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Overseas Nurse Recruitment Philippines

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Nurses in the Philippines have become dependent on overseas nurse recruitment in the Philippines for good healthcare jobs in the United States. And because the medical system of the Philippines is based on that of the United States, the training that Filipino nurses have in the country is a good experience and preparation for a good healthcare job abroad.

Aside from this, Filipinos are also known to speak good English and adapt to foreign culture very well. Nurse recruiters in the Philippines want to take advantage of these good qualities because aside from it providing good business, thousands of registered nurses are given hope for a good future through nursing jobs in the United States, thus, the growth in overseas nurse recruitment in the Philippines

The shortage of nurses in the United States has given overseas nurse recruitment in the Philippines an opportunity for expansion. In 2003, the US started adding 20,000 to 65,000 working visas available to foreign professionals per year including nurses from the Philippines. On the other hand, there are at least 140,000 immigrant visas available for employment-based petitions annually. The visas are distributed among countries that send skilled workers to the US. But with all these, the problem of shortage of nurses still remained unresolved.

A new Harvard-Vanderbilt study of thousands of hospital records confirms a direct link between a lack of nurses and potentially fatal patient complications: “Hospitals aren’t run by physicians,” says Joyce Thompson, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing. “Hospitals are only successful if nurses are there. A physician can cut you up, he can put you back together, but if you don’t have that nurse who’s following up, who’s helping you to understand what is the impact of this particular condition on you, then the hospital falls apart,” she added.

Because of the demand of nurses abroad, overseas nurse recruitment in the Philippines has become a constantly growing industry. Some of these overseas nurse recruiters already have extensive experience in overseas nurse recruitment in the Philippines, and due to the constant demand of nurses in the United States the overseas nurse recruitment in the Philippines is still continuing to provide jobs abroad for thousands of registered Nurses in the Philippines.

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