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Hovertrax is the Christmas 2015 top toy craze

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Marty Mcfly must have predicted in ‘Back to the Future’ that a flying skateboard will be 2015’s must have toy.  And his prediction was right!

Well maybe a little right.

In the movie ‘Back to the Future’ Marty Mcfly played by Michael J. Fox, rode his hoverboard to catch up with Biff Tannen who stole his sports almanac.  The hoverboard was just a movie idea but we all know that many movie gadgets became a reality and hoverboard will not be left behind.

Mcfly’s hoverboard, thanks to Doc Emmett Brown who invented the board, floats in the air and can speed up as fast as a car and can do trick in the air like a gliding bird.

Today, that hoverboard gadget is now a craze via its prototype-like gadget, the hovertrax.

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Hovertrax is like a small segway hoverboard but without a handle.  With its gyro sensors, it balances you to move front and back and if you become a pro handling hovetrax, you can add a little trick to you simple back-and-forth movement.

For many, watching the pro seemed that hovertrax is fun to ride with.  True.  But still many are afraid to try it because they are much easier if its like a segway with handle.

Hovertrax is the simplest mode of trasportaion that you can use in malls, airports, warehouse, going to the stores or just making a short errand.

Its maximum speed is up to 5 mph and can ran up to 8 miles.

The ideal surface where you can run your hovertrax should be in a smooth (18)

It’s easy to ride a hovertrax by auto-balancing your body, you can dictate where and how you want your hovertrax to move by shifting your weight.  You can spin it, sway movement and if you’re a real pro, you may flip it.  But I think the last one is not adviceable.

Hovertrax wheels are equipped with its own electric motor, gyro sensor and an accelerometer that is controlled via your foot movements.

And the good thing with hovertrax, there is no gas needed. It only takes about an hour to charge the lithium-ion battery from a standard wall outlet.

Ages 15 and up can enjoy the fun riding a hovertrax.

But don’t forget, its like how ride your simple skateboard, knee pads, elbow pads, and most specially, always wear your helmet.

Prices for hovertrax may start at Php 7000 and up depending on the specs you are looking for.

Enjoy 2015 Christmas season with hovertrax!

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