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Where to find high peso-dollar exchange rate in Manila: My Google Adsense earnings

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I’ve just discovered today out of curiosity while strolling in a mall in manila – Robinson’s Place. Well, since it’s time to encash my monthly earning with Google Adsense. I tried my luck, after all, I’ve got nothing to lose and every move to gain out of experience.

Headed straight for the guard, they’re the best people to ask if you are looking for something, a store or a place to dine inside any mall. Well, at least if you feel uncomfortable looking at the mall directory trying to branch out the hundreds of stores, restaurants, fashion wear stores and so on.

Well here is the juice and I’m spilling it for all of you Manilenyos out there who are earning from online blogging via Google Adsense ads publishing. There is this money changer in the middle of Robinson’s Mall in Ermita where you can also find a lighter fountain and a transparent elevator. Right below the ground floor is the MX Money Changer. What’s good with this find is that they happen to offer the highest peso-dollar exchange rate I have ever know since 2007 of earning from Google Adsense.

Why? It’s simply because I have experienced trying to change my loot out of being Google Adsense publisher which happened to have come from a Western Union remittance center within the very same mall. I was surprised! With my regular monthly loot, I make sure to have my $ USD earnings with Sanry’s as they give the highest payout based on my experience but today, it was different. With MX Money Changer, I get at least Php .3 difference. If you get $10 K USD and you get extra .3 out of your money, it could dramatically put your earnings further up by at least Php 3,000.00. Big enough to buy you dinner for 6-8 people in an eat all you can restaurant. Now, ain’t that fine? Try it!

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