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OFW Credit Card

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Many Pinoys are afraid of what credit cards can bring to their life. It’s because very few understand how to take full control on expenditures and using these credit cards. Sadly, even if this is the case, still, based from online statistics, many Filipinos suffer from getting broke to legally bound by credit and unpaid loans. While this is true for many few thousands, many OFW who have their taste of the good life from working abroad try to look for the convenience in spending money using an OFW credit card. This is the same reason why we decided to tip off some overseas Filipino workers out there on how to process an application, where to apply and which Philippine credit card is best to choose. We’ve scoured and searched using the internet to find online credit card reviews from numerous blogs and popular financing and comparison websites just to come up with a definite tip to help OFWs find a good and easy way to get approved of an application for the said credit card for OFWs.

5 Ways to Get Approved of an OFW Credit Card Application

ofw credit card

Philippine Credit Cards

In order to process a credit card for overseas Filipino worker, one must first understand that most banks or finance institutions would mostly allow an approved application for regular salary workers.

In the case of an OFW trying to secure a credit card, there may be chances of getting disapproved or declined. But with the help of our tips here at Philippines website, we might help you increase your chances of getting approved. See different ways to get what you want from whatever bank you apply for.

  1. Try to deposit a large amount of money via savings account prior to application for a credit card.
  2. Make sure you have good banking credit status (not bad credit)
  3. Disclose all assets like properties or car in possession if you have one in the application form
  4. Make sure you don’t have any pending court case
  5. Disclose all other income sources if you have others

Credit Card Bank Providers to Apply For

Philippine Banks

Major Philippine Banks

There is a saying that “the easier, the better”. Therefore, in terms of choosing the perfect provider or bank to apply for an OFW credit card, you have to know which one will give you the easiest time to get approved of your application. With that, I can give you just about any bank provided you meet certain requirements as an OFW. Although many have little money, I’d like to take chances to maximize reaching out to OFWs who are looking to get approved easily with enough resources. Allow me to reveal a short story of mine at a personal level of experience that led to easy approval of my credit card application. I will have my list of banks below.

  • BPI Express – If you have at least 60K pesos to deposit, try to ask for Bank of the Philippine Islands maxi saver deposit account. This will automatically enable you to get approved of your OFW credit card application even if you don’t have a regular source of income. The maxi saver account allows the holder to get at least 60% credit limit for the card as well.
  • BDO and Other Banks – The same thing works. All you have to do though is to ask what type of account allows the same privileges.

Top 5 Factors Considered by Providers

  1.  Good credit standing
  2. Regular source of income
  3. Available existing active credit cards and deposit account
  4. No court case or finance-related problems like unpaid credit cards or bounced check case or estafa case
  5. Trusted trade references

requirementsOFW Credit Card Application Requirements

For OFWs

  • Certificate of employment or contract of employment; and
  • Working visa or work permit issued in the country of residence, OFW card issued by the POEA or POEA OEC (overseas employment certificate)
  • Proof of Residence – Please submit a copy of the latest billing statement under the name of the applicant addressed to the applicant’s residential address or with same address as the 2 valid IDs

For Existing Account Holders or Clients:

  1. 2 pcs 1×1 latest photo
  2. Completely filled up application form

For New Applicants with No Account:

  1. 2 valid primary IDs – may be any government issued ID like postal ID or SSS ID
  2. 2 pcs 1×1 latest photo
  3. Any latest utility bill under applicant’s name (best if electric or water bill)
  4. Completely filled up application form

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