng nyo ang billing ko dpit yong updated kc yong payments late s billing nyo pwdy nyo po email dtopo ha mg hintay po ako ngayong monday po and regarding to my interest sabi nyo zero nterest tpos ang taas nmn bkit ganon?

  • emmalour c. banching says:

    wala pa po akong credit card,this is my first it possible?housewife lang po ako pero alottee po i have chance to have one..?thanks..

  • Jake says:

    kakatawa, di tayo pwede makiusap jan, during application ng credit card, mabait sila, but when you need support to help you, nawawala sila, tapos walang hiya pa kausap… tinatakot ka pa, wahahahahaha

  • ivy m. facundo says:

    good day, i am asking your good office to please waive my husband’s annual payment ALLAN SJ. FACUNDO, SOA dated nov 26, for he is out of the country for almost a year and he’s contract will end later nextyir. Hoping for your kind consideration regarding this matter.

  • jellian says:

    i want to diactivate or cancel all my insurance na pumasok sa bill ko every month like axa,etc..

  • Richard says:

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  • Ryza says:

    hi i just wanna follow up the billing address that my aunt changed with her credit card. its been months of wait already!

  • Shiela says:


    I am a Metrobank Credit card holder, i just want to ask how much will be the charged for using my credit card on online. I used it with the amount of $500 (US Dollars) at KSA.

    Thank you.


  • analie bon says:

    I wont to follow up my credit card application.tnks po

  • Joselyn Salas says:

    Hello, I am a supplementary cardholder,, and my wallet was lost just tonight..I called the principal cardholder and she told me to contact metrobank and report what was happened. So the card will be close a soon as possible. please email me what to do. Thank you

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