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Different Neck Pain Remedies and Acupuncture in the Philippines

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Acupuncturist in Manila

Acupuncturist in Manila (Willie Apinado)

I’m not really sure how long acupuncture in the Philippines has been practiced by alternative healing professionals called as acupuncturists. I’m not even sure how much effect it has on the body upon use and implementation, I must admit it did work for me. Neck pain remedy via the use of acupuncture is surely a good choice, in fact it is one of the best choices I’ve made since I was diagnosed to suffer from cervical spondylosis which is accompanied by severe pain in the neck and shoulders with stiff neck that seems to not heal by simple stretching exercises.

Well, I am writing this post because it was since yesterday that I have posted an article that tells my short experience with an acupuncturist in Manila. He is Willie Apinado. I just got a little over excited since then for the second session on treatment of muscle stiffness in the shoulder and neck and yes, it was such a great experience for a second timer cervical spondylosis patient in me.

Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Chart

Chinese Acupuncture Meridian Chart

Pain is gone and muscles do relax in the time and duration of the 2 treatments. Felt very relaxed and proof to that is that I didn’t even notice that I’ve been lying in bed with acupuncture needles on my arms, hands, elbows and shoulders for more than 2 hours. I was able to sleep a bit too which added to the relaxation that I felt.

Neck Pain Remedy Using Acupuncture

For those who didn’t know. Ancient acupuncture was practiced in Chinese medicine in the old times. It is used to either relax and strengthen the body or relieve it with certain ailments and conditions. It focuses on activating the different meridians of the body to relieve pain and ailments as well as activate the self-healing properties of our own body within the different internal organs with which is responsible for activating all parts (see figure of Chinese acupuncture chart for meridians or acupuncture points).

To seal off this blog post, I’d like to refer you if you happen to read this one to what other neck pain remedies I have tried and so far below, all of them were really great. I felt so relieved and hopefully before the end of 2011, I’d be able to totally take out the pain I am feeling due to my cervical spondylosis.

Neck Pain Remedy Using Acupressure

For one, I’ve also tried to do acupressure to relieve neck pain. This was the regular take or dose I give my body on a 2 times a month basis. Believe me, it really does feel good. You can see the video below.

Neck Pain Remedy Exercises

I’ve also done neck pain remedy exercises like yoga and stretching and my experience with this one is so relieving. I do this on a daily basis once every morning and once at night just before sleeping. I am telling you if you suffer the same as I , this is a great way to relieve neck pain due to cervical spondylosis but mind you, this is not a cure for spondylosis, just for pain handling as well as stiff neck and shoulder blades stiffness. See video below.

Neck Pain Remedy via Chiropractor

Next time, I will be on a schedule with a chiropractor and will be doing more yoga exercises. If you read this post, I might be on my way to the chiropractic doctor in Makati or probably in Manila at the United Nations Avenue near Taft Avenue. They are my 2 top choices. If you ask me how much it costs, I’ve initially done a research and I must say this is by far the most expensive treatment that I will probably be taking with a non-invasive procedure. I’ve read a lot about chiropractic clinics but this one is where I expect so much and again, hopefully before the end of 2011 and I welcome 2012, I’ll be able to get rid of the my neck pain due to cervical spondylosis permanently. You can also watch the video where a chiropractic adjustment was being made by a chiro doctor below.

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