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A visit in JCV Reflexology Clinic in Manila, Pasay City (Therapy Massage and Training Center)

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JCV Reflexology and Training CenterIt actually just started with a few calls before I decided to come visit JCV Reflexology for a massage test. I wanted to know if there are any legitimate and professional massage services I could afford in Metro Manila. I had upper back pain and I wanted to find out services that could possibly help me with my old age problem. I made a Google search and a couple of calls here and there. 3 choices came up. One is Raz in Bonifacio Global City, another is in Paranaque but the nearest in Metro Manila from where I will be coming from in Caloocan is JCV Reflexology in F. B. Harrison, Pasay City, Manila. I decided to make an inquiry to the nearest of course. So I was able to talk to the office assistant and receptionist whose name is as far as I can remember, Ate Aida and asked if I could have a full session of reflexology massage for my aching upper back and told her that I will also be doing a short interview with the owner if that is possible because I wanted to feature the massage center in one of my popular blogs, Internet Philippines.

I also explained that some blogs I will be writing the review about receives quite a number of inquiries, visitors and blog hoppers looking for a reflexologist in Manila. I also explained that this could be a good way for a viral marketing move for their business but Ate Aida told me to talk to the owner instead and gave me his number so I could call him as he is away in Novaliches for a seminar. I called the owner whom the receptionist told me is Mr. Johnny Viernes. So I did call and talked to him.

Mr. Johnnie Viernes (Owner of JCV)The next thing I noticed is that I got a reservation to talk with Mr. Johnnie Viernes in person if I will visit the reflexology clinic, JCV. He talked me out and at first was a bit hesitant thinking that I will be charging him perhaps with some fee to get advertised on this blog and his business get reviewed and featured. He asked if there is any strings attached and I abruptly said NO, there is no fee, no hidden charges or anything, I just wanted to experience his staff massage so I can rate the service, the office and facility (knowing that it is also a training center) as well as how they generally treat customers and clients to their reflexology clinic.

Apart from giving him assurance that I won’t charge anything, I also voluntarily put up the conversation that I will be paying for the full service as they charge for their massage. So there is nothing to think about payment and fee issues I said and that my visit there apart from wanting to relax and relieve the pain I feel in my upper back is to give JCV an honest review.

I went there the same as agreed after I called Mr. Johnnie Viernes, the owner and trainer. 4:00 PM is the schedule so I got there just in time via jeepney commute as I am not familiar with the location of their reflexology clinic and I didn’t know if there is any parking space. I usually do that on first visits.

I arrived at a church where I thought the office was located as a signboard says is after reaching Buendia Street along F.B. Harrison. I made a mistake, that office was actually just for the purpose of training. Yes, it is JCV’s training center where a foundation funds the training for interested parties and practitioners.

At last, I finally found the clinic and found out that Mr. Johnnie is still out of the office but will be arriving soon. I talked to the receptionist. Took a couple of pictures (asked if I would be allowed to have them posted on my blog for the review) but asked first if I could be allowed to do so and the assistant obliged anyway. So my eyes went around and I must say that clinic is probably one of the cleanest, sleek and relaxing aura. Small, yes but the colors are bright enough to enlighten me that day to continue with my purpose of having the massage and pursuing with the review.

The staff masseurs are in the small reception area. They are all smiling and the overall look and feel that day was a bit uneasy because it is my first time with a reflexology clinic. I got used to just having blind masseur do me the relaxing therapy massage in Isetann, Recto. at RM Massage in 2nd floor but this time, I said to myself, I wanted something different. There were at least 2 thereapist masseurs as far as I can remember but I didn’t know there was another one upstairs serving a client. There were 2 female and 1 male reflexologists in the clinic all in all that day. I didn’t know if they still have more.

Talking to Mr. Johnnie after he arrived a couple of minutes ago, I started to ask first. He gladly offered me that the service will be free as part probably of the gratis to my having his business reviewed and featured on my blog. I didn’t know he’d give me free service that day. I offered him and told him prior to anything else that I am willing to pay for the price they charge their clients and that I am going to do the review and interview for my blog and have JCV Reflexology featured here for free too. He smiled and from his facial expression was I think a bit hesitant. He didn’t ask me anything but I did him a lot of questions regarding the business.

That is when I learned that JCV is actually a 2-in-1 business (if I may call it that) because he offers free trainings on reflexology via his training center which is not the clinic itself from my description above. Trainings are done via the said training center located inside the church vicinity very near to the clinic along F.B. Harrison. They offer the training in 2 ways. One is with pay for those who could afford while the other one if I am not mistaken is via the foundation which helps community people interested to learn reflexology and therapy massage. He mentioned something about the green barley but I didn’t capitalize so much on that part of his training and offer because I am not so interested on it, just the kind of service they offer, my upper back pain and neck pain as well as to have the business reviewed.

After a short probably 5-10 minute conversation with him, I proceed to ask where is the clinic cubicle as I couldn’t find any from where I am sitting with him in front of a small table office. He showed me around a bit to see the cubicles and asked me who I wanted to serve me for the massage. I said to myself that very minute, “at last”. He asked a few therapists who is available that time as I’ve mentioned above that 1 was upstairs serving a client. In the end, there is one willing to serve me for the therapy massage and I said to Mr. Johhnie that I could settle for whoever is his best there is. I am a very used to hard-massage client I told him and in the end, it seems there is only 1 available and as far as I could remember, her name was Tess.

Mr. Johnnie asked me if I wanted to have hot tower compress and I told him whatever best service JCV Reflexology had, I wanted to experience it. He also told me that he will be out the rest of the day so he gave instructions to his attendant to take care of me and my needs and the massage and assured me that I won’t need to pay for anything.

At the massage room, I did the usual which is to take off all clothes and wear the tradition robe for massage clients. I waited for the therapist for a minute or two and was surprised that she is so small that I had to ask her how old she is. While in the session of the massage I told her that my big problem is my upper back pain and neck pain so I also asked that she please concentrate on those areas needed for pressure and reflexology massage.

Tess (if I am right) had me surprised. She was good enough from my own experience as a masseur. She had strong pressure but for me who’s gone used to hard massage is not enough. I couldn’t say anything more as the room had another female client on the other side. The cubicles were separated by a dark green curtain enough to hide the other client on the other side and the aura was clean and quiet and relaxing inside. It is a bit cold as there is airconditioning inside too for the big room. Enough cold air not to affect my body while the massage was going on.

Overall estimate, the massage therapist was fine but it was not what I expected from a service. If I could rate her with a 1-10, she’s probably just a 7 but good for female clients. I would like to think that what lacks probably is the attention to client’s needs. I think what the receptionist needs is to first ask any client what type of pressure he or she prefers so she could give them the right therapist.

Anyway, overall rating for a reflexology clinic could be all in standard. The masseurs are quite new to the job as there is no veteran therapist masseur in there based from what Mr. Johhnie has given me as initial information. He said that he is offering job to all or some of his trainees so from there I knew right there and then that the clinic had no experienced masseurs. If not all of them are literally new graduates to the training, most of them are.  Yes, they could render good service just like any other massage parlors out there in malls like Vibes, RM Massage in Isetann, Massage King and others but they seem to lack the personnel to serve better  the special needs of a particular client. They offer standard services, they have a clean and comfortable clinic and have good massage and I’d gladly recommend them to first time visits and clients but definitely not for people like who is used to having good hard massage. This is based from my experience of course. If you want to try them out, you can visit JCV Reflexology Clinic and Training Center at their full contact details below.

Office Location Address: 2208 F.B. HARRISON ST. Brgy. 26, (Between Libertad and Buendia)Pasay City, Metro Manila NCR, Philippines
Zip Code: 1300
Hotline Telephone Number: 831-38-91 / 556-51-75,
CELLPHONE: 0918-3581693
Facebook Page:









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