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Top 3 Cures and Herbs that Fight Dry Non-Stop Coughing

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pressure pointsWe live in a tropical country in the Philippines and with this kind of climate, there is definitely an abundance of herbs, spices, and herbal medicines. Me and my wife has been recently eating raw and we have witnessed the benefits of boosting the immune system by eating a daily dose of salad greens. We’ve also gotten into raw vegan food eating because I have personally experienced a lot of healing properties of these kinds of foods. I even take our backyard veggies and combine it both to our raw salad and at times, to tea but most of all which is what the 3 of us in the house love – incorporating them in green smoothies. Despite the big effort to go natural and believe in the let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food type of living healthy, we cannot get the assurance that we won’t get sick at all although chances are, there will be more combatants on our body system brought to us by eating these kinds of food – safe, unadulterated, raw light force food.

For some reason, to this day, it’s been 5 days since, my wifey, Ana is still nursing her dry cough. A non-stop one accompanied by severe itching of the throat and yes, sadly because it’s been 5 days now, a possible light abrasion or wound in the lining of the throat esophagus. Despite worrying as she can hardly sleep at night because of excessive coughing, I chose to stick it out with natural ways of healing. Never bought any medicine in the pill form. Gave her almost everything we’ve got in the spice rack except for the onion, pepper and chili which I happened to harvest at the backyard just a couple of days ago. You might also want to check the endless list of natural home remedies for cough.

She had been so very cooperative as to not take any western medicine so this is the best time I feel to incorporate natural holistic healing with the use of available herbs, spices and natural herbal medicines that nature has given us. I must say I am on an experiment today with the help of wifey whos been really so cooperative and tolerant to whichever shamanic type of healing I am doing to her. Not to say I don’t want her cured of her super dry cough but instead it’s actually the other way around.

So it began 3 days now by using different mixtures, elixirs if you may want to call it, acupressure to relieve her cough, reflexology, massage and different herbs. We are on our way to find out what is the best anti biotic there is in nature. So here is a shortlist of the top 3 herbs we’ve used and I must say there is really nothing better than using nature’s best medicines. You’ll absolutely be surprised at what we found out on a personal actual experience basis.

Top 3 Best Cures for Dry Cough

Here first is a long list of what we have used to treat her dry non-stop cough which wifey had been nursing now for 5 days. Guava leaves, garlic, Batangas raw honey, ginger, olive oil, vinegar, hot water, lemon, calamansi (philippine lime), coconut oil, pink salt and sea salt, avoiding intake of all sorts of cold beverages, avoiding exposure to cold wind and all sorts of prolonged stay in front of the ventilator and sleeping with an elevated head. Yes, we did all these and so far, nothing is fast enough to rid at least her non-stop coughing.

I also made elixirs like a combination of either 2 or 3 on the list above. To no avail, nothing much has changed. The virus she caught might have been very strong but somehow I know her immune system is fighting it. The very reason I know is because the body is reacting to whatever virus is inside of her by getting rid of the excess mucus or phlegm inside her body. In case you didn’t know, it is how wonderful our body is. It works its own way of healing us and I believe with the right food, a few herbs and a combination of holistic healing ingredients from the backyard garden.

elixir for dry cough1. Elixirs and Natural Herbal Mixes

So here goes the exact things we did together and some of the mixtures, tea and elixirs I tried on her. We don’t have some of the popular herbs listed in curing dry cough so I just resorted to whatever I have on the long list above. Anyway, here are more – coconut oil and ginger mixture for massage, vinegar and hot water gargle, salt and hot water gargle, oregano juice, boiled fresh ginger tea with a touch of honey, olive oil and garlic syrup and garlic juice with certified pure raw honey.

We’ve used up everything we have inside the house and the backyard garden from garlic, ginger, turmeric and onion but this one herb stood to be the most effective when used alone – the fresh leaves of a guava tree (young sprout). For age old use, this tree has been believed to have an unimaginable effect in relieving bad bacteria problems. Shamans and herbularios have used the young guava leaf as an antibiotic to a wound and many other bacterial problems in the mountains but today is best day me and wifey Ana experience its powers.

herbs for chronic cough2. Stand Alone Herbs

What is has done her is immediately after chewing the fresh young leaves, relieved her of too much coughing that she immediately wanted to go out in the garden and chew another one. she experienced a relief so unbelievable in a few minutes and I though it would be because of its anti biotic properties. I’ve seen it heal “galis aso” or scabies in a matter of a few hours. As in it literally dried up the wound and the next day, it is almost gone. I used it in our dog, Bomi and I just can’t believe how really powerful those young leaves of the guava tree can be when used as an anti biotic.

3. Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology

One of the best age-old was to relieve the body of all sorts of health problems and diseases is to incorporate and use the gentle touch massage, acupressure and reflexology. It has been proven to relieve pain to in many unaccounted ways but for one, I personally have my own experience with relieving neck pain due to cervical spondylosis with the use of simple reflex point massage. Therefore, non-stop dry coughing is not an exemption. If found nice helpful articles on how to relieve cough with the use of pressure points. You can also watch a video from YouTube.Com below or another from HowCast.Com.

Modern Reflexology also had a long list of pressure points you can use to help relieve yourself of dry cough. That page includes a step by step instruction on how to administer self massage is key pressure points in the body. Don’t forget to harness full benefits of natural holistic healing by drinking lots of hot tea everytime interchanging it with your regular drinking of tap water. Excessive coughing can be irritating so don’t forget to boost your immune system by eating the right kind of food only while never letting impatience squeeze in your mind. Always think positive as it is proven to release all sorts of alkaline which you are absolutely going to need in the 100% absolute healing process. I also found an herd of helpful list of stand alone herbs to help cure chronic dry cough here or read more about our local help health articles.

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