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Fitrum Green Tea is Good for Weight Loss

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Fitrum – Fitrum is that green tea extract that is used to dissolve fat in a person’s body. According to the history of the early Chinese, fitrum which is mainly composed of green tea, is a traditional medicine used to cure so many types of ailments in a body like acne and will make the circulation of blood very stable thereby, will most likely lead to a fit body and mind curing almost any skin disease.

Although there were no proven medical value pointing to the use of the green tea extract, fitrum, it is believed that this is the same reason why the Chinese skin is so smooth complexioned and they almost never get acne on their faces. Since drinking such green tea extract like fitrum, is a regular patter of everyday living, it made them almost immune to some ailments hence known and believed to have come from the habit of drinking green tea extract like fitrum.

According to the early Chinese people, drinking green tea like that of fitrum improves their overall well being and this alone is enough to make them ill-free most of the time and have the resistance to other types of diseases. Chinese people are well known to serve green tea to their visitors all the time so this has been a year round and generation to generation tradition.

Green tea extract which fitrum contain is one of the proven herbal medicines to treat acne and this is true not just in rumors but in actual experience. Have you ever wondered why Chinese people rarely have acne at all? Well, I’m afraid this might be one of the reasons why.

According to recent studies by Jennifer Gan-Wong, M.D., green tea cream made from green tea extract was found to have the most essential component know to combat acne effectively which is the content percentage of 4% “BENZOIL PEROXIDE” solution. This particular component of the green tea is very well known to have great and impressive effects in treating acne. This further proves the effectiveness of the said herbal drug to have as good effects as the benzoil peroxide in treating acne and preventing them from appearing in the skin with an extra advantage of having no allergic effects unlike the chemical drug because they are natural extracts from nature. This happens to be a major component of fitrum that makes the natural green tea extract a natural way to treat acne and at the same time, make you fit and not fat.


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