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How to replace Medicare card in New Brunswick Canada – hotline, procedures, how much (fees) and more

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New Brunswick Medicare Card (

Although many Medicare card holders know that they are eligible to apply for it, still, there are a few Canadians who do not know the processes or steps involved to have their Medicare card replaced. Take for example, I have an uncle who now lives in New Brunswick. I was able to talk to my aunt and she said they wouldn’t be able to send me some support this month because they are currently taking care of my uncle who is having some health problems. Add to the problem is that he lost his health card so healthcare services wouldn’t be able to be used by him and they have to spend some time taking care of getting it replaced.

Just for guidance of those who do not know yet about this matters, here are a few guides I can enumerate that could possibly help others on their issue with healthcard replacement (Medicare).

“Take note that according to a publication I was able to read today, if your Medicare card (health card in Canada) is lost, stolen or damaged, it can definitely be replaced.”

Medicare Card Repalcement Eligibility:

Searching particularly about details on how to undergo with the process of replacement if you live or stay in New Brunswick, I found these facts from the official health care website of the Canadian governement.


Any New Brunswick resident who has a valid Medicare card can have it replaced if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

To replace a lost, stolen or damaged New Brunswick Medicare card call 1-888-762-8600, visit your local Service New Brunswick (SNB) office or send New Brunswick Medicare a cheque or money order made payable to the Minister of Finance in the amount of $10.00 for each replacement card.

Exempt from the $10.00 replacement card fee are: seniors who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement, income assistance recipients, and individuals who received damaged or misprinted cards.

Now, the only problem is with your registration.  You can read more about registration matters from downloadable forms like the application for registration form as well as other details like exceptions for military and armed forces dependents, immigrants as well as the expiry of your New Brunswick Medicare card. You can read them all here.

You can download or print a copy of the Medicare change request, replacement and/or renewal form here.


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