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Medical Doctor Jobs in Middle East Dubai

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In the news last night March 26, 2009, the Middle East – Dubai is in dire need for medical doctors to work in jobs of serving clients, mostly Filipinos. In an interview by ABS-CBN to some professional medicine practitioners in Dubai, Filipino doctors were said to be really in demand and they lack professionals who are willing to work in this part of the Middle East. Right now, there are less than 10 doctors serving in Dubai.

According to a doctor interviewed by ABS-CBN correspondent, Dindo Amparo, Pinoy doctors are more favored and their services are most requested by Filipino patients as well as foreigners. The reason is because Filipino doctors according to the interview are better in their service as professionals as well as in treating patients and having relationship with them with respect to medical professionalism.

The interviewed doctor from the Philippine Medical Center in Dubai said that they lack professional medical practitioners or doctors in the Middle East and tipped off doctors from the Philippines to come over instead of going to the U.S. and other part of the world and work there only as nurse. The interviewed doctor also said that Filipino doctors should stick to their profession and nature of work instead of going abroad and not being able to practice their nature of professional capabilities.


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