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Qube PC Gilmore

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Yesterday we went to Qube PC Gilmore store where we bought probably one of the cheapest PC, motherboard, processor and other computer accessories options. At first I didn’t think that there would be a good quality for the PC’s that Qube sells out there but looking at the motherboard and the overall design based from ocular inspection coming over to PC Gilmore computer store, I can say that there is market for this brand.

Qube PC Gilmore Products Hardware

They have diverse brands of mother board available in their store but you will only be able to take a look at it by coming over to Gilmore street in Quezon City. Gilmore is the most popular destination for cheap PC buyer options as well as those who are looking to buy second hand and used hardware. With respect to software, you can clearly say that there are other choices. Some people go for the crack version while some opt in for the license as for ease of use with updates including OS (operating system).

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