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POEA Butcher Jobs in Canada

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Lately, one of the most in-demand POEA jobs in Canada has opened for butchers or meat cutters. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) through their accredited recruitment agencies have opened up this type of Pinoy jobs in Canada for those who are looking to find butcher jobs in Canada. We hope to list more as new job openings get listed in the charts of POEA. In the meantime, see our list below for other related butcher work hiring in other countries via the POEA.

10 butcher / meat cutter jobs in Canada from POEA has opened last July 10, 2010. To apply for this job opening, visit the address of the posting POEA accredited agency below.

Telephone Number: 8121129 TELEFAX
Email Address:
Official Representative: CAROLYN Y.GO
Status: Good Standing
License Validity: 12/6/2006 to 12/6/2010

Canada Jobs

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95 Responses to “POEA Butcher Jobs in Canada”

  • Erneo D. Lacida says:

    dear, will you please help me find a jod there in canada, im a butcher in one supermarket here in dubai, since 2008.up to present,

  • Roy Ruiz says:


    Prompted with my desire to be a part of your company.
    Please consider me as an applicant for Butcher.
    I’m Roy B. Ruiz 37 years old, married with two sons
    one daugther and in good health. I have 5 years experience
    related this kind of job as a Butcher.

    Attached herewith is my comprehensive resume and school
    records and for your further evaluation.

    Pls reply or contact to this no. 09075616055 if you receive my CV.
    Thank you and more power…

  • reggie pamingtuan says:

    sir/mam. im willing to apply for a position meat 31 yrs old, i have my own busness of meat store we were slicer and retailer for almost 6yrs and up to the present. we have also our own product of longanisa and tocino product for wholesale and retailer.this is handmade.
    sir/mam. im willing to attach my resume.
    please contact us to 09205265158/09284340050

  • reggie says:

    sir /mam
    im willing to apply for a meat butcher or slicer. im 31yrs working on a public market as meat vendor,i have my own business for fresh meat since 2004 up to present.we were wholesaler and retailer and we are making for longanisa and tocino for handmade.
    i hope for your reply. here’s my contact # 09205265158

  • jomar esteban says:

    sir/madam im willing to apply for a jomar esteban 27 years old i am a butcher since 2006 and now presently working as a supermarket butcher here in saudi arabia.hoping have jobs there in canada.

  • sofronio neil cabansag jr says:

    hi, will you plz help me find a job in canada as butcher? i am recently employed now as butcher here in one of the largest catering here in dubai…. thank you…

  • alexander v. bautista says:

    hi there!!i want to apply in Canada or in Australia as a butcher or a meat cutter,but so far i am waiting for my visa here in Philippines going in Bahrain as the same category.i am all around butcher since 10yrs. and i am starting in restaurant as a meat cutter only for 2months up to present.i want in Canada or Australia due to family status and i know that i am qualified in that position.i wish i can apply even that i am waiting my visa in Bahrain.i am previously working in Dubai as all around butcher for 5yrs and working butcher here in Philippines for 5yrs in a respected company .help me or please give me another information if how can i apply while waiting my visa in Bahrain as a meat cutter in a respected restaurant.any reference is available for me and supporting documents if needed.thank you very much.

  • vandervelt g. zambrano says:

    to whom it may concern:
    i am vandervelt zambrano 26, a butcher since 2001 and i have my ncII from tesda last 2008. i got married last sept18 this year… i have a 6mos old son and i like to give my family a better life…this is why i am seeking for a job offer there in Canada…my grandfather is the original butcher in our town then my father follows…i can assure to my employer that i would be a useful butcher in his company because I’ve been doing this job ever since i am 12yrs.old…i have my own meatshoppe now which i inherit from my father here in our town…i can present my business permit, slaughtering operation NC II from tesda and any other supporting documents,with my full resume, that will prove myself as a butcher…pls contact me in my email or in my contact # 09168823543.

  • solomon a.gonzales says:

    dear sir/madam,have a nice day i am 38 yrs old,i working in ship cruise line in princess cruisess as 1st.butcher(jr. chef butcher) 14 yrs as butchar up to present i work also in fish section to how to bone less the salmon,halibut and other fish but my special skill to meat boneless,meat cutter from hind quarter,porquarter and lamb, and also public health how to apply in work area this is first pariority in workplace,by the way i submit my commet becouse i want to work in landbase lake in canada and australia.

  • frederick alcazar says:

    good day…

    im looking a job in canada… but recently im studying here in UK… my visa will be expired 2012… im a carer here… but i have a lot of experience in butcher.. a couple of years ago i was employed in south supermarket los banos philippines and lianas supermarket san pablo as a butcher. i know the international meat cut especially beef,pork, and lamb… and fish… beef hind quarter, por quarter, tenderloin,sirloin,top round,bottom round,round steak,eye round, forterhouse, t bone,kamptto,short ribs,kenchi bone in,kenchi bone less,etc.. i know how to manage the meat… i know how to use the meat saw, and slicer.. food hygiene in a must… many thanks…

  • frederick alcazar says:

    please contact me on this email add.. thanks a lot..

  • orlando a ramirez, jr says:

    happy holidays!

    i am orlando ramirez jr, i work for Holland America Line as an asst. butcher…please let me know how i could apply… been on this ship for 11 years, change of environment would be very good for me and my family, so if you could just help me find a job in canada, i would appreciate it very much…

  • Jeoffrey B. Vicentino says:

    i’m jeoffrey vicentino 32 yrs.old,married, i,ve presently work here in u.a.e. as a butcher i have already 5 years of experience in this kind of job..please help me to find a job in canada as a butcher..thanks..

  • John Lee Langagan says:

    Please help me find job there in Canada as butcher?thnx

  • melvin de ocampo says:

    good day sir/madam im mr melvin de ocampo 24 years trying to apply in canada related 2 my work experince holding the postion as a production worker(BUTCHER,BONER,MEATCUTTER,PACKING,FORKLIFT OPERATOR&COLD STORAGE KEEPER IN DAN SHIN ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD.Food processing meat.located at taichung taiwan im start september 13 2009-feb21 2011..


  • erwin b. ponce says:

    good day.. im mr. erwin ponce 37 years old.. im trying find work in canada or australia .. im holding a position as butcher or meat cutter… if i m hired in this position i will give my best and support to the company. thank you for giving me oppotunities to submit my comment.

  • Good Day to everyone! The job order from International Staffing Organization for CANADA is already full (112). They have a named LMO already. Right now they are pooling for 450 Industrial Meat Cutter / Butcher / Deboner additional job order for 2012 deployment.

    It is the same company in Manitoba Canada and they deployed 200+ workers in this company. The company have plans to have a second shift, that is why they are hiring soon 450 workers.

    The qualifications for Butcher/meat cutter/deboner:
    – male/female
    -21 to 50 years old
    -must have at least 3 years extensive experience as butcher/meat cutter/deboner at “AA” to “AAA” NMIS accredited slaughter house/meat processing plant/meat cutting plant.
    -must have valid passport
    -no trainings required

    There is no placement fee, no processing fee and no salary deduction.

    • Bernard says:

      Hi Sir, I have not employed in any meat processing plant but I took TESDA butcher training certificate NC II .can I get a work in your job opening in canada .please reply this message as I am willing to have a butcher job in canada.
      thank you!!

  • Aileen M. Gonazles says:

    A pleasant day to your good company I am Aileen M. Gonzales I want to apply in Canada. I”m present working now in Yashen Frozen Foods Company in Taiwan 3 years working experince Im holding a position (BUTCHER. MEAT CUTTING) Im 26 years old 5’4 Hiegth Single parent . Pls call #0955413064

  • Manolito B. Mariano says:

    A good day Sir/ Madam I’m Manolito B. Mariano I am 33 year old 5″8 hieght have 6 years Presently experience in Yashen Frozen Foods Company Holding a position 3 years in BUTCHER MEAT CUTTING DEBONER 3 yearsFORKLIFT OPERATOR in same company I need and i want to work in canada Pls call me#0987095142

  • Aileen M. Gonazles says:

    A pleasant day to your good office I’am Aileen M. Gonzales i need to work in canada 3 years experience in BUTCHER MEAT CUTTING PACKING MEAT presently in YASHEN FROZEN FOODS COMPANY HERE in TAIWAN 26 of age 5’4 hieght give me a appotunities to work in your company hiring pls call #0955413064

  • GUIDO E. BOSING JR. says:


  • gary pio z. gomez says:

    To : Mr Richard Dimput
    Re: Recruitment for Industrial Meat Cutter / Butcher / Deboner
    Dated: April 13th, 2011 at 3:31 am


    May I please be considered as one of the potential applicant on the said position. I possess the qualites of the best employee that you are looking for. The attitude of dedication, commitment, team player, and dynamic are one of the best things that an employer can take advantage of me and above all, a God fearing individual. I am a TESDA graduate for slaughtering operations NC II. A family man, with four kids and an atenean. English is my second language. Should you find an interest for an interview at most convinient time, please contact me. My mobile number is 09272000788.

  • ISMAEL says:


  • ISMAIL says:


  • leo overa says:

    A nice day, Sir/Madam:

    I’m Leo Campos Overa, 34 years old. I am trying to apply in Canada related to my skilled, as a Butcher, Boner, Packing Forklift Operator, FOMACO Machines Operator, Chiller in Charge, and also in Slaughtering work for 3 years and 4 months experience at Matutum Meat Packing Corporation (MMPC), a biggest and most cleanest slaughter house in the whole Philippines, Triple A category since 2006 up to present.

    If ever I will hired in this position, I will give my best and more support to this company. This is my smart number: 0907-4617751, my TM number: 0935-1581669.

    Thank you so much.. More power, and God Bless!


  • Armel Cayabyab says:

    hi, my name is Armel Cayabyab, 44 years old..I was employed as a butcher in the catering department of Philippine Airlines for 17 years..I am interested to apply in Canada as a butcher..I am confident that I will meet your qualifications.
    My mobile mobile number is 0063-9489801312, and my email address is
    Thank you so much!..God bless!

  • jaylord a. flores says:

    hi.sir/madam iam jaylord a flores iam a butcher to tony and baby meat shop in bulacan I am interested to apply in canada as a butcher. my number is 09283057994

  • Henaro Rogecio says:

    I’m Henaro Rogecio,30 years old . Married with one daughter. i’m applying for meat cutter butcher in CANADA. i’m a certified BUTCHER from TESDA with NCII Certificate and have a working experience for 12years already and up to present. and certified Meat Deboning and Meat Cutter.
    Can do heavy works and hard working.
    My mobile number is 09391521655 and my email address is
    Thank you and hoping for answer.

    Henaro Rogecio

  • jerwin clavio says:

    I’m jerwin clavio i’m interested to apply in canada as a butcher may working experience i am working to cruise line costa cruises for 4 years up to present as a butcher and food handler. my cell number is 09395808592

  • Joseph Dotollo says:

    hi.. im Joseph Dotollo will you please help me to find a job in there canada ,.. im a Butcher in one of supermarket here in philippines .. please , contact/reply us to this number 09274438125/09182071487
    .. thankyou….

  • ismael salenga says:

    Good day!

    Do you have info about tesda in tarlac or nearby tarlac offering butchery course. being trained as a butcher will be great help for me, i’m a graduae of agriculture, major in animal science.

    Hoping for you prompt response.

  • wilfredo bernardo says:

    maam,sir im willing to apply as a butcher im 5yrs experience in butchery,i will attend a seminar in national meat inspection services,animal prouduct development center,i hope you will reply for my comments my contact no is 09239250556


    Good Day!

    I’m alvin looking for a job in canada as a butcher, i have a butcher and a food handler experience in a cruise ship.hoping and i’ll be waiting for your reply.thank you

  • ARIEL N CASTRO says:

    Gud day mam sir i”m Ariel n Castro 39 years old i have 3 daughter my experience as a butcher is 21 years first in Slaugthering located here in manila with AA and butcher at wet market here in San Juan city and i try supermarket then i work as regular butcher as year fast by i was promoted holding a position as Sr butcher include to that the training seminar work shop that i was attended and trained by Barry m Lloyd Witch is a master butcher from australia familiar sad work team leader can work with minimal supervision hard working and following all rules of the company and im hoping that i can get a job in canada if interested pls call me 02 7216998 cell +6309328443121 thank you very much god bless to all us,

  • Benhur Z. Abulencia says:

    Hello! I want to apply as butcher in Canada. I’m presently engage in meat packing business here in the Philippines, wherein my skills in butchery was developed.

    Hoping for a positive response from your office. My contact number is 09192061476, or you can email at email add:

  • Nelson C. Clarito says:

    Hi i am Mr. Nelson C. Clarito.I am looking for a job for Butcher/Meat cutter ,i have 2 year work experience as Butcher in Trinidad and Tobago,and 1 year work experience local as
    Production Slaughter/Meat Fabricator, i got my experience in Monterrey slaughter Cavite
    Please contact me in my e-mail or in Mobile No.: 09469077797..Thanks..

  • Dexter Ian M. Oliveros says:

    I”m Dexter Ian M. Oliveros,male 33yrs of age,honest & hardworking.I worked before as a butcher in hotel country club and also in monterey meat shop.Please help me find a job there in canada to use my skills as a butcher to help their companies goal.My contact No.: Phone(074)305-1488 Mobile:09272727968

    Thank you very much Sir/ Mam!

  • Jumar A. Barra says:

    Dear Sir/ Madame,
    Is marriage one of your requirements?
    Hoping for your response regarding this matter. This is my contact number 09204009244.
    Thank you.

  • Gerardo O.Oaquera says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m Gerardo Oaquera 30 years old. I’m trying to apply in Canada as one of your Butcher / Meat Cutter in your good company. I have 3 years experience and butchering and boning, cutting meat. I was an skilled in hardworking and heavy works. Please contact me at my cellphone number 09471628561.My email add is

  • jeffrey says:

    Hi Ma’am/Sir,

    I’m Jeffrey T. Obo 25 years old, applying as a BUTCHER/MEAT CUTTER in CANADA.
    I have 2 and a half years in butchery as of now, I’m currently still working in rustans/shopwise supermarket as a butcher.
    I am very familiar of standard cutting of both beef and pork carcass, and also about the standard food safety..
    Please contact me at my mobile number 09291804566
    My email add is

  • Noel O. Briguez says:

    Good Morning sir/mam,

    I’m Noel O. Briguez 29years old, I want to apply to your Company as Butcher or meat cutter. i work over 5years of meat cutter/Butcher in Monterey I’m very much famillar w/ the standard cut both cattle and pork Carcass. i have also knowlegde in slaughtering operatin as part of my Tesda training at”AAA” Caloocan Slaoghter house. I’m currently still working in Puregold Q.I Central as Butcher.
    I hoping that give me a chance to be a part of your company thank you.
    please contact me in my mobile no. 09073362523 or 09223042886
    my emai add is

  • dexter rollon says:

    im dexter 22years of experience in slaughtering and meat cutting in a AA slaughterhouse

  • MARLON M. SARAUM says:

    Good day! hi , i want to apply as a butcher in canada, i have 2 years experience as a butcher in AIDA cruises until now im working in the ship ! my contact # 09281480888, marlon_saraum @ thank you and GOD BLESS!

  • jaime says:

    I am jaime p quinto jr iam a full time butcher in vigan city slaughterhouse since 2003 i have a 8yrs working experience.i would like to apply my skills for what ive done now.i have a complete credentials and details about my background,
    this is my number 09109377010

  • juern alimario says:

    im juern alimario from lucena city a full-time butcher since 2007. i want to apply as a butcher meat cutter in Canada.. i had graduated Slaugthering Operation NCII in Quezon National Agricultural School a TESDA accreditted. my mobile number is 09184922380. im hoping that your company could help me to find job there in Canada.. thanks..

    • joel s. dettalo says:

      I am applying for a butcher job, I have a five year experience in supermarket butchery, 3 years in the philippines and 2 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
      Here’s my email and contact address.

  • Domindor dela Pena says:

    Im Dominador dela Pena from Pampanga.full time butcher since 1992 up to now,I want to apply a butcher meat cutter,boning cutting in Canada or in Australia.I know the international meat cut.especially beef,pork and lamp,beef hind quarter,por quarter tenderloin,sirloin,top round botton round,round steak,eye round,forter house,t-bone,kamptto,short ribs,kenchi bone in kenchi bone less.I know how to use the meat saw and slicer,i know how to manage the meat.My mobile number is 09294117291.thank you and more power.

  • joel s. dettalo says:

    Hi I am Joel S. Detalo of Butuan City, I used to work for two years as a butcher in one of a big supermarket in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but after completion of my contract I went on vacation presently i’m in the philippines. I would like to apply a butcher job in canada to find new opportunities there.
    Thank you very much, here’s my contact nos. 09281942970/0507893265

  • Ramil lopez says:

    Hi sir/man
    I want to apply butcher in canada. im a butcher since 2008 to present.. in a well know company.. im 27 years old and hard working.. im train by TESDA for butchering and meat cutting, boning. And well train by using any kind of meat cutting machine.. I really need to find nice job to help my family.. i hope u will reply or contact me.. thnx.. here’s my email:

  • adrian policena says:

    dear. sir\mam i want to apply as butcher in canada im butcher since 2008 in public market. i am 20 years old and very hard working. im train by TESDA and have an NCII for butchering ang deboning. i really have to find a nice job to help my family and for my future. hope u reply . thankyou very much! here’s my #09154678775 pls .


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I,m Frederick R. Rapanut,38 years old from San Jose, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
    I,m Interested to apply in Canada as a Meat Cutter or Butcher I,ve been worked in Seoul South Korea for more than 5 years I worked as a meat cutter or butcher /packer for 5 years.I can do heavy work and hard working. If you are interested Sir/Madam here is my contact number 09275119374 and email address I,m waiting for your response,Thank You and God Bless!!! .

  • Leopoldo G. Peret Jr says:

    good day
    hi i’m looking 4 jobs in canada,i’m 30 y/o single 8 years in experience in butchering
    in monterey,unimart,nueva carne,puregold.this s my contact no. 09468734691 just contact me f ur hiring thank you so much

  • juhanna demata says:

    i want to apply in Canada as a lady butcher or meat cutter,if given a chance.I hope my employer would consider my work of experienced and reconsider my knowledgd as a butcher upon evaluating my cv.I had 10 years experienced in dubai uae as a butcher in a respected and big company in uae.Thank you so much and hoping for your good response.


    I would like to recommend my brother RODERICK FRANCIS B. TIU for a job post for butcher in Canada. He is certified,trained butcher. He sacrificed time, living away from his family and work at Monterey with hope that he may land a job in Canada soon. His inspiration is our cousin who is now living a good life, working as a butcher too. My brother is a very humble, patient, hardworking man. He wants to give them a better life. He can be reached at anytime on his mobile 09282567048 or 09184026423.

    I fully recommend my brother for that job post and i know you will be happy for he is a very good man, brother to me and we all respect him.

    Recommended by : ROMINA FRANCIS TIU , 0949-947-3458 /09158004887

  • luisa mendoza says:

    hi sir,i am a full time cook in our family restaurant business…i graduated college major in economics…i am 50 yrs old and working for almost 10 yrs…i am willing or applying as a cook or helper…i am industrious and loyal…you can trust me better….i hope you can find me a jod that will suit or email me at or 09397671459

  • samuel merez says:

    Dear Madam/Sir
    I read on the website that your still looking a well minded persons,strong determination,as well as hard working shortly.i want to apply on your prestigious company that soon im the one of an asset from your.My name Samuel Merez ,working as a butcher since 2000 to 2007 from MONTEREY and this time since from 2007 till the present im working at CARREFOUR HYPERMARKET DUBAI same position butcher. And i have enough knowledge,experiences and ideas.Hope soon i’ll be there in Canada.

    Thank you and God Bless…

    Sincerely your’s

    Samuel Merez

  • Joan cabonce says:

    Hello good day ma’am/sir I am looking for a job actually only experience my family have a own business a meat shop hir in ilocos Since I’m a 8 yrs at the present. I want to apply your prestigious company I’m Joan CABONCE 29 yrs of age single from narvacan ilocos sur this my number pls pls call 09164087250 tnx Gudbless


    hi good day ma’am/sir im RENANTE V. DULATRE,i am 31 year old and i am interested to apply as a meat butcher at canada.7 years experienced as a meat butcher at gingoog city slaughter.

    Im hoping you will call me or text me this mobile no:09061835923.
    thank you,MAY GOD BLESS US.

  • melinfa says:

    hi maam/sir; i am enteristed to work in canada im 30 yrs.old i finished bachelor in agriculture technoly but i dont have any experience of my course..i worked as factory worker as contractual for one a half year after went to housekeeping to get an experienced in the hope to work somewhere in asia as dh..unfortunately i got stuck here in PH when i got committed to someone i love..just want to know if there would be available job that fit for me in canada..hope to hear from u.

  • jerome eman says:

    hi good day maam/sir Im Jerome Eman 34yrs old 15 yrs experienced in butchering from different company up to now.I am loyal patient i hope you could give me a chance to work in canada.pls contact me in this no.09069556967

  • Orlando T. Costales Jr. says:

    November 27,2012

    Hi! maam/sir im Orlando T. Costales Jr., 27 years old,i finished Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.I work as Reagent supervisor in mining industry, which is Toronto Venture Incorporated. I am interested to apply as meat butcher at canada, 2 years experience as a meat boutcher at siocon,zamboanga city Phil.

    I’m hoping you will call me to this mobile # 09061178682.
    Thank you very much…

  • Orlando T. Costales Jr. says:

    Hi! maam/sir, Im Orlando Costales Jr., 27 years old. finished bachelor of Science in Computer Science. i work as Reagent Supervisor in mining company which is Toronto Venture Incorporated (TVI Resource Development Phil.). i am interested to apply as meat bucher at canada. two(2) years experience as meat butcher at siocon,zamboanga del norte phil..

    I’m hopping you will call me to my mobile # 09061178682.
    Thank you very much….

  • norman d. jetajobe says:

    im norman d. jetajobe i haved a lot of experience in cctv and technician..

  • Gerardo O.Oaquera says:

    Good Day! I’m Gerardo O. Oaquera from San Pedro, Agoo,La Union. I’m 31 years old. I’m interested to apply in Canada because I’m willing to worked as Butcher/Meat Cutter in you company. I have 3 years worked experience in butchering. boning, meat cutting until present. I am an skilled in hardworking and heavyworks. I have a complete credentials about this matter.You can contact me 09471628561. Email add is

  • Tariq Mahmood says:

    Good morning, iam tariq mahmood from pakistan but i have italian nationalatybecause i live in italy from 20 years so i wanna transfer in canada if any body help me and 9year,s experienced in buthcring in my own shop in italy .I hope culd you give me chance to work in canada .My contact no is 0039/3334148671.
    Thank you
    tariq mqhmood

  • anabelle lomongsod says:

    Hi Maam/Sir,
    I am looking a job,I am 23 years old, finished a BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY OF EDUCATION.I was working before as a Lady guard and after that I also work as an microsoftword encoder at the INTERNET CAFE with in 3 years, operate a photo copier(xerox machine), I am interested to apply any position that suits to my qualification. I am hardworking.

    I am hoping that you will email me to my account
    Thank you very much, God Bless

  • rudy tillo says:

    hi maam/sir, , Im RUDY TILLO, want to apply in your company, i have 7 years experience
    in meat processing as;butcher/splitter,,,, i hope for the responce,,i hope u could give me a chance to work in your compny,, u can contact me in this number 09465004317or 09072203446, or in my email add.Thank you,GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • rudy tillo says:


    Im RUDY GONZAGA TILLO ,33 years old, want to apply in your company as a splitter, im 6yrs in service as a splitter at LISAS MEAT,(AA) in General Santos City.I hope for your responce, im really willing to wrk in your company.Thank you,, GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  • rudy tillo says:

    you can also contack me in this number,,09465004317 and 09072203446

  • angelito asis says:

    hi ma’am/sir, I am Angelito asis 28 yearsold i want to work in canada as a butcher.I trained in D NEW ORLEANS TRAINING CENTER PHIL.INC.located at Roblou Business Center Ortigas Avenue extension,Cainta Rizal. I passed tesda,SLAUGHTERING OPERATION NC II. This is my n#09491788380 i hope you txt or call me.

  • Allan Pasilaban says:

    hi..sir im allan pasilaban i want to apply as butcher im well trained as butcher i hope you can accomodate my application..thank you..09061858353

    • Roy Evangelista says:

      Hisir, I am willing to work as a meat slicer in your company. I have 6 year’s experience in butchering and meat slicer in one supermarket here in Central Luzon. I think I’ve got the knoledge and standard to qualify

  • franklin tabobo says:

    hi sir,,,i am franklin of baguio I want to work in Canada as abutcher,,,I passed tesda,,slaughtering OPERATIONS NC II,,,THIS IS NO,09267252666 I HOPE U HAVE THE TIME TO TXT ME OR CALL ME….tnx

  • enrique reyes says:

    Good day sir, maam; I am Enrique Reyes Jr married i am 39 years old with good health and condition.I am looking a job in canada for abroad as a butchery.I am under traineenow in nenita farm toril davao city as a class triple AAA trainee, i am willing to to work any vacant job related my experience and my Tesda trainee.If you have a time for me this is my phone number 09187590077 in 09306189911 or my e mail ads.i had a experience almost 3years. I hope you can accomodate my application. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS

  • Constantino Simbulan says:

    Hi Ma’am,Sir,I am Constantino Simbulan i want to apply as Butcher, i’ve work as Butcher in Middle East for 12 years,I am 53 years old,i hope you can help me,Thank you so much more power
    for your company….

  • Constantino Simbulan says:

    Hi Ma’am,Sir,I am Constantino Simbulan i want to apply as Butcher, i’ve work as Butcher in Middle East for 12 years,I am 53 years old,i hope you can help me,Thank you so much more power
    for your company….You can contacy me here 09321563939 and E-mail

  • shercrissalvavador sanluis says:

    good day to all of you there im shercris and im willing to work in canada as a butcher im here in dubai working in carrefoure company it is the largest supermarket in the middle east i have a experience in butcher about 3 years i have a certificate of a butcher in my company ang i complete the training for haccp and you can contact me at my cellphone number +971562062905 or u can add me at my facebook this is my account

  • Virginia says:

    Hi Sir/Maam
    My name is Virginia , ihave a nephew who scored a total band score od 5 in IELTS , listening 4.5, reading 3.5, writing 5.5 and speaking5.5 is that good enough score to work as a butcher in Canada?

  • jason mallari says:

    im a butcher here in the philippines.. with one year expirience.. i want to know,, how to apply with your company.. this is my number.. 09107783334

  • gerardo oaquera says:

    My name is Gerardo Oaquera 3 years experience in butchering.I have a complete requirements in butchering like working certificates.Nagpasa na po ako ng requirements in your good office last April 2013.I hope so I’m the lucky one.

  • ronaldo valdehueza says:

    Good day ma’am /sir im a butcher here in philippines,,i work here almost 3 years plus, and after i work in cruise , 1 year,..and i want to aply in a land base particular in canada,,,but i dont know how.

  • rose says:

    Hi… Good afternoon, im rose single wanted to apply in your company but i do not have experience as a butcher but as a cashier, sales associate and front desk,i have good communication skills and hard working. Am i still possible to work in canada?? Any vacant job im willing to try please contact me 09981915326

  • randolf bancale says:

    hi.. im randolf bancale.. butcher for almost 6yrs… want to know how to apply in your company.. this is my number.09204998157

  • Mark Banagen says:

    Hi can u help me to find a work in Canada.I am a butcher and I have a 4 years experience. Thank you

    • Kevin joubert says:

      Hi l am looking for work in a butchery in canada for kevin and lydia a permentet . We have owmed ower butcher for 25 years thank you kevin.

      • frankie says:

        hi im frankie lopez 25yrs.old i have 2yrs. expirence in butcher po help nmn po na makapag-trabaho ako sa canada …


    hello! im sulpimar jabanes 24 years of age i want to work in canada as a butcher .i have experience in a butchery with more than 5 years & i have a certification in cutting training of MEAT & LIVESTOCK AUSTRALIA.i hoping for your response MAAM/SIR.thank you

    • lowell says:


  • ariel magkilat says:

    hello!! im ariel magkilat im 26 years old, i am looking a new job im working 1 year experience at SM supermart at meat sections and i know how to deal and convience the costumers,
    im certified graduated in (TESDA)
    you can reach me via +639467111686

  • ariel magkilat says:

    hello im ariel magkilat 26 years old, i am willing to work in your noble company hoping that you can help me, actually i have my experience as a boutcher for 1 year at SM SUPERMARKET, im certified graduated at 6 months in (TESDA) im working at meat sections as a sales man and i know how to deal my stuff and convience the costumers,
    hoping that you can help me or you contact me i am willing to work in canada or australia related in my skills you can reach via in my mobile number +639435098845
    and also my email add:

  • rosedizon says:

    Hi. Gooodmorning, maam,sir i am looking for job in canda. My work experience as sales clerk ,cashier and visual merchandizer. In one company for almost 4yrs, and front desk or waitress aldo. My educational attaiment is bachelor of science in nursing, willing to grab any kind of job please call me or email me. 09292950953.

  • danny says:

    hi sir maam
    hello goodmrng i am looking for job in canada or in newzealand. until now im work here in macau as asstant chef de parte as butchery meatcutter in airline caterring serves.for almost 7yrs,i also work for 2yrs in saudi arabia as waiter in a five star restaurant.i am undergradute of b.s. computer engr i am willing also to find another hope u help me to find a job hotel or other company related to my job experince please call me +85365253766 or txt me or send to my email address

    sincerly yours
    mr.danilo A.umali

  • harold sacayanan says:

    hi sir/mam, hello good morning iam looking for job in canada or in newzealand until now im work here in philipines as butcher/meat cutter at puregold price club supermarket, under of Monterey/San miguel corp. for almost 7months up present. 1 also work almost 2yrs. in Roublo abatoir slaughtering haus as a butcher/meat cutter. Iam study at tesda Nc2. Iam wiling to find another hope u help me to find a job related to my job experience please call me or tex 0922-6853662 send my email add

  • michael torres says:

    hi mam /sir
    helow iam looking for job in canada.iam work for w.h.o meat cutter and kitchen helper..for almost 12.year wiling to find another hope u help me to find a job to experience. pls send my email

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