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Philippine Herbal Medicine

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Philippine herbal medicines have been around for centuries now and some of them even came from our ancestors and the oldest people who used to walk the Philippine archipelago. These Philippine herbal medicines were mostly composed of different ingredients, some were even unknown to the local medicine. There also Philippine herbal medicines that made it through the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and were now being sold in the local market and local drug stores in the country.

Aside from most of these herbal medicines were not really proven to have good or positive effects for our health, they were usually available in different forms like, potions and even tablets. Philippine herbal medicines have really come a very long way since. One good example is the ampalaya extract which were duly approved by the BFAD (in some brands but not all). Although this is the case, the best way to make sure that a medicine such as herbal-based ones to be duly approved by the right authority, in this case, the BFAD, buy your herbal tablets only from authorized drug dealers like Mercury Drug. If you are not sure about it, don’t buy at all.

I am not personally nor professionally endorsing any product in this post but instead I would like to promote a warning to the public that buying herbal medicines from unauthorized dealers is a risky move. In order to be sure that a certain medicine is duly legal and bound by the law to be distributed for public consumption, be sure that they are prescribed by licensed physicians and that you check them first in the BFAD and buy them only from authorized medical stores out there.

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