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Cure Neck Pain – remedy via acupressure points how to do guide and video

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Neck Pain Pressure Point

Neck Pain Pressure Point

(See all photos we have on this post as it will guide you regarding how to ease neck pain with the use of acupressure) Did you know that there is an old way, a natural non-invasive neck pain remedy that can totally ease out and cure your neck pain? If you don’t, then probably, you must’ve heard about acupressure massage and the numerous health benefits plus natural pain remedy effects that it could bring about to your body. Well, i’ve got a video I took from eHow Health in YouTube.Com that says it all.

Just a few basic guides on how to do or administer neck pain remedies using acupressure massage using a short video from a massage therapist, Jennifer Jackson. Believe me, if you follow the simple steps she described, it will help you ease out the neck pain you’ve been feeling. There are a few more videos you can watch in YouTube that might as well help you out.

Neck Pressure Point Administration

Neck Pressure Point Administration

If you want, i’ve even got a whole lot of pressure points location and guide for neck pain / stiff neck and how to use acupressure in certain parts of the body to relieve pain.

It was contained in an 8-page pdf document. I could mail it to you upon subscription to our feeds below this post. Use “request for neck pain remedy” as the title of your email. (see other photos for neck pain pressure points)


As an option, you may directly visit the nearest massage therapist or reflexologist in your area but before you take into account any of our tips here, be sure to consult first with a professional medical doctor. You may use this article at your own risk as this is not a direct substitute to medication by a professional doctor.

Pressure Point in the Hand for Neck Pain

Pressure Point in the Hand for Neck Pain

Please do note that all pressure points should be applied pressure with and may use gentle massage for at least 1 minute.

This process should be repeated at least two times for optimum effect and faster results of taking out the pain in your neck as well as stiff neck.

Self medication is a dangerous process so be sure to consult first with a professional. If you don’t feel good, stop at any time. It is strictly and strongly advised to read and refer to our disclaimer above.

You may also opt in to read our post regarding Neck Pain Remedies and Yoga Exercises for neck pain. You may also watch a video of yoga exercise below to strengthen the neck muscles.

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One Response to “Cure Neck Pain – remedy via acupressure points how to do guide and video”

  • Celia Manansala says:

    I agree that neck pain and other pains related to the spinal column can be solved by alternative means other than surgery – which is not always a sure cure, and is a very delicate procedure. [Thus, the complications now being suffered by GMA. But I am not a doctor so I cannot speak with authority.]

    However, invasive solutions are the farthest in my mind, and should be done only in a matter of life and death situation.

    I had sciatica 4 years ago and it was relieved and cured by rehabilitation – therapy, massage, hot towels, electrical current, and other means used by rehabilitation clinics.

    I have known of individuals who were operated on, but in one case, there was a large tumor in the spine and there was no known alternative. Let us take care of our body and solve our various ailments without resorting to the knife, if other methods are available.

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