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Year of the Ox Fengshui First Haircut

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It is the year of the Ox this 2009 and fengshui experts have been battling it out with each other in terms of what’s lucky or not in 2009. While this is the case for many fengshui masters (as they claim), I am here at home and just had my first ever haircut of the year 2009, the Year of The Ox and I enjoyed the haircut.

Why I enjoyed it is another issue but what’s important is to let you guys out there know that this hair cut is something special for a first this year. The reason? It’s my wife who did my haircut today. It’s not that I don’t have any money at all to pay for the home service or going to the barbershop or the parlor or something but its because I wanted to have this first haircut done by my wife.

At first I was hesitant but I said to myself that if she ever refuses on my first asking, then I would not insist on it and have the haricut somewhere else to be done by a professional. Another interesting fact in this haircut is it turned out to be a good one.

I remember I used to do my wife’s haircut back when we were in college and we do it in the middle of the park while sitting on a blanket in the grass and I enjoyed doing it for her as well as she likes my cut. Same goes with my brother whom I have done so many times.

Anyway, I was done good and I mean really good that the word “kambang” did not come to mind until after I had this first haircut of the year.  Kambang means not in a swift contour if we are talking about cutting as in there is no perfect or at least a professional cut done but I admit, the cut I had was the best in all the haircuts I’ve had from my wife and to think this day is a very special day as we are now celebrating our nth love anniversary.

Imagine we are celebrating love anniversary each month even if we have been married for about 15 years now and we already have a daughter 14 years old. Wow must really be something. I’m proud and I’m glad and happy, all at the same time. This is by far the best gift idea I have ever had and came of all my life.

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