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Kumyoung Videoke Player Repair Philippines

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Philippines – A few years back, Kumyoung videoke player, an original from Korea made a big bang in the electronics industry. They specialize in their videoke players that is one of a kind in the industry as theirs feature a unique combination of hard disc drive with software that are capable of displaying the same graphics as an ordinary videoke player but with no interruptions at all brought about by several factors which can be the cause of hanging video problems.

Kumyoung Videoke Player Repair

Kumyoung videoke players are not as easy to handle in matters of repair and service because of the nature of the embedded software and the use of HD capable features. But if you want to have yours repaired, you can try and contact me because I know just the right person to have it done with the best qualification of repairing the Kumyoung videoke entertainment system. Some common troubles are video distortion with accompanied high pitch sound and green effect, pixelized video effect, missing or unretrievable password and many more. If you are interested on repairs, then you can contact me through my e-mail or our contact us form above.

Kumyoung Videoke Song Upgrade

Perhaps this part of the package is the most sensitive part of the Kumyoung videoke player as in if you fail doing the right procedure, you might destroy the CPU of the mother board of the unit, the memory pack or worse, the chip that contains the code or bridge program that serves as the path for programming new songs. Without it, it is practically useless to do any task of entering the new songs that you can upload from their database. You can also contact me through my e-mail if you have any problems regarding matters of updating or upgrading your Kumyoung videoke player song list. I can offer you referral service of qualified technicians and parts for the repair and song upgrade/update.

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