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Belo Medical Website

Dr. Vicky Belo has been one of the successful of all cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines today. She owns and manages Belo Medical Group (website) that caters to flawless body and complexion enhancement and development via high end cutting edge technology using lasik surgery / cosmetic surgery procedures.

I remember once watching here in a segment in Salamat Dok program in ABS-CBN featuring her Sculptor Plus machine that is used in liposuction procedure. A new of its kind today.

Belo Medical Group Clinic

Belo Medical Group Clinic Promotional Photos (photo credits to:

If you are looking to get services and is asking how much is Belo services in her clinic in the Philippines, you have to visit Belo Website. It is where the medical group clinic lists all possible services offered including if there are any new promos offered by Dra Vicky Belo.

Common services include skin tightening, liposuction, body fat reduction using sculptor plus liposuction machine and more. To visit Vicky Belo clinics and branches in the Philippines, go to their official website first at belomed.

Please do note that according to an interview I was able to watch a couple of months ago, Belo Medical clinic now had other branches abroad where celebrities can go to have any procedure they want done in a private room within a clinic away from the public’s eye. As far as I can remember, they have a branch in London.

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