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How to Make Hair Grow Faster Naturally for Men and Women

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Although naturally, women tend to grow their hair faster than men, there are certain ways to cope up with the deficit although generally, it takes the same way, use the same natural products to make hair grow faster for men and women. To be able to come up with desired results for men, there had to be adjustments and facts that needed to be understood and learned. I've read a lot of articles today just to come up with a complete guide on how to grow hair faster and I am sharing all of them here, making this post probably one of the best descriptive procedures you can find online today.<!–more–>


Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss in Men

Understanding Your Hair Growth Facts and Factors

As i've said above, in order to grow your hair faster, there are facts and figures that needed to be understood and addressed. One of which is the fact that “there are different qualities of hair in the world and some of which grow literally very slow ” compared to others. What is important however is that you should learn to understand the causes why hair grows too slow for you if this is your case. Some familiar and mostly experienced causes may be due to medications taken in, daily diet composition, stress handling, work habits, surrounding temperature, scalp condition, external chemical use in hair, genetic condition, medical condition and more. With these facts and factors being put in to consideration plus other additional minor considerations, there is a great deal of chance that if you can't grown your hair faster, at least you can prevent it from further destruction and damage.

Hair Loss at A Manageable Rate and Balding for Men

What is the rate of hair loss that is manageable or acceptable according to experts and qualified professionals in the hair loss industry and medication? At what age do hair balding happen for men? for women? What percent of hair loss is generally accepted for both? These are a couple of questions that must be addressed and understood. Here's where my research took me >>>> —-> According to wikipedia, approximately 25 percent of men begin balding by age 30; two-thirds begin balding by age 60.

In wikihow, an article says that about 90% of it is growing at any given time, while the other 10% is resting. After a few months of resting, healthy hair naturally falls out to make room for new hair. It also said that about 1/2 inch hair growth per month is an ideal rate for both men and women.


Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss in Women

Steps To Grow Hair Faster

After i've explained above and given a few resources that can be found online to help you understand what hair loss, balding and factors do affect and effect men and women from losing hair, i'd like to now help you understand that all these can be prevented. Apart from it, there are lots of medications and natural ways that can alter hair loss and instead help you opt in to a life of growing hair faster. I have prepared a few steps below:

1.  What diet helps build up healthy hair and growth rate increase and at the same time, prevent hair loss?

Balanced diet – By balanced diet I mean that you have to give up whatever is unnecessary for the fast growth of your hair. In other words, replace the food you got used to eating with those that will instead help you enhance hair growth.  If you haven't guessed it yet, the essential mineral / vitamin needed for full and fast hair growth is “PROTEIN”.

Eat more protein rich food – Examples of these are lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, beans, and soy or bean products.  If you ask me how protein helps your hair grow in a much faster rate, well, it's like this:  Some proteins harden to form keratin, the structure making up a strand of hair. Without enough dietary protein, your body does not have the necessary materials to build new hair, so strands may be weak or produced very slowly (source: wikihow above link)

2.  Eat food rich in healthy fat – Good food belonging to this are those that have omega 3 and unsaturated fats. A variety of fish found to be cheap contain omega 3 rich fats such as tuna, sardine and more.

3.  Iron and zinc combination?

– Eat food rich in zinc – This may come from peanut butter, lean meat, oysters and crab, poultry, pumpkin seeds, or chickpeas. (wikihow)

– Eat food rich in iron – poultry products, lean meat.

4. What about vitamin C intake?

–  Yes, it's always been some sort of a generic prescription. Vitamin C intake is essential for a fast hair growth and healthy glowing hair.

Grow Hair Faster Before and After

Grow Hair Faster Before and After with Simple Steps

5. What can proper mental, physical and emotional stress management do to prevent hair loss and contribute to a healthy hair?

–  We all know how stress can really drain our energy for the day. If you have something you see, experience or see and hear that stresses you out, avoid them. If you can't, then you should employ proper stress management procedures and standards. You can talk to a doctor regarding this if you prefer but for me, I just make a list of stuff and things that stress me out and simply avoid them. I also make sure to list down ways to be happier instead o sad. I make sure to think of something good to look forward to at the end of the day.

6. Is B vitams still effective? If so, to what levels?

Although there is really very little proof of scientific evidence enough to claim and contribute to B vitamins being a culprit to speeding up hair growth, some personal level experiences reveal that people using or giving time for its intake do get results that are obviously proving B vitamin intake to be a very effective way to grow hair faster.

With this you have 2 choices, you can either take supplements or take natural food rich in B vitamins like, seafood, spinach, oatmeal and other whole grains, soybean products, lean dairy, lean meats, bananas, lentils, potatoes (with the skin), peas, beets, broccoli, and artichokes.

7. Avoid use of hair chemicals?

8. Does exercise regularly really contribute to a faster hair growth?

–  If you are to ask me, I have a few simple opinion to give regarding this matter. Those are based of course on my own understanding regarding exercise and what it does to the body and the minerals that we take for our daily dietary routines.

First off, we all know that sweat releases toxic waste inside our body and helps consume excessive fat that are unnecessary for a healthy body. It helps us consume the vitamins that we get from what we eat therefore speeding up the distribution of whatever vitamins and mineral we take inside our body. If i've said that zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, protein and the like are all essential for us to grow hair faster, then if you sweat through exercise, we precisely and absolutely help the body absorb them faster therefore speeding up its effects of helping not just the body to become healthy but also our hair to grow faster.

9. Healthy scalp equates to healthy hair?

– Have your scalp checked by the proper health professional, a dermatologist if needed be or someone qualified.

10. If you are in the middle of a medication, be sure that you get enough attention as to if your medicines affect your hair health. Ask your doctor to have it monitored for you at whatever cost. If there are remedies or alternatives, by all means be open to it.

11. Ask a doctor for professional advise regarding use of hair comb, shampoo, soap and the like which directly affect your hair or touches it before it's too late.

Please watch below a video I took from YouTube.Com containing tips a tricks and healthy habits to grow hair faster.

Disclaimer: This post is not an endorsement. It is also not a substitute to cure to whatever health problems and beauty interests and miracles you want or need. All material found here is provided for information purposes only and may not be construed or mistaken as personal medical advice. No action is encouraged to be undertaken based on the content here, instead, readers are strongly advised to consult with a qualified professional in the field regarding health and well being. Writer is not a licensed nor is a qualified medical care provider and therefore should not be held liable for any misuse of the of all or any content found on this post which may be but not limited to legal, moral, social, intellectual and the like. The publisher / writer and;or owner of this blog is not responsible for errors or omissions.

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