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A smart umbrella anyone?

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Will it be raining tomorrow?

Where did I left my umbrella?

Worry no more, with the new and high tech umbrella, you will never think what the weather will be tomorrow or the following day, and looking for your umbrella is now an impossible thing.


Meet logo oombrella, the smartest umbrella.


This rainbow colored gadget is a must to people who are very mindful of the weather condition.

logo oombrella will alert you if there will be rain in your place or anywhere near your vicinity with the help of Wezzoo, weather by you, app in your tablet, smartphone or PC.

And umbrella being one of the most popular things, along with your handkerchief, that you can find in the lost and found department, with the help of logo oombrella‘s intelligent app, there will be no more losing of your umbrella

logo oombrella sends you an alert tone that you forget your umbrella in a store, or a restaurant, in your office or anywhere else.

Along with the other Wezzoo user, logo oombrellaOombrella will help your share the weather condition in the Wezzoo community.

Know more about the amazing logo oombrella by visiting or for the nearest store you can avail of this amazing gadget.


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