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Foods to avoid for people with kidney failure or renal failure

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Very few doctors have given advice regarding renal failure and kidney failure and what foods to avoid while treatment is ongoing. Rarely do people know actually that there are certain foods to avoid eating if you are undergoing dialysis for renal failure.

In my search through the internet and personal experience with listening to different natural remedies and the use of naturopathy or natural healing using herbs, I came across a program called Healing Galing where people who have personally experienced getting the cure they wanted for renal failure or kidney failure.

First off, a detoxification process should be taken into consideration where the human body should undergo a detoxification level to a point where toxins should be completely if not 99% removed first in the body before any natural treatment should take place. It is a very important procedure to undergo such before anything else because the level of effect of natural medicine healing would be less if toxins are still found in the human body.

After the detoxification or detox protocol as they call it is done, the second step is to follow certain rules. One of which is to avoid eating certain foods rich in sour content. With this what I mean is to totally avoid anything or any food intake that is sour. This alone could help you with your quest to cure kidney failure. It has helped a lot and it will definitely help you more if you avoid intake of anything with sour taste.

Another food to avoid is eating vegetables with seeds. The explanation to this is that it could further give your body the air it does not need through the seeds and could possibly help it develop unwanted mumps or “buko” in Filipino. Just these two types of food to avoid if you have renal failure would do you 50 % of healing. You have to follow strict rules for you to get well.

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3 Responses to “Foods to avoid for people with kidney failure or renal failure”


    paano po ang detox protocol kapag meron kang kidney failure…sana po ako ay iyong matulungan regarding this matter..

    salamat po doc.E

  • Leonora Ison Cruz says:

    I am a Healing Galing follower and believer of Dra. Calvario’s show for several months in TV5…I would like to avail of these herbal medicines for my sister suffering from diabetes, a mass in the pancreas which Doctors from Manila Doctors diagnosed as probable cancer stage 4, which caused great alarm and anguish to our family…i would really appreciate if i could have access to your nearest outlet of these products as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • bobot lachica says:

    Ako po ay taga subay bay ng healing galing at may sarili kaming stall d2 sa Pres. Corazon Aquino Public Market Baseco Compound Tondo Manila. gusto po namin magtinda ng mga Product ng Healing Galing. ano po ang mga requirement para makapag umpisa kami ng business. paki tulongan po kami. inaasahan namin ang reply po ninyo salamat po.

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