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Looking for a company to apply for On-The-Job-Training (OJT)? View our Philippines Corporations category in the sidebar. But beforehand, do seek for resume samples or ojt forms containing ojt letter of request for your application.

I remember back in my school, Technological University of the Philippines (TUP), we undergo a process of OJT application before we can get to have our own copy of the letter of request and give it to the company prospect where we wanted to work as an OJT trainee for the field of our study. First off, we pass the requirements, then we will be given the OJT application form. Those who don’t have a company to work with, you may hand carry the OJT request letter straight to the company you are looking to undergo training with.

After this process, you get back to the school and handler of your on-th-job training and tell them if you were accepted as a trainee. You’ll be given afterwards the OJT evaluation form report wherein your assigned trainor or company supervisor handling your training will be the one to grade you based on criteria listed in the evaluation form. After the training, you will be assessed if you passed and a finished grade will be given to you by your trainor to pass to the OJT coordinator in your school.

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