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Piso Net Business – Box Diagram Timer Software Games Seminar Tutorial where to buy accessories

Piso Net Diagram Set Up for Timer CPU

I know I’ve seen it somewhere even before learning about how much potential revenue you can earn from a Piso Net business until a Google search led me to one of the most relevant and useful information regarding the business. This is good for those who want to invest in such.

For the Piso Net box, diagram you cannot find it elsewhere but in Raon unless you know somebody who had a customized box used in their units of pisonet. On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap options for the piso net timer hardware and software, you can call this number – 366 36 45. A friend, Ana is the one who supplies the timer to makers of the machine.

If you want to know which games can be installed in the machine (piso net), then all I can say is that almost any game

Piso Net Box

from online games to popular facebook games can be installed in your CPU so users and customers can choose which games to play. Another option for rental services of the piso net machine is to have it open for rent for Facebook use. Many Pinoys love FB and it is a good thing to have it allowed as a program so kids and adults can enjoy using Facebook in the internet with just a rent of 1 peso worth minimum.

If you are looking for Piso Net seminar / tutorial so you can start up your own business, you can try Raon if there are any people willing to supply you with the needed information. Take note that many same business owners are just buying their stuff from electronics stores but if you know somebody who had experience in the business, you can literally give your tips here.

PisoNet Timer Board Wiring

Use our comments section below to help other Pinoys looking to launch the business. You can ask any questions and I would be glad to share my own experience being one of those who own the business. OS or operating systems as well as hardwares from CPU mother board, casing, video card used, timer board, coin chute, wiring diagram, box making and diagram and other software needs such as deep freeze may be had by asking your questions below and using the comment box.

Video on how to install coin operated timer to your PC / CPU

Video on Multi User PC Set Up of Piso Net

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