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2016 newest gadget for all coffee lovers

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Keurig dominated the home coffee brewer for some years now and there were lots of complaints with its overflowing of coffee in your mug.  Until a new coffee gadget comes, coffee lovers stick to Keurig.

But 2016 will give all coffee lovers out there to change your Keurig coffee maker with the new Nespresso Vertuoline coffee maker.

Nespresso Vertu0line  uses a bar code to recognize the perfect extraction technology to may a perfect cup of your favorite coffee brew.  With its newest technology, there will be th (23)no more over flowing and even has the time water indicator when in contact with coffee.

Nespresso Vertuoline can make eight different kinds of coffee blends that includes half-caffinated.

The Nespresso Vertuoline is elegantly retro designed that very sturdy unlike any other coffee maker brand in the market.

At $299 or Php 14,000, it is an expensive gadget but comparing it with other brands, this is a very versatile and dependable coffee perfect machine.


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