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Healing Galing Hotline Numbers for Free Consultation

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Healing Galing ProductsI’ve been a fan of holistic healing and there’s nobody I can comprehend with much than true and real holistic approach to cures, remedies and healing a disease in humans. When we speak of naturopathy and natural remedies from home and our backyards, I can only remember 2 people. The first and my most loved approach comes from Dr. Tam Mateo (who’s been featured in ABS-CBN and popular newspapers in the Philippines many times) because this guys is really awesome and had the best and most complete approach in holistic natural healing.

He not just prescribes and uses all sorts of mother nature medicines but also comes in with an approach to give nutrition a priority to heal the body in a holistic manner. I can only think of Dr. Tam because I have seen (not personally) this guy give his medications and it always and never fails to include the dietary proportions using raw food and green juice. I just love green juicing and I know it takes effect faster in healing all sorts of diseases everytime you incorporate it in your daily dose of healing diet and nutrition.

dr tam mateoYou can find Dr. Tam Mateo in his place of healing in Pasig City where he has a daily schedule for healing the sick with his natural remedies and prayers. Here is where you can find his sanctuary online while his most precious contribution to naturopathy in the Philippines is his miracle tea, the Live Green powder supplement.

On the other hand, making waves over in radio and television in TV 5 is Dr. Edinell Calvario with her partner, Nestor Amistad Tan. She is definitely worth the try and check but what this lady lacks is the right approach and completeness in her holistic healing claim to fame. She is selling her own large and still growing list of Healing Galing products but then again, I strongly believe this lady naturopathist is lacking something in her approach to which I found in Dr. Tam Mateo’s drills in healing the sick. Contrary to what Dr. Mateo does, Dra. Edinell just gives a diagnosis using natural ways to a sick and then gives reasons why you are sick then prescribes her daily routine (it seems) of her healing products. It will definitely and usually include her most costly sale product – the healing oil and a great supplement, the spirulina which she claims is better than what other brands offer.

I’ve proven that Healing Galing’s spirulina is 100% easier to dissolve compared to at least 2 other more brands I bought in some Chinese med store and natural supplements store called Century Drugs Store inside SM mall. But what baffles me as there is no way for me to check are the nutrients present in her spirulina if how 100% true her claims are although I’ve heard a lot about testimonials from users of her drugs and seen a lot too on television every Sunday program over in TV 5 or channel 59 in Sky cable.

detox protocol juicesPersonally, I am a fan of her healing oil. I love her detox protocol for one and I love her talks whenever I get to listen to her consultations in her office in Novaliches CDI Bldg. in corner Mindanao Avenue. Well, so much about that and let’s get to the point. Below is a list of the hotline numbers, authorized outlets and stores and locations for free consultation (except in her own office which will cost you a whopping Php 500 bucks in check up alone) so you can also opt in for free consultation by Healing Galing’s Dra. Edinell Calvario in other naturopathist stations. Mind you though that these people are not authorized by the right agency of the Philippines government as well as the BFAD or Bureau of Food and Drugs so do so at your own risk. Anyway, you lose nothing using natural medicines and what nature has best to offer.

healing galing hotline numbersHotline Numbers and Authorized Stores, Retailers and Dealers of Products


  • 2221370


  • Gemma Paje
  • 09298095520 / 09174885073


  • Evelyn Pasis
  • 09423482992
  • 09223538318

Lopez Quezon

  • Lory Mondragon
  • 09303760271

Lucena City

  • Jing Jugueta
  • 09322870525

Alabat Island

  • Ate Luza
  • 09107448690

Daet Camarines

  • Noli Burabod
  • 09399389113

Naga city

  • Carlo


  • Kuya Norman
  • 09285882701

Manila (Intramuros)

  • Kuya Edward
  • 09174230868

Quiapo Manila (Raon Overpass)

  • 742 G Puyat St. Quiapo Manila
  • Ate Irene
  • 09174230868

Las Pinas

  • Tatay Nick and Nanay Au
  • RFC Shoppers Plaza and Nick and Au Business Center
  • 09328649275
  • 09999927897
  • 7369026

Baliuag Bulacan

  • 09256221985
  • 09199914827


  • Racquel Azalan
  • 09222252109
  • 09084946893


  • 09278927889


  • 09998594402

San Mateo Rizal

  • Kuya Maui
  • 09076005906

You can also find the complete list here.

  1. Quezon City (Roxas District) – 09174354088
  2. Quezon City (Delivery) – 09995212802
  3. Las Pinas (Nick and Au Business Center) – 09178437942 / 09328649275
  4. Antipolo – 4040558 – 09279518793
  5. Baliuag, Bulacan – (Sensi Document Services c/o Irene Linay) – 09256221985 /09199914827
  6. Batangas – (PRS Trading Moradas Street c/o Pete Sandoval) 09189653804 / 09198739969
  7. Tagaytay (RSM Binalot – Olivares East Branch c/o Simon Ilagan) – 09399384389
  8. Tagaytay (Bali Village Hotel) – 09175061726
  9. Cavite (RSM Lutong Bahay Restaurant – Dasma) – 09232806110
  10. Cavite (RSM Lutong Bahay Restaurant – Carmona) – 09225990214
  11. Laguna (RSM Lutong Bahay Restaurant – Bacnotan Area Calamba) – 09206164206
  12. Laguna (RSM Lutong Bahay Restaurant – Real Calamaba – 09232806494
  13. Lagna (El Flor Pasalubong Pacita Complex– San Pedro) – 09995023410
  14. Olongapo, Zambales (c/o Kuya Norman) – 09285882701
  15. Balanga, Bataan (c/o Aileen) – 09214749124
  16. Binangonan, Rizal (c/o Freda or Nora) – 09998594402
  17. Fort Bonifacio – 09175681998/ (02)7822549
  18. Mandaluyong (c/o Raquel) – 09222252109 / 09063889075
  19. Manila (3n New Port Center-Aduana c/o Airen) – 09174230868
  20. Mexico, Pampanga (2nd Flr. Dona Isafel Bldg. 3 Lagundi, Mexico) – 09176200647

Find more interesting natural healing benefits, styles and regimen in our Health Concerns page.

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3 Responses to “Healing Galing Hotline Numbers for Free Consultation”

  • Sapura Mustali says:

    Hi! i am a nurse by profession ,had work as staff nurse in saudi and was diagnosed of having CKD stage4 in July 2013 with a creatinine of 270.i was treated by a nephrologist,had underwent kidney biopsy which shows immune mediated creatinine level gradually decrease with immunosuppresant drug.however i failed to continue my follow up check up till i came back to philippines last nov.2014.Recently my creatinine is elevated again.on feb.27,2015 it reached up to 360mmol.on march5,2015 i started taking CoQ10 200mg,alphalipoic acid 600mg,multivitin 1tab,Vit.C 1500mg & astragalus herbal medicine 1tab.I am taking altogether all of that meds.and my creatinine level goes down dramatically,now my creatinine level is 256.No dr has prescribed me this medicine but i bought a book on how to cure kidney diseases naturally and follow only the regimen prescribed in the book. when i watch today ur program in TV5 i got an interest to have myself check up by ur naturapath dr because i dont believe in western medicine which only involves lots of money yet canot give benefit to the patient.Pls let me know the cost for consultation and how can i visit your office.i am presently here in cembo makati mobile number 9267069896.Thank u and looking forward for ur reply.

  • irhine Malilang says:

    Magandang araw po..ako si irhine malilang.Ang tatay ko po ay masugid nyo pong tagasubaybay sya po ang nagsabi s akin about po sa mga programa nyo at kumunsulta para po sa aking karamdaman.Ako po ay mayroong gastroenteritis at ganun din po ang gallstone..ano.nag search na rin po ako sa internet ng mga impormasyon sa aking sakit.Sana po ay bigyan nyo pa po ng karagdagang kaalam para po hindi na po ako maoperahan at hindi po lumala ang sakit ko.Nagkaroon po akong gallstone noong nasa bahrain po ako,nahospital po ako dun.May mga binigay po sa aking mga gamot pero po hindi rin nman po umubra at na endoscopy po ako dun..Ano pa po ba ang gamot na mai sasuggesst nyo po sa akin at ano po ba ang mga pagkain na hindi at dapat ko pong kainin lalo na po sa mga inumin din po..At meron din po bang pagkain na pang diet s mga katulad kong may sakit na ganito.Nawa po ay matulungan nyo po ako..

    Maraming maraming salamat po..

    Irhine M.

  • jennes barrera says:

    Good Day!

    i am Jennes Barrera currently looking and begging your big help in Healing galing my brother have a CANCER (LYMPHOMA CANCER) AND I STRONGLY BELIEVE YOU WILL HELP US. currently my brother in roxas city capiz
    is there any possibilities that we can buy any of your product for his cancer without your free consultation because the doctor from our place here in roxas city already has a findingafter he done with the biopsy.
    and the only advice of the doctor is chemo theraphy which is my brother and my family strongly dis agree.. plese please im begging you to help my brother from any of your productswere we can buy his situation now is his left chest is swollen and his loosing his weight and we done already with the biopsy. please please im asking your help.
    thank you so much in advance
    looking forward to hear a positive reply from u soon.

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