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What to do whey you are bitten?

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Have you ever bitten by a snake? Or by a dog?

People who are bitten by these creatures sometime, well, all the time, they are panicky and don’t know what to do first not to let the rabies or venom spread to their bodies.

Bites can be itchy, but worse, there are bites that are just life threatening.


But believe it or not, the most worst bite of them all is from humans because, humans got lots of bacteria in the mouth no matter how thorough we brush our teeth.

Here are some tips that you can do if you are bitten :

  • With mosquito bites, try the cold compress method.  Ice decreases the cold_compressinflammation of the bite and lessen the pain and itching.  You can also do this for non-poisonous spider bites.
  • You have to recognize the reaction of the bite to your body if there is a sign of any allergic reaction.  Usually once you have an allergic reaction, you can feel the difficulty in breathing.  Followed by small mass forming to the skin due to the inflammation and loss of consciousness.  If you feel any of these three signs,you need to go to the hospital asap.
  • If you were scratch by an animal and it didn’t break your skin, this kind of wound can be washed of by a soap under running water to wash off any bacteria that was transferred.  Then try to apply an ointment in the affected area.
  •  Dog BiteIf your bite is caused by rabid animals, go to the nearest hospital to treat you with anti-rabies or anti-tetanus shots.
  • If you think that you have done all these safety precautions, always cover your wound with the proper dressing it needs.

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