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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to fit your lifestyle

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Your fashion sense tells your status quo these days.  Looking chic, doning the in-fashion label, the trendiest shoes in town, what’s the name your handbag or perfume you’re wearing.

And having the newest gadgets is simply like how fashionable you are.  People may conclude where you are in the society with latest gadget in your hand specifically, if its the latest cellphone model you are holding.

And Samsung will not take for granted the luxury that you can afford, you can enjoy and more importantly, can give you the techie need that you want.

With Samsung’s newest Smartphone Galaxy S7 Edge, it may come in a costly amount but it has loads of app that will just fit your lifestyle.

From the unique curved edges of the screen to the slightest touch of the fingerprint reader to the 80 minutes charging, S7 Edge is the phone you will wish to have.

It will be available in the market for Php 47,500, with S7 Edge’s edgy sexy look, surely it will caught that envy stares from other smartphone dreamers.



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