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Review: Angel’s Hamburger Franchise – Scott, Minute Burger, Buena Bonita and Burger Machine

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Angel's Burger Buy 1 Take 1Angel’s Hamburger, an obviously fast growing street stall business franchise today is a good choice for Pinoy entrepreneurs and business investors. The only problem is many found to be lost in space trying to find where or who to talk to regarding a possible offer or quote on investment for franchise. In the past months after launching a short blog post franchise review (co-authored by me) regarding how and where to apply for a franchise of Angel’s Hamburger, the turnout / response was amazingly many. This means that there is definitely a market for earning out of a franchise offer for this buy 1 take 1 burger business on the street.

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Trying to come up with some logic as to how come there were many Filipino entrepreneurs interested to franchise a stall or outlet of Angel’s Burger, I did a back trace aging from the 80’s to as far as late 2000. I found out via recollection that there were quite a few successful and unsuccessful business model similar to Angels that existed back in those years mentioned. I was wondering why this one ever came up as a most-wanted among others compared to those that still have stores and outlets or stalls in the streets today. These hamburger chains I am talking about numbers from what I have disclosed in my blog post title namely: Scott Burger, Minute Burger, Buena Bonita Hamburger and Burger Machine.

Although I can no longer remember how long its been since I saw one of the branches on the street of Buena Bonita Burger, I still see today the likes of burger business stalls like Scott and Burger Machine. They still sell but I’ve never heard of any franchise opportunity offers using the power of Google Search. However, just to give light to the concept of providing information to our blog readers here at Internet Philippines blog, we’d like to raise our concern regarding the concept behind Angels Burger and what could possibly have had it in success all these years.

What else am I talking about but the concept of buy 1 take 1 promo which in itself is one of the most saleable concepts in town where the said promo was made to become a regular buying spree which might have given most customers the favor of buying a meryenda or a meal for the price of a regular cheap hamburger. In other words, some other blog reviews say its all about the concept of considering more of the quantity (probably) rather than quality and taste. seem to work for this burger business. What made the business even propel to success faster is combining the offer to consumers, the buy 1 take 1 (buy one take one) selling promo and with the 24 hours availability.

With only 1 thing missing – online presence for Angel’s Burger owners, I hope this post may serve as a call for providing contact details so that inquiries regarding franchise package and offer may be made available. It’s a waste not to have it available unless there is one good reason enough to justify why the owner of the said successful hamburger franchise stall won’t have their franchise open for the taking and investment to interested parties.

On the other hand, if you are someone who knows any information regarding who and where to contact, office location, how much is franchising fee, package as well as other franchise details (if there is) on Angel’s Burger store, please kindly put them in our comments section below.

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