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Electronic Gadgets Gift this Holiday Seasons

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Each year as the holiday seasons fast approach the lime of the calendar, I always seek for things, gadgets, and little special would-be gifts for my daughter, wife, niece or nephew and myself. I seek out all the possible list of technology gifts that I can give myself or someone special in my life. I was never able to do that last year because I never had the time to do so and asked my wife to personally do it for me. But today, I would most likely consider the possibilities of handing over some new gaming systems, MP3 players, cell phones, CDs and other related electronic tech gadgets.

This year, I would assume that this will give me a little headache as the kids don’t fall for small value items anymore. Maybe they have grown wiser that in the old days with the introduction of high end technology electronic gadgets. It may be a little different for us also as my own daughter has already grown up to be a teenager and her likes when it comes to gifts have changed over the time. This made me plan early for little things that matter most to people depending upon their age factor.

While in the world of gaming systems, it is getting pretty much the same as last year as the Philippines is never a changing drama when it comes to electronic gadgets. We are still the prime target of China made toys of poor or deteriorating quality (sorry for this). Don’t mean to hurt anyone but this is how it goes each and every year here in the Philippines since the import export of these toys and electronic gadgets have been slack to the trade product importers.

Even if one good gadget is the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Sony PSP, remote controlled- cars are the best choices, most kid on the block I guess would not get any of this because the economy is rid with depreciation and the prices are getting higher and higher every month while the salary of the workers are getting stagnant.

Overall analysis would also tell me that to most, an MP3 player (generic types) would continue to be one of the most desirable gifts this year. While Apple has just updated it’s wildly popular iPod line with several new models it would be even harder to buy as a gift but I would suggest it to other people with a slightly bigger budget because they are the best quality compared to other generic types.

Well, I guess this is just about it while other people who have time to get what they want and the finance to buy it, then by all means do so to make your loved ones happy this holiday seasons. Just for the high end electronic gadgets.

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