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Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women – Clinics, How Much it Costs and Natural Remedies

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Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss in Men

I have written almost 2 years ago a post about How To Make Hair Grow Faster Naturally and in that post I explained a few tips, tricks (no overnight magic), facts and yes even figures as to rate of balding for men compared to women. I have cited a few resources in that article where you can find a useful statement (although unproven) that reveals a few quick steps to grow hair faster but let me remind you that these statements were not applicable all time to anyone. If you ask me about my personal opinion, I’d still prefer the natural way home remedies. Again, there is no easy way. No shortcut and no magic involved if you want to cure alopecia areata (as wikipedia explains it).

9 Balding Prevention Tips

  1. Good Eating Habits and Balanced Diet
  2. You Need Protein-Rich Food
  3. Regularize Intake of Omega 3 Rich Fat Food
  4. Zinc and Iron Is A Good Supplement
  5. Take Vitamin C Regularly
  6. B Vitamins is Good for Healthy Hair
  7. Apply Less Chemicals in Hair and Scalp
  8. Regular Exercise is Good
  9. Consult A Medical Professional for Comb Use, Soap and Shampoo

I came up with writing about this tonight because I saw it in TV Patrol ABS-CBN program featuring Kabayan, Noli de Castro where he interviewed live an alopecia (balding) patient and how he managed to find a treatment to his balding forehead. Today, he didn’t just grow his hair back but what’s good is that the hair grew naturally. Although the actual procedure the subject did to be able to recover his hair back is not yet revealed, I strongly believe that prevention is still better than cure. If you prevent your hair from falling, there will always be a big chance you won’t have to look for a legitimate treatment.

Alopecia Treatment Resources

Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

If you are still interested in treatment rather than prevention, you can ready more about it here. The writers to that article has mentioned something about hair loss hormone blockers and growth stimulants. If you are from the Philippines (Pinoy) and you are looking to find a good clinic to have your initial check up, you can come over to the nearest qualified professional in some government hospitals or accredited clinics. I mentioned this to help you prevent getting lost in oblivion. Remember that hair loss have certain characteristics present in each case or situation. What works for Juan may not work for Pedro. Furthermore, treatments may differ depending upon certain facts, factors and life living standards of people (men and women) that cause baldness or alopecia.

Cost of Receding Hairline Treatment for Men and Women

Cost of Hair Loss Treatment in Philippines

Cost of Hair Loss Treatment – Hard To Carry for Pinoys

If you still persist in trying to look for the nearest clinic instead of doing a legitimate regimen, searching online had me reeling into the records for finding hair loss, transplant and restoration specialists just to come up with a concrete example of rates and fees to answer the frequently asked question of how much does it cost to treat hair loss for men or women. I came up with some common results of lasik surgery services and cosmetic surgery centers that offer services of reviving your hair and making them grow back thicker in a matter of months of careful treatment. Some of these centers offer giving you a free quote upon inquiry while some would require you to visit them for an actual estimate and check up of the degree of hair loss damage you are suffering. Please note however that I am not recommending any clinic to do it for you. It is absolutely and 100% your own risk if you decide to go to any of the clinics, treatment centers or hospitals that I will enumerate below.

Hair Restoration Clinics in the Philippines

  1. Beverly Hills Medical Group – 57 Paseo de Roxas Makati City
  2. Brittania Medical, Dental and Cosmetic Center – The Enclave Complex, Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Pampang, Angeles City
  3. McGill Cosmetic Surgery – Astoria Plaza Hotel, J. Escriva Drive Ortigas, Business District
  4. Citimedic Specialty Clinic & Laboratory – 2nd Floor Jose Alma Arcade, Taft St. corner Luna St., Tuguegarao
  5. Manzanares Hair Restoration Center – 31/F Tycoon Centre Unit 3108, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines / Phone: +63.2.706.1698 / Fax: +63.2.706.1699 / Mobile Phone: +63.917.839.1978

14 Tips On How To Make Hair Grow Faster (Video)

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